The New Race: Children of Tomorrow

  Year: sometime in the early 80's
Location: New York Restaurant.

Over a Week ago i received a letter addressed to me if that wasnt odd enough it was before i had decided to rent the cabin, before anyone could know. i had to leave the place since it was compromised, At 1st i thought it was someone from the black ops community  had tracked me down or followed me from the last government contract job. The letter had a cryptic message within it, "something we both share." The few people i know have been dead for decades and i dont have any friends at least i keep telling myself that, the closest one that might be a "friend" works for the government now and i dont believe he would betray my confidence and let his employers know i still live let alone where they might find me.

I have answered the letter out of curiosity to find who was behind it and how they were able to find me, I arrived in New York following the scent from the letter into a restaurant. True to his word the man waits for me but not before i made sure it wasnt a set up did i enter. Now before me sits a crippled man with his crutches on the side of the table in his mid 40's, Blue eyes and thin receding blond hair, he'll be going bald soon. I try to listen to his babbling and conspiracy theories , i dont know if i should just walk out on him or rough him up to teach him a lesson. if he werent crippled i would have already killed him, His name is Gerald Maxwell and he appears to have some eugenic racial superiority agenda, only thing funny about this is that its coming from someone like him.

Gerald: you see Mr. William, my parents were part of the atomic bomb project during the war and subsequently asked to participate by our government in a secret eugenics program similar to the Germans.


Like you William, i am more than i appear, i too worked for the Black ops community.

William: as what, weapons carrier?
they put their gear on your lap while they rolled you to the plane, Ha!
Look Mister, you and i have as much in common as a black Jew and an SS soldier.

Gerald: I was part of a top secret  program called Psi Ops Division.

William: yeh, i heard the scuttlebutt around the black-ops community that it's a massive joke.
"I sense Danger in Soviet Union, someone is going to be kidnapped or killed."

William placing his fingers to his temple while mockingly impersonating Gerald's upper class pompous english accent.


Gerald: believe it or not Mr. William it is real and it works.
It's how i was able to find you, i bn looking for you for months.
you dont make it easy but i recieved a premonition while dreaming.

you and i possesses powers making us more than human?
i believe a new race of humanity is coming, i dont know why but it is happening.
more of us are being born each day and we will be used by our government, end up imprisoned or even killed for simply being born.
it is why you hide, change your name and move from place to place.

William: and your plan is what?
not that i believe you by the way.

Gerald: to find one another before those in power can exploit them.

William: you mean so you can exploit them first.

Gerald: that's not it.
i only want to help them reach their potential and help them blend in with the rest of society.

William: and what do you want from me?

Gerald: I would like you to be the protector and instructor to those i wish to gather.

William: i dont have many skills and the ones i do have are things you teach soldiers, Warriors.
you telling me you simply want to help these kids but you want me to teach them how to fight?
buddy, i may not like this country very much for everything it's done..
but, i be damned if i help a cripple with delusion of granduer become the next Hitler with his own supersoldier army.

william gets up from his chair as he prepares to leave, Gerald glaring  as he attempts to give William an order.

Gerald: Sit.

William: you must be out of your goddamn mind to try and order me.

Gerald: I tried to give you a mental suggestion which you shrugged off.
It shows how special you truly are.

William: look, i am only gonna tell you once, no.
If i ever see you again, i'll kill you.


8 years later.
Location: Washington, Military Basement.

I recieved a request for my services by Uncle Sam, they said it was a job where only i could succeed. The General and his staff talking giving me all the intel of the target while the General clicks through the various slides.

General: Pack Leader, We need you to do some recon for us.

William: recon?
what your army brats cant do the sneak and crawl into that property?
you got an entire forest why cant they stay in the treeline and recon from a distance.

General: The Recon boys are only good for sneaking in moderate threat areas with low possible danger.
Everytime we have sent them in they return with their memories wiped.
This could and most probably will get ugly.
We need you to assess the threat potential and if necessary eliminate it.

In all honesty their is only so much we can do.
this is a civilian with lots of money and security with access to technology we dont have.
We have done various inquiries on the target and each time we come up with nothing.
this does not just happen, i want you to take a look at this.

William leans forward as an old grainy film is played on the wall, on it a small crippled man with crutches walks past government security gates without being stopped or question almost as if he didnt exist.

William: where was this taken?

General: At the Pentagon.
we have bn breached and the men questioned dont recall it ever happening.
as far as  we can tell this was over 3 years ago.

So far we have kept it secret from the various agencies anybody that could leak this.
We dont know what information this man has taken but whatever it is, it cant be allowed to remain with such a dangerous individual.
short of bombing him with a small tactical nuke from a distance.

William: i go with a sidewinder but a nuke sounds good too.
i take it the news media is what stopping you boys?
why not use a Satellite for spying?

General: we dont need questions asked nor the media snooping around during such a sensitive time.
the Satellite pictures are still frame it doesnt tell us much other than there is  a small group of individuals with him that live on his property.
will you do it?

William: yeh, i'll do it.

William doesnt tell the General and his staff that he had run into the man several years earlier and had gaffed him off as a loon. I guess the man was speaking some truth afterall.

General: very well, Wolf Leader.
We will supply you with any equipment you might need.

William: just the usual, a ride to the target's general area, explosives, hardware and some of your spy gadgets.
I assume you'll want pictures?

General: yes.
We are ready to take you whenever you're ready.

William: i'm ready now.
if i am forced to terminate them?

General: a clean up crew will be on standbye a few hours away in the city.

William: where is this City?

General: New York.

William leaning on his chair pulls out a smoke and lights it as the men watch him...

William: well, lets go.

William walking out as he is taken to a hanger to gather his gear for his mission, large military cargo boxes are open for William to go through. the sight of weapons puts a smile on his face as he pulls out grenades, harness, M4, parachute and whatever small stuff he can take with him for personal use putting them in a military pack.

William: one more thing, i'm gonna need my gear from my car.

General: We've already thought of that.

Military Police pulls up on a humvee handing William his duffel bag which slightly angers William.

General: anything else?

William: just get me to the target location.

William boards the military plane a Black stealth bomber and takes his seat as the hatch closes, reaching into his duffel bag he removes gear while taking off his civilian clothes to dress for the mission. Fully geared William stares at the flyboys who quietly watched him...

William: what, you enjoy the show?

the airmen turn away angry that some mercenary civilian is doing a job that they should be doing, William leans on his uncomfortable chair deciding to take a quick nap before they arrive to the target location.

Airmen: Sir?
it's almost time, we're here.

William groggy stares at the Airmen before double checking his gear and staring at his duffel bag.

William: alright, all my stuff better be there when i get back if not, i'll personally hunt you down and kill you for free.

The hatch opens up William putting on his high altitude mask not that he needs it but it will reduce the air friction and make the more fall comfortable. William given the green light jumps toward his target.

Airmen: Cargo has been dropped!
take us home!

William falling from several miles looks at his altitude watch, the height, clouds and night drop made his drop impossible to be seen with human eyes or even heard. William racing toward the ground at terminal velocity as the ground begins to appear through the cloud cover and becoming bigger every second, He can see the forest and the road leading up to the compound with his enhance vision everything is clear as day to him. He cant deploy his parachute too high or he'll risk being seeing gliding down to earth and making the night drop pointless.

waiting for the last minute he pulls his chord and is immediately yanked up the force sufficient enough to break a human spine, yet William shrugs it off, The force the parachute is subjected under causes it to snap a line causing William to spin down to the treeline. william angry and preparing for the impact abandons his parachute forcing him to slam into the treeline, crashing through the trees as thick branches break under his weight while he struggles to right himself and leap off from one of the trees. Each attempt simply causing the thick branches to break forcing William to claw at the trees to slow down his fall.

William haulting himself drops to the ground and begins scanning the terrain using his night vision and infrared for any hidden surprises, William pulling out his Radio set calls it in...

William: this is Wolf Leader, I have arrived.
Radio silence from here on out, over.

Radio Voice: affirmative, Wolf Leader.
good luck, over.

The Radio goes silent as William navigates through the forest quietly and cautiously moving about to keep from being detected, he realizes the closer he gets to the compound the more hidden security cameras are placed about from high trees to small ground ones all visible to him through his infrared vision, he is even able to see the invisible laser beams. Now he knows how the recon boys were being discovered the place has more eyes than hairs on chewy. It's gonna take him a while to get through maybe all night gonna have to hide during the day to keep from being detected.

annoyed William quitely creeps through the forest from time to time crawling on his belly to avoid the camera visual range. William making it through and reaching the forestlines right before sunrise, forcing him to dig up the soil so he can bury himself and observe the compound from a hidden position. quietly he watches as the compound becomes active ppl waking up going through their morning routine, william taking note at the strange appearance of some of the people as he takes pictures from his unseen location.

One of them is large having some mild form of Gigantism giving him an almost simian like appearance another one has strange lump on his back beneath his shirt forcing William to use his Infrared to see what it could possibly be. A pattern  emergace as William realizes that they are folded wings, the group gathering for their morning exercises as a man on crutches obeserves from the compound door.

William: *i guess you found your superhuman army.*
*maybe i was wrong.*
*where did you get the money?*

William quietly silences his mind as he stares while taking pictures one of the students a female with auburn colored hair and green eyes stops in mid run to stare toward William's direction. One of the para military youths appears to be the leader asks her what is  wrong, the girl quickly turns to him shrugging her shoulders as they continue their morning exercises. Gerald looking at the children quickly looks toward the forest squinting his eyes becoming satisfied that there is nothing out there before  heading back inside.

William: hmmm..

William quietly watches them through out the day taking pictures managing to catch them practicing with their special abilities, The Leader capable of generating some type of telekinetic beam from his forehead, the one who appears to suffer from mild form of gigantism possesses enhanced agility and superhuman strength, The girl a mild form of telekinesis allowing her to levitate objects, the one with the lumps in his back having skin bat like wings able to generate some sonic clicks which irritate William even from the forestline, the youngest one of them able to manipulate soil.

Having seen enough he hides the camera and radio set but maintaining his rifle, side arm, grenades and knives.... He needs real intel and only way to get it is to ask and get it from the horses mouth. Quietly William rises as he walks out toward the young parahuman military group going unnoticed until he is nearly on top of them....

William: 1st rule about combat, always be aware of your surroundings.

Team Leader: who are you?!
drop the weapons and get on the ground now!

The girl closes her eyes as if giving a silent summon to someone. William patiently stands his ground observing the kids.

William: Cute, cubscout.
If i was looking to harm you, you and your merry band would be dead already.

Gerald making his way to the door on his crutches stares at William realizing who it is...

Gerlad: stand down.
have you finally come to join us, William?

William: you're bald.

Gerald: yes, thank you for noticing.

William: I see you finally started building up your new world army.

Gerald: We're not an army but a family.
you're welcome to join, is that why you're here?

William: i heard rumors about you..
i came to see if they  were true.

Gerald: what rumors pray tell?

William: cant you read my mind?

Gerald: no, i cannot.
you're different, an anomaly.

William: maybe you just dont have any powers(smiles).

Gerald: you wish to goat me but it wont work.
iirc you threaten to kill me, is that why you're here?

William: i bn thinking about it.

Team Leader: just try it buddy and we'll stop you before you can raise a finger!

Gerald: calm down Uniblast...
he is trying to get a rise out of us isnt that right William?

William: "uniblast?"
what kinda name is that?
did you lose a bet?

The Girl approaches William and angry  looking to defend their teacher and father figure...

Girl: you dont know anything about Doctor Maxwell, he has helped us!
he gave us a home and a family!

William: is that true?
where is your family?
do you think your parents would just hand you over to him without a little push?

Girl: you're lying!
he would never do that!

Gerald: calm down Sarah, dont let him get to you..

Sarah begins to calm down at Gerald's request...

William: you see he is doing it now.
Tell me Gerald, where do you find these kids?
what did you say to them to get them to trust you?

Gerald: i found them and i told them the truth.
they chose to come with me.

William: i'm sure.
you been using your egghead mind to convince these kids, like you just did this girl right now.
they're just too young and stupid to realize it since you have them so indoctrinated in your warped world view.

Uniblast: shut up!(zap)

Uniblast angered generates a telekinetic beam hitting William square across the jaw with enough force to break a human neck, William wiping the small amount of blood from his lips stares at Uniblast.

William: listen, kid.
that was only your one and only free shot.
there wont be a next time.

Uniblast: i'm not scared of you!

William: is this what you been teaching your kids?
i'm not convinced of your noble intentions.
tell me what have you been up to with your powers, lets say in the last 3 years?

Gerald: protecting my children..

William: they're not your children.

The  group begin to back away the one suffering from gigantism behind William all waiting for orders from their Teacher.

Gerald: i like you to leave, now.
I'm afraid if you dont, things will get ugly.
as skilled as you are, you're no match for my children..

William: you see, i was just planning on leaving but not before having a couple of questions answered.

William looking at the girl and smiling.....

William: darlin, how old are you?

Sarah: that's none of your business.

Gerald: humor him, pls.

Sarah: i'm 17 i'll be 18 next month.

William: you boyscout?

Unibeam annoyingly answers....

Unibeam: i'm 18.

Gerald: there, now you can leave.
they've answered your pointless questions.

William: i plan to but not before giving the kids a choice.
since i have confirmed my suspicions.

Gerlad: which are what?

William: you know damn well what i am refering to.
Kids, you can either back down live or not and be maimed or killed.
there will be no second chances, i plan on killing your "teacher."

Immediately Gerald gives his children the order to attack having worked together for a few years they attack as one, coordinating their attack in an attempt to kill William. William leaping out of the way avoids the TK blast from Unibeam only to be tackled by the one suffering from Gigantism pinning him to the ground.

Unibeam: Simian got him!

Simian: "1st rule, always be aware of your surroundings."

Gerald: tell me you're not impressed?
i used to think you were one of us but your not are you?

William: I'm not impressed.
and no, i'm not "one of you."

William having his hands pinned is forced to knee the individual exploiting the opportunity to flip him over... Immediately standing up he is hit by a Psi bolt from the girl which catches him off balance as his neurons flare up forcing his regen and nanites to repair the damage to his brain, William still staggering is slammed by a pillar of hard earth. These kids arent experienced nor trained warriors but with their powers they quickly make up the difference. William buried under a pile of soil struggles to break free gripping his rifle he explodes out soil flying every  which way as he opens fire on the youngest of the group.

Uniblast: Terran Man!

The kid immediately covers himself up in soil and silicon sand as the bullets impact his body, the bullets harmlessly impact with no discernible effect.. Immediately  the one with wings takes up into the sky and screams and creates high sonic clicks which impact William's body with the force of a cannonball while also screwing up his enhanced hearing. William raising his M4 as he takes aim only for it to shatter from the high frequency..

William: f#$%# me!

Uniblast: you can start with this!

Uniblast fires another devastating blast that impact's William right in the stomach sending him flying and skidding into the ground.

Sarah: you should have left when you had the chance, Mister!

Sarah lifts William with her TK into the air as she attempts to crush him within a vice grip. William grinding his teeth feels and fights off the pressure... Sarah begin's to bleed from her nose due to the intense concentration and William's refusal to die and accept the Telekinetic field as a reality. Both locked in a battle of wills on some etheral plane where Sarah would have the advantage with just about anyone else...

William: i dont know what you're trying to do Girly but you aint winning here...

Deep down William's savage side the animal that he keeps hidden begins to growl as it rages wishing to come out, Sarah's Telekinesis is simply an extension of her will and latent telepathic abilities makes her sensitive to the animal rage. She screams at the mental image of the wolf monster growling at her and attempting to attack her and rip her to shreds.

Sarah: aaahhhh!!

Unibeam: let him go, We'll take care of him!

The feed back causes a mild Tk shockwave which pushes everyone back and leaves Sarah drained... William not wanting to play anymore and the kids having made the choice he decides to use deadly force and not just go for maiming...

William: that's it i'm done screwing around!
you kids want t to be treated as soldiers than come on!

Unibeam: what you werent earlier?!

Uniblast fires another TK blast which tears the ground as William moves out of the way....

William: i was looking to incapacitate you but not anymore!

William angered and his hypersenses extended feels the incoming attack from Simian, immediately turning he pulls out his K-bar, ducking to avoid simian's jump as he slices and guts him in mid leap.

Uniblast: Simian!
Demon attack him!
Terran Man, grab his legs!

Demon in the air fires his sonic scream while Terran Man grips his legs with earth constructs, William throws his knife at Demon the alien metal not shattering nor deviating hits him square in the chest shocking to everyone as he falls to the ground. William not finish throws his grenades at Terran Man as they explode upon impact knocking him back the earth armor protecting him from the shrapnel and the deadly concussion but still knocking him out so close to his body. The smoke clears Uniblast and Sarah inside a TK bubble generated courtesy of Sarah as they look around through the pinkish force field the smoke clearing as they both try to see past it. Both in shock at the damage caused by this one man who walks through the smoke to stare at them as he dust himself off....

Uniblast: you killed them!
I'll kill you!!

William: doubtful, Junior.
i gave you all a chance an olive branch if yo will.
but, you kids are too stupid and arrogant to accept it.
especially when all the clues are smacking you in the face.

Uniblast: what clues?!

William: that the man you call your "Teacher" has bn using you for his own agenda and his own twisted needs..
isnt that right, Sarah?

Sarah: i dont know what you're talking about.

William: dont you now?
tell me how long have you had the hots for Sarah?
you guys an item, right or at least that's what she led you to believe.
i mean ask yourself, "does she have a lot of late one on one sessions with teach or what?"

Uniblast: i.. i.. i..
you're trying to confuse us..

William: no, i'm trying to get you to think for yourself.
i didnt want to tell you this and was hoping all this could have bn avoided but it's clear it cant.

Sarah: shut up!

William: tell him the truth Sarah.
you and the teach, i can smell it.
i have what you would call hyper senses i can smell various scents giving off by the body and you and teach are all over each other.

Uniblast: this cant be!

Sarah: i'm sorry, Chris(Uniblast)

Uniblast: is that why you never wanted to do it with me?
how long has this been going on?!

William: probably from the minute he brought her here.

Sarah he said he loved me!

William: stupid kids, guess it's not all your fault his mental abilities and all.

Sarah: you're lying !
he would never do that!
i would know!

William: sure you would.
i guess it's normal for a 16-17 year old girl to fall in love and have sexual relations with a bald, egocentric crippled 50 year old man.
what was it that did it for you, his powers, money, his good looks..

Sarah: you're destroying everything!

Uniblast: you can all die!
i hate you all!

Uniblast's power begin to cause a form of gravity field  levitating the debri around them as he gets angry and builds up his Tk blast.,, Sarah frighten backs away from him as she lowers her force field around them and wraps it around herself.... Gerald tries to command uniblast from the safety of the house but is unable to get through due to the psionic static Uniblast is radiating..... Sarah begging for forgiveness as she watches in horror at the one person who legitimately loved her and who she betrayed, the horror of being used by her and Gerald, and his friends killed is all too much for Uniblast to handle.

William quietly watches Uniblast firing on Sarah while she struggles to push back the blast while William unholsters his sidearm taking aim and firing at Uniblast's head only for the TK field to halt the bullets..

Sarah: pls, stop!
dont do this!
I'm sorry!

Uniblast: you're sorry?!
you're sorry?! that's all you can say?!

Sarah: dropping on her knees she begins to cry as she tugs at his pants.

Uniblast: it's to late for begging or are you just getting in a more comfortable position?!

William: oh, Hell!
i should have killed this kid 1st chance i had.

William immediately runs and attempts to tackle Uniblast only to be slowed down by the TK gravity field both william and Uniblast locked in a battle of wills as William attempt to break through while mildly suspended in a jelly like substance of TK energy. Uniblast grinding his teeth fighting off William and never having harnessed so much energy in his life, all he knows is he wants to kill everyone. William skin begins to peel off his muscles exposed as his nanites begin to slowly convert his muscle tissue into a gold like material, Uniblast fires at William's chest ripping off the covering and revealing the gold plate beneath it.

Unibeam: why wont you die?!

William: arrghh! i dont know how!

William pulling out his knife as he uses it to slice through the TK shield the alien metal some how able to pierce it and move unhindered. William skin peeling off leaving behind  large exposed areas of gold muscle tissue  which allows him to  finally  walk through and slice Uniblast's throat.. Uniblast attempts to scream only to gargle on his own blood, William seeing Sarah still in terror and too close to them forces himself  to cover  Uniblast who releases a Tk explosion in hopes of absorbing the brunt of the explosion. The TK wave still managing to flare out although weaken knocks out Sarah behind her shield causing another feedback permanently frying her powers while also having a similar effect on Gerald.

William in the crater staggering to get up falling over while wounded and bleeding internally, his body attempting to repair itself...

William: they should have definitely just dropped the damn nuke....(lying down facing up)
I'm gonna definitely be hungry after this.

William finally sufficiently healed gets up from the crater as he climbs out and heads toward the unconscious body of Gerald, his infrared telling him he still lives able to see the heat and hot blood pulsing and cool lungs pumping... William kicks Gerald in the legs forgetting he cant feel it.

William: get up, Gerald.
we need to have words.

Gerald being shaken finally wake up and the 1st sight he sees is William standing over him.

Gerald: what are you?
are you one of us or not?

William: told you before, i'm not.
i'm a man, i dont need to define myself anymore than that.
Gerald, what did you steal from the pentagon where did you get the money?

Gerald: i was just protecting my children(cough)..

William: i would have believed  you, i would have left you in peace if i didnt know better.
If you hadnt used the girl.

you might have had noble intentions at 1st but it was never up to you nor did you have the right to manipulate others to achieve your goals let alone to seduce and rape a young girl.

Gerald: i didnt rape her, i loved her.

William: saying it doesnt make it so..

Gerald: what about you?
what you do so much different from me?
you kill, murder others because you're paid, how is that better than me?

William bending on one knee as he lifts Gerald with on arm and with the other hand placing it under his chin as his claws grow out and severes his artery watching him die as the blood drains from his body.

William: maybe there is no difference in the end......
but i got to draw the line somewhere.....

William looking around the battle field he sees Sarah and Terran Man unconscious while Simian appears to still be alive and only wounded, gathering the remaining kids he takes them inside the house deciding what he should do with them.................. staring at the phone he contemplates his decision realizing that what he did here this day will have far reaching consequences that he can only guess at.


The End........


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Hellhound: Hell's Guardian

 Year: now
Location:  Michigan  City.

Inside a large corporate pharmaceutical building a man stands looking outside his window at the city below, falling apart crime running rampant due to the massive lay offs and the taking of factories overseas leaving americans to suffer the  consequences of capitalism and creed. His name is  Benjamin  Eastwood and he has lived in this city his whole life give or take a year or two for travel. His parents were killed during a home robbery at his mansion, at least that is what the police kept saying But, he knows that isnt true. He was 8 when it happen, he saw the killer and locked eyes with him as he turned and left during the night. He remembers walking in and seeing both his mother sprawled out on the bed blood everywhere.

Those blue eyes since then have haunted his nightmares, to him it was more than a burglary motivated by hate or so he believes. It is the only reason he can think of why some one would kill his mother and father. His Mother being a scientist all she ever did was research and help develop genetic treatments for various diseases, it was during the human Genome Project everyone was looking to be the 1st to unlock the human Genome and patent every little thing. His Father was an automobile owner who ran his own factory he help give jobs to the city.

His Mother's patents and various research transferred over to him as soon as they died he inherited the family wealth and automobile factories which helped him build his empire at a very young age. There has been times when he has wanted to abandon this city and leave it to it's own ends for what it took from him, his Mother and Father, his Family. Then he sees the poor unfortunate people down below the elderly woman walking down the street with her grocery bag barely able to live with her social security if that is what one calls living. The single Mother who holds her kids hand as they walk past the drug dealers and disrespectful men who whistle and holler at her, that's when he remembers he isnt the only one who has suffered inside this city.

Having done enough contemplating he heads to his closet hitting a hidden panel on the side which reveals a hidden room behind the closet and inside it a grotesque costume designed to scare any who see it. Making sure his Office door is closed he dons his costume his feral  kevlar mask with varius modes of visual gadgets, his Kevlar fur trimmed vest and his razor sharp tip gauntlets, a hydrolic grapple gun, throwing blades, and riot gas as well as his 15 minute rebreather ready he dons his his dark ragged like trench coat. People around here call him the Hellhound, Gear City's Watch Dog, The Dark Hunter. Few ever get a clear glimpse at him which has resulted in him becoming an urban myth. Some believe he is a Werewolf, a Demon, no one knows for sure but what they do know is that he attacks only the wicked mutilating them and sometimes even killing them.

Fully dressed he heads up to the roof exiting the building behind the large Neon company sign, "Genome." Looking down Hellhound jumps using his coat to bleed off some of the momentum while using his grappling gun to fire to the next building to  arc the fall bleeding the rest as he swings across to the next building disengaging his grapple gun he digs his razor claws to the wall as he slides down toward the street creating a loud screeching sound that announces his arrival. Many of the petty criminals upon hearing it run off inside their buildings or drive away hoping to not run into the Hellhound.

It's time for Hellhound to prowl the night as he drops inside an alley, his boots splashing water as he lands, his coat draped as he crouches down hidden by the shadows... quietly he looks around his mask having small round reflectors above his eyes which make it appear as eye shine to scare the ignorant and guilty. he walks out of the alley and covers up his head with his coat's hood while buring his clawed hands in his pockets while he strolls the streets. Bums sleeping in their alley stare at the strange man walking bye ignoring him as they take swigs from their bottled hooch. Hellhound sees a group of men coming out of an alley as a woman walks by he knows what they are thinking easy prey as they quitely stalk her. The men begin to whistle at her making her feel uncomfortable as she hurriedly walks away, Hellhound walking behind the group of men going unnoticed as he approaches.

The woman spinning around reaches into her purse and pulls out her pepper spray...

Man: ooh, we're scared..hahaha..

The Woman's eyes grow wide in terror as she sees the stranger behind the men as he pulls out his clawed hands from his pockets reaching toward the shoulder of one of the men.

Hellhound: you should be.(muffled voice)

Immediately Hellhound throws one of the men against the wall, the others turning around pulling guns, the woman running away the 1st chance she gets screaming. The Men open fire, Hellhound ducking using one of the men as a shield while dropping one of the gas canisters and donning his rebreather. his hood falling off exposing his feral animal mask moving too fast and covered by the smoke the men have a hard time seeing Hellhound as their eyes tear up. Hellhound's mask lens covering keeps his eyes save while he moves through gutting the men, breaking bones and disarming the remaining few. Men and Women from the neighborhood look out their windows hiding behind their curtains as they watch what is happening. The smoke clearing as they witness a large fur covered creature with a trench coat and an animal face covering himself up as he places his hood over his head walking into a near by alley swallowed by the shadows and vanishing.. the only evidence that he is real is the maimed and dead bodies on the street. Hellhound using the alley to cover his withdrawal from the scene using his grappling gun to reach the roof taking one last look at his handy work before running off leaping from building top to building top.

Late night News.

reporter: As you can see behind me there was once again another attack from the hellhound.
Leaving 2 men dead and 3 critically injured.
i have with me a witness to the incident.
can you tell me what happen here, Ma'am.

Woman: i was walking home from work when i was accosted by these men.
i was scared but then something appeared behind them.
it was large some kind of animal man with claws, fangs wearing a coat, i could see it's fur beneath it.
his eyes glowing beneath it's hood, i screamed and all of a sudden it attacked the men who started firing at it.
i then ran away...

Neighbor witness: umm.. yeh.
i wanna give a shout out to my baby's momma, Kesha!
Hi Boo!

and i just wanna say that i saw the whole thing.. man was that thing freaky as sh#$!
had to have bn a werewolf or something..
They must have shot the thing like 15 times but it just kept clawing at them like nothing.
it was off the Hook, son!

Neighbor witness # 2: yes, i saw the whole thing..
the thing just stood there watching the men dying as the smoke cleared, you could see the evil hate in it's eyes..
the thing aint human it came straight out of hell to claim the wicked souls.
i tell you it's evil..

Neighbor Witness # 3: man, you dont know what you're talking about.
that thing saved the woman's life and it only goes after criminals, like murderers and rapist and whatnot!
The Hellhound Rocks!

Reporter: This is Gregory Jackman with the eleven O'clock news.

THe television screen fades out to black (click)


time: Morning
Location: office meeting

Board members: Mr. Eastwood, i am not sure what it is you want us to do here.

Benjamin Eastwood: simple Gentlemen, i want you to invest in the neighborhood.
buy property rebuild homes, and buildings.

Board Members: and why would we do that?
this city is falling apart better to move on and let it occur.

Benjamin Eastwood: b/c we can stop it.
look at it as an investment.
you an buy the property cheap get tax cuts from the city.
you can even reinvest in the community by purchasing banks helping small business grow in the community...

Board Members: you have to be crazy to think that will work look at the crime rate.

Benjamin Eastwood: you're not seeing the big picture.

Board Members: what big picture.
Benjamin Eastwood: this "Hellhound" is running off all the criminals out of  the neighborhoods soon there wont be any left.
that's when we move in rebuild reassert control over the neighborhood hire security have  police presence to keep them out once and for all.
We can do this again and again till we take back the city from the criminals.

Board Members: your big picture is the Hellhound, the urban myth?

Benjamin Eastwood: Myth or not gentlemen, he is scaring away the criminals.(turns on television)

Board Members: i dont know, we'll have to think about it.
you ask alot, the risk is just too high for many of us to jump into this lightly


Benjamin reliving the meeting in his mind annoyed that these men are unwilling to help the community, Ben training in his private gym exercising on his treadmill finishing up as he steps off using a towel to wipe the sweat from his face. Ben walking to a refrigerator as he pulls out a small vial and syringe and prepares an injection for himself placing it in his bicep he stabs the needle and pushes down the plunger the clear liquid travels into his blood stream.

He has trained all his life physically and mentally to prepare himself yet it was never enough there was physical limits placed on his human body that no amount of training could overcome even from the finest  human specimen. That's when he turned to science and his company at 1st using new unpatented and unregistered growth hormones and steroids but it still wasnt enough, that's when he did some research into his Mother's notes and patents she was able to help create various vaccine's using donor blood from an unknown source. She manage to isolate key genetic sequence from the DNA strands and from it and discovered that it was a pure human sample without any genetic abnormalities, it was perfect. He never knew where his Mother got the sample but he was able to find it years later in a cold storage unit in the company lab forgotten by everyone but him, he was lucky that the sample survived as long as it did without someone throwing it out.

He read his mother's notes and put himself to work cloning the blood to make more samples for experimentation working alone it was difficult for him having to learn as problem arose using his mother's research and online sites to guide him in his quest.  At 1st he used the blood to create certain vaccines for himself to inoculate himself and patented some of them that he felt the world was ready for, Later he thought about using the blood to re sequence his DNA using a retrovirus to cut and paste key sequence into his DNA.

There was already experimental trials with re sequencing DNA on leukemia patients he simply expanded on it, his 1st course treatment nearly killed him leaving him bed ridden for several days fighting off a fever while his body chemistry was altered. It took time and many treatments but he is almost finally done his final injection will fully rewrite his DNA removing all genetic flaws and in his eyes making him not just peak human which he already was but a true superhuman perfect in every way capable of breaking every human limitation in strength, agility, durability and constitution.

It is the only way one can do what he does, A man even a peak athlete could not survive long in the streets without putting a heavy strain on their body shortening their life spans and each day being more susceptible to injury less than half a decade would be all one could hope for. There have bn Vigilantes in the past all of them caught or killed, the last one called himself the Night-bat. He had claimed to have studied all the worlds MA's yet, he was still shot and beaten to death by someone calling himself the Critic . He mocked him while he beat him to death with a crowbar. I'm sure Night-Bat thought how it could happen to him, he had dodged bullets wore kevlar knew martial arts but, all it takes is one bad day, one miss step and someone who isnt afraid of you and not all the training nor weapons in the world can save you when it's your time.

Turns out after the fact that Night-Bat was some a rich 28 year old kid who had lost his parents during a mugging, he used all his fortune and company resources to fight crime. The final nail on his coffin was that his business and family fortune was confiscated seized by the police and F.B.I. leaving many without a job adding to the unemployment.  The Critic soon after finished off all his remaining friends, apparently it could have all been avoided if the Night-Bat would have killed the Critic when he had the chance months prior but, due to some warp ethic code of Vigilantism and a broken legal system the Critic came back.



The Unbelievable Wolf Spider. 8

Mikey: * maybe he wants me to come out*
* He's got to have superpowers.*
Mikey walks out of his room and down the stairs  to tell his sister he is going to sleep before running back up.

Mikey: i'm hitting the hay, Rachael...

dont forget to brush your teeth...
Mikey running back up to his room puts pillows into his bed and covers it up with his blanket before deciding to climb out the window and jump down running to his neighbor. William sitting down in his front porch with his legs up on the balcony smoking a cigarette, as he looks up to his neighbor, his eyes shine once more catching the ambient light.
how do you do that?
it's so cool...
William smiling

you're not the only one with secrets kid.
if you want some one to teach you the ropes, i'm your man. (exhales)
Mikey: you know smoking is bad for  you, right?
William:  so i bn told..
William standing up drops his cigarette as he squashes it with his boot, William locking the door as he walks around his house and heads toward the wooded area while Mikey watches him fade into the darkness... out of the darkness Mikey hears his voice...
you coming or what?
Mikey: yeh!
Mikey running after him with a smile..
wait up!
William in the wooded back area of their neighborhood waits for Mikey with his arms crossed as Mikey approaches..
keep your voice down, ppl are trying to sleep here.
Mikey: so what are we gonna do?
William: you're gonna show me what you can do.
Mikey: sure and than what?
than i'll teach you how to properly use them.
Mikey leaps off the ground over William who watches him unimpressed..... William turning around sees Mikey scurry up the side of a tree and somersaulting onto thick branches and doing one arm upside down raise...
cool, huh?
William: pretty cool if you are easily impressed by Olympic athletes doing basic routine exercises.
Mikey: yeh, i dont see you doing anything, Mr. secret man..
Mikey back flipping off the tree toward William.... Mikey flipping in the air with his arms outstretch as he lands looks up....
massive points for dismount!
hey, where you go? 
Mikey confused at William vanishing in the space of the moment it took him to land and look up... paranoid Mikey looks around the woods only to hear a deep guttural growl emanating from the woods.. 
you out there?
i was just playing....
Mikey's near invisible techo like hairs extrude from his skin as the breeze skims over it's surface almost as if providing him with not just minor insulation but the direction of the wind as it vibrates... Mikey slowly walks into the woods as his eyes go all black in order to help him better to see, suddenly the darkness does not seem as dark,  his eyesight not just allowing him to see but his perception increasing allowing him to see the detail of the leaves that slowly flaps in the wind..  Mikey following the growl as it moves from place to place as he approaches a bush area his small near invisible hairs respond to the slightest stimuli from the leafs and wind. Mikey suddenly turns toward the direction of attack before ever knowing why  he has raised  his arms in defense... William jumping out pins Mikey to the ground.
whats wrong with you?!
wanted to see how you react

Mikey: obviously badly.... 
 so you gonna tell me what you can do or what?
William standing up reaches out with his hand to help Mikey up, his eyes flash red as William activates his infrared vision, Mikey gripping his hands notices Williams nails slowly growing out...
that is sooo cool... 
William: so aside from the phsyical enhancement so far what else can you do?
i have these small spinners that come out between my finger webbing..
They look mechanical goldish color.
actually i got four, three here and one below the wrist and palm on both hands.. (points with his free hand)
not sure how to get them to come out.
when did your abilities manifest?
when you saw me fall off the roof..
give it time and you'll grow into your powers for now you're basically just a kid.
Mikey: yeh," wait till you're grown"
heard it before.
William: anything else?
Mikey: yeh, i have small hairs that come out that help me climb walls.
 so how can you do what you do,,,,,,,,,,
William: do you know who Sgt Major is?
Mikey: of course! 
only one of the greatest superheroes of all time and leader of the Protectors, Earth's greatest Guardians.
who hasnt heard of them?
William: how would you like to meet them?
Mikey: hell yeh!
William: we can meet them tomorrow if you like..
Mikey: really?!
William: yes, there are some questions that you need answered about who and what you are.



The Unbelievable Wolf Spider. 7

In a dark room a man sits the blinds closed as he stares at the wall, the silence interrupted by the phone ringing an arm reaches out to answer.
Rachael: William?
William:  yes.
 Rachael: hi, i'm Rachael, your neighbor.
My brother said you could help us.
William: yes. i had a friend of mine look into it.
he assured me he could fix the situation, he and his staff and lawyers will speak with the principle tomorrow.
Rachael: thank you. why would you help us? 
William: why not. you seem like you could use some help and i knew some one who could help.
Rachael: well, i dont know how to thank you.
Maybe you could come over some time for a home cook dinner if you're not busy.
William: sure.
Rachael: maybe tonight? 
William looking around in his empty house looking at the corner of his living room at the gear dropped off to him.
William: i wouldnt want to intrude.
i know you are a busy person with school, work and raising your brother.
Rachael: no, you wouldnt be intruding.
William: well, than i would be happy to join you both for dinner..
Rachael: good, how about at 8;00. 
William: of course..
Rachael: well, i'll see you here.. bye.
William: bye...
William stares at his watch 3o minutes till 8. At Rachael and Mikey's home..
Rachael: Come on Mikey put on your shows!
we're having a guest coming over!
Mikey : Who! 
Rachael: the neighbor across the street!
Mikey: cool!
Mikey in  his room upside down on his ceiling practicing his new abilities his near invisible nanites tech metallic like hairs puncturing the ceiling as he clings on while also releasing some small mild static electrical field further anchoring him to the ceiling.. with a conscious command Mikey releases himself from the ceiling the small hairs retracting causing him to drop and with incredible agility, Mikey  twist his body in order to land on his feet. 
* this is just awesome* 

Mikey looking at his newly made mask on his bed puts it on as he looks in the full length mirror behind his door. 
I could so be a hero. 
the coolest hero of all time.
Mikey pulling out his ipod as he thinks to himself while putting on his ipod ear piece in his ears beneath the mask..
* you know what heroes need, music...
if your gonna fight crime, it should be to an awesome track. 
Maybe i can be a superhero wrapper make some videos just to make some money and help my sister..
Wonder what else i can do? *
Mikey begins to scratch the webbing between his fingers as it becomes extremely irritating almost as if answering his question.. Mikey looking closer at his hand sees small goldish gleaming pincers protrude out between his finger webbing.

Mikey: ahh! i knew it!
I'm turning into a monster!
in his agitation he flexes his hands which shoots out three thin streamline webs which hovers in the air before coming down on top of him.. Mikey struggling accidentally webs himself as he falls on the ground ..

Mikey: ahhh.. what the hell.. i'm stuck! 
Mikey straining to reach the small webbing covering him as he reaches out with his fingers he exudes small oil substance that immediately dissolves the webbing  upon contact.. Mikey figuring it out begins to touch all the webbing  as it dissolves and disappears. patting himself off he stands up as he looks in the mirror to make sure he got it all, once sure he looks at the spinnerets between his fingers and upon a closer inspection he is positive that it is mechanical and not organic. As he studies it he realizes he  doesnt have three of them but four the fourth one below his wrist and palm near a vein that pulsates as he stares at it he sees the spinnerets retract beneath the skin leaving no sign of them ever having been there.  
Mikey: dont know if i should be relieved or scared.
i'm almost afraid to go to the bathroom and find out i shoot webs from my rear.



The Unbelievable Wolf Spider. 6

Mikey and his friends anxious sit in the school officer's office as they wait to be called into the principle office scared at the trouble they may be in knowing that the teachers and most adults cannot possibly understand them especially with the school's zero policy.
The Principle finishing the meeting with the parent opens the door as he shakes hands with the parent, Mikey looking up sees as the principle and his sister turn and look at each other in surprise.
Racheal: Mikey?!
Mikey attempts to get up but is rudely pushed back into his seat by the school police officer... Rachael walks in only to have the officers stand in her way.
do you mind moving, i'm the child's guardian. 
Officer # 1: sorry Ma'am, i cant do that.
Officer # 2: not till we are authorized by the principle.
unless you are placing him under arrest, i suggest you move otherwise you'll be looking for a new job by tomorrow.
The principle looks at the Officers and nods them to allow the children to leave....
if you children will pls enter the office, you can explain why you are all here.
The children quickly enter with Rachael right behind them while the teacher that had brought them in runs in after finishing talking to the secretary,  immediately they all sit down and wait for an explanation. 

Principle; so what happen?
Teacher: these children were involved in an incident with Billy..
Principle: the football player?
Teacher: yes.
Principle: we just had a talk about that young man.
Teacher: well, these kids just hospitalized him.

 Kids: we did not, it wasnt our fault, he fell! 
Principle: children, pls. one at a time. 
Rachael: Mikey, what happen?
Mikey: we were sitting in the quad eating our foot when Billy showed up and started harassing us. 
Jennifer: yeh, we told him to leave us alone but he wouldnt and he tried to hit Mikey.
Nathan: yeh..
Mikey: he went to grab me by my shirt while i was trying to stand up so i grabbed his wrist when he grabbed me and he fell..
i moved out of the way and he hit his head on the bench.
Jennifer: yeh, Mikey didnt do anything, it was an accident.
well, that accident has left Billy unconscious, Lord knows how long.
Principle: OMG!
 I'm sorry but under these circumstances and our Zero Tolerance policy...
 I'm forced to suspend Mikey for the duration and depending on the outcome of Billy, He might be looking at criminal charges.
Rachael: you have got to be kidding the kids just told you what happen and we just talked about him before hand!
Principle: I'm sorry Miss, School policy is quite clear on the matter.
Rachael: quite clear! you ppl do nothing but stand and watch.. 
only time you ppl do anything when your threaten by a lawsuit!
Principle: i'm afraid you'll have to take the problem with the school board. 
Rachael: come on Mikey i'm taking you home.. 
you children better call your parents and let them know what just happen.
pls refrain from speaking to the children..
 they will continue  the day pending no further incidents.

Rachael: what?!
i dont have a phone..
here, take mine. (reaches into purse) .
Principle: Miss!
Rachael: look!
i'm not one of you school kids where you can talk to me as if i was!
the Teacher and the Principle looked at each other not sure what to do having dealt with children they dont know how to speak or act with an adult in this situation. Jennifer and Nathan each use Rachael's phone as they call their parents and inform them of the situation hiding behind Rachael before handing the phone back to her,   Rachael looking at the children... 
Jennifer: thank you Miss....
here(hands back cell phone)
Rachael: you're welcome..what did they say?
Nathan: my mom is coming for me..
Jennifer: so is my mom..
 i told them everything.

Rachael: well you guys wait till they come and get you. 
Rachael grabbing Mikey by the hand walk out and head to the parking lot in order to take him home. Rachael waiting in the car before starting the engine buries her head in the front wheel while tears stream down her face, Mikey  feeling guilty cries and gives her a hug as she revs the engine..
i'm sorry, Rachael..
Rachael: it's not your fault, Mikey..
The car exits the school parking lot as she drives home... finally arriving she pulls into the parking lot the whole car ride being silent as she contemplates what she is going to do... the stress of being a parent/sister, college student and her job just seems insurmountable and with today's problem it just seems so impossible for her.
Mikey quietly stares at her sister not knowing what do say to her...
Mikey go clean up your room, pls..



The Unbelievable Wolf Spider

Mikey running into the darkness happy as he leaps and jumps amazed and how easy it is before realizing some one might see him slowing down once he reaches the place he is looking for, one of the school bus stops. Looking around he leaps into one of the large maple trees crawling on the branches using the leaves to hide him as he looks at the nearby houses hoping to find what he is looking watching people walk back and fourth through their living room and bedroom windows. He hears a loud motorcycle engine approaching and stop close to him hearing footsteps approaching as he tries to hide and not move.
what do you think you're doing up there?
umm.. you can see me?
i'm sure i'm not the only one.
might want to get down before some one calls the cops on you as a peeping tom.
than  your sister would have to come and get you. 
Mikey concentrating  to try and hide his physical appearance before climbing down from the tree.
William: So... you ready to go back home?
Mikey: yeh, so what did you see?
William: you fall from your roof on the bushes and jump back up like it was nothing.
Mikey: you're not surprised?
see a lot in my life so no.
just word of advice you might want to think about what it is you were doing.
what do you mean?
William: i mean what if other people saw you.
how dangerous do you think that would be for you and your sister.
Mikey: very...
William: do me a favor, if you're gonna be running around being stupid at least put on a mask.
now hop on and i'll take you back.
William annoyed pulls up and dismounts his bike.

William: wait here a second.
Mikey: umm.. okay.
 William coming back outside hands Mikey one of his motorcycle masks and a bicycle breather mask   .

William: here  Mike.. 
try those out and stay out of drop and stop being a peeping tom.
Mikey: thanks..
i will..
William: if you feel the need to see what you can do,  you might want to try the woods where no one can see you.
Mikey: i'll keep that in mind.
 well, thanks of the masks..
William: no problem. 
stay out of trouble.
Mikey: i will.. Bye
Mikey running back inside to his house sneaking past his sister while she is studying in the kitchen and straight into his room....Looking at the masks he thinks to himself it should be a one piece and decides to cut and sew them together. the whole time Mikey is  so excited at the possibility of having powers unable to think of a name to call himself while he cuts and slipping his mask..

William back in his house sitting in the dark picks up his phone to make a very important call to someone he hasnt spoken to in years, dialing the phone he waits for the person on the other end to pick.. Click..
David,  it's me...
David: William. 
William: yeh, it's about the kids.
David: Oh..
i'm gonna need a few favors from you and  your people.
David: sure what is it?
some adjustable body armor and clothing. 
you think they'll need it?
William: these are two kids without parents supervision one of them a 14 year old just found out he has superhuman abilities.
 what do you think?
David: I'll have one of my guys bring it to you tonight, just give me the sizes and a list of items.
you think the old program  will come after them?
William: three generations have bn killed, they weren't accidents.
It's why i been watching over them these past several years since returning to the states.
i couldn't save their parents, i owe to them to keep their kids save..............



Unbelievable Wolf Spider. 4

Day: Tuesday, same day.
time: 3:50 pm
Location: back at home. 
Rachael enters the house...

Rachael: Mikey?!
Mikey: what?!
Rachael: you ready to go?!
Mikey: yeh!
Rachael: well get ready! 
meet me at the car!
Mikey: okay!
Mikey getting ready heads down stairs to the drive way and gets in the car, Rachael puts the car in reverse and quickly turns to look at Mikey and notices his slightly swollen nose and mildly bruised eye..

Rachael; what the hell happen to you?!
Mikey: nothing.
what do you mean nothing?
Mikey: a kid at school punched me.
Rachael: why?
Mikey: b/c i'm a freshman and he's a senior.
Rachael: what, you're being hazed?
how long has this been going on?
Mikey: since i became a freshman.
Rachael: why havent you said anything?
i dont know...
Rachael pulling out of the drive way as they head to the mall continuing the conversation throughout the trip before finally arriving at their destination and pulling into the parking lot...
wait you're telling me he hit you b/c the neighbor hit him 1st?!
Mikey: no, William didnt hit him.
 he blocked his punch and kept me from getting punch in the face the 1st time.
He than told him not to ever lay hands on me.
Rachael: what that didnt work now did it?!
Mikey: no..
Rachael: i want you to stay away from the neighbor from now on and tomorrow i'll get off work early and talk with the principle.
dont do that.
you cant just get off work and the school wont do anything about it. 
Rachael and Mikey walk into the mall for their shopping to buy Mikey his new school clothes. Rachael taking him to the hip young  men's clothing shop helping Mikey pick up some of the clothes he should wear. After a couple of hours shopping both carrying large bags of clothes they head to the food court to get something to eat before deciding to head home. As they sit down to eat Mikey notices some one at the other end of the food court grabbing his tray and tells her sister..
Mikey: look it's William.. 

Rachael annoyed looks over her shoulder to see William sitting down and eating his food carrying his back pack over his leather jacket.

Rachael: eat your food.
remember what i said, i dont want you talking to him from now on.
Mikey: yes..(groans).

Rachael: now eat your vegetables so you can grow to be big and strong..
Mikey:  fine..



Unbelievable Wolf Spider. 3

location: School
class: English  
Mikey in his desk looks at the teacher in front of the class in an attempt to understand and figure out what the teacher is talking about as she is writing on the board. Bored Mikey begins to doodle on his notebook drawing a spider like super hero in various designs imagining what he would look like if he were a spider creature and not noticing the teacher approaching him.
are you listening, Michael or are you too busy drawing?
Mikey: uhm.. yes. i'm listening, Miss. Vandenhoff.
Miss. Vandenhoff : good. now you can go up to the board and find all the subjective Pronounce.
Mikey embarrassed walks up in front of the class as he reads the sentence struggling to remember what a subjective pronoun is, circling  a few words he finishes, The teacher unimpressed stares at Mikey as she orders him to sit back down.
Miss. Vandenhoff:
take your seat, you little carrot.
Insulted Mikey sits down while the teacher corrects his errors and stresses the importance of paying attention in class, As she continues to lecture the bell rings announcing lunch time. the students immediately pack their bags ignoring the teacher as they run passed her. Mikey walking out toward the hall is approached by his best friend Nathan who puts his arm around his shoulders..
Nathan: why so down, bro?
Mikey: stupid teacher embarrassed me in front of the class.
it happens, come on they are serving meatloaf today..
Mikey: save me a place in line i have to go the nurses office real quick.
Nathan: why, you sick?
Mikey: i might have a slight fever.
Mikey walking away from his friend Nathan heads to the Nurse's office as he enters knowing no one would be there, hurriedly he  looks for a syringe pack looking through the drawers  finally finding one and putting it in his back pack.. cautiously he heads out toward the hall and to the cafeteria where his friend Nathan is waiting in line for him. Mikey passing the other students in line cuts in alongside his friend.. 
Nathan: so?
Mikey: no one was there. 
Nathan: what did you expect.
it's a public school..
Mikey: yeh.
Nathan: man, i wish we were juniors or seniors than we could drive off campus for lunch. 
the girls would follow us cause we would have cars, it would be awesome..
Mikey: but they would only want you b/c of your car..
than would be using you.
Nathan: so what?
everyone uses everyone one way or another.
 i dont mind.
Mikey approaching the server puts out his tray as slop of food is slapped on his tray, slightly disgusted Mikey stares and walks away with his school served food. Both boys looking for a place to sit and deciding to sit with the group of freshmen at an open table, sitting down they are greeted by old  elementary school or middle school friends. Mikey smiling says hi to those he recognizes as he eats his food while they all talk about the latest sitcom on T.V. and what actor actress is hot.
time:  2:30 pm 
the school bell rings announcing the end of the day as kids run out the halls to the parking lot to their parents and family friends who are there to pick them up. Mikey heads to his locker to grab his neighbor's leather jacket and runs off to the school bus area running past his friend as he waves him goodbye. 

Nathan: see you tomorrow!
Mikey: yeh, call me!
Mikey boards the bus taking a seat near the window while others crowd forcing him to hug his back pack on his lap,  Mikey looking up at the boarding kids sees a young girl with green eyes who smiles at him as she walks bye. Mikey bashfully smiles thinking to himself she is cute, the bus finally locks its doors as it takes off back to the rural area of city. Mikey looking out the window watching the scenery change from a concrete, glass buildings to the large bridge with sea water beneath it and finally Maple  trees as they approach his area. The bus driver stops to let out a few of the students one of them being the cute green eyed girl which Mikey stares making a mental note of her bus stop location a few blocks from his own.
Mikey finally arriving at his stop gets off and walks to his house thinking to himself it wasn't  such a bad day and  musing to himself about how great it was for his neighbor to punk, Billy the football player.  As he approaches his house he looks at his neighbor's house realizing he is not yet home and his own drive way empty, his sister not yet returning from work. Mikey marching to his room throws his backpack and the leather jacket on his bed, smiling he pulls out the syringe from his backpack as he contemplates the possibilities of being a real life super hero like the ones from the movies or the guy that is talked about on the news, the flying guy maybe the Sgt Major guy that works for the government sponsored super team.. 



The unbelievable Wolf Spider. 2

Sunday Morning 
time: 7:30 am
Loud classic music playing and coming from his neighbor across the street...
. * Rockin Robin, He rocks in the tree top all day long!*........ Mikey rolls in his bed covering his ears with his pillow and moans in disappointment. 
Ooooh... why cant i ever sleep in?
Mikey getting up out of bed,  his Laptop still on with the biology web page walking past it as he walks down stares to the kitchen seeing his sister at the table studying.
what are you doing?
Homework, physics.
can you go outside and ask the neighbor to pls keep it down. 
umm.. why dont you go tell him?
 Rachael: Mikey...
Mikey: fine, i'm going.
Mikey heading outside across the street seeing his neighbor bend over in the hood working on his old 69 mustang the music still playing loudly, the car engine revving up a few times while idly running.
*Last Kiss, The screaming tires, the busted glass.... the painful scream, i heard last......*  Mikey slowly approaching uncomfortable on how to ask the neighbor to lower his music and keep it down.
what do you want, kid? 
Mikey surprised that the neighbor knew he was behind him while still working on his engine.
i, i, i was wondering...
speak up kid.

 Mikey: I was wondering if you could lower the music, Sir! 
The Neighbor wiping his hands with a handkerchief stands up and turns to look at the kid.

Neighbor: is that so....
Mikey: well, it's kinda loud and it's still kind of early.. 
my sister is trying to study and.... 
The Neighbor walks past Mikey to the driver side of the car turning off the engine which also turns off the music.
thank you, Sir.
Neighbor: I'm not a Sir.
only people who get things handed to them are Sirs.. 
name's William, William Valen.
Mikey: ooh.. well.... I'm Michael, my friends call me Mikey but, you can call me Mike.
William: well, Michael, Mikey, Mike anything else i can do for you? 
William walking to the front of his car takes down the hood closing it, he than picks up his his tool box and sets them in the garage walking past his Motorcycle, Mikey looking at the garage notices the motorcycle.
you have a motorcycle, that's so cool.. 

Mikey: so you like oldies, huh?
William: yeh, i  relate to them..
 look kid i'm gonna be kinda busy so unless....
Mikey noticing the Neighbors tattoo on his bicep four small letters spelling out UMSC in old faded ink.. William looking down at Mikey slightly annoyed at the wide eyed kid who keeps staring at him...
you were in the military?

 William: Yes.
Mikey: that's cool.. 
you ever kill anyone?  
William: go home kid. 
William turning around closes his garage and heads back inside while Mikey stares in awe at the cool neighbor thinking to himself he must get a lot of girls and one day hoping he be just as cool... Mikey turning around crosses the street smiling as he heads back inside passed his sister...
i see you got him to stop.
Mikey: yeh, The guy's name was William Valen.
 he was in the military, he has a motorcycle.
The guy is so cool, he's tall with muscles and he pulled back his hair in a ponytail.
I'm gonna grow my hair too and join the military when i turn 18!
no you wont!
you're gonna finish school 1st which you still have 4 years of and go to college.
than you can join the military, maybe be an Officer if you still want to join.
Mikey: nobody likes Officers...
Rachael: who cares, you would be the one in charge..
Mikey while listening to his sister talking reaches on top of the fridge pulling a box of cereal making himself breakfast, finally ignoring his sister he walks to the living room and turns on the television to watch Sunday morning cartoons on the cable channel...........

Rachael: you listening to me?!
yeh, go to school, finish college and something!
Rachael: yeh, or something!
Mikey: trying to watch my toons here!



The Unbelievable Wolf Spider .1

  Year: 2011

 In a small rural home only a few miles away from Megalopolis one of the largest cities in the world, a young boy sleeps in on a lazy Saturday morning as he dreams what many young teenagers dreams, Girls. He dreams of the most popular girl in his school who he has had a crush on for year, both on a cloud about to kiss as his dream is interrupted by pounding his bedroom door.

Female Voice: Wake up, Mikey!
you promised to clean the attic and garage today! (Bam,Bam, Bam)
Mikey: ooooh! i'm up!
stop hitting the door, Rachel!
Rachael: well get up and start cleaning!
i have to go to work today!
so you'll be alone, no screwing around!

Mikey: fine,  just go! 
Mikey getting dressed putting on some dirty jeans that are on the ground and a shirt that doesnt smell too bad. he goes to his dresser pulling out some socks and hears his older sister turning on her car as she heads to work. it's been over ten years since their parents died, Mikey was 4 yrs old when it happen his older sister, Rachael was 9. All they have is each other, the police said it was a car accident they reeled off driving off the road resulting in their deaths, Mikey still has nightmares about the night the police came to take them away. If it were not for their parents family friends they would have ended up in foster care, separated from each other instead they were taken in and protected but it wasnt a family. They were taken care of but like their parents their guardians were always working on important projects never having time for them although making sure they did not go without from toys to education.

As Soon as Rachael turned 18 she was given access to their family inheritance and her parent's life insurance allowing her to get full custody of her brother, a responsibility  she takes seriously. She works and studies part time during the day always making sure to be there when Mikey get's off school but today is a special day, She is interning hoping to get a paying job at the City's biggest news outlet as a fact checker. Mikey and Rachael have been living in the house for almost 2 yrs now but have not fully unpacked  never having time, the garage stacked with boxes that need to be moved to the attic.
Mikey climbing down the stairs yawning as he heads to the kitchen toward the fridge, opening the fridge he looks in and pulls out a carton of orange juice as and drinks directly from the carton and placing it back as he wipes his mouth with his sleeve. Mikey heads toward the garage and starts looking at the boxes deciding to place the one's with their parent's name labeled clothes directly to the attic, after several trips he sees a box labeled, Dr. Antonio Marcello Magnioli. Mikey curious opens up the box the name not being his father's1st name but sharing his family last name. Mikey looking in sees an old white lab coat, picture album and a journal, Mikey opening the album sees old black and white pictures and reanalyzes who the box belongs to.
Great Grandpa?
Looking at the pictures he flips through them and notices the background of a desert research facility and military men alongside his grandfather smiling as they have their pictures taken.. Pulling out the lab coat he sees the name embroidered above the breast pocket along with a badge: "White Sand's security clearance."  He puts on the coat while he looks at the his Great Grandfather's Journal reading the notes as he reads them out loud.

Mikey: "the craft has a large library cataloging many of earth animal life."
"since the successful results of the 1st test subjects of project: starborn,  i believe we can safely move from mammalian life to the insect kingdom.
My colleagues refuse to entertain the possibility of the  vast potential of super soldiers capable of crawling up a wall possessing the proportional strength of their insect counter parts."
 "I have decided to use the craft to combine the various desired  arachnid  characteristic and remove certain key genetic components and later add them to  the Human Gene map. It is the only way to make sure that the test subject does not become a grotesque monstrosity and survive the initial transformation. Simply overlapping the Arachnid genetic map to the human map will result in an abomination and is not viable as the mammal genetic map who share many similarities.  I have discovered that the in order for a human to survive the alteration small changes have to be made on the genetic level through an extended period of time, i have been slowly making those changes to myself for the past few months, injecting myself with samples created by the craft." 
"So far  there has been no noticeable changes to myself, i have decided to create the full human arachnid batch but i am unsure if i should test it on myself. The original test subjects were dead on arrival and were injected with microscopic machines  along with the genetic alteration formula, perhaps the machines are an important factor to the transformation. ............   I have had the craft produce a small badge of the machines for use informing it of what i want,  the other scientist have not yet learned how to verbally interact with the craft. one of the Hieroglyphs when pressed activates the verbal commands, astonishing the craft  was able to learn quite quickly and understand the human language. I have only been able to work at night when the day time scientist are off, so far i have been able to discover that the machine's require a small electrical charge to fully activate them once inside the body, i believe the initial black out was responsible for awakening the 1st two test subjects."  
Mikey reading through the Journal and is amazed at what he reads and puts the journal in his pocket  and realizes something is at the bottom of the coat pocket as he reaches in and pull out a small file labeled Wolf spider.....
No way.....
picking up the box he runs back to his room and puts it next to his bed and searches under his bed for a large box, finally finding what he is looking for he pulls out the box he  opens it pulling what he needs. He clears the desk in his room as he sets down the Microscope plugging it in and grabbing small glass slides, using a small dropper to take a sample form the vial placing on the glass slide and looking through the microscope. Mikey focusing the microscope sees small  objects floating about but cant clearly see what it is as he tries to focus the magnification. He realizes he doesnt know what it is he is looking for and decides to stop and  read up on science and biology while also reading up on White Sands typing key words on Boggle.