Project: Starborn .15

Lycan and Sgt Major move further into the woods in order to reassess the situation, as they move deeper the into the woods the moon knight shines on Lycan's face slightly  charred his healing factor failing to fully repair it. Stopping  They begin to talk while Lycan pulls out a piece of shrapnel from his side, blood slowly trickles out.
Sgt Major:
they will smell the blood and find us.
We cannot keep fighting. 
We must evade, avoid confrontation.
Lycan annoyed  stares at Sgt Major as his eyes turn red his muscles beneath his skin begins to pulsate and spasm as if responding to his annoyance. 
they will not stop following us.
 If they chase us we will be too weaken to fight back.
Better to stop them here than a forced confrontation further ahead without cover.
The last remaining fire teams break off and spread out further as if taunting the two G.E.N.E. Grunts to attack them making themselves easy target ..
Team Leader:
come out, we know you're out there!
We can smell you?!
Whats wrong you boys slowing down?!
cant push passed the pain, that makes you weak!
We dont have that problem we know hot to move past discomfort.
The snow and wind ceases to blow no longer masking the G.E.N.E. Grunts scent nor covering up the noise. The Enhanced Spetsnaz super soldiers lock on the scent as they begin to circle around the G.E.N.E. Grunts.  The two G.E.N.E. Grunts realize that they are slowly being boxed in by 4 fire team formation groups, desperate they both run out from beneath a large tree toward one of the teams hoping together they can get past just the one. As they run out they see the fire team open fire forcing Lycan and Sgt Major to push themselves to avoid the gunfire, already a difficult situation due to the exhaustion and being fired by enhanced human's able to keep track highly trained capable of anticipating their movement. Sgt Major using  his arm guards to block the auto fire as it bounces off them and his flak jacket the material tearing with each hit exposing the gold alien alloy, only taking a few hits in the thigh which slows him down as he tries to cut the distance. Lycan producing a deep guttural growl runs low to avoid the gun fire as he runs on all fours and finally leaping into the air spinning hoping to avoid getting hit only to take a few in the arms a few rounds deflecting as it hits his flak jacket.
The other fire teams begin to converge on them hoping to catch them before they make their way further into the forest.. The incoming fire teams witness Lycan and Sgt Major pull out their side arms and fire at the Spetsnaz while performing complicated maneuvers even after taking a few direct hits. Lycan And Sgt Major finally pushing through passed the wounded fire team begin running through them as the other teams open fire to stop them, as they run away one of the down Spetsnaz lifts his head as he pulls out a detonator.
Random Spetsnaz:
grinding his teeth he presses it before passing out from his wounds. The explosions fire off ball bearings from Soviet designed Claymores, Mon-50. Lycan and Sgt Major running passed bushes are caught in the explosions and are pelted by the shrapnel as they are send catapulting a few yards forward their clothing torn, the flak jackets taking the brought of the damage but already weaken they fall from the internal damage caused by the pressure wave and shrapnel. Both american super soldiers passed out in the snow and ice covered ground as boots step forward   cracking the ice in front of their face. 
Team Leader: hmm.. you boys gave us quite a chase.
but it's over, you lose. 
Medved: They dead?
Random Soldier: i am not getting any vital signs, Commander.
Team Leader: gather our fallen and bring them along, they will still want the bodies.
Shame, i thought they would be tougher.
Random Soldier: Commander, they decimated our team full of enhanced Spetsnaz. how much tougher did you want them?
Team Leader:  take their weapons..
i would have liked to test my strength against them. (spits).
weak americans.
The Spetsnaz gather  their fallen and wounded Spestnaz taking them over an hour as they gather them and tie ropes to the fallen spetsnaz while other Spetsnaz carry the wounded making their way out of the winter forest. Lycan and Sgt Major's apparent dead bodies being dragged  unceremoniously through the snow. As the Spetsnaz Security team arrive  at the entrance of the forest they see the Bombardier vehicle. One of the Spetsnaz checks the engine to see if it can be repaired, another Spetsnaz goes inside to check the radio. The bombardier reception too weak to be used as all they hear is static. 
Team Leader:
 We're gonna have to run back or wait around for them to come looking for us, F#$%$!!!
Gather the wounded and put them inside the bombardier!
The Spetsnaz soldiers doing as they are told put the wounded inside the Bombardier while others waiting for instructions pile up the dead bodies throwing Lycan and Sgt In the pile. The Team leader annoyed watches his remaining men pile the bodies as he reaches into his back pouch for a cigarette while it is lit by Medved... Inhaling The team leader thinks about what else they can do while his men group up and huddle to protect themselves from the weather.
The men decide to build a fire near the piled bodies to block the wind for when they try to light  it  while others gather fire wood from the near by forest, annoyed the team leader watches his men while he talks to Medved his second in command.
Lycan lying on top of the dead bodies stares at the Spetsnaz who have their backs turn away  from him as they gather near a small fire to keep warm. Lycan slowly reviving does not move but simply stares so as not to give away his only advantage, with one arm he feels through the dead bodies looking for a grenade belt. Sgt Major still lifeless remains unmoving within his mind's eye is nothing but blanketed darkness, no thought, no sense of self, suddenly sparks of lights appear in the darkness/ Sgt Major hears a slurred  voice hard to make out at 1st,  Finally Sgt Major hears the familiar voice of his only friend through their alien implant.

Lycan: *if you can hear me do not move*
*Can you hear me?*
Sgt Major: yes.
Lycan: *open your eyes but do not move.*
Sgt Major slowly opens his eyes as his pupils dilate and focus and sees the Spetsnaz talking ignoring them.

Sgt Major: *they believe us dead?*
Sgt Major: *good, Plan?*
Lycan: *Grenades, kill them all while gathered. easy win.*
Sgt Major:
* agreed. the other two in distance? *

Lycan: we will kill them.



Project: Starborn. 14

Team Leader in the Bombardier gets on the speaker to taunt the two American Super soldiers.
Team Leader: 
why dont you come out and face us? 
 are you too scared to fight like warriors? 
Too afraid to face men who do not fear you and are not whimpering weak men?
the second bombardier vehicles stops as  it unloads it's passengers one in particular a large framed mane bearded carrying a flame thrower. The Team leader orders his men to unload as they fan out creating a search grid the men spreading out evenly only a few feet apart, The Large frame man takes lead as he ignites the flamethrower shooting flames ahead of him melting the snow.
Team Leader: i guess if you wont come out we'll have to force you out.
We know all about you two. We know your names, Ssgt. Williams, United States Marine Corps!
Lcpl. Blake, United states Army!
 Ssgt, are you aware that you parents died ten years ago?
They were found dead each one a single shot to the head, all because they couldnt believe you died.
killed by the same people you work for.
Lcpl. Blake would you like to know how your parents were killed?
Killed during a burglary, your mother raped. They believe it was by a negroid.
ha! funny about your countries racism.. blame the black man.
It was actually done by your own C.I.A. by orders of those you work for. 
The large frame Spetsnaz fires the flame throwers in front of him melting the snow and to everyone's surprise leaps out Lycan fully enrages as he is lid on fire he tackles the the large frame Spetsnaz and punching him and clawing his chest before he falls back into the snow which smothers the fire on his body. The Spetsnaz immediately open fire many turning to where he was last seen, Sgt Major rises out of the snow slitting the throat of one of the spetsnaz and using his machine gun to fire on the rest hitting many of them before burying himself beneath the snow.
Team Leader: yes, that's it!
 show me what you can do.
do not hide!
test my men for we are the strong and will survive! 
The Spetsnaz gather their fallen comrades as they pull them back with one arm while aiming their rifles and  keeping their eyes forward as they drag them onto one of the bombardier.. The large framed man is grabbed but quickly pulls away annoyed he stands up and realizes his flamethrowers hose has been cut making it useless, The Spetsnaz pull out their frag grenades as they bite down the pin and throw them out into the snow field taking a knee and waiting for it to explode. The grenades go off in a random pattern before finally hitting one of the G.E.N.E. Grunts, Sgt Major raising his arm guards to black the shrapnel as it explodes and exposes his position, The men quickly turn their weapons and fire on him Sgt Major leaps away upholstering his weapon and shooting at the group of men hitting one of them dead center between the eyes as he lands he throws a grenade at the Spetsnaz causing them to scatter. As the Spetsnaz move to escape the explosion they leave themselves exploitable as Lycan rises out of the snow grabbing two men in each hand slamming them on the ground as slashing their throats with his hands soon after the grenade explodes causing mayhem.
The Spestnaz tug and roll and get on one knee as they open fire at both exposed super soldiers. Lycan quickly grabs one of the Dead soldier's body and raises him using him as a shield before dropping him and vanishing in the confusion. Sgt Major dives back into the snow as the Soldier Walk forward shooting at ground level where they assumed he may be.. Sgt Major crawling underneath is hit a few time most rounds hitting his flack jacket while one round hits his thigh and another his shoulder, his healing reduced he bleeds giving away his position as the snow sucks up his blood showing a stain on the surface. Immediately Sgt Major begins to crawl away. One of the Soldiers sees the blood rising and immediately shoots at the same spot.
Random Soldier:
he's here! (open's fire).
Lycan and Sgt Major begin to communicate with each other using their alien implant..

Sgt Major: *there are too many, we cannot win.
We are too weaken. 
We should retreat.*
Lycan: * We do not retreat*
*We will move forward plan and wait for further engagement*
Sgt Major: *Roger*
The Spetsnaz wading through the snow poking and firing in certain areas throwing grenades slowly come to the realization that the American Super soldiers have escaped and no longer in the area. As soldiers begin to voice their suspicions, the Team Leader is angered as he screams and cursing  before ordering his men back on board on the Bombardier. 
Team Leader: gather the wounded on one of the bombardiers so they can be taken  back to base. 
two vehicles will move ahead while one will provide protection to the wounded..


The Vehicles split off, the Team leader annoyed realizes that the two men will not return to base but has moved forward crawling on their stomachs, they couldnt have gotten far. They are tired and wounded their vaunted regeneration weaken with no food to replenish it, they are no more dangerous than one of his own super soldiers and he has over 20 of them more than enough to hunt them down, kill them and  drag them back. He knows they would be heading toward the Mongolian boarder their only chance to leave U.S.S.R.  territory.  Further in the Dark distance Lycan and Sgt Major run pushing themselves carrying their duffel bags already slowing down their run speed barely exceeding  5 miles under the 20 minutes, exhausted they are forced to leave their duffel bags behind but not before taking some ammo and bag of jerky for nourishment. As they place them on the ground they place a grenade under each one the duffel bags the weight holding down the grenade spoon as they continue their run in the night tundra.

The Two G.E.N.E. Grunts running  look ahead  see the snow clearing up and if a by a miracle  a
winter forest  appears in front of them that they can use to cover their tracks. 
The Spetsnaz super soldiers reach where the two americans had dropped their bags as the Bombardier lumbers forward, one of the Spetsnaz jumps out of the vehicles and slowly approaches as he looks around realizing there is nowhere for the american to hide as he comfortably puts his rifle muzzle to peer into the bag without making any sudden movement. Slowly the Spetsnaz falls back and steps on a near invisible fishing wire that was tied around the body of the grenade and to a small twig standing upright in the snow. The lightly falling snow making it difficult to see costing the soldier his life who thought he was being careful and had figured out the trap. The explosion causes the second grenade to go off as shrapnel flies in all directions hitting one of the bombardier's engines.
Team Leader:
everyone off we continue on foot!
The Spetsnaz climb out as they jog in formation alongside the last bombardier heading toward the americans, they will not give up, they dont know how and as any trained warrior whether ancient or modern, they would rather die than give up.



Project: Starborn. 13

The KGB Chief Officer in a dissection room watches the two original Super soldier once again being subjected to the magnetic radiation pulse from the mobile unit and given another round of the sedative cocktail as they are place on an operating table and smiles. He walks to another table where they had removed and kept the two super soldier's equipment, the flak jacket, K-bar, and arm guards.
KGB Chief Officer:
tell me about their equipment.
KGB officer # 1: it is made of an unknown alloy similar to the same material that makes up the small machines in their body.
KGB Chief Officer: what else have we learned?
KGB Scientist # 1:  it is near impossible to damage, we've tried and failed to get samples. the metal is also capable of absorbing large quantities of various forms of energy, kinetic and heat and it is  light weight.
KGB Chief Officer:
if we can replicate this we can greatly benefit putting them on our tanks and planes.
a miracle metal light weight and superior to anything that exist.
 KGB Scientist # 1: we looked at it under great magnification, the lattice  matrix is unique and we believe it was created by the small machines possible made up of it as well. 
KGB Chief Officer:
very well, carry on with the dissection.
 lets see what these "star Children" have to show us. 
we tried to reason with them, they leave us no choice.
hopefully we can learn more with actual large samples. 
We also need to store some samples for possible future experiments. 
The KGB Chief Officer  walks out as he heads to the observation booth  area allowing him to look down on the procedure, The Scientist in the room begin the 1st incision one group cutting into Sgt Major while the other team cuts Lycan. The cut is made down on their stomach as the scalpel cuts the scientist are surprised to witness the cut heal as the blade runs down right behind it. 
KGB scientist: # 2:  We have a problem, Sir...
KGB Chief officer: what is it?
KGB Scientist # 3: they're healing immediately as the cut is made.
American Scientist: that's impossible, that shouldnt happen unless..
KGB Chief Officer: unless, what?
American Scientist:  quick hit them with the magnetic radiation pulse and another dose of sedatives!
Immediately Sgt Major and Lycan awaken ripping the restrains as they grip the scientist  by the throat lifting them up as they climb off the dissecting table. One of the scientist runs and grabs the mobile magnetic pulse machine, two soldiers fire their traq guns at the two  G.E.N.E. Grunts while the scientist  activates the machine both attacks hitting the two G.E.N.E. Grunts, they  just watch as nothing happens. Sgt Major and Lycan throw the scientist that they are holding to the soldier knocking them down  while the other scientist cower in the corner of the room in fear.. Lycan  looking up to the observation deck toward the KGB Chief Officer and the American Scientist who watch in horror nods his head side to side  in disapproval. Sgt Major runs to the table holding their gear as he puts his on and throws the rest of the gear to Lycan.  the KGB Chief Officer runs to the wall and hits the alarm button to the facility, Lycan leaps into the balcony toward the two the General pulling his side arm fires at Lycan as the bullets bounce off his skull in a quick spark and flash of gold metal bones before healing over. 

American Scientist: i'm sorry, dont kill me!
everything i said was the truth, i didnt want to betray you guys...
Lycan looks at the Scientist with disgust as he watches the man weep and the KGB Chief Officer using the last bullet to blow his own brains out as it splatters on the wall.
I know. 
which is why i wont kill you.
you were desperate, trying to survive.
American Scientist: thank you, thank you!
Lycan: the experiments stop now.
you will release the animals that are still alive or i will come back, understand?
American Scientist:
Yes.. i understand.

Sgt Major stares at the cornered scientist holding each other as they urinate themselves...
Sgt Major:
what about them?
Lycan: same.
you ppl continue this project and we will come back and hunt you all down. 
nothing will stop us not now we've adapted. 
the same trick wont work twice.
KGB Scientists: yes, we understand!
we will quit, find new jobs!
Sgt Major: and release the animals, today.

KGB Scientists: yes...release the animals.
Lycan jumps down cracking the marble tiles beneath him as they look at the door knowing that the security guards are on the other side aiming their weapons at the hatch.  Lycan approaches the door gripping it as pulling it off the hinges, Sgt Major behind him as they prepare for their escape. The Security Soldiers on the other side lining the hallway sees the Door get ripped off and held by extremely powerful hands and prepare to fire. Lycan than sprints forward at a superhuman rate Sgt Major right behind him as the soldiers open fire many are knocked down as the two american super soldiers run through slamming them with the large door., embarrassed the Security team get up and give chase after the two escapees.  The Facility alarms causes the lights to go red and flash it cause disorienting effect for just about anyone but it isnt enough the two G.E.N.E. Grunts running through the corridor having left behind the door shield which is covered with tranquilizers dart head toward the exit running through corridors realizing that it constricts their movement and gives them no room to hide. They hear boots heading the ground as it vibrates across the corridors and they know they soon wont be alone,  Sgt Major sees a junction box on the wall of one of the hallways. He opens the box and reluctantly puts his hands in the two wires causing a feed back the shuts off the building lights and causes Sgt Major to slam against the wall.  Lycan's shifts his vision to infrared as he stares at Sgt Major leaning against the wall in a sitting position as smoke rises from his body,  Sgt Major vitals begin to function as Lycan sees his lungs and heart pumping and sgt Major standing back up.
Lycan: risky.
Sgt Major: had to do something.
Lycan: stay close.
Sgt Major: night vision, remember?
Sgt Major looks around the hall as his night vision picks up the minimal ambient light barely enough to allow him to make out the walls and forcing him to use his other senses and rely on memory of the complex as he stay close to Lycan who takes charge of the situation.  They hear boots approaching apparently still able to move in the dark, they realize they must also possess night or infra vision. The soldiers making planned tactic maneuvers across the corridors some taking a knee as they clear one corridor and move to the next, some of the soldiers using state of the art nighvision technology allowing them to keep moving. Lycan and Sgt Major quietly move back to the large training area where they had been captured easily moving past the few soldiers who are guarding the room.  As they make their way out they hear more soldiers entering the facility forcing Lycan and Sgt Major to hide behind the wall and ceiling  pipes as they run past them.   
Both G.E.N.E. Grunts know that on the other side of the door there will be the camp soldiers  ready to fire upon them as soon as they run out. with their weaken state of their regeneration it may not be possible for them to get through.  They need to get through and escape before the lights turn back on and they lose their only advantage inside the facility.



Project: Starborn. 12

Both Lycan and Sgt Major are shackled to a steel wall while group of scientist  poke and prod them both and talk about the new break through they will be able to reach with the original test subjects in their grasp The american scientist in the back stares at the two original Supers Soldiers who are still passed out and lucky to be alive.
KGB Scientist  #1 :  
i say we dissect them immediately.
American scientist:
is that all you people can think of?
cut open everything 1st, how about collecting their blood 1st for a few weeks maybe a month or two for reserves and see what we can learn from that.
KGB Scientist # 2:  they are too dangerous to remain alive.
better we kill them as soon as possible.
American Scientist:  They are no longer dangerous, i made sure of that.
just keep them weaken, the tranquilizers and their deactivated machines will keep them from causing any more trouble.
Just hit them with the magnetic radiation pulse once a day.
KGB Chief Officer arrives staring at the two american super soldiers propped up against the wall their legs, wrist, and waist bolted to the steel wall keeping them from moving.
KGB Chief Officer : how does it go, what have you learned so far? 
American scientist: your Scientist want to make super soldier steaks for themselves.
seriously, you would have done better if you hired a butcher than these men.
KGB Scientist # 3: i recommend we start by removing their blood to keep them weaken and while given us a chance to study the small machines. (in russian)
KGB Chief Officer:
good idea.
do what you say(russian).
 when will these two wake up?
American Scientist:
i dont know, Sir.
it's been 2 days thus far they should have woken up by now.
perhaps the amount of tranquilizer and the magnetic radiation  pulse were more effective than we initially thought.
It's a miracle both of them are alive without the nanites helping them cope with the drugs and their natural regeneration suppressed taxed out by the drugs.
KGB Chief Officer: very well keep me appraised, i want to see results as soon as possible.
The Scientist begin to draw blood from both super soldier's arms while the KGB Chief Officer walks away leaving them to work. Deep down on a microscopic level deep in the G.E.N.E. Grunt's blood float inactive nano machines electricity sparking as it attempts to reactivate themselves and compensate for the radiation wavelength that disrupted them in the 1st place. Sgt Major has minor muscle spasm that go on unnoticed by the scientist staff as his implant begins to reactivate and fires electrical signals into the Sgt Major's brain causing him to dream as flood of memory images hit his consciousness, his eye moving around signaling R.E.M. sleep as he dreams.

Sgt Major sees himself as a small boy running through  a small town playing hide and go seek while a young girl yells out to him...
Girl: David! where are you hiding?!
David hiding behind small wooden barrels of the thrift store as he sees the girl run past him and smiles..
At 1st it is a pleasant dream before it fades away and replaced by a nightmare as he now sees himself as a 20 yr old kid in the middle of a war apprehensive of jumping out of a small boat and running toward the beach and gunfire while men around him die. He remembers the fear the doubt that he was suffered with during the war, he trips over his fallen allies saving him from gun nest fire. He reaches into his pouch pulling out a grenade and with a lucky throw hitting the inside of the gun nest exploding and  killing the Nazi Soldiers.
  a bright light explodes in his mind's eye as he opens his eyes forcing him awake as he opens his eyes he sees the scientist and to his side Lycan both bolted to the wall, He strains to pull them off the wall but is unable as a scientist watches and approaches. 
KGB scientist # 1: you'll never be able to break loose.
you understand me?
Sgt Major: Da. (looking at the scientist).
KGB Scientist # 1: good, you speak Russian.
this one is awake.. if anyone cares!
Sgt Major: how......
KGB Scientist: How were you captured?
Sgt Major: Da. 
KGB Scientist # 1: quite easy,  you were betrayed by the american traitor.
Hey, american come say hi to your comrade!
Sgt Major looks up and sees the scientist he was ordered to kill as he approaches, he glares at the traitor scientist pulling on the shackles unable to break them still too weak and even if healthy he might still fail.  Sgt Major remembers the scientist when he was younger almost 20 years ago, he recalls the scientist checking Lycans nails and fingers, cutting them both as he measured their regeneration.
Sgt Major:
turn coat, traitor. you will die.
American scientist: i didnt betray anyone, i was the one who was betrayed.
i had nowhere else to go,. they offered to help me.
Lycan begins to wake up and hears the conversation taking place and in a fit of anger tugs on his shackles and growls at the scientist..
American Scientist:
it's true. i didnt want to betray anyone.. the people you work for starting coming after us tying up the loose ends.
they killed almost everyone who was part of the original project. 
there is only a few of us left.
 dont you understand, these ppl arent government agencies, i dont believe they ever were.
they dont care about country security, they are large private run conglomerates only caring about themselves and nothing else.
Both G.E.N.E. grunts stare at the scientist as they try to read his body language and keeping track of his respiration and perspiration as he speaks allowing his emotions to control him.  neither of them speak as they watch the scientist tire himself out and walk away. 
KGB Scientist # 2 : well, it is time for another dose of your treatment.
The scientist approach carrying syringes as they inject the two, another bringing a small cart removing a sheet with a small satellite plate aimed at the two as it is turned on transmitting certain magnetic and radiation wavelength at the two.
KGB Scientist # 3:
this is our portable unit..
 hope you like it.
once again both super soldiers body wages a microscopic war as it fights off the multiple chemicals in the syringe from standard sedatives, heavy poisons natural and synthetic. The naninites struggle to stay active only a few remaining operative while others cease to function and float alongside the large  red blood cell comparatively to the nanites. Both Lycan and Sgt Major both begin to sweat as their bodies fight off the chemicals that were injected into them and force themselves from passing out as their eyesight becomes blurry making it difficult to see everyone in the room becoming large blobs. 
American Scientist: you guys shouldnt fight it, nothing you can do.
I figured out that to suppress your regeneration one just needs to overload it with everything from virus, bacteria and poisons.
Unique Radiation and magnetic pulse also disrupts and deactivates your alien tech implants and nanites..
you cant keep us here for long....  We'll get out... arrghh..
American Scientist: i highly doubted it. i wish you guys had never come after me.
We knew you come and we planned for it. the location of the facility, the corridor the machinery.
It was not just a research facility but a trap as well for you two.
 the cameras in the hallway the reason you boys had to get in deeper.
all for you two.
Sgt Major: if what you say is true. We can help you.
American Scientist: after you came to kill me, now you want to help me?
i doubt it. It's too late for you two for me for all of us.
The American Scientist signals to a KGB scientist and orders him to give them another traq round, the scientist injects them causing the two G.E.N.E. Grunts to pass out once again from the system overload.



Project: Starborn. 11

Location: Siberia Mountains  
Mission: assassinate defect project: starborn, scientist.
search and destroy if possible destroy research installation.
On a side of a mountain cliff harsh freezing wind blows as two men wearing white fur trimmed jacket and gray military trunks and boots stand looking up at the mountain sheer. Sgt Major digging into his duffel bag pulling out his climbing gear strapping on his mountain climbing sole spikes, Lycan does the same although neither truly needing it, it makes the climb less difficult for them. Lycan straps on his rope around his waist checking it for reliability. Sgt Major grabs the other end and clips it  to his own waist harness. Both ready Sgt Major pulls out steel ice axe and tries to hand one to Lycan.
i wont need it.
Lycan shows him his hands as  his finger claws grow out ripping his glove tips. Each ready they zip up their duffel bags as they throw them over their shoulders and begin their climb it will take them 2 days to reach the peak and another 3 days run to the facility which will be heavily secured in the middle of an open snowy field. Lycan and Sgt Major put on their goggles to protect their eyes from the harsh cold winds, Lycan than slams his finger tips into the granite and snow covered cliff as he lifts himself up groaning each time he slams his fingers into the granite. Sgt Major behind him uses his ice axe and pick to help him climb at times both having to stop while Lycan climbs upside down beneath a overhang and having to pull Sgt Major up. two days without rest as they climb only evidence is the light trail of blood left behind in the finger holes each time Lycan punches into the granite.
In there final day  Sgt Major life line breaks unable to take the strain the two G.E.N.E. Grunts place on it,  forcing Sgt Major to fend for himself as he stabs the side of the mountain with the Ice Axe and Pick only for them to break. Sgt Major desperate stretches out his finger and digs them into the side of the cliff as flesh and muscle rips off him leaving a blood trail finally stopping him as his finger break into the granite. Sgt Major straining to maintain his grip looks up and sees Lycan crawling down the side of the cliff like a spider and reaches out to his only friend. Sgt Major pulling his fingers from the side of the cliffs reveals his gold colored skeleton fingers the meat and flesh torn off in his last ditch attempt to save himself.
give me your hand...
Sgt Major reaches out and is grabbed by his wrist while Lycan pulls him up and twist around to turn himself facing up as he slowly slides down.

Sgt Major: you cannot do this. 
you will fail.
Lycan: no. we will succeed. (groans)
Sgt Major:
release me, finish the mission.
Lycan strains against gravity as his claws bite into the granite the added weight to his frame forces his claws to cut down slicing the granite like butter. Sgt Major finally manages to pull himself up as he grabs Lycan around his neck allowing Lycan to use his other hand as he stabs it back into the cliff. Looking up Lycan leaps as he stretches out and stabs his claws slowly crawling back up the mountain wall while Sgt Major holds on to him. The sight is amusing due to the amount of gear both men are carrying each with large duffel bag and a grown man on top of the other. Sgt Major's fingers begin to heal the skin and muscle growing back covering his exposed  phalanges, fully healed Sgt Major reaches with one free hand and pulls out his K-bar from the back of his Waist. Lycan looking up realizes what Sgt Major is up to as he reaches a small ledge for him to climb off, Lycan than hands him one of his two K-bars to use. 
retie rope?
Sgt Major: no. almost there, no need.
no, use ropes.
Lycan pulls out another rope line to be used before continuing their climb.
safety, 1st.
This time both men continue the torturous climb together side by side while Sgt Major uses the K-Bar's to climb and stab into the sheer wall.  Finally as nightfall approaches the two reach the top of the mountain range and ahead of them is nothing but white snow covered ground, the wind blowing harder making it 50 below as  a blizzard approaches.. The weather simply aggravates the G.E.N.E. Grunts as they reach into their Duffel bags and pull out an extra pair of gloves making sure their is nothing else they can put on to fight the cold. Although it wont kill them they dont want to make it harder on themselves each pulling over their jacket's fur trimmed hood as they run into the blizzard. it will be a  3 days run both able to hit 10 miles in under 30 minutes on average,  they will push harder on this run than ever before but under these conditions it will tax their limits if they have any. Never before had they faced this type of weather..  Second day on the run they reach a large tree covered in snow both  climbing underneath it as they take a break and pull out their rations of dried jerky, frozen solid. 
Lycan digs into the frozen ground making a pit and rips off the pine needles and branches shaking of the snow and ice and tearing them up into small shred like tinder.. Sgt Major pulls out a small bottle of oil/lighter fluid as he sprays it onto the tinder as Lycan pulls out a zippo to light it. The small fire grows and Sgt Major reaching into his gear throws in small paper labels from their food bags feeding the fire, finally they heat their jerky  allowing them to enjoy a small victory and a little rest before heading back out into the storm for another day and a half.

Project: starborn. 10

Time: two hours before sunrise.
Location: Deep in the Korean Jungle 

Sgt Major: we need to keep moving.
the more distance we put between them the better.
Korean Prisoner: what about us?
 Will we be made prisoners there too?
Sgt Major:  i do not know.
 only till they figure out it you are not collaborators and than released.
Korean Prisoner: you do not know?!
so we are just suppose to go with you and trust you?!
Sgt Major:
pls, keep your voice down.
 if you do not you may compromise our position.
if you wish you can leave on your own.
Korean Prisoner: than i choose to leave and if any of you are smart you should leave with me!
The Korean Prisoner turns around taking a step to leave only to walk right into the Lycan who was listening and watching him speak.. the Prisoner looking down sees Lycan holding a bunch of dead snakes in his hands.
you have already compromised those here.
I.. do...not... approve...
Lycan glares at the Korean Prisoner annoyed looking away to toward Sgt Major who failed to maintain order in his absence, Lycan looking at the Koreans speaks.
leave, if you wish to leave.
but, do not speak of it again.  
Soldier's remove the korean soldier clothing retain the rifles and move out. 
 Sgt Major and Lycan watch as the soldiers change and march toward the general location...

Sgt Major: they are tired, they need rest. they are too weak to continue.
i brought nourishment.( shows the snakes).
 They will  drink the blood and eat the meat on the march.
 Hours later the sun has risen shining bright, already it's heat becoming unbearable as they all sweat marching through the thick jungle hoping to reach safety. Sgt Major stops them so that they can rest for 3 hours while Lycan stands watch looking back at the trail they have left behind. His heighten hearing focusing at all the random jungle noise as he scans the area.  The P.O.W's and prisoners sleeping while the two G.E.N.E. Grunts speak..

Lycan: We'll never make it.
they are too weak and slow.
Sgt Major: we can by them time.
they will die.
Sgt Major:
they are fighters like us.
 they will survive"if" we help  and trust them to reach safety. 
Lycan: let them rest.
they will need the precious time to recover and gather the energy they will need.
 The group having rested  are  woken up by Sgt Major as he informs them where to go and what to tell them once they reach their desired destination.
Sgt Major:
remember you never saw us.  
you escaped on your own.
Lycan: we were never here.
P.O.W. Soldier: at least tell us your name. 
we wont tell anyone...
The two G.E.N.E. Grunts fade into the thick jungle as Lycan stares back one last time as his eyes glow and finally fades,  the P.O.W. Soldiers begin questioning who those two men truly were. They guess that they at least had to be american as they get back up for their final  push back to friendly territory. Lycan and Sgt Major in the jungles jumping from tree top to tree top and crouching over on the branches as they look into the jungle with their superior senses picking up Korean chatter in the distance nearly hidden by the wild animal noises and wind. Both G.E.N.E. Grunts look at each other as they each fall back and begin their defense planning to use the jungle against their pursuers. Lycan uprooting three trucks while Sgt Major collects the vines using them to hoist into position the tree trucks. Lycan begins to dig large holes as they place wooden spikes into the ground and cover them up with jungle flora, Lycan and Sgt Major pull out  their grenades as they place them in certain area where the Korean Soldiers will run through tying the pin with small fishing wire from part of their field gear kit.
The G.E.N.E. Grunts hide in the trees as they wait for their prey to arrive, the Camp easily held a thousand men a few hundred will be expected. This will be their 1st real test to test their combat potential and capabilities, none of them must get through. The Korean Soldiers marching through the jungle as they are watched from the tree tops, the G.E.N.E. Grunts biting their time as they slowly circle around them taking out the stragglers and dragging them into the bush. The Korean soldier's finally reaching the ambush area as the grenades go off after being stepped on while tree trucks slam into the platoon of men from  the tree tops. The Soldiers desperate and scared  begin to shoot in all directions others running forward   fall into the spike lined pits and scream in agony. 
Lycan and Sgt Major each taking their position opposite of each other grab their rifles taking aim at the running soldiers as they walk toward them and opening precisely aimed shots. The Soldier's own gunfire hiding their direction of attack, soldiers begin to mortar up ahead not realizing they are being shot from behind till it is too late. Koreans begin to yell as they regroup the senior officers taking charge as he calls for support, The Two G.E.N.E. Grunts firing as they walk out of the jungle shooting the officer in the head. Surrounded the two are fired upon as bullets ricochet off their bones and flak jacket Mortar round lands right in front of them kicking up dirt and smoke as it clears the two men are gone, the korean soldiers  cautiously approach. In the crater all that is left is the ruined rifles, the korean soldiers begin to argue among each other about who those two men were without warning Lycan and Sgt Major appear behind the group of men with K-bars as they rush into the large group slicing throats and guts. 
The Korean  soldiers screaming as they fire among each other the enemy too quick and too close forcing them to shoot each other. Sgt Major grabbing a soldier using him as a shield while throwing his knife at another soldier's head. Lycan tearing into them as a deep guttural growl emanates deep within him as he slashes them to pieces ignoring the gunfire that hits his body and flak jacket.  Korean army support arrives as 3 tanks bulldoze through the jungle, Lycan too busy relishing the mayhem giving into the animal rage deep within him ignores them. The Soldier begin to run off , Sgt Major pulls out his K-Bar from the soldiers head as he turns around to face the incoming tanks,  One of the panicked soldiers aims and fires at Sgt Major. Sgt Major without hesitation  in a smooth motion  slaps back the 3 incoming rounds with his alien alloy arm guard ricocheting they hit  the soldier in the throat and chest area.
The tanks lumbering forward aims and fires at the two american men who both move with superhuman speed avoiding the tank shell as it explodes. Sgt Major and Lycan each leap onto the tanks using their K-bars to slice off the hatch hinges and ripping them off as they jump in killing the occupants. The tanks out of control run over the dead and wounded soldier as they scream in agony. The remaining tank turning its turret aims on one of the commandeered tanks and fires, Sgt Major still inside is hit as shrapnel explodes all around him.  Lycan taking control of his commandeered tank turns the turret while loading a shell into the chamber taking aim he fires at the enemy tank before it can fire on him. 
The tank explodes upon impact killing the occupants inside, Lycan driving the tank runs over the soldiers who attempt to escape on foot before climbing out and letting the tank drive off into the jungle.  Lycan stares at the battle field and the tank where Sgt Major was in and sees the knife point protruding out on the side of the tank armor as it slices a circle and kicked out by Sgt Major who steps out looking at Lycan. Sgt Major's face taking the brunt of the explosions reveals the side of his face exposing his gold colored alien alloy skull, his teeth exposed as his biological and nanotechnological healing factor slowly begins to repairs the damage.  Lycan walking through the battle area upholsters his sidearm as he shoots the wounded soldiers who are playing dead while gripping their weapons in a last ditch attempt to kill them.
Lycan: you're wounded.
Sgt Major: it will heal.
they will not pursue.
Sgt Major: no. mission accomplished.
return to rendezvous point for pick up.
Lycan: affirmative.   
Both men looking at the combatants as their Implants tallies up the body count and assess the number. 374 dead.. 17 wounded... 62 escaped



Project: Starborn. 9

 Convoy of vehicles arrive to the Korean Army camp the Generals Entourage, Lycan watches as he is lifted out of the murky water tank as he fixes on his target. The General's driver pulls over near the tank as the General steps out as he looks around and stares at the american being tortured and than turns his gaze to the Camp C.O.
Korean General:
what is going on here?
Officer: interrogation. we captured this america a few days ago.
Lycan raises his head as he looks at them controlling his anger, he could easily shatter the chains and kill the General but it would risk the lives of the prisoners. In the distance bushes slightly moved as it is used for cover, Sgt Major staring at the Korean General through his rifle's scope. His growing conscious at odds with sense of duty as he refuses to pull the trigger at least not till he saves those men.
Lycan: i wasn't captured. i came here by my own free will.
The Officer annoyed orders his men to dunk the prisoner into the tank,  the Soldiers release the chains as Lycan slams into the water in order to keep him quiet. The General annoyed looks back at the officer for confirmation.
So he says, Sir.
Either way a traitor is a traitor. 
one can never trust them.
Korean General:
so very true.
i am here to inform  you that your camp and your men will be moved for an upcoming skirmish.
Have your men ready to move out within five days.
The American forces have moved forward further into our territory.
we will surround  them and use your men to cut off their retreat. 
yes, Sir!
Korean General: get what you can from this one and come tomorrow morning line them all up for execution.
They no longer serve any function.
Officer : As you command General.
anything else.
Korean General:
yes. show me my room.
 i require a bath and get me a female village workers. 
a pleasant looking one if you would.

The General looks at the tank and back at the officer realizing that Lycan is not struggling.
Korean General:
dont you think he has had enough?
The officer looking at his men gives the signal to raise him out of the tank. Lycan hoisted out groans as the chains bite into his skin.. Angry with hate in his eyes Lycan stares at the Korean Officers as he plans to make them suffer when their time comes.  Lycan twisting in the air watches the two men walk away ignoring the soldiers who approach and prod him with life wires  as he fights off the involuntary muscle spasms from the electrocution.
Night time has fallen the interrogators have left Lycan hanging in the cold night air too exhausted to continue his torture. Lycan opens his eyes reflecting moonshine as he looks around the camp taking note of the camp security, if they have any hope of succeeded they have to do it under the cover of night. Sgt Major crawling into the camp as he avoids the few village workers and camp sentries.  The last couple of days have been used to find the holes in their security and patterns of the camp personal making it easier to get through and what to expect, it helps to also have a shared internal com link.
Lycan: do not harm any of the soldiers at least not till the change over for the night shift.
Sgt Major: affirmative.
 standing bye for further instructions.
Sgt major lies beneath a korean army truck watching the camp soldiers walking through for change over. Sgt Major listening to them speak, laugh and smoke. intuitively Sgt Major knows the time right down to the second thanks to the implant as he keeps an internal timer running to keep track of the sunrise and the next change over. 8  hours to to kill the General get the P.O.W.'s out and get as far away as possible before the camp army comes after them.
Lycan still hanging from the chain keeps his head lowered as the two new sentries assigned to him and the prisoner pen report for duty. The two too busy talking and laughing, their backs turned from Lycan  not perceiving him as a threat. Lycan raises his head looking at the back of the men as he contemplates killing them without  making any noise knowing if he breaks free he will splash into the water annoyed he refrains from breaking free.
Sgt Major running through the camp carrying Lycan's gear hides it behind a tent as he makes his way through the officer's Camp Area, small wooden shacks wired with electricity.. the shacks slightly lifted off the ground the pillars giving support from the swampy loose ground, Sgt Major watches from the shadows as he sees the Village girls turned into  sex slaves and prostitutes enter and leave the officer's living quarters. Sgt Major patiently waits as he sniffs the air as he locks on to his target's scent sifting through musk of the various individuals. He waits as he sees a door open and the Korean General inviting the village girl into his shack.

Sgt Major: got em...
turning away he realizes the girl and the General will be busy for a while and decides to head back toward Lycan and the prisoners.. Lycan slightly twisting on the chain decides to speaks Korean to the two soldiers in front of him smoking a cigarette.

Lycan: you boys, mind if i as for a smoke?
The soldiers turn around to respond to Lycan.

soldiers: yeh, we do mind........
before they can finish raising their voice in annoyance and finishing the sentence a shadowy figure from behind them moves with lightning speed snapping one of the soldier's neck and cracking open the other soldier's skull like an egg shell.. The soldier's fall silently to the ground never knowing what killed them their rifles never having been fired in self defense, The shadowy figure steps forward as he stares at Lycan and whispers.
Sgt Major: need a hand?
Sgt Major walks toward a pillar on the side of the tank as he unhooks the chain and quietly drops Lycan into the water tank, Lycan fully submerged snaps the chains as he climbs out of the tank, reaching down he grabs the still lid cigarette and takes a deep puff before flicking it into the water tank..

Lycan: thanks, partner.
really needed that..
Lycan turns to look at the Sgt Major  who is  quietly opening the cage to release the P.O.W.'s who are sleeping 13 in all plus 5  Korean prisoners. Sgt Major wakes each of them nudging their shoulder and quickly placing his hand on their mouth and a finger over his..
Sgt Major:
The P.O.W.'s looking over their shoulder see the two dead soldiers and Lycan standing over them and for a split second see Lycan's eyes shine catching the moonlight before Lycan turns away..  Lycan strips the korean soldiers of their uniform throwing it to the prisoners in the cage. 

Lycan: two of you put these on.
Sgt Major get moving get them out of here.

Sgt Major : The General's shack is at the end of the camp. it is the middle one from the.....
Lycan: i'll find him.
Sgt Major: your equipment is placed in the back of tent behind two drum barrels,  from the second tent role.
One of the korean prisoners wakes up and notices what is happening and speaks..
Korean prisoner:
take me with you, pls.. 
i'll scream if you dont..
as the korean prisoner speaks others begin to wake up.. Lycan  annoyed opens up the cage pulls out the prisoner so that the others can see what he is about to do. 
Korean Prisoner: dont be stupid.
you know what will happen.

without remorse Lycan snaps his neck as he looks at the other prisoners.
Lycan: we will not be blackmailed or extorted nor compromised.
is that understood?  ( the prisoner's shake their head in fear).
you will all come but do not try what this idiot tried.
Sgt Major begins to make his way alongside Lycan the prisoners quiet and scared as they watch the two americans sneaking through the dark killing the sentries and soldiers without making any noise.. efficiently without remorse they remove their clothes as they bring them back to the prisoners so that they can blend end with the camp and make it easier to leave unnoticed.   Lycan reaching the Tent with his gear begins to put on his equipment, custom flak jacket, gloves, rifles and special alloy k-bars and side arm.
The group reaching the outskirts through the swampy rice field try to walk out past the few villagers who look up to see in the dark hard to make out figures leaving the camp into the jungle.. they ignore them as they see the rifles and uniform believing them to be camp soldiers off for patrols.. 
Lycan: now leave head West, 80 miles from here you will be in american controlled area.
Sgt Major, help them, get them started do not stop. 
Sgt Major:
Lycan turns away as he heads back into the camp  to complete the mission and will take joy in killing not just the Korean General but the Officer.



Project: Starborn. 8

Location: North Korea
Year: 1954
Engagement: Korean War
In a swampy river bank two figures can be seen gliding through the murky dark water as the full moon reflects on the surface water. Quietly they make their way into the side of the bank were the reeds cover their approach, in the distance people can be heard talking in korean, villagers employed by the Korean military to farm for rise and other food for the camp.
Lycan and Sgt Major  looking around as their eyes reflect the moonlight increasing the effectiveness of their night vision as they communicate to one another using their alien implant. 
* allow capture, be brought into camp* 
Sgt Major: *affirmative*

Lycan removing his gear crawls out of the murky water while Sgt Major falls back into the river and submerges his nanites and enhanced biology will allow him to stay submerged for over an hour. Lycan with his hands up walks toward the field workers as they look up they scream pointing at the american soldier, the camp alarm and whistles go off as Korean soldiers converge on the location and begin a sweep of the area making sure no american units are in the facility. 

Field Worker # 1: American!!  (korean
Field Worker # 2: Run!(korean)
Soldier # 1: get down on the ground or we'll shoot! (Korean)
Lycan: * I mean you no harm, i surrender.*(Korean) 
I wish to leave the american army.

Soldier # 2: just shoot him! (Gunshot, blam!).
Lycan is shot in the side of his rib feinting injury he drops to his knees and falls over.
Korean Officer:
who told you to shoot?!
take his weapon and have him beaten
He could have cost us a once in a lifetime opportunity and bring the american traitor and make sure he is alone.
The korean soldier run to Lycan as they haul him away others running into the jungle and high grass river with their military unit. 
Soldier # 3:
*this american is heavy*(Groan). 
Soldier # 4:
yeh, tell me about it.
They take Lycan to a small interrogation area past american P.O.W.'s and imprisoned Korean criminals or worker in small wooden pens as they watch another american being brought in to share the same fate as theirs, 
The soldier open a door as they drag him in and tie him to a wire bed frame and rip off his shirt.
Soldier # 3: i though, he had been shot? 
Soldier # 4:
he probably passed out from exhaustion. 
lucky for him otherwise the idiot soldier would have probably kept on shooting and hit him.
as it is he is alive so we can get some answers from him.
Soldier # 3:
Hey, American. Wake up!
you've slept long enough!(slaps across the face). 
Soldier # 4:
Soldier # 3: his head is like hitting a brick wall.
Soldier # 4: you're just a girl. This is how you do it.
The Korean soldier grips his rifle and hits  Lycan in the stomach with the butt of his rifle  as he orders him to wake up hitting him repeatedly before stopping.
Soldier # 3:
he must be dead tired....
but he'll wake up soon enough ( clicks machinery)
Lycan listening half opens his eyes still feigning unconsciousness as he feels a small electrical current surge through his body playing along he groans in pain as the Korean soldier amping the voltage as they laugh. A Korean Officer slams open the door and sees what his men are doing shouts at them ordering them to stop the torture.
Korean Officer:
The Korean Officer stares at the American as smoke rises from his body, Lycan staring back.

Korean Officer: you musy excuse my men they are unlearned lacking basic manners. 
prior to the war many of them were simple farmers.
now tell me why are you here?



Project: Starborn . 7

Footsteps can be heard ppl shouting in the distance, military jeep engines sounds fast approaching, eyelids slowly open able to barely make out the blurry   blobs as it approaches before closing.
Army Pfc:
we found two bodies, here!
Army Sgt: what the hell happen here? 
Army Pfc: these two are breathing!
I need a Medic here!
Military Men and doctors run toward the army soldier who is standing over the two charred bodies carrying small 1st aid box.

Medic: its a miracle they're both breathing! 
Not much i can do, severe 3rd degree burns over 90% of their bodies.
All i can do is make them comfortable, dull the pain, 30 mg of Morphine.
 I need wet towels, sheets to move these two!
Army Sgt: we have no other survivor! 
Pack up, begin collecting all debris and bodies!
in the distance a Humvee is driven from the desert toward the detonation area, the passenger  a middle aged man with four stars on his collar with aviator shades. The Humvee stops as he steps out surveying the damage looking over to see the two charred bodies being hoisted into stretches, the General walks toward them.
halt! i want to see these two.
Soldiers: yes, Sir!
The General stares at them with a deep seeded suspicious anger, he looks at their injuries before ordering them to be taken away for aid. The General lights a cigarette as he looks around the desert floor  which had  turn to glass as  hot winds blows across his face.

General: i want anwers!
those two dont die!
Army Sgt: yes, Sir?!
I want a list of all those involved military and civilians.
Not all of them were here when it happen. 
go to their homes and round them up.
Army Sgt: yes, sir!
General: if we have a spies and this was Sabotage, i want to know how and who!
The General watches his military personal scatter across the blast area unaware of the danger he and his men are being exposed to not realizing the hot air  that blows across him and his men is radioactive and will one day kill them painfully and slowly. 
: Hurry up! we got only a small window to get this placed cleaned and packed up!
Already the General is thinking of a cover story for this mishap to tell the American public, it was just another atomic test area............
8  hours later in a covert medical facility lies the two G.E.N.E. Grunts in their medical beds hooked up to Plasma, whole blood and  I.V.  bags. The General smoking stares at them through the smoke while a group of doctors hover and busily check vitals and perform small test on them.
General: when will they wake up?
Doctor # 1: cant say for sure, General.
This the 1st time we seen anything like this.
By all rights they should be dead, the pain must be unbearable even with all the morphine we have pumped into them.
Yet, they are none responsive, could be brain death due to shock or some type of hibernation.
Doctor # 2:
we checked their blood samples, Sir.
those small machines you told us to look for, well they're there but many of them appear dormant only a few seem to be moving around.
General : those "machines" are the only thing keeping those two alive.
Doctor # 1:
look, Sir. i know its a matter of national secuirty but we need to know more if you want us to help them. 
General : all you need to know is keep them alive and told ask questions or looking for answers.
do you understand me?
Doctor # 1: yes, General.
you all know what happen to the curious cat, dont you?
Doctors: Yes, sir. 
Yes, General...
General : let me know whet they wake up and are able to talk.
 i still want my answers...(* still need to know what happen to the craft*).
(*god help us if some one took the craft*)



Project: Starborn. 6

Later that night after both G.E.N.E. Grunts have been given their final physical exam, Lycan is standing in front of the tank watching the latest test subject floating inside the tank, The scientist have all headed back to their living quarters on the other side of the compound asleep in their beds. Lycan turns away from the tank as he heads out to the main area, on the right the unknown craft still covered by a large tarp as he walks passed it before stopping to scan the area with his enhanced sigh. t he zooms in on all the guards position across the hanger inside and outside focuses on the large steel tower designed by Nikola Tesla. Sgt Maj walks up behind him staring to see what it is he is looking at before asking Lycan a question.
Sgt Maj: problem?
Lycan: yes, new mission.
Sgt Maj:
prevent future global war.
Sgt Maj: how?
prevent production of new super soldier models.
 prevent the rise of future army.
Sgt Maj: Why? 
no, honor. no, commitment. no, Respect.
they must not be.
Sgt Maj:
Lycan: destroy unknown craft. activate Tesla's tower, overload and destroy compound.
Sgt. Maj: ppl will die.
Lycan: minimal collateral damage, sufficient warning will be given.
Sgt Maj: we cannot.
Lycan: if we do not many noncombatants will die, women and children.
Sgt Maj: plan?
Lycan: stealth mission.
objective: reach craft. analyze, destroy technology. 
remove ability to make more soldiers.
activate Tesla tower allow to reach critical destructive output.
power interface will destroy stored data in lab cause explosions.
Sgt Maj: when?
Lycan: now.
Sgt Maj: if questioned?
Lycan: deny knowledge, lie.
Both men return to their section of the hanger and wait for the guards to change shifts before proceeding with the plan. Lycan stares at the test subject one last time as he mumbles to himself.

Lycan: no more......... no, honor.  
no, commitment.  
no, respect..