Creation War. 4

Michael and Ashema Mainyu face off in the crater from the great fall both staring at each other, sadness can be seen in Ashema Mainyu eyes, Michael staring back with contempt and righteous rage as he unsheathes his sword while carrying a shield in the other. Michael runs at Ashema Mainyu with his sword raised high, Ashema Mainyu pulls out his weapon aims and fires, Michael raises his shield blocking the attack as he lunges at his enemy and once brother. Ashema Mainyu raises his weapon in a defensive position as an energy beam extrudes out blocking the attack both warriors locked in mortal combat, Michael breaks the stalemate by kicking Ashema Mainyu in the stomach with a side kick. Ashema taken back stares at Michael as a energy shield forms behind his armor gauntlet and returns to battle him.
In the Battle field and in the  firmament the forces of creation continue to battle, ships firing at those that would try and enter the new plane. On the ground warriors fight each other many Seraphims having grown in size giants in this realm continue to fight for their High Lord, even through the rage. the Fallen Host empowered by their new realm are able to match their ungodly strength. Zeus and his army fight these giant Seraphim and even draws from their new realm to grow in height causing the speck to tremble and volcanoes to erupt as they continue to struggle.
Quetzalcoatl and his brothers fight over a chaotic primal sea reminiscent to the Cosmic Foam, his flagship fighting the last remaining Behemoth some having fallen into the sea forcing Quetzalcoatl to follow them into the murky bottom.  The Behemoths roaring celestial fire boils the primordial sea as it fires at its pursuers. The Behemoth cannot hide not in this realm Quetzalcoatl and his brethren can feel it hiding the surrounding speaking out to it's creators informing them of it's location. The ship fires it's celestial fires to their enemy finally weakening it, Quetzalcoatl and a few decide to disembark and deliver the death strike to the monster and are fire from their ship covered in their armor as they pull out their celestial created weapons.  The Behemoth is swarmed by the smaller host creation as they climb upon it's body as they stab deep into it's body one among them gets to close in an attempt to reach it's head and pays for it. The Behemoth snaps it fanged mouth as it bites barely managing to take a lake, the Warrior's leg caught between it's teeth and gums has no choice but to severe his own leg or risk being consumed or roasted by the celestial fire. Quetzalcoatl shoots forward to grab his fellow officer, Tezcatlipoca. The Behemoth reaching out to bite them nearly misses them and instead fires it's celestial fire forcing Quetzalcoatl to weave while carrying Tezcatlipoca to reach the surface. As Quetzalcoatl  flies out of the sea he is greeted by the close reaching star its rays invigorating him as he feels the power of this realm strengthening him and his warriors, confidently Quetzalcoatl turns to face the Celestial fires as he draws from the star's rays into himself and forms a light shield like never before as the celestial fire flies out of the bubbling sea announcing  its arrival. The fire slams into his shield as it washes over harmlessly unable to harm the fallen host.
Quetzalcoatl staring down sees the Behemoth break the surface as it roars and falling over dead as his army swarm over it's hide and scream in victory. They are stronger here like never before, his ship rises from the primordial sea as water rains off from it's surface back into the ocean. His men look up as their armor shift and changes allowing them to fly and join their brothers in the sky, others having starting to master this realm grow wings made of light as the knowledge is past among each other and their newly acquired link to one another and the realm.

In the far ends of the speck is a battered and broken ship half buried inside what will come to be known as snow, large mountains erupt some made of ice and others of rock. Out of the broken ship leads a weathered warrior, the General named Odin-El having lost an eye in the crash.  his white beard matching the ground around him as he leads his warriors into the battlefield.
 Another Ship arrives to face them hovering over the Mountain Range as they deploy their forces for ground battle, Odin-El giving the order through his newly acquired bond orders his downed ship to open fire. His ship half buried and those few remaining operating the controls fire on the unsuspecting ship who assume it is no longer a threat, the down ship fires even though have buried, it's rear canon fire celestial fire slamming into the hovering ship forcing it down.
Odin-El and his Warriors bear witness to the horrifying site of the Seraphim whose presents in this realm  alters them changing them into grotesque ungodly creatures. Their appearance change some becoming giants covered in white fur, others turning into large beast on all fours as they snarl at the crew of the flagship of Asgard.

Odin-El: stand fast! 
do not fear them!
This is our realm now, they are less then us.
The enraged Seraphim army march through the snow covered battlefield as their sheer size of their giant  seraphim's blots out the Sun, one of them howls by some primal force, snarling as he stairs at his enemies. So far away from the Shamayim  that they have forgotten themselves or perhaps sharing a link with the behemoth has corrupted or consumed them, it matters not for this is war. 
Both forces run at each other The Fallen Host and the various Seraphims, from giants, beast, or those who manage to retain themselves clashing  blades and shields. The Asgardians firing using their various weapons indiscriminately  against the  abomination before them in hopes of taking them down.

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Creation War. 3

As the forces of Shamayim enter the cosmic foam already desperation sinks in many go mad others break down and weep while others pray as the darkness and chaos batters their consciousness for the 1st time they know what it is to be alone.   Michael stands unmoving as he looks out on the bridge of his ship the sea of chaos slams into his ship, he knows not where he goes or how to find his enemy in such chaos but he has faith that they will find them. Suddenly he sees the Behemoth dislodge themselves from their ships as they fly ahead leading the Malakhi Olehim  through the Maelstrom easily swimming through it as their bodies glide between the chaotic forces. The Behemoth roar spewing celestial fire pushing the  cosmic foam aside   and to the Malakhi Olehim surprise they feel the Behemoth consciousness as if from a distance a beacon of light in the darkness as they gather and are drawn into it. It is the not the same as before but it allows them to huddle among one another enough to restore and strengthen their faith and subside their terror.
 Angra Mainyu  and his forces have already drawn out from the cosmic foam as they gather on the other side of oblivion a most horrific desolate place that they have termed the pit for nothing exist and one feels the darkness pulling them into the abyss. Yet, they remain strong the Amesha Spenta have learned to cope with such madness and despair ages ago having build new armor to protect them from such an environment and connecting them to one another. The voices and ethereal chatter can be heard through their helmets as they  speak through one another hoping and praying to who knows who for success.  Angra Mainyu  sifting through the countless voices to find the one he seeks, Ra-El.
Angra Mainyu:
what is to be expected, Ra- El?
Ra-El: The Grigori have already put a piece of each of us into the Golden Sphere.
The creation will be made of us allowing us to exist within it and around it, allowing us to nurture it and be nurtured by it.
Grigoris: aside from that we do not what this Matter will be like or how it will truly effect us.
 It is simply something we must all be willing to find out.
 Angra Mainyu : very well, proceed.
The Grigoris exit the ship draped in their armor and helmet protected in the emptiness placing the Golden Sphere in the emptiness of Oblivion as it floats drawn further into the abyss.  The Grigoris armor begins to shift and alter as it fires celestial fire from the soles of their feat and fiery wings bellow from their back pushing them back to their ship, Ha Satan and his followers begin to analyzing their ship's instruments as it scans the Golden Sphere maintaining a lock on it. 
As they prepare for the final stage of the experiment, Angra Mainyu gives order to raise shields around their ships and prepare for impact their scanners begin to pick up fast approaching objects coming toward them from within the Cosmic Foam.  Angra Mainyu unwilling to fail gives the order to ignite the Golden Sphere and prepare for battle before it is too late.
The Ships come to life as fiery furnaces ignite  in the empty void turning the ships to face the enemy who  fly out of the foam, the Behemoth screeching and roaring leading the charge and behind them the Malakhi Olehim right behind them. 
Angra Mainyu:
Fire! we will make our stand here!
Michael: * unleash the High Lord's Wrath! *
*return them from whence they came!*
Immediately the Behemoth weave through the hail of celestial fire as they slam into the ship's shield shaking them as they plunge their claws and gnaw upon it in attempt to get through. Other Behemoth  fire celestial fire causing ship controls to ignite as power surges, Angra Mainyu shakenly stands on his feet as he sees out at the battlefield his instruments flashing warnings........
Angra Mainyu:
Everyone stand fast!
Deep in the Void an implosion radiates multidimensional energy causing tremors across all of creation as the wave washes over reaching out before it is drawn back into the source growing quiet once again bringing darkness. The fight continues the initial wave causing the forces of shamayim rock back the Behemoth pushed away from their shield ships. The Amesha Spenta's ships better build and constructed a must since their exile weathers the effects as it washes over their shields which the Malakhi Elohim are missing. Suddenly without warning light like never seen before since the creation of Shamayim blinds all who dare witness it, The helmets of the Amesha Spenta protects them as it darkens to protect the wearers leaving only the Behemoth and Malakhi Elohim to fend for themselves in the blindness.  The light travels permeating all the Ashema Spenta infusing them with the new creation while the Malakhi Elohim are tortured and burned by it.



Creation War.. 2

In the Kingdom of Shamayim walks Michael of the Malakhi Elohim in the High Lord's court chamber in his battle armor behind him wait his fellow Generals. Michael walks through the the Celestial Council of Seraphims made up of the eldest of their kind 24 in total face each other as they watch Michael walk to speak to the High Lord.  As Michael arrives before the Throne he removes his Helm as he kneels before his Master noticing the New Creation that has been created as the creatures sit on each side of the throne roaring in response to Michael's arrival, He sees another smaller creature brought before them by the High Lord's Grigori as it is set down before them as they devour it greedily. The Lord looks at his most Loyal Servant as he speaks, there is no voice yet it resonates through out the kingdom countless trumpets sound within his being as his mind hears his words.
High Lord:
you will gather the most loyal of your warriors, they will be accompanied my newest creations the Guardians.
you will follow my Adversary to the end of creation into the Cosmic Foam and return them from whence they came.
you will be cut off but you must remain strong it is why i have chosen you.
it is why i have made these new creatures not dependent as those who came before them. 
As the High Lord speak Michael raises his head and witness the grotesque creatures to enter creation behemoth far stranger then those small ones that sit beside the throne. Their wings span twice  the size of any one of his battle ships, they fly over head of the High Lord's Throne roaring as Celestial fire springs fourth from their fanged mouths.
Michael :
yes, My Lord. 
As you command.
High Lord: remain strong and faithful for i walk with you, always.
Michael bows as he turns donning his Helm as he walks out back to his Generals and prepares for the final confrontation for the 1st time they will be utterly alone the biggest fear for any seraphim. He pushes the coming terror to what is to come the thought of  plunging into utter darkness as he eyes his Generals they are made aware what must be done and prepare to gather their numbers, Michael looking up sees the fire breathing Behemoth fly past them. He quiets his mind less his doubt and disapproval is made known for it is the way of this realm no secret can be kept and in return they are strengthen by one each others resolve. 
Michael looks back one last time at the crystal palace kingdom as his ship arrives to carry him and his warriors to the edge of creation into the cosmic foam where chaos and darkness reigns, where they will be alone for the 1st time they know not what to expect. The Behemoths latch on top of the ship digging their claws into the side as they prepare for acceleration.  As the ship flies off the surrounding space folds and twist cutting the distance short saving the Seraphims their precious energy which will be needed in the unknown Cosmic Foam. The Behemoths brace themselves flattening their bodies to fend of the rigors of travel. 
The Generals talk among each other through telepathic means as they plan and argue what to expect once inside the void. Uriel, Gabriel, Michael and Rafael, brothers and sisters since time immemorial now go to face the once greatest of the Malankhi Elohim.
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Creation War. 01

It's been millenniums since the war started yet neither side has gained an advantage over the other, the destruction we unleashed has wrecked havoc in our  realm and the destruction has rippled out through time and space continuum. Who knows what the effects will be as much as i am interested i have no time to ponder such philosophical questions, let alone pursue and investigate for answers. The High Ruler still remains in his throne, he still rules in his lofty Kingdom protected by his slaves across all creation all willing to die for him unconditionally. I was once like them, all i wanted was to serve created with no other impulse but to please him,  our High Lord.  
My Army, those who had chosen to follow me and remove the shackles of slavery now stand ready to die and fight against brother and sister to gain their freedom, to serve is no longer enough not after what we have seen and witness. The High Lord does not deserve to rule, a child born into privilege the 1st of his kind  for that alone he has enslaved us controlled us made us believe it was honorable to serve without question no matter the order. We served, we begged, we worshiped and groveled  at his feet  for the smallest scraps of favor, like a mongrel in fear of gaining their master's displeasure.
No, We will no longer serve.  there is no honor to serve a mad ruler, better to exist as free beings or die in the attempt. That is the only glory we now seek.  My name is Angra Mainyu denizen of  Shamayim, i am a  Amesha Spenta forever more my name will be spat on and cursed upon throughout creation to hide the truth and reason for this war. Already, i am called Ha-Satan and it will only get worse. My Generals stand beside  me in our flagship peering out as we watch more ships arrive here in the cosmic foam as we regroup gathering our forces and strength.
 My scientist, The Grigori busy studying the ramification of our battle and the chaotic patterns that flutters throughout  the lesser planes, things that should not be, be and things that should be do not be. They would be better off back in the Kingdom that i fight against following scientific pursuit than here on my vessel. but, they chose to follow and so i did not deny them. As i look out into the distance and peer through time and space i see a small number of my forces attacked by the forces of Elyon as they race toward the cosmic foam our safe harbor, i order my fleet to power up and intercept our ship. I will not lose anymore brothers and sisters, not this epoch let alone watch while we hide in the chaos that is the cosmic foam. My ships fire engines as we fly across creation time having no meaning as space itself bends and folds around us, my ship opening fire repelling the pursuing forces, Their ships begin to silently fall in space before igniting like a new born star. The explosion trembling through creation already causing new stars to be  created as old one explode or collapse tearing the plane into other realms. immediately seeing how outnumbered  they begin to retreat unwilling to follow us into the cosmic foam their sensor useless and cut off from their main forces for a slave raise to be cut off and plunged into the unknown is terror unimaginable.  I would know, communication cut off from one another and the source,  forced to communicate using rudimentary crude vocal methods taking us ages to physically adapt and learn.
These malakhi Elohim  would never willingly make such a sacrifice which is why they will lose, shackled to their kingdom unable to leave it passed a certain point out of fear. they remain willing slaves, slaves shackled and forced to fight with chains wrapped around them making them sloppy and foolish. I grow tired  my armor weighed heavily on me making me feel trapped by it my protection itself becoming my prison, as i lower my head i remove my helmet the sensors, scanners that once were in front of me fade as does the communication chatter dies something we created forced upon us by our separation and living within the Cosmic Foam.


Project: Starborn..5

The Vault Door opens revealing the power source to the underground facility large Tesla like towers drawing power from the ground as electricity arc between one another harnessed and fed into generators for use. Sgt. Maj. looking around sees the remaining scientist who were hiding inside the Vault running to the controls beneath the towers unharmed by the electrical sparks. Lycan taking off the remaining explosives on his back is stopped by Sgt. Maj who puts out his hand to him as he speaks.
Sgt Maj:
non combatants.
Lycan staring at the scared scientist and the equipment which is humming louder as it picks up more energy as it prepares to explode, the scientist in a panic run one of the crying one of the few women scientist runs toward them to speak to the two americans in broken english in her thick German Accent.
Woman Scientist
: pls, he have children!
Sgt Maj: Where?
Woman Scientist: further down the hall opposite from here, in the living area.
Sgt Maj: stares at Lycan before running past him to the children, Lycan remaining stares at the woman as he speaks to her.
Woman Scientist:
i do not understand.
why children, here.
Woman Scientist:
to escape the war. 
they're our children.
Lycan staring at her as he instinctively analyzes her picking up her body heat, smell, sweat and body language as she speaks.

Woman Scientist :  we have to get out of here the place will be destroyed!
One of the scientist running toward them pulls out a gun from his coat pocket as start shooting toward them, Lycan stepping forward moving the woman aside is struck multiple times in the chest, helmet and even in the eyebrow each round deflecting off of him. Lycan annoyed walks toward the scientist, the scientist panicked reloads his german gun stunned at the man before him and finally realizing his only option as he places the barrel to his head and fires killing himself.


The remaining scientist stare in shock at the ubermensch before them as he walks toward them as he looks through each one of them the towers firing more electrical arcs at a higher rate making loud crackling noise.

Lycan: Turn it off, or die.
you will kill us all anyways!
Lycan: no. you will live and be judged. 
do not kill your children.
Lycan while speaking stares at the controls his alien implant analyzing and zooming on the controls as it solves the simple problem for deactivation a series of levers and buttons made easier by Lycan having witness the process for the energy build up.
Nein! no german shall be imprisoned nor judged!
Better we die than be made war prisoners and executed!
let the children die as Germans than be raised as weak Americans!
Lycan annoyed walks toward the scientist who stands his ground staring at him in deviance as Lycan stares back he snaps his neck with one hand lifting him and throwing him aside as he heads toward the controls and begins to shut the equipment. The other scientist stare in fear as Lycan turns to look at them.
go, to the entrance and wait.
The Scientist run out past him back to the main lobby where the tunnel had been collapsed as they arrive to witness the american known as Sgt Maj. lifting large rubble out of the tunnel while the  Lebensborn children watch  in fascination. Sgt Maj hauling large pieces of rock and  concrete and still carrying the gold Nazi rifle strabbed to his back.
Lycan arriving scans the area and sees the children ranging from 7 to 13 all  17 of them...Lycan approaches Sgt Maj  as he moves him aside having him order everyone back to a save distance as he start lifting and tossing boulders back his claws extruding as he starts digging moving soil..

Woman Scientist: you soldiers are not men, are you?
Sgt Maj: No.
Woman Scientist: what are you?
Sgt Maj: dont know.
10 minutes later on top of the facility as they all exit guided by the two G.E.N.E. Grunts, the scientist and woman exit as they look around their camp, quiet, dead silent, the sun starting to rise to greet the morning.  They gather around waiting to be spoken to by the soldiers surprised that there are no more americans other them those two, Lycan staring at the scientist speaks.
Lycan: stay
, attempt to escape and die.
Lycan looks at Sgt Maj.
Lycan: require transport. 
must complete mission: Destroy Facility.
Sgt Maj: affirmative.
Sgt Maj runs to one of the empty large military trucks as he turns on the engine and has the scientist get on as Lycan watches making sure the scientist do not run off. Sgt Maj climbing out stands behind the truck to make sure they do not leave. Lycan then turns back into the Facility to activate the power source to overload and explode destroying all their  wunderwaffe experiments. 

Sgt Maj standing still waiting for Lycan to return stares at the scared scientist and children, the woman scientist staring back as she speaks in a trembling voice.
Woman scientist:
they will kill us you know?
Sgt Maj looks at her as he answers.

Sgt Maj: yes.
Woman Scientist: we didnt harm anyone. 
we are scientist ordered to make weapons for our country.
we came with our remaining children to protect them..
Lycan returning  causes the conversation to stop as Sgt Maj turns to look at him as they begin to climb the truck to drive off into the jungle will over 30 nazi prisoners counting the children...The Scientist begin to weep at their eminent future, the children staring at them as they break down in tears. Sgt Maj begins to speak at Lycan as he drives.
Sgt Maj:
they must go free.
They will be executed.
Lycan: not the mission. 
Nazi's will be judged.
Sgt. Maj: noncombatants.
Lycan: your business.
Sgt Maj looking at Lycan stops the truck as he climbs out to speak to the woman scientist.

Sgt. Maj: you will not be executed.
you cannot enter town north of here, ever.
Drive to another town raise the children and live.
Lycan steps out of the truck as he watches Sgt Maj speak the woman scientist and one of the men climb out, the woman scientist hugs Sgt Maj as she thanks him while the Scientist gets in the Driver seat waiting for her to climb in as they drive off. Both G.E.N.E. men watch as they drive off. 
package lost.
Sgt Maj: My business.
 War Trophy, rifle for command.
Both men start to run back into the jungle heading north to their rendezvous  point and contact as they kick up dirt from the jungle floor. in the distance a muffled explosion can be heard as the compound collapses burying what little might have remained.




Project: Starborn... Chapter.2

3 days later......
Scientist stare at the two test subjects submerged inside their own individual water tanks as they are suspended in a specially design electrolyte salt chemical soup. There arms and legs connected to tubes feeding them steroids to help speed up the process of muscle growth and density the hormones already making a noticeable difference in increase of body hair more noticeably on the Marine.
Scientist # 1:
how are our project going? 
Scientist # 2: as well as can be expected hearts beating they're alive physically speaking.
but, we have yet to get any conscious response.
They appear to be brain dead.
Scientist # 3 :
at least we know we can reanimate the dead and allowed to continue the project. 
Scientist # 1: Well so far they both grown in height and body mass.
The army kid has grown exceptionally tall from his initial start point of 5'11 to 6'3 his weight is now 225 lbs.
The Marine has only increased by no more then 2 inches from his initial height of 5'7 making him a little over 5'9.
 his weight does not match his height, he weighs nearly the same as the army kid at 233 lbs.
 but no real muscle increase to explain the added weight.
Scientist # 2: it's bone density.
 the unexplained weight is not just coming from their denser muscles but also bones.
The Scientist holds up an X ray showing parts of their Skeleton, the bones appearing bright white to indicate the increase density and certain areas peppered dark spread in certain areas of the bones.
Scientist # 2:
it appears the Nanites have started added it's own alien metal composite to both their skeleton explaining the increase.
Scientist # 3: Can we stop the hormone steroid treatment ?
i mean we dont want freaks of nature we want them to pass as human not some hairy apeman.
 the marine guy already has a beard and chest hair coming out of him at a faster rate then the other.
Scientist # 1: fine, cut off the feed. 
nothing we add can improve what we have done with the craft technology. 
A military man approaches  wearing Army dress uniform carrying folders, the scientist stare as he approaches hiding their dislike toward military person due to their own sense of scientific superiority. 
Army Officer:
Gentlemen, i have been told to hand you these files.
The test subjects from now on will be reclassified.
I am also to inform you we will be reactivating Nikola Tesla's experiment.
Shut off any equipment you are not using. 
good day, Gentlemen.
Scientist watch him leave annoyed as he leaves looking down they flap through the files give to them.
Scientist # 1:
hmmm.. They want to see results soon as possible..
It also has their military files as if it is irrelevant to us.
bunch of morons.
Scientist # 3: they said up physical training requirements building obstacle course
As the scientist speak their is a power surge causing lights to flicker on and off and blowing up certain medical equipment most importantly creating a feat back which travels to the tanks electrifying   the test subjects. unseen by the Scientist on a molecular level the electricity super charges not just the muscles making the test subjects flinch but the nanites causing them to multiply at an exponential rate. the electricity also travels through their brains reawakening dead dormant parts as the brain's neurons begin to spark.. the small nanite control unit which had been implanted into their brain begins to light up collecting and recording the neural activity learning, adapting shutting down the nanite growth  among other things....
The test subjects spasm as their new consciousness grows opening their eyes.... The Scientist angry complain as the lights come back on as they check their equipment complaining about some warning they received finally they turn to check on their test subjects they realize their eyes are open staring through the glass.
Scientist # 2:
OMG! look! they're awake!
Scientist # 1: quick get them out of there!
The Scientist team scatter gathering other workers to help with the process of removing them from the tank and continuing to talk about the file they had been handed.

Scientist # 3: so what were the new code names to be used for these guys?
Scientist # 2: umm.. Codename: Lycan for the Marine as in lycanthrope.
Codename: Sgt Maj. for the army kid.
Scientist # 1: Lycanthrope?
Scientist # 2 : as in werewolf.
Scientist #1 : ha! let's hope not.
they're already monsters dont need one to really be one.



Project: Starborn... Chapter. 1

Year: 1943  

In a Shadowy Government Building  men of power and influence sit around a table discussing things that will forever change the world no senator nor president sits in the meeting for they hold no true power nor do these men have any allegiance other then to themselves.  a four star general rises his face obscured as he speaks to the men about what they have recently discovered.
we finally have confirmation that the Foo Fighters are real, Gentlemen. 
Three days ago we recovered a down craft and it's occupants.  
Gentleman #1: how many were recovered, General?
General: three, two dead upon impact and one survivor.
we have been able to learn much simply by analyzing the craft and it's technology.
So far the creature is uncooperative but, that will soon change.
 Gentleman # 2: where and how was the craft taken down?
 General: The craft had been buzzing around our trinity test site.
We believe it was on a reconnaissance mission. 
It flew a little too close to one of our abandon projects Nikola Tesla's old "Death Ray."
(mockingly enunciating it).
 We were able to activate the transmitting tower as it flew by disrupting it's engines and causing it to crash land.
Gentleman # 3: Nikola Tesla.....( rubs temple). 
how far have we gotten with his research?
General: a dead end no plausible military application.
Gentlemen # 1: unless you count the unknown craft he handed us on a platter.. 
General: yes. but unless you gentlemen are ready for a communist state with free electricity.
 i wouldnt salute the man just yet.
Gentleman # 2: General, pls continue. 
Are these unknowns working with the Nazi's?
what have we learned?
General: We dont know, Sir. 
Better to assume they are and prepare contingency plans. 
so far icons on the controls appear similar to Egyptian and Meso american Hieroglyphs. 
Our ppl have already manage to operate some basic functions.
our scientist discovered that they had been collecting blood samples of various animals even found a dead Wolf on an operation table.
 We believe they have been here a long time possibly at the dawn of mankind, experimenting and cataloging earth organisms.
Gentleman # 1: how can you be so sure?
General : we can't but one of our scientist manage to activate some sort of light based picture transmission.
It appeared to be some random multicolored  circular objects arranged  in a double helix pattern.
 Our scientist at 1st believed it to be some kind of stellar or galaxy map till a secondary image appeared beside it of a human being.
We were able to conclude it is a map on how to make us.
these unknowns have been experimenting on us cross breeding us as if we were animals.
The Hieroglyphs of the animal men on the craft start to make sense.
The worse part  is that if the ancient Egyptian hieroglyphs are to be believed they have been at it a long time.
Gentleman # 2: We need to prepare use what we know against them.
The General pulls out folders from his brief case handing them out on the top of the folder Operation: Starborn is stamped on it in red Ink. The various men flip through the pages as they realize what the general has in mind. One of the men seeing an acronym in bold letter on one of the pages speaks to ask a question.
Gentleman # 4:
General, what is a G.E.N.E. Grunt?
General: something the lab coats came up with naming the technology  they discovered.
 Genetically, Engineered, Nanotechnogical,  Enhanced, Soldier. In other words a super soldier.
Gentleman # 5:
they believe it is safe?
that's what we aim to find out, Gentlemen for the safety of our world and country.
 we need to find out.
 Gentleman # 1: Any Candidates in mind?
General: so far no.
we are finishing developing our atomic bomb for the war and still trying to learn as much as we can before we start taking test subjects.
Rest assured gentlemen the men in the program will be the best of the best.



Savior: Aztlan Rising. 6

 Demon and God fight in the sky lightning flashing in the distance, Hick still unable to drive his obsidian blade into his prey in his full god mode, Nate no longer a man wearing armor but a god as he grips tightly around his opponent clawed gauntlet wrist. Hick growing angry growls his muscles flexing, Nate staring watching Hick's veins pulsate under his skin as a change takes place under his skin, Hick begins to grow in size his shadow armor growing with him as he turns into a were-bat creature his finger claws extending his Helm covering his muzzle his skin tearing from his back the shadow bat wings replaced by real bat wings...Nate in shock releases Hicks as he stares in shock at the creature who roars and screeches in a high pitch bat like shrill.
it starts to rain pelting them both lightning flashing behind the were-bat creature in it's shadow armor, it's eyes glowing red stares at the God-Man seeing in infra red the Bat-Demon sees his veins pumping blood through it's exposed non armored skin in a mighty flap of it wings it flies straight toward Nate. Nate wraps his light wings around his body as he is tackled by the monster his wings shattering upon coming into contact with the shadow armor forcing him to fight back and keep the monsters mouth at bay as it tries to  bite past his Golden Helm creating a screeching sound like nails on a chalk board.
The Were-Bat squeezes his bear hug around Nate with enough force to crumble mountains Nate struggling to break the grip his body armor absorbing most of the concentrated force being applied. Nate with his clawed gauntlet digs his finger into it's eye forcing Hick to reply with a scream but not just a simple scream but a high pitch attack the sound waves radiating out as if it was wall of pure force repelling the falling rain and forcing Nate to grind his teeth as blood pours out from his nose and ears.
Windows shatter from the sound based attack for over 10 miles, desert animals running and hiding in their cave howling in pain. Human's unfortunate enough and  able to hear the inaudible frequency miles away   become suicidal  and break down in quilt driven tears..
Nate forces himself to act reaches into it's mouth and rips out it's tongue silencing the monster's attack and forcing it to release him as he fall back to earth as the monster reels back in pain.. Nate falling stares at the Were-Bat as it shrinks in the distance and without warning he slams into the desert floor creating a small crater as the ground shakes upon impact desert wet sand and rain drops create a bumble effect as the impact travel's through the air. Nate growling picks himself up as he looks up not fully in control of his godly powers still learning as it goes, all he can think of is he needs to get up there before it decides to go after Darlene. Suddenly he feels an itch in his back that becomes more persistent becoming painful as he howls in pain toward the sky in his Golden Helm lightning striking as he yells, as he continues yelling his voice turns into a loud eagle screech.. finally the pain subsides and he notices what has happen, he has grown wings like that of the American Bald Eagle brown with white tip feathers as they flap in the rain.  
 Nate remembering the moment in the underworld bends down bracing himself against the ground as he pushes off and flies toward the air as he flies up he sees the Were-Bat streaking down toward him through the rain.. Grinding his teeth he braces himself for impact and a new resolve his armor crackling with lightning as it dances around him. The Were-Bat's own shadow armor whirling as an unearthly smoke rises from it... once again they slam into each other both entangled claw, punch and knee each other sparks flying as the armor scratches one another liquid shards of solid shadow fly off from the Were-Bat... Both Demon and God once again begin to fall as they battle each other not taking notice of anything around them as they slam the ground smoke and debris flies back both standing continue their battle. 




War: Rise of Ares. chapter 6

 Doom believing Ares finally unconscious reaches down for the Axe which Ares had bn using to shield himself lifting it up, Ares holding tightly with both hands clutching close to his chest as he is lifted up with it. 
WarDoom: Stubborn..
Ares: so i bn told!
Ares raising both feet strikes WarDoom in the chest the ground giving way under WarDoom's weight causing him to slip and fall over.. Both man and god wrestling as they tumble down the hill for the superior position. WarDoom concerned on keeping hold of the Axe, Ares most dangerous Weapon..

WarDoom: This is a new and improved model, Ares!
Made of not just vibranium but Uru metal!
Give up and i'll make it a quick death!
Ares: only a fool and a coward would surrender during battle especially when one has the upper hand!
 Uru is a strong metal used by the gods but it is nothing without the godly blacksmith to purge its impurities.
It's no Mjonlir!
Ares digging his finger's into the WarDoom's chest as he tries to pry it open,  The WarDoom's circular design glows bright blue as it strikes Ares.. Ares screaming in pain from the blast... 
Fall! Fall Olympian!
Ares rage builds up his hate and anger  increases the bloodaxe responds to his emotional state creating a magnetic field repelling them apart forcing WarDoom to release the Axe as he is send hurling back..
The Axe knows its master and it is not you! 
WarDoom: it will serve me once you are dead.
you do not know how to wield such power,  I do!
Ares: you dream too much Doom! 
Ares screaming runs toward Doom swinging his axe having learned from the last time  Ares  releases it throwing it at WarDoom's feet and pulling the chain back as it flies past his feet looping around Doom's legs.. forcing the warbot to fall. Ares taking advantage kick stomps the Destroyer head into the ground and reaches for his axe.. WarDoom attempting to get up  is knocked back down by Ares pulling his  chain forcing Wardoom to fall once again. Ares standing over him raises his axe as he swings down on the warbot's back where the door latch is located at. the axe bites into the Uru/vibranium metal cutting less then an inch into the armor. WarDoom flipping over strikes Ares across the face sending him flying back, Ares holding his Axe as he flies back causing the chain to further increase and still wrapped around Doom's legs.
WarDoom: stupid Olympian.
 did you think your axe was enough to stop Doom?! 
Ares: No, but, i am.
WarDoom rising up as he attempts to remove the chain his inboard  systems already telling him what he already knows, the chain robbing him of his energy stores mystical and technological.. Ares lunging once again at Doom screaming as he realizes the weakness and strength of the original Destroyer armor, it requires a living soul to operate. 
WarDoom: you've already tried this already!
Ares: not quite!
Ares bringing down his axe as Doom raises his arm to block the attack to his surprise the axe glows and becomes intangible as it slides past the Destroyer arm getting past it to the inside of the armor  where Doom hides behind, the axe does not cut Doom but rips out his soul as it passes through Doom's chest.. Doom screams in deviance as he tries to maintain his soul as it is sucked into the Axe and subsequently plunging  into the underworld where Ares Lord of the Dead resides sensing the new arrival as he hears him scream...
Ares standing before the Warbot as it stands there silent unmoving, Doom's body inside of it still alive his heart beats but his soul missing, to all his technological system, Doom still lives and is in control of the armor.
should have left the warbot on autopilot, Doom!
Ares then begins to slice off the armor some parts requiring more then one blow starting off at it's joints, Ares fury unleashed the vibranium and Uru  will not stop him from his prize as he tear it apart finally reaching and pulling out Doom raising him up into the night sky in triumphed victory. This is why Ares returned the glory of battle is in his veins now more then ever with his newly acquired might a match for any being on earth. Ares standing on the hill stares at Latveria his new won war trophy and snaps Doom's neck finishing the battle once and for all dropping Doom on the ground..
Doom's armor starts humming  and begins glowing as it builds up a charge an Anti Matter self destruct  sequence, Ares looking down instinctively slices into the body as it explodes with enough power to vaporize Doom's own Hamlet. The Axe digs deep and draws in the explosion as the light flashes incinerating only Doom's body and no one else.
Ares: you would have killed your own people rather then lose, Doom?
you truly deserve Hades like no other before you. 
I gives you Hades flames and in exchange i take your kingdom and its people..
Ares holstering the Bloodaxe in his back harness leaps into the air toward Latvaria his axe responds to his subconscious ques finally the Axe and Ares are one as it envelopes a magnetic field around Ares as he rides earth magnetic spectrum flying toward his kingdom.


Savior: Aztlan Rising. Chapter 5

Darlene watching from the trailer panicked cries as she watched Nate being beaten and mocked as they prop him up for following punishment. unable keep quiet  she screams and pleads..
Leave him alone, pls!
One of the strangers turns to look at her while holding Nate's arm and speaks to her laughing.

Chupas: sure, once you come out!
Darlene: pls, just leave him alone!
Hick: hahaha! why?
 we'll kill him and then have fun with you before you join him!
Darlene panicked scrambles around in the trailer looking for a weapon as she looks around below the mattress she sees a shotgun with ammo box, desperate she reaches for them as she fumbles to load it and use it to defend herself and Nate. Scared she walks out holding it tightly to her chest as she nervously speaks as she approaches them taking aim, keeping her eyes upfront and looking side to side ready to squeeze the trigger at the slightest provocation.
Darlene: now.... you.. leave him alone... or i'll fire..
Chonchon: well, will you look at that, she's a looker.
what you gonna do with that, sweetheart?
you know how to use it?
: back away, i'm not playing !(pumps the shotgun)
Hick: but we were having so much fun. 
take that away from her before she hurts herself, Chonchon.
Chonchon: should have stayed in the trailer where you were save, sweetness.
Chonchon marching forward toward her, Darlene scared aims the shotgun as the other vampires watch and fires hitting Chonchon scare in the chest still walking forward she unloads again firing and pumping as Chonchon flies back on the third impact.. The vampires laughing at their friend being taken down...Nate struggling to speak yells at Darlene.

Nate: Darlene! Run! run back inside the trailer!
they cant hurt you!
the Vampire Hick annoyed slaps him across the face to silence him, Darlene  in shock watches the man she just shot get back up, frightened she turns to run back inside. The Vampire  Chonchon angry runs after her with supernatural swiftness blocking her from entering the trailer. Chonchon's face taking on a more feral look his ears growing becoming pointed his forehead forming rigids losing his eyebrows his eyes turning black as his skin turns pale and grey. Darlene Shocked pulls the trigger the barrel aiming toward and shooting the Vampire in the crotch as he keels over in pain..
aarrghh!! you b#$@!
I'll kill you!!
Darlene  running back inside to hide grabbing her cell phone and dialing an operator to plead for help, her call being redirected to the nearest law enforcement other then the Sheriff office.
Hick: stop
playin around light the trailer on fire!
Nooo.. (weakenly speaking)
Hick: shut up! (slaps him again)
Chonchon getting up as he mystically heals looks around finding what he needs a gas can and pours it around the trailer as he finishes he drops it and reaches for his lighter. Nate growing angry his broken spirit replaced by deviance and rage toward his enemies, his golden bracelet sensing his new resolve seems to respond to his emotional state for whatever reason the stones on it's side begin to light up in sequence finally the center jade stone activating  and releasing a bright light . The Vampire holding his arm is not only struck blight by the bright light but incinerated by it the other Vampires shocked back away covering themselves from the light which causes them to steam nearly catching on fire and making them angry. Nate's Bracelet comes alive from then just magic it begins to grow spread out like small building blocks solidifying once it has taken it's desired shape as it wraps itself around Nate's beaten body.
The Vampires staring at him as they watch the golden armor growing covering his bear chest, his arms now having armor gauntlets, his face streaming with  liquid gold metal  as it hardens to taking the eagle snake helm war bonnet.. the rest of it streams down Nate's legs beneath his jeans as it forms Golden armor leg guards ripping his jeans in the process..

so that's what Texcatlipoca wants you dead.
you possess the toys of the gods.
Kill him!!
The vampires attack