War: Ares Rising 5

 Doom taken by surprise instinctively reacts as he raises his arms screaming a spell.
Doom: Bands of Cyttorak!
 the crimson blast firing forward already the spreading out in crimson tendrils as it flies toward Ares. Ares seeing it slashes down with his axe slicing the mystic energy blast and dissipating the spell before it can fully form... Doom taken back shocked by Ares new ability to fend off such an attack, Ares runs forward too fast for Doom to react as Ares grips Doom's face lifting him up slightly crushing his armored mask.. 
Doom: The Bloodaxe, How?... 

  Doom struggling to speak as he grips  Ares hand trying to force him off to no avail Ares lifting his Axe to Doom as he speaks through his grinding teeth.
Ares: what were you doing with my body, 
Doom: Gladly....Soul Reversal!  

Doom firing a spell hitting Ares right in the chest catching him completely unprepared for the attack.. Ares drops Doom stumbling back wildly swinging the Axe in front of him toward unseen assailants before Ares falls to his knees..Ares grips his head something is wrong his mind being tugged, split and twisted as he struggles to maintain his sense of self..  
Ares: arrghh! what did you do to me?!  
Ares looking up does not see Doom but  see through the veil of life and death voices overwhelm him seeing a large figure with a red skull mask yelling at Ares to kill and laughing... 
Doom watches Ares on his knees struggling to regain control Doom eying Ares Axe greedily he steps forward to take it from Ares while he is distracted, confidently Doom speaks to Ares, 
 Doom: I see your soul is not as it should be, is it b/c of your new resurrection status, Lord Ares? 
does the underworld call you back?  better i take the Axe from you before you hurt yourself . 
better for someone who can make better use of it then some nitwit   god.  
Ares looking up does not see Doom approaching but the previous Bloodaxe wielder reaching toward him in it's grizzly red skull mask........  
Ares: no, it's mine! i am Ares God of War and Death!  
Doom's arm reaching out  to the axe  is surprised by Ares resolve fighting off the mystic spell Doom's eyes already glowing, his palm crackling with energy for another magical attack, Ares instinctively raises his axe severing Doom's hand.... 
Doom: arrghh! i'll make you pay! 
Ares: Hands off, Doom. The Axe is mine!.. 
Doom begins to speak an ancient spell now long forgotten on earth spoken by demons and ancient gods, when the earth was
in it's infancy with volcanoes spewing toxic gas, hellish heat and acidic water. Ares not allowing Doom another opportunity to cast a spell grips Doom's throat squeezing it tightly choking Doom before he could finish the spell.. Doom not fully dependent on magic his armor crackles with electricity building up a charge it's magic and scientific defenses act as one as it travels down to Ares arm both men groaning in pain seeing who could tolerate it the most. Both Doom and Ares  will being indomitable neither giving an inch as the attack digs into their nervous system burning nerve ending as it travels through their body each having experienced their own hell in their past this being a minor nuisance and nothing more.
Ares: I am a God of War, I have felt true pain in war and in death!
you simply anger me, Doom!

Doom gasping to breath groans for the last time his body going limp in Ares grip, Ares feeling the limpness s body drops it allowing it to fall to the ground. Ares angered stands before Doom believing it to be another ploy raising his Axe to finish the battle and make sure he is dead. As he brings down the Axe with all his might a mystical/scientific field envelops Doom blocking the killing strike unleashing crackle of energy, lightning strikes out igniting the nearby bushes and trees. In the distance Doom's Castle in  Latveria  explosion can be heard upon the raising of Doom's shield.. Doom's armor system hooking up to an orbital satellites and computer systems in his castle.  Doom's nuclear reactor in his castle overloaded and being taxed to it's limit trying to keep Doom safe. Doom's back up system in his armor scanning Doom's life force as it attempts to revive him sending nanites into his system to repair minor injuries, electrical charges send into his heart, Doom's  mental engrams being stored and duplicated in case all else fails. His armor locking unto Ares still forcing  his Axe through the arcane magics creating more feedback more minor explosions can be heard in the distance finally unknown to  Ares an orbital satellite hums to life building up a charge it's systems zooming in to Ares, locking on and fires it's nuclear powered Laser  ...
The blast strike Ares forcing him to scream in pain  not dead, weaken even shaken but Ares still stands.............. only buying Doom a momentary respite



Savior: Aztlan Rising. Chapter 3

 Location: Desert Cave 
 Time: 3:50pm

Nathanael lying unconscious on the cave floor his back exposed revealing his Thunderbird tattoo to the hot desert sun when it suddenly convulses as he pukes out the Peyote buds and mash from his stomach ...
oh, god... 
Nathanael still hallucinating his brain feeling two sizes to big to fit inside his skull pressing against it... He struggles to open his eyes and brace himself to stand up to no use only to flop back on the ground. He once again starts to hear voices thinking it is part of teh Delirium unable to open his eyes..

Child like Voice: I think he is dead..
Girl voice:  look, he was eating a snake..
Child like Voice: we should take it. 
Girl Voice:
poke him with a stick, 1st make sure he's dead.
Nathanael: i'm not dead... go get your parents..
both voices: aahh! it's alive! 
Boy Voice: hey, mister? 
what happen to you?
Girl Voice: our parents?
our parents are here.
Nathanael: ahh... i got bit by a snake.. oh..
look i'm not feeling too hot so why dont you go get help.
Boy voice: yup, a snake bite will do it.
that's why we only play with them when they're dead.
Girl Voice: weren't you paying attention?
kinda hard to miss them when they rattle and hiss.. 
Nathanael annoyed gathers his strength and grabs the snake while lying on the ground and tosses it toward them still struggling to open his eyes and see past the hallucination and the spinning floor.... the voices respond by yelling  

Voices: that isnt very nice!!
yeh, we're leaving!
Nathanael: go get help!
 stupid kids... 
Nathanael alone lying there for over an hour realizes the kids aren't coming back the hallucination subsiding and his arm no longer hurting decides to make his way back alone hopefully he wont die..standing up forcing himself to stay up he realizes it will be dark in less then an hour and he better start moving as he leaves the cave he notices two small Quetzal birds perched on on a cactus eating the snake and watching him leave.
Nathanael staggering through the desert recounts his horrid nightmare already fading into a distant memory..

what the hell was all that about?
As he talks to himself he coughs up and vomits on the desert floor, wiping his mouth he continues to walk back to toward his trailer in the distant hills a Coyote watches him looking behind itself it takes off running a dust cloud approaching scaring it away...Nathanael continuing his walk hears the sound of engines fast approaching. As he looks back he sees 2 dirt bikes, 1 buggy and a off road truck heading toward him coming in fast they surround him the truck stopping right in front of him cutting off his path.
The men stepping off and out of the vehicle head toward Nathanael some wearing jeans and khaki shirt and green jacket with a law badge above their left breast pocket. the two men exit the Truck six in total surrounding Nathanael. The truck driver with boarder patrol on the side of his vehicle wearing a cowboy hat and aviator's heads toward him spitting on the ground as he approaches.
Boarder Patrol Officer: you look like you had a hell of day, son.
you lost, Boy?
i'm talkin to you, what you no speak no english?
Me..hi..go is that way(points south). you goddamn illegal.
Nathanael growing annoyed responds struggling through the narcotic induced Delirium trying to make since of the voice that sounds almost as if it is coming from underwater.
just need to get home maybe a hospital...
i aint lookin for no trouble. 
Man # 1: We're growin kinda tired of all you illegals coming to our country takin our jobs, bringing drugs and takin our jobs from us "real Americans."
Man # 2: 
i think we need to make an example what you think, Hoss?
Man # 1:
i think you're right, Billy?

Nathanael: yeh, b/c you "real Americans" are were on these lands before them red/brown skins ever showed up..(sarcasm).
One Boarder Patrol Officer hits Nathanael in the back of the head with the butt of his rifle knocking him down..

Man # 3: shut up, boy.
we dont take no lip from your kind, you here? 
Boarder Patrol Officer: where you learn to speak english so good, boy?
 you think you american, now? you aint nothin, all i see is some Mexican, no shirt with some Indian bird tattoo on his back. 
Man # 3: check out his wrist, Hoss?
he got himself some fancy Gold Bracelet.
must be worth a pretty penny if it's real.. 
Boarder Patrol Officer: yup, take it off maybe we can hock it for some drinks later.
take his wallet too dont want anyone knowing who he was.
 Nathanael on the ground trying to get up as he feels one of the men try to pry his bracelet off him which he had not noticed before till now... 

Man # 3: i dont see no latch on it.. 
hey, Mexican how do you take that off..
The man pulling out a knife puts it underneath the band as he tries to pry it of the blade scratching the gold surface sends an  electrical spark up the knife to the senting him back on his @$$...
Man # 3: aahhh!! you sonofa..
Man # 1: wowee! you think you're smart,  dont ya, boy!
Man #2 : i think he needs a lesson on manner. 
The electrical  discharge from the gold bracelet  danced and buried itself into Nathanael's skin although not hurting him it  clear his mind as he opens his eyes and sees the men approaching him. Nathanael's eyes shimmering with blue lightning going unnoticed by the Boarder Patrol Officers. Nathanael lifting himself up stares at the men clenching his fist.

Nathanael: i told  you all i aint lookin for no trouble..
you bein the law, i think you would be tryin to help a person.
but, i dont expect much from you'll, cant disappoint someone with who no expectations after all.
The Men stare at Nathanael scanning him seeing a gun holstered and a knife strapped to the back of his belt, the men slowly reaching for their weapons ready to draw as they slowly back away to keep from hitting each other.. Nathanael staring at the Main Officer  as he sees a bead of sweat come down from his brow..
Boarder Patrol Officer:
now hold on son. 
you dont want to do this.
Nathanael: why? you were plannin on killing me anyways.
at least this way i'll die on my feet and take you with me..
Nathanael's ears perked focusing on the men around him ready to move at the slightest hint... the men slowly reaching to their guns one slowly putting a grip on his trigger and trying to slowly pull it back..



Savior: Aztlan Rising. Chapter 2

Location: unknown Underworld  Hell.
Nathanael  bracing himself against the floor in which he is lying on looks around and cant believe his eyes if he didn't care enough for his life to be afraid of death then surely he would be in fear for his soul that he now realizes he possess. The Stranger reaches down and grabs Nathanael by the back of the neck and forcibly lifts him to his feet.
I think you'll find the view more pleasant from this angle.(smiling).
 isnt it beautiful, my kingdom?
Nathanael looking ahead sees the ebony rivers stretching across the horizon, the sky tinted red in the distance volcanoes spewing  ash and smoke blanketing the landscape with white ash, lava  also flowing through the landscape. The heat almost stifling in the distance structures and what appears to be ppl in the distance.

Nathanael: to each their own, i always say.
beauty in the eye of the beholder and all that..
Stranger: See, that's why always liked you.
always trying to play both sides never one or the other.
one could  say indifference is a noble quality.
wouldnt you say?
Nathanael: whatever you say,. so i guess.
 this is the part where you  make a deal with me or something or torture me right?
hate to tell you Demon, Angel or not. it aint gonna be easy, i'll fight you tooth and nails.  
Stranger: ahaha.. i thought  you didnt believe?
that it was all in your mind. maybe you're still dying and this is just your final thoughts.
the last remaining synapses firing away in that wet gray brain inside that white skull of yours.
The stranger puts his arm around Nathanael's shoulder as they walk toward a stone Temple and Pyramids on each side  which rose out of the ground as it rumbled and  shook the ground. A large roll of Grotesque statues  appearing in front of the entrance on each side depicting everything from mutilated bodies, skulls, corpses piled over one another and  one being more interesting then the rest a zombie like figure ribs exposed and the spleen hanging out as it's organs  pulsate as if it were alive.

Stranger: Do you know why, you're here?
Nathanael: i take it the same reason you are, a series of random occurrences of chance at the beginning of time.
Or i am just slowly dying.
Stranger: yes, we are all dying slowly..
slowly marching from moment to moment to the inevitable darkness of oblivion.
 But, that is just life and death and it is utterly boring.
Sometimes you need something to pass the time to entertain oneself even more true when one happens to be immortal.

Nathanael: have you tried suicide, why don't you try it?
Stranger:  oh how i tried and wish it were that symbol you cant kill an abstract. 
It seems we're all trapped by some perverse  cosmic force.
We all have our coping mechanisms, you have your drinking, drugs and i have you... (red shimmer reflects from his black eyes)
i hate you, i have always hated you, it's why you're here. 
Its b/c i made it so, i trapped you in an endless cycle Death and Rebirth.
Death is my bane and  Life is your misery. 
Do you remember, Do you remember me now?!  
Nathanael watching The Stranger growing incensed as his face begins to morph with his rage taking an almost animal like appearance small black blotches appearing around the side of  the stranger's  face and neck... 
No, but real or not i aint about to stand here and do whatever it is you have in mind.
Nathanael instinctively reacts as he swings with his right arm still covered with his shirt punching the Stranger in the face. The Stranger slightly turns his head to the side as he reacts grabbing Nathanael by the throat lifting him off his feat as Nathanael struggles to break his grip. Nathanael looking down at the  stranger as it bears its large animal fangs and hisses at Nathanael.. Nathanael tells himself this isnt real, he isnt really here. 
The Stranger:
do you know why you drink and due drugs?
why you cant feel anything for anyone?
go on those long spirit walks?
b/c a long time ago i tricked you into drinking a special drink and do you know what you did in your  drunken stupor?
Do you or are you too ashamed to remember? 
Dont worry i'll jog your memory for you.
The Stranger holding out  his hand as a gold cup materializes into his hand out of smoke and vapor from the underworld filled with a black liquid as he readies it to poor it into Nathanael's mouth.. 
The Stranger
: you'll remember and beg for forgiveness no one will hear you but me.. 
you're purity stolen having lost your grace to sin.
 Fallen and degraded now all you can do is hide  and repeat the same cycle in your mortal host.
Open your mouth!
Nathanael turning away as the ebony liquid splashes on his face and chin trying not to taste the Liquid as it touches his lips causing him to have quick flashes of another life another person a flicker to quick to get a clear image and context.. Desperate  Nathanael raises his legs wrapping them on the strangers arm as he twist hoping to flip the Stranger to the ground. The Stranger simply laughs at the attempt and weak human strength and confidently pulls him closer to him to mock him. Nathanael with his snake bitten armed  wrapped in his wife beater stretches toward the Stranger's face and digs his finger deep into the socket forcing the stranger to scream in pain.
The Stranger: 
Arrghh!! it burns! how?! (ebony blood dripping from it's eyes).
The Stranger angry throws away the cup and grips Nathanael's arm ripping away the wife beater and revealing Nathanael's arm. Both shocked at what they see  a snake scaled arm the pain the swelling was a partial metamorphosis furthered force by the  struggle his fingers being clawed and coated in some poison as a rattlesnake design. The Stranger quickly releases him in shock and fear..

Nathanael begins to run not knowing where to go and disgusted at his own scale covered arm as he runs he stares at it and finds something oddly familiar as flashes of distant memories hit the surfaces of his mind distracting him as he is hit with mild  seizures. The Stranger stares at Nathanael running and smiles shouting to him..
The Stranger:
Run! there is nowhere to go!
This is my world! i'm everywhere!
We can have one more game, a Hunt! 
 it'll be fun!




Savior: Aztlan Rising

Chapter One

Story begins in a small desert boarder town called,  Valley Plaza in the good ole US of A... normally the town is quiet but the arrival of Boarder Patrol and Homeland security has increased the towns population and help its growth in new buildings as well as income. The residents there have had an uneasy civil mutual respect between the white americans and the actual native americans/mexicans tolerating harassment by the those in authority. One man has chosen to move here over 3 yrs  ago simply looking to get away from the bigger cities and what he sees is a collapse society his name, Nathanael  Castili Quin. Once a military man respected and admired by his peers now only an anonymous drunk in the corner of a bar hiding in the shadows as he drinks his beers more often ignored but there are moments when he is noticed....
The town sheriff walking into the bar to ruffle a few feathers to see what shakes loose heads toward the corner having seen Nathanael in his grey wife beater, watch strap, jeans and boots and tan red skin from hard work in the desert sun.. 

Sheriff: why em i not surprise to see you here this early?
Nathanael: Sheriff..
Sheriff: so tell me boy, what kinda name is Nathanael? (sarcastically enunciating the ael in a mockingly spanish accent) Nate'El.
your momma not know how to spell, read no english? hahaha.. she mexican or one of them injuns? ahahaha
you lucky i'm a nice guy or i call homeland security have you deported to: Me, he, go..  or do you prefer Guantanamo Bay?
Cigar or Tequila?
Nathanael ignoring the sheriff reaches for his beer takes a swig wipes his mouth and looks at the sheriff as he makes his response.

Nathanael: It's a Hebrew name purposely spelled that way my momma being a good ole Catholic woman wanted it that way. 
and yes, she is a Mexican "Injun", damn proud too.
so sheriff you here to arrest me or just rile me up?
 if it's the latter you might want to take a seat and pour yourself a drink cause i aint that easy to goat.
Nathanael raises his right arm toward the waitress to signal for another pitcher, the sheriff taking note of Nathanael's wrist, the  bottom side showing a small Eagle Globe and Anchor black ink design. Nathanael noticing the sheriff quickly lowers his arm...
Sheriff: you in the military, son?
i was before i came here. 
The Waitress bringing the pitcher looks at the  Sheriff as she approaches. Nathanael notices her discomfort over the sheriff and anticipates their interaction already reaching for his wallet in his back pocket.  The Sheriff smile grows as he notices the Waitress's curves and looks at the tall woman with short blond hair, blue eyes and a tan one can only get around these parts.
i'm gonna have to see some I.D. (forced smile).
Nathanael: no, problem. (hands over his I.D. with money).
Keep the change, Darlene.
The waitress smiles and puts down the pitcher as she goes to give back the I.D. before it is intercepted by the sheriff who takes it from her hand.
I'll take that, "Darlin" (sheriff smack her on the @$$)
now get. (smiles)
The Waitress angry walks away rubbing her bottom, Nathanael starting to get annoyed at the Sheriff who is staring at his I.D.

Sheriff: this real I.D.? 
expected it to be a green card... hahaha!
what kinda last name is Castili or Quin? 
shouldnt it be Rodriquez or Lopez, you got some white European in you?  
Nah, cant be, at best you got Spanish, Italian .. them barely above you damn illegals.
Nathanael: Dont rightly see how that is any of your business, Sheriff.
I'm sure you can find an answer to all those questions after all you can always use the internet. 
unless of course you get sidetracked by the perils of farm animals and pornography.
Sheriff: for some one i can easily throw in the can or deport you sure got some brass.
i like you but dont test me, boy. this is my town you remember that.  
i'm the one who lets you and all your lil Mexican Indians relatives work them fields.
After all we still have needs for slaves of course we dont call them that no more, some one has to pick the fruit and vegetables.
how that makes you feel, you and your kind  being less than the rest of us?
Nathanael: aint nothin wrong with honest hard work.
one can take pride in building something from nothin with blood, sweat and tears. 
Aint no man better than another less they're parasites and don't contribute.
the Sheriff staring at Nathanael  pours himself a drink and drinks it down continuing his stare as he finishes the last drop and gets up from his seat proceeding to wipe his mouth as he prepares to leave.

Sheriff: aint that right.   
some of us more honest than others.
Nathanael: Sheriff, my I.D.?
heh, almost forgot take it.
you remember i'll be watching you.
you stay out of trouble keep to "yours" and we wont have any problems.
The sheriff exits the saloon style door the waitress having overheard their talk walks over to Nathanael to check up on her regular costumer.
you okay, Nate?
Nathanael: yeh, takes more then some overweight racist inbred pig to ruffle my feathers. 
Darlene: you coming later tonight, the Bar is having sports night and music, it will be alive lots of people will be here.
not sure, we'll see. i got things i got to do.
Darlene: be a shame if you don't come.(smiles)
was kinda hoping we could get to know one another since i would be getting off early.

Nathanael: you make it hard on a man to say, no.
 I'll try to get here as early as i can.
Darlene: that's good, i knew i could count on you.



New Story Idea

 Been thinking of creating a new comic world mirroring certain characters from other companies but with a more solid realistic stories. One of my main ideas is to create two characters one code named: Lycan and the other Codenamed: Sgt Major, They would both be supersoldiers creating near the end of WW2 using Alien tech found in a recovered Space ship. The Program would be called: Star born and its function to create G.E.N.E. Troops, genetically engineered nanotechnological enhanced soldiers. 
one of the test subject's DNA is given  Wolf DNA to see what happens and the other is given a pure sample of evolved human DNA having removed genetic defects. The test subjects would have bn freshly killed during and are brought to the government program to be experimented and finally using nanites to repair them and reanimate them after having installed a tech implant to help regulate the nanites also being their back up brain and control. the nanites would not only reanimate them but further enhance them by further increasing bone muscle density the bones being infused with alien metal by the nanites, the color being goldish and peppered. The nanites would also learn and evolve turning of the implant control which were designed to keep them under control. 
My other character would be a born again god who had been hiding inside human host for centuries drinking his life going to war disillusioned by humanity the sorrow of a god still effecting him in his amnesia human body. He would have dreams and flashes of ancient times and dream of being a god.
 Later a certain incident forces him to remember who he truly is his mortal personality and his memory of being a god is hazy still struggling to balance itself out. He would be a Meso/Amerindian God or Sky Spirit, his unique heritage would allow him certain control over light/sun, storms, earth.
He would wear Golden armor and Helm, clawed Gauntlets, leather tan brown pants, also being a god his mystical armor weapon would be a blend of jack kirby like tech.
War bonnet/Helm: Eagle, Snake design, with two rows of feathered mane. nose bridge slightly raised looks like a beak, forehead  area snake face snakeeyes side of  the temples side cheek plate of snakes open mouth fangs out.
Armor: the back of the armor would be an native Eagle Design which covers his spine but no wings exposing his shoulders. 
 The front would have a stylized native sun emblem and around the collar would have jade stone. 
Claws: left claw would have a small sun disk on the back of the arm used as a shield. the right one would have a black mirror obsidian looking square which would be his A.I. tech.
 the claws would have a eagle design on one and a snake on the other edged on i

Pants: leather tan native pants, the side of the hip would have snake skin design in a diamond shape, 
Waist: a white cotton flap in front and back of him.
shape shifter  usually manifest wings as feels natural to him but not really needed for flight, able to shift into a snake like humanoid form and growing into a giant snake/bird dragon like creature. 
Light/Solar: absorbs solar energy as well as manipulate it for physical attributes increase and fire energy blast ranging from solid light to fire blast hot as the sun, when used for flight he grows light wings from his eagle  spine design armor and can leave a light trail.  

Storm: summon lightning, storm winds/hurricanes, hail, rain, Thunder tied to his emotional state and also physically able to  project the power through physical gestures from heat vision, super breath, lighting charged punches. etc... etc.. 

 Earth: able to manipulate the soil as a son of the Earth, usually done through asking can create ravines and draw from it for durability and strength. (rarely uses it).
Water: able to manipulate it and create solid constructs and divert rivers.
Mild Telepathy:  for surface scans of ppl allows to pick up projected thoughts, allows for animal/ human communications and understanding of various languages.
Super Strength: Herald lvl
Super Speed: lightning speed reflex, FTL travel speed requires conscious activation and converts him into a photonic light being. able to enter god time the world is frozen as he steps out of reality to a side reality.
Durability: Herald lvl.
He is basically a high herald being but who is relearning who he is and what he can do working on giving him a modern name based off his old Ancient names:
Plumed Serpent
Tattoos: black ink Thunder bird on his back and a native style snake around his left arm.
Human Aliases: 
Nehuatl nicknamed Nate- El
to invoke his power he screams a variation of a word
Nehuatle ! I
Nica ! I am
Nihua ! I am sent

Also need a cool sounding name for this new comic Universe any tips, suggestions, questions?


War: Rise of Ares 4

Location: The underworld in Ares Throne Room.

Ares having spend much of his time with his son and his duties as Lord of the underworld has bn haunted by an unexplainable voice that whispers to him, that no one else but him can hear.  He knows it is something important but ignores it simply to continue being with his Son in his Kingdom, what care does he have for whatever happens outside his realm. He ponders this as he watches his son Phobos being courted by the nymphs and the fellow under worlds gods for his attention, it's not what care Ares has but what care his son may have and what kind of father Ares wishes to be.
Ares sitting in his throne closes his eyes as he strains to listen to what he perceives through his godly senses straining to make out the words as he listens he is able to make out the words:
Rise, Lord Ares. Rise and live again for you are are in danger of Doom... your body has fallen to Doom...
Ares annoyed struggles to make sense of the words spoken annoyed he has not yet mastered his Omniscience and may never will limited only to his domain. Once more he struggles to home in to the voice not realizing that he is gently being pulled to the source. suddenly he is overcome by a more forceful tugging and finally pulling him against his will,  Ares fighting the pulling force adept to regain his composure and open his eyes  but is overcome by Darkness of oblivion and suddenly an explosion of light and agonizing pain.

opening his eyes he is overwhelmed by the frigid cold darkness  and can feel he is within something no longer residing in the underworld, his chest burning on fire keeping him from focusing his godly senses only thing he can feel is blood oozing  his bones,  muscles regenerating and the pain that comes with it . He's alive and he feels the pain pushing the lid off his coffin aside he rises  from the Coffin covered in his own dried up blood the gash in his chest shrinking and finally vanishing. The pain so unbearable he should be screaming in agony if he were not a god of war and death let alone moving.  Ares stepping out of the stone Coffin he looks at the carvings realizing it is asgardian in design the room he is in is  appears to be a castle but not asgardian in design but made by mortals.
Ares Concentrates trying to focus his senses pushing past the pain asking himself,
was it all a dream? no, he knows who he is these are memories not dreams, he is Ares God of War and Death, Lord of the underworld. How long has he bn dead, days, weeks, years? sense of time has no meaning to the dead.  Ares closing his eyes feels his gaze return to the underworld as it zooms in to find his son and is astonished to realize he is still sitting on his throne and staring back meeting his own gaze. The shock forces Ares to open his eyes finding himself back in the room feeling disoriented realizing he is both in the underworld and in the living world his mind straining to separate his experiences and compartmentalize to the new situation, Ares falling over the room spinning as he tries to concentrate and focus slowly breathing feeling like his mind being pulled apart. 
Slowly Ares begins to regain control his mind adapting able to push back the experience of his soul self in the underworld burying its experience and focusing on the material world. slowly rising he  begins to ponder the situation asking himself various questions
, what em i, an Avatar? em, i still me or just a clever golem ? which of us is Ares or are we both? 
As he begins to move around and thinks to exit the storage room he realizes he is not the only body in the room, he sees a body bag walking toward it he unzips it and sees a decapitated body, it's head resting on it's chest, Ares ignoring it  walks out opening the door and immediately alarms begin to ring. Ares smiles taking it as a good sign wishing to meet the idiot who would steal his body and keep in it in the darkness, instinctively he tightens his grip for an axe that is not there a flash of light and glow emanating from his clench fist as the Bloodaxe slowly materializes to Ares pleasant surprise. Hoisting it up he is engulfed a bright light transforming his bloody garb into ancient Roman/Greek battle armor and leather with a wolf fur trim cape.
The enemy comes for him he can hear their footsteps, orders being given and he knows who his enemy is and Ares is not happy.



Seth: Death & Thunder

Fan Fic Disclaimer
Character: Seth, Code Blue, Lt. Stone, Thunderstrike, Wrecking Crew, Spiderman, Luke Cage , Serpent's Teeth

A large green man with his hands behind his back and serpent like features stares at his monitor as he watches a life news feed, he raises his lips in annoyance at what he sees exposing his dagger like teeth.  He watches some one who should be dead some how reborn, some one he had marked for death and has grown  to despise is once more in the land of the living an insult to he who is death. He is different but Seth recognizes his weapon and sees past the physical form to the reincarnated truth before him.  The News Woman at the scene shouts as she broadcast the event to those  home via a shaking camera.

News Woman: As you can see behind me a fight involving self styled heroes and villains has laid waste to both public and private property!  
The police initially responded to a bank robbery in progress only to discover the Wrecking Crew a superhuman crime gang!
unable to stop them the Wrecking Crew ignored the police as they made their getaway only to be halted by the unwanted arrivals of supposed "heroes" self styled vigilantes no better then those they fight!
Spiderman and Luke Cage were 1st on the scene, two of the heroes who help make up the "Avengers."  There arrival simply escalated the situation and property damage unable to stop them and nearly being harmed or killed if not for the timely arrival of Thor!
wait a minute, i am being told that it is not Thor but another asgardian! His power and strength was surely needed in changing the tide!
The fight is almost over, OMG! Luke Cage was just engulfed by some energy blast, He's not moving! 
Spiderman just seems to be jumping around unable to do anything else, leaving the asgardian stranger to fend for himself!
The fight continues Thunderstrike groaning doing his best to hold off the Wrecker and his crew something that he should be able to do, these guys just seem to keep getting stronger drawing in strength while he seems to weaken.. Luke Cage is no help already unconscious inside a crater having taken a direct blast from Wrecker had he not arrived in time Luke would have been killed, Spiderman only one worth anything is jumping around distracting Thunderball, Piledriver, and Bulldozer but, even he cant keep it up for long eventually he'll be tagged. Spiderman already helping add to the collateral damage scaling walls to avoid them.
Give it up Boy! We've beaten Thor, Herc and even Juggernaut!
what hope do you have, a wannabe Thor light?!  
Haven't you heard, they have short shelf life!
Thunderstrike: you just made a big mistake, ugly! 
Thunderstrike's eyes glow bright blue darting electricity as he stares at the Wrecker catching him off guard as he upper cuts the Wrecker with his mace sending him reeling back skidding through the ground. Thunderstrike angry feels his power well up as he runs toward the Wrecker who is struggling to shake off the blow, till he hears Spiderman screaming for help.
a little help here, Thunder bridges!
Annoyed Thunderstrike Throws his mace putting aside his anger toward Wrecker, the mace flying through the air hits Thunderball in the back of the head knocking him out while in mid spin of his ball and chain sending it waywardly spin and his teammate Pile driver knocking him out as well. Bulldozer now remaining turns to toward Thunderstrike who grips his returning mace and runs toward him only to be tripped by Spiderman's webbing forcing him to hit his chin on the ground...
thanks for the assist, the odds are looking better.
 you might want to watch behind you!
Spiderman's warning coming too late as Thunderstrike is struck by the Wrecker's crowbar in the back sending him flying toward Spiderman who spins a cushion web as Thunderstrike collides with him and Bulldozer. Thunderstrike looking up realizes Spiderman has been knocked out as has Bulldozer by the impact as he begins to rise the Wrecker walks toward him and boots him across the face, it hurts but not as much as the Crowbar. Wrecker cocky bends down and lifts Thunderstrike by his collar shaking him.
stupid punk! i'm gonna kill you slow.
The Wrecker grabbing the side of  Thunderstrike's face as his hands start to glow slowly drawing out his asgardian mystic energy a direct feed to the source rather then simply drawing it ambiently, Thunderstrike growing weaker no longer a suspicion but a confirmation to Thunderstrike,  the Wrecking Crew have been able to fight Thor and Hercules in the past b/c They feed of their godly energy. Quickly  Thunderstrike acts dropping his Mace on The Wrecker's foot causing The Wrecker to scream in pain as the Mace enchantment refuses to move and it's weight exponentially increases.
aarrghh!! get it off! 
Thunderstrike: In time.

 Thunderstrike still feeling weaken struggles to hist feet as he stares at the Wrecker who is using his crowbar as leverage to try and lift his Mace of his foot to no avail. Thunderstrike taking the opportunity while  Wrecker  is distracted with his Mace jumps on him and begins to mercilessly pound on him without remorse his eye's glowing bright blue in his anger toward this man, Thunderstrike reaching toward his Mace grabs it and lifts it over his head as he prepares to strike the Wrecker and struggles to stop himself as he stares at the Wrecker's ruined face already bruised and distorted as wet tears steam from the Wrecker's eyes.
Wrecker: Mercy.... 
 would you have given it to anyone else?
Wrecker: pls.....
Disgusted by the Wrecker, Thunderstrike rises off of  him pointing his Mace toward the Wrecker who watches in fear to weak and unable to move or defend himself.. Wrecker mumbles with what could only be prayer as he watches the mace glow, believing it is an attack only to feel the stolen mystical energies ripped from his body as Wrecker screams  in defiance... Thunderstrike watching the  Wrecker's body shrink down  back to his normal human  size his costume no longer fitting and exposing him for what he really is without the asgardian magic an overweight cowered. Thunderstrike grabbing the Wrecker's crowbar touches it to his mace as he finishes the process removing the remaining magic, already Spiderman and Luke Cage begin to struggle to wake up as they look around they see Thunderstrike and what was the remaining Wrecking Crew no longer mystically powered.

Luke Cage coughing blood and holding his ribs as he makes his way out of the crater toward The Wrecking Crew grabbing the  Wrecking ball  and using it to tie them up the crew  minus the wrecker as they now begin to slowly awaken. Spiderman  standing next to Thunderstrike as he pads him on the shoulder and gives him a thumbs up.
great job, kid. 
Thor nor the original Thunderstrike could have done a finer job.
Thunderstrike annoyed by the mention of his father name mention by Spiderman turns toward  him in disdain as his eyes flash in blue lightning.

Thunderstrike: don't touch me.
Spiderman's spider sense flares up for a split second forcing Spiderman to remove his hand and back off..
Whoa! was it something i said?
Luke Cage:
it's always something you say. 
Luke Cage walks to take a look at what Thunderstrike is staring at, the Wrecker who is still showing signs from his beating at the hands of Thunderstrike.
man, i feel sorry for that guy.. looks like he has been run over.
don't feel too bad you did what you had to. 
Luke Cage:
Damn, what did you do to him?! 
I dont think even his own mother would recognize him.
Is that the Wrecker's, crowbar? 
I'll take that.
Thunderstrike: no you wont.
It's police evidence.  
Luke Cage:
it's too dangerous to trust to the police.
Thunderstrike: so you would take it instead?
i already removed the residual magic energy, it's powerless.
The police and News Reporters, Camera Men begin to arrive climbing over the rubble  snapping pictures blinding the heroes and villains, One of the Police Officers approaches Thunderstrike and begins to talk to him.
Lt. Stone:
names Lieutenant Stone, i knew your predecessors. 
I have some questions i like answered.  but, 1st i'll need that for evidence.
Lt. Stone points at the Crowbar, Thunderstrike looking at it hands it over to the Lieutenant.

Thunderstrike: It's bn depowered but even still it could still be dangerous.
Lt. Stone:
We'll keep it safe.. 
We know 1st hand how dangerous it can be to you hero types.
you really dont want it influencing you now, do we?
I'll talk to Thor about it but for now it's yours to use for your case.
We'll be back to collect it and destroy it or take it back to Asgard.
Lt. Stone: yeh, you do that.
we'll need a statement from you as well so dont go flying off just yet.
Lt. Stone reaches into one of his pouches in his uniform and pulls out a card handing it to Thunderstrike, Thunderstrike taking it and reads it: Lt. Stone.  Code: Blue, emergency respond unit. Thunderstrike trying to finish reading it is interrupted by the News Men and Women who swarm over him asking questions..
News Woman # 1:
tell us, are you Thor?!
what happened to you?!
News Man # 1: what's your name?! 
News Man #2: Are you an Avenger?! 
News Woman #2:
Where do you stand on the hero registration act?!
Are you registered?!
News Man #3: if not registered why are you not under arrest?!
Do you think you are above the law?!
Seth still watching the broadcast on his large monitor turns it off having seen enough,  he turns away as he decides how to proceed  contemplating  the astral ramifications of his resurrection. Seth walking away toward a hallway to an open area where his serpent's  teeth soldiers and scientist  train and continue  his experiments, Gene soldiers in their growth pods. 

Seth: * no, this time i will be ready and not underestimate him.
He has no axe but still the fates have a way of  cheating the gods.*
Feel free to criticize.

Artistic Request

New Version of Thunderstrike a combination of Greek and Thor/Thunderstrike Motif combined with the old barbarian and Spartan clothing. 

I see Kevin having a more athletic appearance similar to Achilles from the movie Troy and not Bulky as was his father or Thor.   His height would be more in the 5'9 to 5'11.
weight 170 - 185 to tops try to keep him streamline similar to a swimmer body.
His Helm similar to a spartan Helm with a nose bridge and cheek side armor. Also having two small protruding horns at the top front no Warrior Mane on the helm. The side would have similar wings to Thor and his Helm but more streamline wrapped close to the Helm.
His face should be of a young man in his 18 to 21 yrs of age, clean shaven,  hair should be surfer style close to length of Brad Pitt from Troy.
He would wear a reddish tinted fur cape. The circular clasp that it is collected to would be a lion face roaring on the top of each shoulder similar to Thor's silver circle design. the mouth of the lion's fangs would hold a copper/gold pin that is connected to the Cape and held in place Horizontally  by the fanged mouth of the lion Clasp as it comes behind the Clasp.
 The vest should be a tan brown armor vest with a lion edge face in the center. the vest should reach down slightly below the diaphragm slightly exposing the midriff and the classic Thor/Thunderstrike blue shirt with circular design.  The collar of the vest should have trimmed fur.
 The Belt should be a thick similar to a weight lifting belt with it having a large circular Belt Buckle center having a Lion face.  The belt should have a loop on the side for the Mace.
Arm Bracers:
The arm bracers should be smooth gold, the underside of it should be slightly open to show the arm glove underneath it which would be fingerless gloves with lion claws between the knuckles, the color of the gloves would be tan. perhaps some fur trim as well slightly showing from beneath the bracers. 
 the pants would be classic  Thor/Thunderstrike pants dark navy blue.
The Boots would be knee high boots similar to Thunderstrike's design perhaps a gold/bronze armor shin guards over them or blended in.   
standard Thunderstrike Mace design with Chain Handle.
I'll keep this request here on my profile page and thank anyone in advance if they are up for a challenge. Feel free to PM me.


Sock Account Rant

  Sock:  An account made on an internet message board, by a person who already has an account, for the purpose of posting more-or-less anonymously.
-Urban Dictionary- 
i have gotten so tired of the few individuals who have more then one account whose reason is to use it to try and make it appear as a one sided argument against another single poster jumping from account to account as if supporting the previous argument as if it was another person just to appear more intellectual yet this type of posting simply discredits the person when people figure out who they are. 
Although i normally ignore the person and not acknowledge him and his accounts that i know is the same person he/she continues to make new accounts and continue posting.  i find it to be completely dishonest and would think that socking would be frowned upon in this site as it is in various others. I know it isnt that difficult to find out how many accounts a person has by checking IP address and i am fully aware that some ppl have multiple accounts for RPG which is fine but, something needs to be done with ppl who use them to debate or troll individuals just b/c he calls some one a loser or idiot and jumps to the other to continue the bashing it is still trolling, it's done to evade banning and spread the Karma points and reduce flagging from the main account.
i wish the staff here would take this more seriously so far i know one who for sure has 5  accounts all self admitting that they are him at one time or another. He/She has created new ones and if i could confirm it i say he has at least 10. this person is single handedly responsible for inciting ppl to lose their temper and get themselves banned all while trolling under different account and yet he is still here as if name calling and insulting from one account to the other doesn't count as trolling nor a note worthy banning attempt.
Staff pls take this type of socking more seriously.
anyone else feel the same?

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The Fallback Rules


When no rules or settings are given the fall back Dark King Rules will be:

Location: all fights start off middle of the street in Time Square, NYC. 

Time: 12 noon unless light weakness of a character otherwise the fight will be at 8 P.M.  

Starting Distance: 50 Yards apart.  

Power Activation : will be off and characters will be occupying the same time, space/reality.  
Character Personality: All character's will operate without PIS but will still be hampered by his CIS but fighting within his best potential within his personality capabilities. This does not mean he will use his powers different nor competently without already demonstrating them in battle in similar situations. Character are not controlled by the debater as if he were a video game character, where all of a sudden the character uses his abilities to abstract level b/c he has the potential to one day reach them but lacks the overall experience and knowledge along with the panel feats.  The characters will be the most recent depiction and prior upgrades lost will not be used.
General Knowledge: 
Like many celebrities not all the world countries will have heard of everyone in a spandex let alone know the names and weakness.. Some superheroes are house hold names like: Thor, Superman, Fantastic Four, Spiderman, while some Villains  bask in infamy some being Magneto, Dr. Doom, Lex Luther, Cyborg Superman. Other's are nothing more then Urban Myths legends with little or misinformed knowledge of the character case in point:  Ghostrider, Batman. Knowledge of characters is limited by what the average person in both universes know some times being specific and limited to certain Cities, planet and not the entire Universe.

 one time feats out of the norm that contradicts character history will not be allowed, the character must show recent and repeated success of using the same tactic to be taken as legitimate and not a massive case of PIS..

 ABC Logic:
ABC logic is not evidence nor a legitimate reason for why character A beats character B so beats character C. characters differ in various attributes from Speed, reflex, intelligence, combat mindset and experience to make that applicable, unless it is used to show your character's certain  ability to manipulate or fire certain energies or Tank certain attacks not b/c he beat him he will beat this guy who thinks and operates differently.
Strength Cap:
The fights between characters  is not a superhuman Olympics, showings of how fast they fly or planets they lift  or break rather how they fight. the ability to lift an unquantifiable abstract object does not change the fact that a character will hit harder then another character not when we  take repeated showings showing the character's inability to lift or destroy a planet.
characters with Dynamic strength such as Superman and Thor are considered equal for the sake of argument and should only be used as a measuring and gauging instrument with how others from their respective Universe hold up against them in battle.
The use of  Bio's without panel evidence is inadmissible it is not to be used in any way to claim  a character can or cannot do certain things that he has shown repeatedly doing for decades whether it is strength or speed. hence, arguments such as he is only a 40, 60 or 100 tonner so he cant beat Superman is not evidence of a thought out argument.
using Thor as the measuring gauge we can see repeatedly the character being able to hurt considered near or equaling their strength by narration and character statements which overturns the Bio itself. 
out of context and misconstruing scans or  statements designed to  willfully and purposely  mislead a person will not be tolerated. the purpose to the battle is to gain  knowledge and better understanding of the character not to win the debate at all cost b/c you prefer a character better and use any tactic to do so. To this end comments as: Fail, (X) Stomps. (X) Wins Easy, Pawnage, Wrong.. etc etc are not acceptable in any way.  One should be able to explain their position or at very least write a sentence expressing his preference. If one feels the fight is unfair or even baits certain people pls take it to the PM whether it is to the originator of the post or a mod. Do not spam the thread with disparaging comments, It could have very well been innocent mistake and one could have easily explained it to the person allowing for others who also don't know what is wrong to be educated with  the reason for a character having such a large advantage over the other.

These are my rules these are not difficult and shouldn't have to be spelled out as many of them are already common sense, spoken and unspoken alike some already being part of the rules in various forums including this one. proper Etiquette isn't that difficult to master,  "treat others as you would have them treat you" is the main and well known of rules which can be applied here it has been used for centuries.
If i am missing anything here or want to comment or feel i forgotten something that i should add or remove let me know i will add/edit. i plan on linking this page for my forum rule OP post.. :P
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