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Starborn: The Journey. Chapter 6

William fighting against the undertow of the current as wave crash over head of him as he swims beneath the waves hoping to reach the the overboard sailor who has given up trying to stay above the water as he begins to sink. William using every iota of energy reaches the man as he puts the life float on the man and kicks with his feet to push him back up to the surface.  The two men reach fresh air as they gasp lungfuls, William looking at the man coaches him on survival.
try to stay calm at all times, do not tighten your muscles let the waves take you if they have to.
when the waves push you under simply hold your breath till you bop back up! 
I will be beside you! 
Man: what about the boat?!
William: it will turn around once the seas calm down otherwise the ship could flip!
Man: we wont make it!
we're gonna die!
no we are not! 
We will not give up even if i have to drag you back to the boat while swimming!
The waves crash and send the men closer to the boat in the distance only to drag them further back, William maintaining focus of the ship as his alien implants and enhances eyesight focus on the boat distance calculating  it's speed and course. William  still having the rope line attached to him around his torso begins to swim toward the boat fighting the waves.
hold on and dont give up!
turning back to the ship William begins to swim back toward it fighting the waves a hopeless endeavor and he knows it.  
Back on the Ship....

Captain: we are doing everything we can to stay near the general area!
but, i'm afraid even after the storm is over if we will find them in the same place!!
Second in Command:
I Captain!
those boys are lost to the sea!!
David: no! William will find us we just need to keep close bye as possible!
Captain: that is wishful thinking son and admirable but the odds are against them two!

 William straining to drag the man and fight the waves slowly loses track of the ship over the horizon But, being the Marine he was once trained to be he refuses to give up. Instead he focuses his enhanced senses as he tries to pick out the scent of the ship and crew through the rain and splashing water while maintaining the same course.
they're gone!!
we're dead!!
William: no!
they are just  ahead of us behind the waves!!
Dont give up on me, sailor!
why did you do this!
you could have let me die!!
William: never leave a man behind!! 
Man: i was your enemy!
William:  you were still my shipmate!
Hours have passed since William and the Man have been in the water,  the storm has died down, William having never stopped swimming through it all dragging his fellow sailor. With the storm having died down William is able to get a lock on the scent and swim toward its source, in the far distance a small speck appears.. David having taken watch for them scans the vast ocean and distance before seeing something moving before anyone else can. 
Starboard, The men are starboard!!!
The Captain revs up the engine as he turns it toward the direction heading toward the two lost men..  The Men begin to cheer as they prepare to throw over the rope latter as the boat arrives to the men's location, William exhausted pushes the man 1st unto the rope latter and climbs behind him.. The crew begin to cheer for their save return calling it a miracle.
Second in Command:
you two below deck get yourselves checked!
What is everyone looking at?!
Get back to work the storm has kicked up plenty of fish closer to the surface!!
We have a Job to do!! 
The Two men walking below deck the man turning to  William speaking in an exhausted voice.
thank you, friend.
William: you're welcome.
William smiles and pats the man's shoulders as they walk to the infirmary.

Starborn: The Journey. Chapter 5

Location: Docks
Time: 4:00 am 
A chinese man with a clipboard calling out names while a large group of men stand waiting for their names to be called. It is still dark hard to see the fog from the waters raise up and engulfs  the pier, boat horns can be heard in the distance. 
Chinese Man:
David, William?
David & William: here.
Chinese Man: grab your gear and get on the boat.
The chinese men mumble in annoyance at the two gweilos getting work while they go without, The supervisor looking at the men as he finishes the role call and closes his clip board.
Chinese Man:
okay, that is all. 
the rest of you go home or to the warehouse and factory we still have work that needs to be done.
The men walk away from the docks to the warehouses many hoping for the fishing job as it pays more at the sacrifice of being on the boat for a week. unnoticed by everyone are the suspicious men who have taken over an empty warehouse as they look through their binoculars at the men in the docks who are walking away. Other unit members have started to walk out of the warehouse in hopes of blending in with the crowd.
stupid fog i cant see anything.
take some men with you and go walk through the factories.
Do not give yourself away.
Soldiers: yes, sir.
The soldiers in their overalls, and dock apparel with beanie, gloves walk out of their makeshift headquarters into the dark morning crisp air. David and William on the boat staring out at the pier wearing grey hooded sweater and beanie with gloves taking in the sights, William notices a man looking out the window with binoculars but pays him no mind as the boat  leaves the  docks and the Captain starts yelling.
alright you mongrels!
get to work!  
get your stuff stored!
start checking the nets. 
We have us a hard week of hell ahead of us! 
William and David run below deck as they store their gear the other deck hands stare at them in annoyance having to work alongside Gweilos, the two american men ignore the glaring eyes as they prepare for work. 

Second in Command:
I want my storage holds nice and clean!!
four men in each hold mops and buckets, knives and  chisels!!
i dont want to see anything on the walls, no muck or barnacles!!
We wont be out to sea for another hour, till then i want you all busy!
They all go to their assigned areas and begin to work from mopping,  removing grime on the walls and preparing the nets make sure they are all untangled.  David and William walk into one of the storage holds with mop bucket in hand using sea water to help clean the hold. Other men walk passed them brushing against them on purpose as they go to the walls and begin to remove the grime using their knives and scrapers.
Chinese Man: stupid, Gweilos.
you have no work in your country that you come here to steal ours?

Sailor: it's not boat ride, bad things can happen. 
maybe you two go overboard...
Chinese Man: maybe you should go back to your country,  gweilos.
we dont want you here.
David & and William ignore their comments as they continue working knowing that they have no choice but allow them to talk they need the money and they will be working with them for a week. They cannot afford to make enemies or have any questions asked,  They mop the sailors only stopping when realizing they cannot get a raise out of them before they go back to their own work......

Starborn: The Journey. Chapter 4

Location: Studio, Dojo.

Mr. Wu: Today i along with my Grand Daughter will teach you two how to use a sword.
We will begin with these wooden practice swords.
Mr. Wu tosses the wooden swords at David and William while Meifen smiles at him and comes in to help him with his stance.

Mr. Wu: now the key to sword fighting is not to block your opponents sword slashes but to side step his and counter with your own.
but for now i will teach you the different blocking sword positions as it is the basics.
But once you are ready you will not be blocking but rushing into your enemy without fear.
David and William facing each other holding their wooden swords while they replicate the motions of Mr. Wu. Meifen walking around both men straightening their arms and bending their knee. 

Mr. Wu: good, both of you are fast learners but it takes more then simply repeating the motion but practice muscle memory till it becomes second nature without thought.
You need the Warrior Mindset not just the memory of a simple scholar who can reside text perfectly.
Now you must know how and where to strike your opponent for the kill or incapacitation.
Mr. Wu walks over to his grand daughter having her stand still as he points to specific pressure point areas on her body pointing at the throat, front, and sides, maxilla, between the eyes.
Mr. Wu: here. *points at temple*
you see this dip on the side of her temple. that right there with precise hit can blind your opponent.
you see how easy my knuckle fits there?
the muscles swell up and pinch her nerve cutting off her sight. 
Mr. Wu raises her arms showing them artery placements before moving to the legs and showing them the femoral artery.

Mr. Wu: you got these areas and the person will bleed to death within seconds, their heart will pump out their own blood out.
You know where to target now you will try and strike each other while also side stepping and blocking without  leaving this circle. 
Mr. Wu points at the Dojo floor where both men stand showing them the circle marking.
Mr Wu:
now b/c you are both new to this, you will only go at half speed, nice and slow.
we will focus on technique.
William and David wait for the Old Man to give them the signal to begin, the Old Man looks at them both and he signals them to start. William holding back so not to give away their secret swings at David's temple, David in turn blocks it while also restraining himself.  Both men go back and fourth for a while only occasionally striking each other due to not being able to show their full reflex speed and sacrificing a hit. William feigns an attack drawing David in with a block only to strike him in the leg. William smiling at David for being so easily tricked. David in turn becomes slightly annoyed as  he in turn begins to feign attacks hoping to commit William into blocking and exposing himself.
Mr. Wu: Good, Good. you boys are fast learners. 
Meifen watches David and smiles only to distract David costing him a hit to the side of his temple...
oh, my.....
Mr. Wu: okay stop....
are you okay David?
David: i am fine. 
we can continue.
Mr. Wu: no, you both did good. 
remember, muscle memory.
 you know the moves that is only part of it.. 
now you must practice it over and over until it becomes a part of you.
David: how long have you studied before you became a Master?
Mr. Wu: Master?!
ha! there are no Masters.
One must always train everyday of their lives and even then they are not masters.
Remember knowledge is not enough.
Meifen knows everything i know, every kick, punch, block but she is no master. 
She does not train religiously, no muscle memory.
anyone who tells you they are a Master is a liar. 
since you been here you have seen and practiced much of what i know.
Would you call yourself a Master?
David: no.
Mr. Wu: good. 
remember it is more then knowing the names of the kicks, and good stance.
It is the mind, muscle memory.
Mr. Wu: now you two stay and practice while Meifen starts lunch and i read my newspaper..
David: for how long?
Mr. Wu: when i say it is enough.
now no more questions, practice what i taught you..
The Old Man and Meifen walk away leaving the two alone to practice, William smiling raises the wooden swords, David smiling back grips his sword as they prepare to engage. They wait till the Old Man is gone before both men with astonishing speed swing at one another avoiding the sword swipes and each other while restraining enough to not shatter the swords..


Starborn: The Journey. Chapter 3

Location: Chinese Government facility.
A skinny man wearing glasses and a white lab coat walks to a small office past all the smoke and people working at their desk.
Skinny Man:
sir, you asked us to keep our ears and eyes open for any suspicious foreigners.
Chinese General: what do you have for me?
Skinny Man: There was recent news coming out of Sūzhōu.
Chinese General: and?
Skinny Man: We spotted a foreigner, tall, blond hair, blue eyes.
He fits the description given to us by your department. 
Hospital and police reports state that eight men were attacked by the individual, they all suffered various injuries.
He was accompanied by a woman.
Chinese General:
We are looking for two men, not one.
But,  look into this quietly.
Take some of the New Men but be careful if he is who we are looking for we dont want to be spotted.
Skinny Man: the local newspaper will more then likely run this incident in tomorrows papers.
Chinese General:
no, it wont. kill the story.
we dont want to scare him away. 
Skinny Man:
Yes, sir.
The Skinny Man walks out of the office leaving the General alone to pick up his phone and make the call.
Chinese General:
increase security.
we have reasonable suspicion of imminent threat..
The foreigners have been spotted.
The General hangs up.

Location: Studio, House area.
Mr. Wu: so how was the shopping?
Meifen: Gong Gong, you will not believe what happen today.
David defeated 8 armed men without a single scratch. He was amazing.
Mr. Wu: is this true, David?
David: yes.
William looks at the David in annoyance at his confirmation of his earlier exploit, David notices William before looking back at Meifen and Mr. Wu.
Mr. Wu:
I see my teachings has at least rubbed off on somebody. *smiles*
unlike someone who prefers simply to watch and not pay for lessons, cheapskate. * eyes William*
Tell me what technique did you use?
Meifen: he was incredible he sidestepped them used his elbow and kicks..
Maybe when i am not busy i will practice with you Gong Gong...
Mr. Wu: that will be fine, but you focus on your studies 1st.
David: i think i will nap for a little while, today's excitement tired me out.
Mr. Wu: very well but, when you come down you will tell me how you did it.  *smiles*
David walks off to the room William not far behind him wishing to talk to him in private as they both enter the room.
We must leave this place, immediately. 
no one saw, it was in an alley.
William: they will talk to the police.
 we must maintain low profile.

David: you worry too much.
No one knows we are here.
we are not the only foreigners.
William: we are the only one's who could defeat many men unarmed.
David: you can leave but i will stay.
William: you put these people in danger.
David: they are saver if we stay.
William: it is the girl.
David: yes.
William annoyed knows that he cannot change his friend's mind and against his better judgment concedes for now as he walks out of the room. William heads back to the living area where Meifen and Mr. Wu wait. David in the room alone closes his eyes and is hit with a childhood memory of him waling alongside a girl holding hands and eating ice cream. The image is then super imposed by an image of Meifen who is smiling and holding his hand as the childhood memory fades with a crisper newer image with help of his alien implant with crystal clarity.

Starborn: The Journey. Chapter 2

Location: Market Place.
David and Meifen make their way through the crowd, David feeling uneasy as the locals take notice of his Caucasian features. Meifen takes his hand in reassurance as she walks him through the crowd to a small meat stand, the old lady fender smiles as they approach.
Meifen: Hello, we would like to purchase a pound of beef and two of those large fishes.
Old Lady:
of course, dear.
The Old Lady grabs large sections of newspaper as she wraps the meat separately and places them in the bag.
Old Lady:
That will be 20 Yuan, Dear.
David reaching into his pocket pulls out his roll of chinese dollars as he pays the Old Woman. 
you do not need to pay, i have money.
David: I do not mind.
The Old Woman smiles as she takes the money from David and hands over their meat purchase. Meifen smiles and thanks the Old Woman as the two walk off to continue their shopping. As the two walk away they are noticed by a small group of men who do not approve of the two due to Meifen smiling and holding the foreigner's hand and leaning on his shoulder. 

the House at the Dojo Studio
Mr. Wu:
Hurry, William. we do not have all day.
when you are done sweeping, i need you to mop and clean the windows.
Maybe I will reward you with teaching you something about martial arts and maybe you will do more then just watch.
William annoyed tries to ignore the Old Man as he finishes sweeping the Dojo area but feels the need to respond to the Old Man.
i already know how to fight, there is nothing you can teach me that i havent already learned or dont need to know.

Mr. Wu: is that so?
perhaps you can show this humble Old Man some of your fighting techniques?
Mr. Wu taking William's words as an insult and challenge steps up to him as William finishes sweeping holding the broom in his hand while the Old Man locks eyes with William issuing him an unspoken challenge.

you are Old, i would not wish to harm you.
Mr. Wu: I assure you, that you cannot.
now tell me you are not afraid of an Old Man are you?
William staring back at the Old Man ponders his action if he should turn around and walk away or move the Old Man from his path.  William takes a step back as he prepares to turn around.
Mr. Wu:
I thought so, chicken. *smiles*
Annoyed William turns back to the Old Man to push him aside only for the Old Man to grab his wrist in his clumsy attempt flipping William off his feet and slamming him to the ground. The Old Man in one smooth motion removes the broom from Williams hand as he flips it over and jabs William in the throat with the handle.  William annoyed glares at the Old Man from the ground, the Old Man smirks at William pulling back on William's arm and bracing it with his leg on William's shoulder.
Mr. Wu:
there is still much that this Old Man can teach you.
William angry but in control of his emotions reaches with his other hand  gripping the broom handle on his throat and over powering the Old Man as he easily pushes it away  as he begins to stand up. The Old Man unable to reassert control as William easily overcomes the Old Man's hyper arm extension arm grip forcing the Old Man to release him, William staring at the Old Man crushes the broom handle with his hand. 
William: you are a sprite Old Man.
you caught  me by surprise but you cannot beat me and it will not happen again.
Old Man: bah, you foreigners are all brutes.
it's not just about taking hits but avoiding them altogether and countering.
If i wanted to i could have paralyzed you with the broom handle count yourself lucky.
and by the way, the broom will be added to next month's rent.
Now finish cleaning up and mop and i will teach you some more.
William annoyed picks up the broom splinters throwing them away in a small trash basket as he walks toward the bucket and mop, the Old Man smiling as he watches William work before walking away. William noting the Old Man leave the Dojo contemplating the Old Man's words of avoiding and countering. William having already learned much from the Old Man from simply watching when he trains alone or teaching those few that still come to learn Kung Fu.

William: Crazy Old Man......*mumbles to himself*

Starborn: The Journey Chapter 1.

Place: China, Sūzhōu
Warehouse: Meat Factory 
year: 1968
Two men that stand out in the meat packing line as large animal parts is slided to them without hesitation butcher knife splits it in a single swipe before moving it along to the next individual beside them. The factory full of Chinese workers wearing hard hats and butcher coats working hurrying the workers to speed up.

Supervisor: Hey, you two Gweilo's get over hear and help carrying these slaps to the truck!
William & David: yes, sir. right away.
Both foreigners hurriedly leave their work station and pick up large pieces of heavy meat hoisting it up to their shoulder as they  take them to the truck out to be shipped to a restaurant somewhere in the city. 
Supervisor: Hurry up! i dont have all day!
you Gweilos are lucky that i dont report you to the City and have you arrested and deported back to your country!
Both men load the pile of meats unto the truck ignoring their supervisors insults and upon immediately finishing are rewarded with more threats and send back to their work station.
Supervisor: you Gweilos took too luck you have work to make up!
Without speaking they return to their stations quite ignoring their supervisor while going through the motions of their job.....
At the end of the day the workers having cleaned up  gather to collect their pay check  from their hated supervisor. William & David stand behind the crowd waiting their turn for everyone to leave before approaching the Supervisor to collect their money. 
Supervisor: you Gweilos come back next week i have more work for you over at the docks.
It will be night-shift so dont drink to much this weekend.
The Supervisor reaches into his bucket pulling out two separate rolls of money for the two foreigners......................
The two have been in the city for several months after having escaped Russia and made their way through Mongolia, upon arriving in China they abandoned their mission for the assassination of the american traitor. Now both men have taken odd jobs no longer having a need to return to the United States and their black ops unit, for the 1st time they are now making their own choices. The two americans now living in a small shack room barely enough room for the little things they have let alone themselves, the room rented to them by a sprite old man who enjoys the two americans company. 

having walked up the stairs to their room above the studio, their arrival is heard by their  landlord, the old man quickly runs after them knocking on the door. *knock knock, knock*
Old Man:
I know you boys are home!
Do you have my rent money?
David opens the door and smiles at the Old Man as he hands him the rent, the Old Man taking it counts it in front of David and greedily smiles.
Old Man:
Good, Good, Good.
you boys are alright, you come down for dinner.
 my grand daughter has prepared a good dinner.
David: thank you Mr. Wu. We will be down soon.
Mr. Wu: good, good, good. you boys eat up we have busy schedule tomorrow.
Go grocery shopping tomorrow, and more english lessons.. maybe I teach you boys more Kung Fu.
David: that would be most appreciated it.
William in the back of the room overhears the Old Man although annoyed he has learned to tolerate the Old Man after all he has provided a roof for them. Lycan quietly listens to the Old Man rambling away  feeling a debt to the Old Man and his Grand Daughter that he feels he cannot repay.

Fan-Fic Courtesy

I have noticed that many stories do not get any comments regardless of  the amount of views it  receives, which gives me the notion that the stories are either not read or not liked. I would like to start getting people to comment on other people's stories even if you did not finish reading them. i think criticism might help a writer even if it is short. 
For Example:" I didnt get past the 1st lines it was boring or it didnt interest me, bye."
it might sting but it would push us to confront certain problems in our writing and stories.
On the opposite spectrum, it would be nice to at least get a, "good job" comment or "keep up the good work."
I think if we can comment on more then a few post stories with particular posters it would help bring more people into the Fan Fic section.
I havent been in the Fan Fic forum for a while obviously but i do plan on reading some of the stories to catch up on what i missed and start commenting however brief it may be.
~Dark King.


Stellar-Man: The Forgotten Son

 Stellar-Man, The Unknown Son.

Location: Citizen City.
In one of the cleanest safest cities on the planet walks a slightly overweight tall man, with dark shaded glasses, mussed up hair and a walking cane. The people of the city move out of his way as he walks bye noticing the man's handicap of being blind. To those who know him they call Francis Hubert, a nice man although clumsy due to his blindness but no one really holds it against except for one woman..

Francis walking into a large Lobby within a building.

Woman: you're late again, Francine.

Francis: it's Francis, Laura.
and good morning to you too.

Laura: whatever..
Jerry might put up with you but i wont.
i dont care what your excuses are.
i didnt go to journalism school to babysit you and correct your typos prior to print.

As Laura lectures Francis, a young man exits the elevator smiling and happy to see Francis his friend. The man walks toward him noticing Laura the office b#$% once again getting her jollies by demeaning her fellow go workers, Laura noticing him waves him away...

Laura: not now johnny go play with your camera somewhere else.
your friend and i are busy.

now get upstairs and straight to work.
you think you can manage that Francis?

Francis: yes, ma'am..

Francis walks past her waving his cane in front of him as he bumps past Laura and steps on her toes..

Laura: ow! watch where you're walking!

Francis: oops.. sorry.

Johnny seeing his friend walking toward the elevator runs behind him to help guide him to the doors..

Johnny: Here, i got you, buddy.
how you been?

Johnny guides his hand to his shoulder as they head to the elevator door..

Francis: fine johnny and you?

Johnny: alright, got me a new camera with all the bells and whistles.
it's Digital decided to give up the old school stuff, you know..

The elevator door opens up as the two men step in and Johnny hits the top floor button.

Johnny: oh. you'll never believe what happen on my way to work today.

Francis: what?

Johnny: So there i was on the bus, right.
and this car comes railing through right in front of us.. the popo cars right behind it firing their guns no regard for anyone.
The bus swerves nearly flipping over everyone panicking and all of a sudden we're lifted into the air and brought down at the next bus stop without a scratch..
 there he was stellar-Man, right in front of us smiling and saluting us before leaping into the air.
and you know what his battle cry was?

Francis: no?

Johnny: get this, "To the Stars"..
how awesome is that?

Francis: pretty awesome, now you sure it's his battle cry and not something else?

Johnny: what else would it be?

Francis: i dont know, a message, kinda like aim high or something.

Johnny: i guess that makes sense.

The elevator door opens up as the two men step out to the main work area a dark smokey floor, typing and yelling everywhere, people screaming about deadlines and out of the smoke steps out a large middle aged man barreling forward pushing people out of the way as he marches toward Francis.

Johnny: Jerry is coming and he looks pissed..

Jerry: you're late, Francis!

Francis: sorry, Jerry.
I took a wrong turn on my way here.
it wont happen again.

Jerry: that's what you always say, get a damn seeing eye dog!
If we didnt get tax break and money from the government for having you here, I fire you!

Francis: yes, Jerry.

Francis making his way to his desk bumps by his fellow go workers desk "accidentally" bumping their Coffee, spilling it on their Desk..

Co-Worker: hey! watch where you're going!(wipes desk down)

Francis: oops, i'm really sorry.

Jerry palming his head in disappointment each day one step closer to an inevitable heart attack.

Jerry sits down on his desk opening his desk and pulling out his key board while feeling the monitor as he finds the button to turn it on. Reaching into his desk draw he puts on his headset to hear the verbal commands of each key he types....

Francis begins typing only to hear inaudible sirens and screaming thanks to his stellar hearing, immediately he stands up and heads toward the building ladder well. No one notices him as he runs up  toward the roof removing his clothing and revealing his tights and leaping into the air and using his flight to move at a stellar speed. Stellar Man controlling his vector and speed calculating every move to reduce the possibility of a sonic boom and subsequent property damage. The crowd gather around the burning building, the firefighters hosing the building in an attempt to raise their ladders to a nearby window but unable to get close.

Crowd: look!(point at the sky)
It's stellar-Man!

Without hesitation  Stellar-Man flies into the burning building using his incredible lung capacity he sucks in all the fire into himself. Moving through the building to fast for the human eye to see he begins to rescue the tenants taking them out to safety. Slowly while carrying a small child he lands releasing the child to run to his mother the ground gather around him reporters taking pictures. stellar-Man scanning the area with his Stellar-Vision sees a black Limo drive through the neighborhood, it's windows rolling down. The man lowers his rim glasses and glares at Stellar-Man before putting on his shades and driving away.

Meanwhile.... back at the office.....

Jerry: Francis!
stop what you're doing you and Johnny head downtown for a fire!
where the hell did you go?!

Johnny get your butt in gear and get me my pictures!

Johnny: yes, Sir!
I'm on it!

Johnny chasing down a Cab as he heads toward the fire, pulling up he sees a large crowd gathered as they all talk to the reporters and journalist. Johnny stepping out sees a large frame man smiling wearing glasses as he asks ppl questions while holding a digital recorder, johnny snapping pictures of the scene runs toward the man.

Johnny: how did you get here so fast, Johnny?

Francis: oh, hi Johnny.
i took a cab.

heard what was going on, from a friend on my cell and i rushed down hear immediately and was in such a hurry i forgot to get you.

Johhy: it's cool, man.
you smell like you been in a fire..

Francis: i dont think i'm the only one here.(smiles)

Crowd: and then Stellar-Man showed up flying into the fire and rescuing everyone before the building burned down.
Lucky no one was hurt..

Johnny: that's the 3rd fire this month and i bet you, if you check who owns this building you'll find it was recently purchased by you know who.

Francis: now Johnny..
you know we cant be making accusations without proof.
If Daryl Dwayne is responsible for this than he will be brought to justice.

Johnny: you dont seriously believe that, do you?
the guy owns the court system, he has judges and mayors in his back pocket.
It's no coincidence that the buildings he's purchased are going up in flames.
it's just no one wants to ask the hard hitting questions.

Francis: maybe, but without evidence there is nothing anyone can do.

Johnny: yeh, you're right.
you think Stellar-Man would at least care enough to do something about it.

finish up what you're doing and i'll get us a cab back to the office.......

End Chapter One

Start the Conversation

Ares: Armageddon

 Ares: Armageddon.

in an underground secret government bunker, a man walks through it's hallways people moving out of the way as they see him approach. a no nonesense, takes crap from no one war horse.

Nick Fury: out of my way, point dexter.
Man, coming through.

Nick Fury walks into the main control room.

Nick fury: somebody want to tell me why i was woken out of bed?!

Shield Agent: we have a situation in Latveria, Sir.

Nick Fury: what?

Shield Agent: here are some satellite images from a few nights ago.
scan reading also suggested large release of energy on a nuclear level.

Nick Fury: and?
all i see is some explosions, seems another night for our resident mad scientist.

Shield Agent #2: well, sir. we manage to zoom in at the forest where the energy emanations were coming from.
it wasnt just coming from Doom's castle.

here you can one of Doom's bots fighting someone of interest. Someone we believed dead.

It appears it is Ares, Sir.

Nick Fury: i can see that, thank you.
but, i still have one good eye.

Shield Agent: that's not all Sir.
energy readings show large levels of Gamma Radiation as well.
Ares also did not leave but headed straight to the castle.
he has not left and local communication broadcast has announced Ares as the new ruler of Latveria.

Nick Fury: well, that is a problem(lights a cigar)
we cant have these "gods" doing as they pls, now can we?
not if we want to keep the world stable just the way we want it.
bad enough Thor brought his damn castle on Oklohoma now we have an Olympian following suit.

Shield Agent # 1: what should we do?

Nick Fury: watch for now observe gather intel and start drafting some heroes and put them to do something useful than just wrestle with each other and destroy property.

Shield Agent # 2: one more think, Sir.

Nick Fury: what?

Shield Agent #2: it appears that Ares can now fly.

Nick Fury: well lets applaud him.

shield agent # 2: we ran a scan on his weapon, it matches old avenger files of the Executioner's Axe.

Nick Fury: i thought it was destroyed?
damn, these gods and their crap.
always coming back to bite us in the butt.
F'n magick, i hate the damn hocus pocus..

Anything else?

Shield Agent # 2: nothing else so far, sir.

Nick Fury: keep me informed.

Shied agetnt # 1: yes, sir.

Nick Fury walks away and thinks the last thing Ares told him when they saw one another...

Ares: " if anything happens to my Son.......

I'll hold you responsible..."

Nick Fury realizes that he must prepare for the inevitable confrontation between  God and the man.

Ares in Latveria walks through Doom's Castle surveying his new kingdom, Scientist and servants run past Ares as they repair the Castle. Ares heading to the Lab orders the scientist to shut down all of Doom's experiments. Ares staring at the young Warrior named Skaar as he floats inside a water tank, his arms and legs having been severed. No warrior deserves such a fate. Angry Ares frowns as he
breaks the glass, Skarr unconscious or dead drops to the ground unmoving as the water washes over him.. The scientist watch in quiet horror as Ares unholsters his axe holding it high and quickly bringing it down on the comatose body of Skarr. The Axe bites deep into his chest drawing out Skarr's soul and sending it into the underworld of hades. Hades where on the shores of the river stix await Ares Soldiers and guardians of the underworld waiting for the arrival of the young Warrior..Skarr's spirits lands on the shore's sands, Skarr rising to his feet looks around and the soldier's salute the young Warrior raising their swords and spears. One of the Soldiers walks toward Skarr and welcomes him..

skarr: who are you?
where em i?

General Remus: you are in the Underworld known as Hades.
where warriors, greeks, romans come upon death.

Skarr: i'm dead?

General Remus: aye..

Skarr: it cant be?

General Remus: i'm afraid so..

Skarr looking around sees fog approaching and a small boat with a man standing upon as it approaches.. The red gleaming eyes pierces the fog and burns deep in Skarrs soul...

General Remus: come..

Skarr follows the soldier who pulls out a money belt to pay for the young man's travel.

Skarr: how did i die?
i remember a fight in Asgard, i was in a dark dungeon....
is my father here?

General Remus: no, he is not.
best you ask all your question's to the Lord of the Underworld, now come.

Skarr boards the boat as he is taken away into the fog.. Ares back in Latveria stares at the lifeless body as he pulls out his axe and holster's it.

Ares: may you find piece in death for you have fought hard in life to earn it.

Ares turns around to stare at the servants.....

Ares: cremate his body and every other that have been used in Doom
s perverted experiments or you will be joining him!
Is that understood?!

Scientists: Yes, My Lord!

Ares heads to the Balcony the crowd gathering as he stares down looking at them, ready to be addressed by this new conquerer or liberator.

Ares: i am Ares, God of War!
I claim this land by ancient right of spoils of war!
Would any deny me this?!

The crowd mutter to themselves refusing to answer Ares challenge.

Ares: i thought not!
i will not have sheep for i am no shepherd!
you may continue with your lives living in fear as you did before if you wish!
but, i say if you want more than follow me!
but, to do so you must be strong!
for i will not have sheep but wolves who will fight to protect their land and family from any who would dare take it!
Take pride in your home and wash away the fear instilled in you by a dictator!

The crowd cheers as Ares walks back inside to the main hall, the scientist and workers bring back the broken remains of the Destroyer armor build by Doom. Ares staring at it thinks of the possibilities and is reminded of the asgardian weapon...

Ares: hmmm.. why shouldnt i have my own destroyer armor?
leave the remians here and leave!

Ares walks toward the destroyer armor and pulls out his axe, gripping the chain his swings it overhead causing the broken remains to begin to dematerialize and finally vanish.. The Remains of the Armor reappear in the main hall of Ares in the underworld, Ares lord of the dead stares at the boon brought to the realm. Ares rises from his throne toward the broken remains,

Ares: Lord Hephaestus..
it appears you have bn brought a new project.
if you are up to the challenge...

Hephaestus walks out from his workshop to see what has bn brought to the realm... The Nymphs and fellow dark gods watch and whisper to one another. Ares son in the corner with one of the nymphs who sits on his lap before pulling his cheek toward her and kissing him...

Meanwhile on earth.................

Nick Fury on a large flat screen monitors speaks to an old friend and comrade.

Nick Fury: we have a problem, Steve..

Steve Rogers: what?

Nick Fury: Ares is back...

Steve Rogers: how is that a problem?

Nick Fury: He has threaten to come after me before having died.
i dont believe death has changed that.
He also has taken over Latveria and dispatched, Doom.

Steve Rogers: how is that possible?
i mean Ares is strong but bullheaded, he's no match for doom..

Nick Fury: intel from my boys say Doom may have bn under the weather from an earlier encounter from Hulk and his friends..
He also has the bloodaxe...

Steve Rogers: the bloodaxe?
but, Thor destroyed it years ago.

Nick Fury: you know how magic works.
I'm gonna need you to round up your avenger buddies...
it looks like we're going to war.
We'll need all the muscle we can get, Ironman, Thor and anyone else with skill and brawn..

Steve Rogers: kinda jumping the gun arent you?
Ares hasnt done anything wrong yet.

Nick Fury: no, just disposed a ruler of a small country declare himself king and in one single swoop unbalance the world's power.
how do you think the UN and the various nations will take this?
This is a world of men not gods, steve.
He has no place on the worlds political stage.
you know better than any how power corrupts even the noblest of heroes and Ares is neither.

Steve Rogers: it will be a hard sell.
The Asgardians wont help, that is for sure.
Ares fought and died against Osborn and his goons for Asgard.
Thor is still mad at us "mortals" for Tony's robot clone.
Hell, Thor is currently holding Stark and Maria Hill for trial in Asgard.
Blue Marvel is missing in action and Wonderman presumed dead when they were sent in to asgard a few weeks ago.
I'm thinking under orders by you or your UN representatives.
If Ares has the Bloodaxe, i dont know if we can stop him.

Nick Fury: it is my understanding the Axe corrupts the user?

steve Rogers: yes, if one succumbs to the bloodlust.
but, Ares was already a blood lusted warrior.
i dont know if the axe can change him and make him any worse.

Nick Fury: are you willing to take that chance?
if we dont  have the brawn and powers maybe we can get Stealth and skills turning it into an assassination mission.

Steve Rogers: we told you before, Nick we arent mercenaries..
we dont kill b/c of what someone might one day become.
you burned your bridges years ago. approaching me is one think.
but approaching Logan and his ppl is another.
he sooner kill you than help you after what you pulled.
that is who  you had in mind isnt?
sneak into Doom Castle with your assassin squad.
it's not going to happen.. call us when he actually does something, bye Nick...

Nick Fury: damn, fool.
idiot cant see the painting on the wall even when someone spells it out for him.
if i cant use him and his buddies, i guess i have to go "new School"...(puffs on his stogie).

Damn, where are those files...

Nick Fury staring at the monitor starts looking for replacements for his secret squad to help him face the personafication of War...


a few days have passed..
location: U.N. in New york.

Men of power argue among each other arguing about what to do with the new revelation that Ares has declared himself ruler of one of earth's kindoms.

Wakandan representative: this cannot stand!
the technology alone is too much a risk to allow this, "god" to control!

Men: aye, aye!
he cannot be allowed to rule!
what does the Latverian representative have to say?!

Latveria Representative: We have not had any communication from our homeland since it's fall.
we have no comment at this time.

France Representatives: we cannot just go to war out of fear!
we would be the ones to bring armeggedon upon  us!

England Representatives: bah, we should strike now, before he learns what he has!

Unite States Representatives: we've bn down this road before each time with worse results!
have we already forgotten, Genosha, The supehuman registration act, The Siege of Asgard?!
how many times will we lose, how much money and resources will we invest in this?!

Canadian Representatives: he is only one Man!
we should have bombed that country decades ago!

Mexico representatives: and risk nuclear War?!
you are a fool!

China Representatives: the technology must not be allowed to be controlled by some one who fancies himself a War God!
We should invade and take it by force!
Who is this man who dares call himself a god and take what is man's birthright to rule their own lands!
who will be next?!
China, Korea, Japan...

Japan Representative: i agree with our counterpart.
no one should decide who should rule and who should not!

As the men argue among themselves they do not notice a figure materialize in front of the in the center of the stage near a microphone and booth.. only a few begin to quiet down.. Ares looks up staring at the mortals who jabber on reminding him of the old roman senate who care nothing but themselves..

Ares: Silence!
I am Ares, God of War and i will be heard!

Men: it's him!
see how he comes already barking orders!
how can he be allowed to rule?!

Ares glaring at the man who speaks, who refuses to silence himself.

Ares: one more word, and i will rip out your tongue with my hands.

the hall immediately goes silent... The U.N. security begin to run toward Ares locking down the building...

Ares: i am a God and Ruler of my land.
i will be afforded the same respect as any of you would be if you stood in my place.

The security each on the end of the stage pull out their guns and aim it Ares... Ares ignoring them stares at the various representatives..

Ares: i have freed a land of a tyrannical ruler who enslaved and tortured his own ppl!
and yet you people here, argue about maintaining the status quo!
How it would be better if Doom was still alive ruling his land!
you people are parasites, traiterous jackals!

you who line your purses with gold and silver living above your brother and sisters!
you sit there as if you held the power and right to rule your fellow man, like some kind of false god!
Well, let me tell you,  a god stands before you today and he is not happy!
i will not make War but if you take one step on my land and those under my protection you will learn to regret it!
For i am a god of War and i can hear the whispers of War coming as it is uttered from you deceitful lips..
be warned, tread carefully....

Suddenly Ares vanishes leaving the men to speak to themselves and once again argue like old women gossiping about their new neighbor.
Ares returns to Latveria sitting in the intelligence room while ordering the scientist to search for key information...

Ares: find me everything you can on the death of my son, Phobos.
i want to know how he died and most importantly who killed him,.

Scientist: yes, my lord..

Advisor: how did the U.N. feel about your arrival?

Ares: as can be expected.
they are all fools no matter the time period.
a pompous bloated senate is all the same, i despise politics.
i speak the truth yet, every word spoken in those halls are half truths from forked tongues enough to confuse envy Loki.

Advisor: anything else my lord?

Ares: we will need an army a strong one.

Advisor: yes, my lord!

Ares: i want them properly outfitted with the best technology Doom has created.
This country is small and it's country even smaller, but by the time i am through they will be the most feared army in the world.

Advisor: yes, My Lord.

Ares: i will personally train them!
enhance security put the army on standby scan our space for any anomalies.
see what satellites our over head...

Advisor: as you wish..

Scientist: my lord, we have found what you asked for.
we hacked shield files, sir.
your son was killed by a mutant called The Gorgon during a Shield Mission.
he is a member of Hydra and the hand...
files say he is undead where abouts unknown.
he possesses enhanced strength, speed, telepathy, a world MA master and swordsmen, wielder of a mystic blade.
His stare capable of turning anyone he looks at to stone..

Ares: locate him, he and i will have words..

Scientist: yes, My Lord.


Days later.
Location: Latveria's military Base..

Ares walks through his army all lined up everyone of them exercising every move coordinated by their instructors command..

Ares: to the right, Switch!

The men moving to their next exercise and switching partners!

Ares: i will not have fat bodies in my military, is that understood?!

Soldiers in unison: Sir, yes, Sir!

Ares: your next exercise will be to grapple with you're opponent!
you will give it everything you have!
is that understood!

Soldiers: Sir, Yes, Sir!

Ares: Begin!

Soldiers: I, I, sir!

Ares Soldiers begin to grapple under the hot son, while Ares smiles, it has bn millineums since Ares had an army to train, He will create a new warrior race and country the world has never known.. These men will be a match for any army, be it the elite units whether, Spestnaz, Seals, Recon, Marines or Royal Marines... His army will have no peers..
His advisor on the phone talking to the scientist at the castle hangs up and walks toward Ares...

Advisor: my lord?

Ares: what is it?

Advisor: your scientist have reported a spy satellite directly above us..
it's from the united states.
it appears to be taking pictures and one more thing my lord.
The energy signature is nuclear and charging..

Ares: is that so...

Ares: looks up toward the sky and pulls out his axe aiming it toward the heavens and silently commands it, the Axe releases a powerful mystic blast part magic, part magnetic and fire from a nearby star. the blast travels to the sky and into space mystically guided to it's target as it engulfs the satellite. The satellite electrical systems short out before being incinerated by the flame making sure it's nuclear cargo does not fall into earth's atmosphere.  

Shield Helcarrier receiving the live feed sees Ares staring at the screen as if he could see them hidden away in their dark secret rooms. The monitor going static as the satellite is destroyed....

Shield Agent: sir?
We lost the Satellite, Sir.

Nick Fury: i can see that, junior.
Damn, those fat cats at the U.N. arent going to be happy about this, that's for sure.
They take it as an act of war.. i dont even know who is starting what anymore...(shakes head)

Did we get an energy scan on the energy blast that took out the Satellite, at least?

Shield Agent: no, sir.
it was mystical in origin.
partially magnetic and  high heat..
aside from that nothing else the magic screwed with the analysis.

Nick Fury: i want the Thor clone robot found.
did our boys collect it during the Seige clean up?

Shield Agent: yes, sir.

Nick Fury: yes what?

Shield agent: it was collected and is currently in storage in washington..

Nick Fury: well, have brought here .....
so it can be rebuild.

Shield Agent: is that wise, sir?

Nick Fury: who's in charge here?

Shield Agent: you are, Sir.

Nick Fury: have it gathered repaired and scrub it's memory.

Shield Agent: yes, Sir..

Nick Fury: damn, kids always needing to comment.

Dum Dum: well, the kid has a point, Nick.

Nick Fury: yeh, i know that.
so how goes the recruiting?

Dum Dum: well, we've manage to talk to some of these kids, some have come on board.
it was kinda hard to speak to them without Logan knowing..

Nick Fury: they  onboard?

Dum Dum: We got X-23 and Daken aboard.
something you should know, Nick.

Nick Fury: i know they dont get along.
well, they will.. i need them both.

Dum Dum: it's not just that.
The boy lost his Claws, apparently his old man took them from him as some sort of punishment.

Nick Fury: that's just great..
well, at least we can still use him for his pheromones..
anything else?

Dum Dum: Tremor is on board as well..

Nick Fury; good.. i knew she wouldnt let me down.

Dum Dum: we have Logan's brats training together for this mission to build up team work.
It's not going very well, We've had to gas and tranq them a couple of time to break up their fights.

Nick Fury: hmmm... well, they better get their heads out their @$$ soon.

Dum Dum: We also approached the wannabe Captain Marvel kid for a little added muscle and fire power.
He's thinking about it.
but i think he's on board.
we just got to sell it a lil harder to convince him.

Nick Fury: we need a lot more muscle and if Thor wont help well, Hercules might.
afterall i hear they dont get along that well..
Ares having tried to kill him a few times in the past.
A little family fued should help us gain a little more muscle.

so far we got the Logan brats, Thorbot being worked on, The Noh Varr in the works, Tremor and possibly Hercules.

Dum Dum: can you say overkill..

Nick Fury: nah,better to be over prepared than not at all.
besides this aint our old Ares from what the Intel boys have scrounged up..
See if we can get War Machine to lend us a hand on this since Stark is currently unavailable.

Dum Dum: on it.


a few days later..........

Location: U.N.

the men of the united nations already arguing upon hearing news that one of their satellites was destroyed by Ares...

Woman: what if the nuclear core had exploded in the earth atmosphere it could have easily irradiated the planet, killing us all!

Man: i have always said it is foolish to have nuclear powered satellites orbiting our planet!
all it takes one pound of it's radioactive material to compromise all life on the planet and we have over 3 thousand satellites in space!
it's insane!

African representatives: this is an act of war!

France Representative: silence, yourself!
you know not what you speak of!
why was the satellite destroyed?!
my sources say that the american government was spying on the country taking pictures!

America Representative: that is untrue!
it was a simple communication satellite, nothing more or less!
luckily our nation communication wasnt blacked out!

France Representative: once again, America lies!

why are they even a part of the U.N. nations?!
they have refused to sign every and abide by the ruling and conduct of our charter!

Spain representative: I agree! why are they here?!
they would take us to war need us by the nose to fight their battles that they themselves start!

American Representative: do you forget that the U.N. building is on american soil?!

Spain Representative: easily remedied, i say we expel the united states from our charter and deny them a seat!

France: representative:  The U.N. building and the soil it is upon is recognized as sovereign or have  you already forgotten that, America?

Chile Representative: enough of this!
we must focus on the problem at hand!
was it a declaration of war or a simple warning?!
was america spying violating Latveria's sovereignty?

America Representative: we were not!

Italy Representative: it is clear, America will lie and has lied repeatedly in the past.
We will not get a straight answer from them.
better to ask directly from the head of Shield...

Russian Representative: yes, i agree.
General Fury director of shield should be here to answer these questions.



The Unbelievable Wolf Spider. 9

 The Unbelievable Wolf Spider

William and Mikey head into the city the whole time listening to Classic Rock while Mikey tries to block it out with his Ipod headphones...

Mikey: that's old school!
it blows!

William ignoring him turns up the knob in response to his comment and to annoy him......

William: you pups today dont know what good music is.
If those girl songs of Dustina Beaver and Rebecca Black are any indication, you'll must be deaf.
so i wouldnt be talkin about taste, boy.

Mikey: what?!
I cant hear you!

Mikey raises his headphones in response

William: Whatever, we're here.

William pulls up to the front gate of the government funded Superhuman Team, Two front guards step out of their security booth and approach the Mustang.. William staring at the men while pulling out his I.D. Mikey buries himself in his seat and covers himself up with his hoodie as he tries to hide his face. Security officer approaches the driver's window while the second one walks behind the car looking it up and down.

Security: Sir, can i see some I.D.
and state your reason for being here.

William hands over his I.D. while the guard looks at him and the kid suspiciously.

William: we're expected, we have an appointment to see The Sgt Major.

Security officer looks at his I.D. and calls it in from his radio clipped on his shoulder on his bullet proof Vest. The officer leans in to use the radio while the voice on the other side confirms.. The security officer hands back William his I.D.

Security: your clear to enter Sir.
enjoy your visit.

The security officer motions to have the gate open while the Security officers stand behind the vehicle watching it drive in before proceeding back to their security booth.

William: what's wrong with you?

Mikey: i didnt want them to see my face...
I have an identity to protect you know.

Mikey reaches into his back pocket pulling out his mask smiling at William before donning it...

Mikey: cool, huh?

William: if by cool you mean nerdy, sure.

Mikey: you're just jealous i thought about bringing a mask..

William: i'm sure.
you know what's the 1st thing ppl think when they see someone in a mask?

Mikey: he must be a superhero?

William: no. he must be up to know good.
most often it's bad when that person has a badge or a gun.
remember that.

Mikey: sure, i'll write it down.

William: you do that.

William parks his car in one of the empty parking spots both exiting the vehicle, William walking to the truck while Mikey waits. William leaning in pulls out a large green military duffel bag hoisting in over his shoulder as they walk toward the building.

William: let's go, Mister amazing tree crawler..

The building Doors slide open as both William and Mikey walk in. The security guards behind the desk see a large intimidating man carrying a duffel bag which could be a danger ever since the heighten national alert being orange as well as seeing someone with a mask. the security Guards stand up putting their hands on their holster and assuming a defensive position...

Security guard: Sir, i'm gonna have to ask you to put down the bag and run it the X-ray machine and the young man to remove his mask.

William seeing the officers taking a threatening position slides Mikey behind him blocking him with his body. Mikey slightly leaning out looks up at William from behind.

Mikey: i cant, i cant let them see who i really am..

William looking at Mikey for a split second takes off the Green military duffel bag putting it on the conveyor belt and responding to the officer who are on edge..

William: I'm sure since you gentlemen work with actual superhumans you are aware of why this young man cannot remove his mask?

Security gaurd: those men and women are government funded and are vouched for one way or another and put on a special list.
He is not.

William: does he look dangerous to you?

The Duffel bag going through the machine while the guard operating it sees nothing but some sort of disruptive blur within the bag unable to produce an image. the guard at the end of the conveyor belt suspicious opens it up and pulls out two sets of uniforms one being a large black flak jacket, side arms and knives and the second being a smaller uniform too small for William with black and Grey pattern appearing like a off road biker body suit with pads. Mikey looking at them his eyes grow wide in excitement of what it could possibly mean.

Mikey: definitely cool.

William: we have an appointment with the Sgt Major, here is my I.D.

Gaurd: That may be, sir.
but, this is a federal building and bringing such items constitutes a felony and is a federal offense.
Now i am gonna have to ask you not to move and once again and for the final time have your friend remove his mask!

William growing annoyed assess the situation his alien implant scanning the potential threat.

William: i dont think you want to do that, gentlemen.

The Guards growing impatient and paranoid unholster their guns aiming it at William. Mikey scared hiding behind him while William pushes Mikey's head behind him..

Mikey: oookay, i'll take it off....
just dont shoot.

William: no, leave it on.
Gentlemen pls call Sgt Major. he is expecting me and we are friends.
i dont think he take to kindly to shooting his friend and a small child.

B/c i definitely wont.

William staring at the main gaurd as one of the superhuman team members comes down from the second floor to see what is happening.

Stranger: do we have a problem, here?

Guard: these men have brought weapons within the building and one refuses to unmask.

William: your men are paranoid.
Sgt Major is expecting us and they refuse to confirm.
I fire them as soon as possible before they shoot the next school field trip here or tour group.

Mikey standing behind William looks to see the newly arrived stranger and is awe struck.

Mikey: hey, i know you.... you're The Titan!
can i have your autograph?

Titan: sure, kid. as soon as these men lower their weapons.
Gentlemen, pls.

The men holster their weapons annoyingly staring at the two guest who do not have to abide by the set procedure. William putting everything back in his duffel bag hoist over his shoulder and turns to take one last look at the lead guard making his eyes shine red in devious which makes the guard feel uncomfortable...

Titan: follow me, the Sgt is waiting at the Lab.
Sorry about the guards, we'll make sure to replace them.
for some reason we seem to get the government rejects...

Mikey: so how big can you grow, how strong are you?
are you married, how did you get your powers?

William: let the man have his secrets and you keep yours.

Mikey: ooh, i'm sorry Mister Titan, sir.
i didnt mean to pry.

Titan: nonsense, i dont mine answering.
i never pushed myself to my height limit or strength.
but, i can grow well over 60 feet comfortably and i have held up a collapsing bridge.

Mikey: can you shrink as well?

Titan: yes, but i rarely do, there isnt much of an advantage unless i am on a covert reconnaissance mission.

Mikey: so are you married?

William: Mikey....

Mikey: what?
no harm, i bet if he were she be a  model.

Tita: i was married once a long time ago.
but, we're divorced. she actually was involved in the modeling industry.

Mikey: wow, see?
i told you.

Titan: well, here we are, Gentlemen.
If you would.

Titan motions them to enter the Lab doors, The two guest enter inside. Waiting for them is Sgt Major with two lab technician. Mikey stares at Sgt Major who is standing before him wearing his combat Uniform...

Mikey: woah,,,

Sgt Major: nice to meet you son.(extends hand)

Mikey nervously shakes it as he is awe struck and without realizing it his spinnerets come out and squirt webbing causing their hands to stick.. Sgt Major raises an eyebrow at the situation and smiles at Mikey.

Mikey: sorry...

Sgt Major: it's okay, son.
it's why we're here to help you learn to control your ability.

Sgt Major raises his arm up to see how strong the fluid is as Mikey is lifted up to Sgt Major's eye level.. Mikey bashfully smiles..

Mikey: hi,,
i can get it off just give me a sec.

The two lab technicians run to both superhuman's as they try to grab some web samples but unable to remove it with the steel prongs and tweezers. Mikey using his other hand, palms the webbing the mild acid fluid that he release as part of his sweat glands dissolves the webbing causing Mikey to fall on his butt.. Mikey rubbing his butt stands up to face the worlds 1st known supersoldier..

Mikey: see?

Sgt Major: yes, we all see.

Titan: now that is funny..i never thought i see Sgt Major with sticking hands...hahaha

Sgt Major looking at Titan annoyed while the lab techs round to analyze and pick up the residual chemicals. William looks at the lab coats annoyingly reminding him how much he dislikes them..

Sgt Major: Hal, can you pls begin prepping for the physical test portion of the Exam.

Titan: sure, Sgt Major.

William pulls out the uniforms and throws the smaller pair to Mikey..

William: here, put these on Spider boy..

Sgt Major: is that what you prefer to be called, son?

Mikey: noooo.. i havent really taught of a name, yet.
i guess,, Wolf Spider for now will do.

William raises an eyebrow at the mention of the name..

Sgt Major: well than, Wolf Spider.
you can get dress in that  bathroom over there.

Mikey running into the bathroom changes and a few minutes comes out sporting his very own combat uniform.

Mikey: what do you guys think?

Mikey with his arms outstretched as he strikes a pose, Mikey still wearing his custom made mask now with wrap around goggles to go with it over his head.
his torso armor with straps and steel alloy composite padding spread out from his pectorals to his abs.   his specially designed  under armor shirt beneath the armor comes down and stops at his forearm due to being a short sleeve shirt. Mikey's gloves being fingerless Makes him start thinking about cutting  between the finger webbing and the palm area so that he can shoot the webbing as well as melt if off. his pants being black military gargo pants with greyish camoflauge design, his boots having an outer steel toe and the bottom having retractable hook spikes for climbing. Mikey kicking and sweeping his legs as he practices popping out the shoe spikes on the soles of his feet..

William watching is impressed by Mikey's uniform and walks into the bathroom to puts on his own black ops uniform having added brown tiger stripes on the shoulder area of his black flak jacket.

Sgt Major: well, whenever you're ready Wolf Spider..
we'll begin the test.

Sgt Major looking at the lab coats as he signs for them to leave.

Sgt Major: Gentlemen if you pls.

The men walk out leaving Sgt Major, William and Mikey alone to talk.

Sgt Major: before we begin we need to ask you a few questions about what you know about yourself.
We will also answer any questions that you might not know that you wish answered before we begin the test so we can get a clear understanding of your abilities.

does that sound okay to you, son?

Mikey: umm.. sure..
but i dont have to answer any questions i dont want, right?

Sgt Major: no, of course not only what you want to divulge.
whatever we learn here stays with us.
it is obvious that you're just a kid and probably want to have as much as a normal life as you can.

Mikey: umm.. okay.
can i ask you two a question?

William: sure, shoot.

Sgt Major: what is it, son?

Mikey: you guys are like me, right?

Sgt Major: Super human?
yes, we are.

Mikey: no i mean, the way you got your powers is the same way i got mine.

sgt Major: that's what we're here to find out.

William: honestly, yes.
we believe so.

Mikey: is that why you moved in across the street.
to keep an eye on me?

William: it was just a coincidence.

Sgt Major: so how is the suit?

William: Awesome!
it just needs a few alterations and it will be golden.

Sgt Major: that's good.
so can  you tell me when your powers 1st showed up and what you were doing at the time?
what do you know about your family history?
does anyone you know in your family exhibit similar abilities?

Mikey: a few nights ago...
i found some old pictures of my great grandfather and i put two and two together..
ummm... with some letters and stories from my family...
no, no one else in my family exhibits the same abilities as me.

William: what family stories, son and what pictures?

Mikey: my great grandfather in an old desert military base.
the internet said it was white sands new mexico.
the story was that my great grand father was involved in a secret military bomb project.
but we all know that wasnt true, it was UFO's and alien technology/experiments to create supersoldiers and alien human hybrids.

Sgt Major: what makes you say that?

Mikey: b/c if it wasnt we wouldnt be here, duh...

william: he got you there, buddy..(stares at Sgt Major)

Mikey: so em i right?

Sgt Major: uhmm.. to an extend, yes.

Mikey: so what did i get wrong?

William: your great grand daddy was one of the scientist involved in secret experiments to create Supersoldiers to fight the Nazi's.
we believe he experimented on himself altering his genetics and passing those changes to you.

Sgt Major; we believe it remained dormant within you and your family and for some reason finally activated.

William: your great Grand daddy died along with many of the project scientific leaders due to a nuclear explosion from a failed experiment.

Mikey: hmm.... you guys were part of the original experiment werent you?
it would explain why william likes old music so much...

Sgt Major stares at William for giving that part of himself away... William smirks and answers..

William: yes.

Mikey: so why does everyone in the world think Sgt Major is the 1st and original Supersoldier?

Sgt Major; publicity, son.
besides, William wanted to live a quiet life

now the test will consist of a blood test
a physical exam in our combat training room and finally a few X-Rays to see what changes have gone inside of you.

So you okay with that?

Mikey: yes.

Sgt Major: William here will go into the combat training room so you can see the exercises that you will need to perform.
the test will be of course none lethal and for novice.
now if you will pls hold still, i'll draw the blood so the technicians can examine it when they come back inside and then we can head to the Combat training room.

Sgt Major guides Mikey to a seat and then proceeds to draw out a vial of his blood for examination..

Sgt Major: at ease, son.
i have  field medic training.

finishing up Sgt Major puts a cotton swap on Mikey's arm to stop the bleeding, Mikey holding on to it as they step out of the room. the Technicians waiting in the hallway patiently wait as they walk out. Sgt Major hands them the vial to run test on as they head to the combat training room. Titan waiting in the booth takes Mikey along and shows him the panels and explains what they will do. William and Sgt Major standing in the back discuss the situation.

Sgt Major: so do you think he told us the truth?

William: as much truth as you and i told him about his family and who he is.

Sgt Major: i picked up some signs that he was misleading us..
but it could be he really was just nervous and being a kid.
kinda threw me off.

William: He's confused.
whatever small lies he threw in were to protect himself.
i wasnt really looking hard to pick up on the lies.
his physiology makes certain tells impossible to pick up unless one takes the time and learn his physical responses.

Titan: are we ready, fellas?

Sgt Major: yup..
whenever you are ready William enter the room so we can begin.
Keep your eyes open Wolf Spider, you'll be next.

Mikey: Cool... i cant wait..

William enters the combat room and waits for the session to begin, in front and all around him are different obstacles from rope climbing, gymnastic equipment , Rings, horse mount,  bars and whatnot. William patiently waiting standing still as he focuses his senses for the exercise. Titan on the panel behind a specially designed glass hits the start button. suddenly the wall panels lift up exposing gun barrels as they attempt to lock on and fire on their target. William burst from his position as he dodges the gunfire twisting and spinning running on all fours as he pushes himself and leaping to the hanging rings and somersaulting to the bar bells. The gunfire relentlessly fires unable to lock onto their strange target giving off some sort of minor disruptive field.

Titan: this guy is incredible, Sgt Major.
He's like a badder version of you...
i mean... you know slightly faster.
he just beat your time by a full 3 seconds.

the systems finally shuts down as William has reached the end of the course. patiently William waits.. Mikey for the 1st time is seriously impressed by his neighbor and doubts his own ability to replicate what these real superheroes can do.

Mikey: i i i i i..... i cant do that!
you guys are crazy, i'll get killed!

Sgt Major: dont worry Mikey, you'll be doing Novice with paintballs...

Mikey: is that all?

Sgt Major: that's all, Wolf Spider.
now go inside while Titan resets the program and lowers the threat level.

Mikey walks in while William walks out and pats him on the head.

William: you'll do fine, kid.

Mikey: i'm sure.

Mikey standing in the room stares at the booth and lowers his wrap around goggles as he turns and faces the obstacle course and shakes his hands in preparation.. nervously he stares not realizing his depredation is escalating his transformation.. his eyes turn all black the minor hairs extrude on his arm through his under armor clothing, his teeth slightly grow,. the adrenaline in his body causing his body to begin changing... Titan looking at the monitors is able to scan Wolf Spider's body function...

Titan: umm.. Sgt Major, we already have a physiological response here.
take a look..

Sgt Major and William look at the monitors and see Mikey's heart rate slow down and other changes from not normal to the standard baseline human nor even Olympic or peak.

Titan: his heart rate is slow and strong..
 it is well  beyond a  peak athlete, his core temperature has dropped to 60 degrees..
this kid is cool as a cucumber.
plus he is generating some sort of bio electric static aura..

Sgt Major: that's interesting record it all and begin the experiment.

Titan: you ready, Wolf Spider?

Mikey: umm.. yeh..(mumbling due to his fangs)

Titan: one, two, Three! ( hits start button)

The wall panels open and out pop out multiple gun barrels each able to lock on to the target and begin firing paintballs at him.. Mikey panicking begins to hop in anticipation running at fast as he can in an attempt to evade. Mikey although fully capable has yet to master his abilities as he clumsily jumps and leaps and zig zags in an attempt to run through the course.. The paint balls flying past him as he instinctively ducks and counters without ever having to see where the paintball is coming from..

Titan: it appears Wolf Spider has some sort of advance warning ability.

Sgt Major: how?
speculate, pls.

Titan: the bio aura that we notice earlier appears to act as some sort of atmospheric detector acting like a biological radar.
It must be able to detect certain fluctuation.

Sgt Major: hmmm... that definitely has an advantage.

William: you ready to trade in your enhanced neural kinetics, perception and implant?

Sgt Major: not just yet...
afterall these are just paintballs, we dont know how far his field sense extends and how it would handle bullets.

Mikey in the Combat Room jumping on the rings as he uses them to swing and twist tucking in his legs and arms as paintballs fly past him from different directions.

Titan: this kid has got some moves..

he  make any extreme olympic athlete envious of his abilities.
the kids a natural gymnist and than some.

Mikey landing on the bar bell crouches down like a spider by pure instinct as he ducks the paintballs. As he prepares to jump he doesnt realize his hook spikes on his boots have  activating from slamming on the bar bell when landing. As Mikey leaps off his hook spikes latch on the bar causing him to swing down toward the ground the paintballs taking aim fire...

Mikey: arrrhh!!

Mikey slamming on the ground slightly sore but unhurt do to his physiology is pummeled by multiple paintball rounds.. William annoyed grabs the mic and yells at Mikey..

William: get up!
you're not done yet!
move, now!

Mikey annoyed at being yelled at realizes he is trying to motivate him..

Mikey begins to run as the paintballs narrowly miss him and hit the ground right behind his heels.

Mikey: *gotta, finish*

Suddenly Mikey explodes out of the ground and leaps into the air and without thinking removes one of his gloves and aims it at the ceiling and instinctively shoots three small streams of webbing that shouldnt be capable of supporting him yet it does as he swings and releases it as he pulls himself to the ceiling. the goldish mechanical spinnerets pinch the line and retract allowing him to release the line while his palms sweats keeps it from sticking onto him. Mikey smacking the ceiling with his hands as the small tecno hairs stab through his one handed glove the  thin hair spark creating a static cling effect while also stabbing through he ceiling for added anchoring. Mikey scurrying upside down toward the finish line as he leaps off the ceiling.

Titan: did you guys see that?
this kid is amazing!

Sgt Major: that is something.

Mikey landing on the finish line covered with washable paint. Mikey looking up at the booth panting as he smiles behind his mask looking at the men for a sign of approval as he removes his goggles and exposes his all black eyes that slowly return to normal... William looks down with his arms crossed and gives him a thumbs up..

Sgt Major: that was amazing Wolf Spider..
you did incredible for your very 1st time.
how do you feel?

Mikey: i feel like an animal!
My skin crawling my heart pumping..
i feel incredible!

Sgt Major: Well, Wolf Spider we're not done.
do you want to see how strong you really are?

Sgt Major nods at Titan who presses a button causing one of the walls to raise up and extend a weight rack, specially designed weights.

Sgt major: these weights are tech based they are capable of increasing their own weight by manipulating their gravity by use of a magnetic field.

go ahead and lift what you think you can.
i suggest you start with a 100 lbs just to get a base reading.

Mikey trying the large and small weight till he finds the one's he is comfortable with.. on the side he is able to increase it's weight by pushing and turning a knob. Mikey begins to add more weight each time by 50 lbs before finally going to a 100 lbs at a time.. finally he begins to feel the burn as he lifts a bar bell over his head..

Sgt Major: how much is that?

Titan: it says, 1250 lbs, Sgt Major.
umm.. Wolf Spider do you think you can do more?

Mikey: yeh!

Mikey begins to strain at the added weight that he has added as his legs and arms begin to buckle..

William: okay, you can put it down, Wolf Spider..

Mikey: no, i got it!

William put it down..

Mikey finally unable to hold it up releases as it slams on the ground, Mikey taking a minor step back as he releases it..

sgt Major: how much was that, that time?

Titan: 1575 lbs..

the kid is nearly reaching you..

Wolf Spider, do you mind telling us how old you are?

Mikey: 14..

Titan: now that is something..

well you can come out of there the test is done and i'll need to run the numbers.

Mikey stepping out heads back to the booth, Sgt Major, and William waiting as Mikey approaches. William throws him a towel to wipe himself off.

Sgt Major: you hungry, Wolf Spider?

Mikey: a little.

Sgt Major: well, lets head to the cafeteria and get you something to eat before we do the X-Rays.

Mikey: sounds fine to me..
man, i was in the Zone in there.
it was so cool!

Mikey, Sgt Major and William head to the cafeteria, Mikey still wearing his costume his mask still in place as they walk in line with their trays. Mikey staring at the various food behind the glass shield as his mouth waters and thinks to himself of how this food is so much better than what they serve at his school's cafeteria.

Mikey: yum... I'll take some steak, mash potatoes, gravy, lobster, some shrimp, and an  enchilada, pls...(talking to the server)

sgt Major: no vegetables?

Mikey: umm.. fine...
and some vegetables, pls..

William: I'll take some steaks three of them, pls.
and some mash potatoes and gravy.

Sgt Major: I'll have some Chicken, vegetables and baked fish, pls.
Thank you ma'am and gentlemen (smiles).

having a full tray they leave the serving line and head to the drink fountain where Mikey get's a glass of strawberry soda, Sgt Major, a tall glass of milk and William looking at the machine annoyed it doesnt serve beer...

Sgt Major: things change, william..
no beers in the mess hall.( smiles)

William: that's just great, i guess i'll take some water than.

Sgt major: i am sure if you really want,  we can scrounge some from the kitchen.
grab them from the special event supplies.

William: no, that's fine.

They head to their seat Mikey hungry stares at his food realizing he has to remove his mask to eat. Sgt Major smiles as he realizes Wolf Spider's delimal.

Sgt Major: it's okay, son.
no one here will tell your secret.
there are no cameras here.

Mikey: i dont know....

Mikey puts on his goggles and brings down his mask down to his chin as it bumps while he stuffs his mouth with food..

Mikey: this is awesome!

Sgt Major: i guess it is..

They sit down and enjoy their meal while Mikey relives the exercise and tells them stories about his life and asks them questions about theirs. Mikey eagerly listening to Sgt Major's stories and exploits about fighting sueprvillians and the few times he has helped saved the world. William quietly listening eating his food as he avoids answering some of Mikey's questions only giving him vague answers.


the three head to the final exam room for the X-Ray while Mikey jumps up and down asking them questions..

Mikey: do you think i can be a superhero and join the team some day?

Sgt Major: of course, so long as you keep your nose clean and finish school 1st.
enjoy your life before you come thinking of coming here and sacrificing it for others.

Mikey: umm.. okay.

William: this is the final test, "Wolf Spider"

Mikey: you guys ever think of using your powers to become rich and famous?

William: how?

Mikey: you know sports or something.
maybe football, baseball, wrestling maybe become an action star.

Sgt Major: that doesnt sound very fare for those who put in the time and training, does it?

Mikey: i guess not.

Sgt Major: besides nowadays with everyone taking steroids they are bound to grow suspicious and find out before we could ever compete.

William: if that's what you want to do, Mikey.
i say go for it. hell, nothing in life is fair anyways..
just dont get caught.

Sgt Major: what kinda message is that?

William: a real one.
you cant expect people to live far below their potential b/c they have an advantage others dont.
If we lived like that sports would be played by fat slops and not athletes.
there is a reason why the sports world has changed in the last century.
the new generation supplants the old and breaks their records.

Mikey, the world is always changing and evolving, you are part of that change.
dont hide and pretend you're soft and weak.
but, dont be cocky and think you are better than everyone else.
just be yourself and dont forget who you truly are.

Mikey: i guess... i dont know..
so does that mean, yes. on using my powers for money and fame?

Sgt Major:what do you think?

Mikey: umm... yes. i mean, no... uh.. yes...
i dont know, you guys are confusing me.

Mikey is taken inside the next examination room for his X-rays...

Sgt Major: take off your armor padding.
here, put this on(hands him a lead apron).
and take a seat and try not to move, pls.

Mikey takes off his armor padding, shirt and dons the apron while standing in front of a machine which activates scanning and taking pictures of Mikey's insides...
Sgt Major standing in front of the machine with his arms crossed one hand under his chin as he examines the images..

William: what are you thinking?

Sgt Major: that this kid's skeleton isnt as dense as you or I.
you see how bright it is? (points)

William: well, that just means that his skeleton hasnt been refortified like ours.

Sgt Major: not sure if his nanites were designed to alter his skeleton.
afterall, he doesnt have an implant like we do that's for sure.
not sure how they are even coordinating without one.

Wolf Spider, how much do you weigh?

Mikey: i dont know 115 last time i checked.

William: have you felt any different lately?

Mikey: aside from my mild growth spurt and gaining superpowers, no.

William: okay smart @$$.
do you feel heavier?

Sgt Major: okay, we're done here, Wolf Spider.
you can take off the apron and your boots and come over here.

Sgt Major points to the corner of the room where a weight scale is standing..

Sgt Major: just need to see how tall you are and how much you weigh, go ahead and step on.

Mikey hurredly removes his shoes and steps on the scale while Sgt Major raises the ruler to check for height and then begins sliding the weight to balance his weight..

Sgt Major: hmm.. you are 5'5" and wiegh about 128 lbs.
looks like you added some weight, Wolf spider.

Mikey: cool, but, i still look the same not much of a difference.,,
not really..(frowns)

William: give it time.

Sgt Major: well, let's get you dressed and head back to the main lab to see what we manage to find out.

Mikey getting dressed quickly follows them down the hall back to where they started where the scientist are running his blood test. Sgt Major opening the door to allow them in as he asks the scientist who are working questions..

Sgt Major: so what have you gentlemen figured out.

Lab Techinican #1: well, sir.
we found a few anomalies in the blood work.
We found that he has small traces of molecular nanites in his blood.
they were inactive at the time of study, almost as if they were shut down.

Lab technician #2: his red blood cell count is extremely high allowing him superior metobolising of oxygen.
it would reduce his lactic acid build up allowing for higher endurance and overall performance.
It would also mean that he has superior healing and coagulating to prevent blood loss and promote healing.

Lab Tehnician #3: His white blood cell count is also 10x above the norm, sir.
The kid's immunology and resistance to viral and bacteria infection makes him 6x less likely to  contract any illness.

Sgt Major: any other anomalies?

Lab Technician # 1: yes, sir.
his blood type is slightly strange, he is AB- which in itself isnt strange.
but there is some strange chemical that kept popping up and screwing  our test, Sir.
We havent been able to identify it but we are assuming it is insectoid due to his particular nature.

Lab Technician #2: We also ran the fluid discharge by the boy..
the analyzes confirmed that the fluid was some kind of organic polymer and organic acid compound.

it's spider webbing, Sir.
made up of some unique human insect protein molecular chain bonds.
it's strong stuff, sir.
akin to braided steel line.
we also found deactivated nanites in the fluid.
we think it's partially made up of nanites as part of it's production, which contributes to it's overall strength.

Lab Technician #3: the organic acid is specifically keyed to breakdown the webbing.
while it also acts as a mild acid to organic material.
we're not sure how strong it is, we'll need more samples, sir.

Sgt Major: no. gather all the material and samples, gentlemen.
you are done here and thank you for your services.
We'll take it from here.

Lab Technician: yes, sir.

Titan walking into the lab as the technician hand overall the research and walk out...

Titan: Sgt Major...

Sgt Major: what is it Hal?

Titan: just finished looking at his bio readouts.

William: what did you find?

Mikey: yeh, what'd you fine?

Titan: well, as i said earlier he has some kind of bio electric magnetic static field around him which acts as a another form of sensory perception.
I think i know why. Wolf spider, if you would, pls?

Titan grabs Wolf spider's hand as he puts on some glasses staring at Mikey's arms to find what he is looking for far smaller than his pores and even his haira. Titan grabbing some tweezers pulls out a small hair like fiber.

Titan: this!
you see this?

it's what allows him to stick to walls and i am betting it also is what acts as his sixth sense which produces the magnetic field.
i bet it even picks up air current and vibrations as well.
it's techno organic, gentlemen.
It also causes small electronic interference, a small stealth cloak if you will.

It was kinda hard for the systems to scan him probably before it manage to find a frequency to bypass his field.
but, i figured it out.

well, we know he possess superhuman strength for someone of his weight, height and age.
so i started looking at the muscle fibers and made me start thinking of how actual arachnids move and what they use for muscles.

William: so?

Titan: So the kid should weigh more than he appears to weigh.
Even Sgt Major weighs well over 3x's than norm.
part if it being muscle mass and bone density to fortify his strength.
this kid exhibits none of those tells.

so i believe his muscle fiber is interwoven with some form of arachnid type exoskeleton but inside of him.
his muscles are partially hydrolic at least that is my theory.
but, i'll need to take a sample to confirm.

Sgt Major: Wolf Spider?
it's up to you.

Mikey: sure, why not.
go for it.

Titan pulls out a small hypodermic needle gun as he stabs Mikey's arm and activates it. the gun making a small hissing sound and clicks as it latches unto a small piece of muscle tissue...

Mikey: ow!

Tita: you see arachnids muscle is their exoskeleton.
inside of it are fluids which act as a piston and hydrolic.
i'm betting i will find the same on Arachnid boy.

Mikey: it's Wolf Spider.

Sgt Major: anything else?

Titan: well, your friend William was a complete anomaly.
the systems couldnt scan him.

William: why were you trying to in the 1st place?

Sgt Major: that's fine, Titan.

you can leave us now.

The Titan takes the sample and heads to his lab to confirm his suspicions. William, Sgt Major and Mikey wait for Titan to leave. Sgt Major nods at William for the conclusion of the visit. William looks at Mikey...

William: wolf Spider, take a seat.

Sgt Major: there is something you need to know.

Mikey: what?

William: you are part arachnid which you already know.
but that in itself runs certain dangers.
one of them being that you might one day lose control.

Mikey: well, i wont let it happen.
i wont let my powers get the better of me..

Sgt Major: it's not that easy, son.
William, show him.

William removing his boots and socks and unbuttoning his pants and belts for that demonstration..

Mikey: what are you doing?

Sgt Major: just watch and try not to wet yourself.

William staring at Mikey as his eyes turn reds, goating himself he begins to breath hard as his canines enlarge and before Mikey realizes what is happening, William growls bearing his fangs as he transforms into a were wolf like creature covered in hair. William shocked falls off his chair and screams...

Mikey: holy crap!
i went myself!

William staring at Mikey slowly walks toward him and growls bearing his teeth.. Sgt Major standing behind William watches him with his arms crossed.

Sgt Major: i think he gets it now.
you can change back now.

William looking over Mikey who is on the ground and in fear. William grabbing him by the collar lifts him up as he transforms back to normal while staring at Mikey's eyes..
Mikey tangling stares back...

Mikey: i wasnt scared.. i knew you wouldnt hurt me.
i was just taken off guard that's all.

Sgt Major: remember this day.
it took William's years to master his primal urges and instincts.
it could one day be you and without proper control you could end up harming someone.
maybe someone you know.

Mikey: okay, i get it.
you can put me down. now.
are you guys telling me that i could one day turn into a spider monster?

William: maybe... we dont know.
but better to be aware about the possibility than not.
just remember this, no matter what happens always be true to yourself.

come on let's put on your civies and head back home.
call your sister let her know you are back in school.

Mikey: do i get to keep the costume?

William: sure.

Mikey: do i get any gadgets like your costume, Sgt Major?

Sgt Major: like what?

Mikey: maybe a gun arm like yours or a tech mask with radio, infrared and other cool stuff..

Sgt Major: well, we'll see.
for now i stick to staying out of trouble and not having a need for it.

Sgt Major reaches into his cargo pant's pocket pulling out a cell phone and handing it to Mikey.

Sgt Major: this here is your 1st piece of gadget tech.
if you ever wanna talk or need anything give me a call.
it also has a direct line to the team HQ.

Mikey: gee, a cell phone.