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This here is my "Pull List" and features comic series I am currently reading month to month. They are in order of what I am enjoying the most to least, but if I am buying them, there must be some kind of enjoyment still involved.

Support This Book! • The top features comics that I am currently endorsing specially because they have either just ended or began, and need the support. I don't make any endorsement lightly – these are books that I believe deserve attention. Despite their special feature at the top, they would be high on my list regardless. (Cloak and Dagger and Avengers Academy currently hold this place) They are simply well-produced books I have enjoyed that need more people reading them.

New Readers Welcome! • I also highlight books with a good jumping on point, but again, they wouldn't be featured if they weren't some of my favorites. (Avengers Academy, Daredevil, and Swamp Thing currently are at a good place for new readers)

New to Me! • In contrast, other books that are new to me, but I can't say I recommend yet are on the bottom as I am still feeling them out, or are not as whole-heartedly thrilled with them as those on the top. They are sort-of ranked.

Leaving • Books labeled "Leaving" are ones that will be leaving my Pull List soon. They are ones that were released a month or two ago and since ended, but are still worth your time. They are only at the bottom because they are not new titles. The reason they are still on the list is that anyone who may ever read this list should check 'em out!

On the Rocks • These ones are in trouble. I will rarely have any even listed as this, simply because I wouldn't be buying them if they were no good. There is usually one aspect or another that keeps me on them... but they are in hot water.

Updated 01.10.2012 - Fatale, Avengers: X-Sanction, Fantastic Four, WatXM:Alpha & Omega Added, FF Dropped. Added: Uncanny X-Force 18 reaction. more on DD, Fables, Avengers CC, Casanova, Black Panther, Defenders, Fearless, Wolvie & X-Men

01.12.2012 - WatXM:A&O description.

07.01.2012 - Whew it's been a while.

Added: Winter Soldier, Exile on the Planet of the Apes, Spaceman, Saga, Mind the Gap, Fury: My War Gone By, Fairest, The Hypernaturals, Fatima: The Blood Spinners, Spider-Men, X-Men Legacy, Avengers vs. X-Men, AvX: VS, Astonishing X-Men... Man I am reading a lot of comics.

Removed: Betrayal on the Planet of the Apes (ended, was great!), Avengers: Solo (ended/Hawkeye story was crummy), Uncanny X-Men (too many X-Men titles), Kick-Ass 2 (ended, was fun), Superior (ended, was pretty good, but done with Millarworld titles), probably a couple others.

08.04.12 - Added Captain Marvel, Revival, Hawkeye... some others to be added/removed still I think...? Daredevil, Hawkeye, Defenders moved up to the top of the list, probably tied for the number 1 spot right now... until I catch up on reading Fatale that is....!

List items

  • Just caught up on issues #14-16, and renewed my absolute love of Mark Waid's run. Not that it ever waned... These were simply three excellent issues with the story focusing on Matt's senses – a story element that's always been one of my favorite things about the character – and then gives us a cap to that story with some parallels drawn to Hank Pym, as well as the re-kindling of Matt's personal issues as they come to a head with Foggy. Truly excellent as Waid continues his deep understanding of the character and his mythos.

    Buy this book. Seriously. I don't know why you aren't already reading it. It's simply... excellent.

    Daredevil is my favorite super hero, put that bias aside and this is still one of the best books on the shelves right now. Absolutely loving it.

    This is probably one of the most critically-acclaimed AND fan-loved series of 2011.

    After probably the blandest DD story in years with Shadowland, Mark Waid enters the fray as the new helmsman on S.S. Murdock, and steers for open waters. It's a new era for Matt Murdock. After becoming the most dumped upon on hero in the Marvel U, Matt Murdock basically says to himself "Screw it," damns the torpedoes, and takes a positive outlook even in the face of all the adversity he has faced. And although you could say it is a stark turn around from where he was with Shadowland, I think it is exactly what he needed to do. When you are a person with a disability, as Matt Murdock is, it is easy to become pessimistic and feel like things will never go well for you... But that route becomes self-defeating, and creates a downward spiral that helps no one. A person with a disability has to remain positive, accept their deficiencies, and embrace where they excel. As a person with a learning disability, DD has always been one of my most personal favorites, and having gone through some tough times, it helps me to see my favorite hero continue on through thick and thin.

    And I haven't even mentioned the art. Paolo Rivera and Marcos Martin switch off storylines for one of the most well-produced comic books on the shelves. Having only just started with new numbering, you owe it to yourself to get to know Daredevil right now. They're only 6 issues in, so you can still hop on this one easily.


    Freaking excellent first issue. Beautiful art by Aja. Fraction nails Clint's personality and character, giving us one of the most human Avengers in a very human tale. I also love the dog-love. Go pick this up right away!



    I'm loving this series. It is a real blast! Also goes to show you what a small team can do for tight, entertaining storytelling. It's the best Dr. Strange, Iron Fist, Namor, Silver Surfer, and Red She-Hulk you will read on the shelves right now. And before too long we are supposed to be getting Scott Lang/Ant-Man and Nick Fury on the team! READ THIS BOOK!

    (older comments follow below)

    Great fun so far, getting ready to read issue #2..! Matt Fraction is in strong form on this one. I've enjoyed his writing of Iron Fist and Namor in the past, and glad to see he still knows the characters well. I am also loving his Dr. Strange. He is giving him some much-needed personality and life that I feel has been missing in Bendis' New Avengers. Red She-Hulk is completely new to me, as a non-Hulk reader, and she seems to bring some levity and fun to the book. I am not completely sold on his Silver Surfer yet, and personally felt he was better personified in the Mighty Thor arc, but I know many will disagree with me there. But again, the real joy in this book so far is hearing Matt Fraction write Danny Rand - The Immortal Iron Fist again. The two go well together, and Fraction knows how to give him just the right amount of goofiness, strength, and wherewithal that we love about Danny. My only gripe is how short it is.. but then again that just makes me want to read it again -- which is always a good thing!



    I'm behind on my reading with this one, but my trust in Brubaker/Phillips gives them the leway to keep this one high up on the list... and the fact that the first issue of this indie has reached an unprecedented FIFTH printing should speak volumes.

    more to come..

    (older comments follow)

    Woohoo! So excited for this one...! Just read the first issue and it was very good. Sets up the noir/horror/time travel story nicely, and shows a lot of promise! Definitely ended too quickly for me, even though it is longer than most comics, AND features a back-up essay only available in the single issues.

    But leaving me wanting more is a good thing! Excited for the second issue!

    If you like stories – BUY THIS BOOK!

  • Jason Aaron is in my debt. After reading that terrible 2-part Noh-Varr story in Avengers AvX tie-in BS (see that book's assessment at the bottom of the pile), I was ready to go get the paper shredder. Then I read the first two AvX tie-ins for this series. Soooo much better.

    Thank you, Jason Aaron for knowing how to write characters. Thank you, for giving them proper reactions to events unfolding before them. Thank you, for giving Chamber a line last issue.

    This is a great X-Men book. It's what I remember coming to the comics for X-Men in the first place. Thank you, Jason Aaron.

    (older comments follow)

    First arc has been fun! Iceman got some much needed time in the spotlight, we saw Husk pop up in several panels, Kitty Pryde is featured, I'm getting to know Quentin Quire... Fun stuff. Just hoping to see Chamber and Cannonball sometime soon...!!

    I've stayed away from a lot of X-Books since I grew up reading their stories and have been a little over-dosed on them, in particular Wolverine... but Jason Aaron has assembled a great book here.

    His extensive knowledge of the group and their history is impressive and the references he makes throughout the first couple issues makes one excited and confident that the book is heading in good directions. The second issue also shows he will actually be developing Iceman! Many a writer have sworn to do this, but it looks like Aaron is the only one making good on the claim.

  • Remender and Hardman! Boomshakala!

    Wait, Hardman is leaving...? NOOOOOOOOO!!! I love that guy...

    Well at least we still have Remender's excellent writing. Even in the AvX stories, we see some fun stuff going on with character development and progression... however, Bendis does his best to undo all that in Avengers AvX (see below). However, I really can't wait for AvX to be over with and to get back to normal storytelling on this one.

    (previous comments follow)

    Started strong, but when Brubaker had to leave I got really worried. Fear Itself issues were okay, Warren Ellis issues are fun stand-alone stories... The most recent Black Widow issue was really interesting and packed with story for one issue. Other writers should take note on how to tell a lot with so little. That was some really economic storytelling – making sure each panel counted and told as much as possible in order to fit the story. Ellis did a great job there (as did Maleev)!

    But I could not be more excited about the future of this one. In February, Rick REMENDER (Uncanny X-Force) and Gabriel HARDMAN (Agents of Atlas, Hulk, Planet of the Apes) take over. This book will undoubtably move to the top of my list. Between this news and Avengers Academy, I won't even CARE what is happening in Avengers or New Avengers, even with Daredevil now on the team!

  • Whew. This one is heating up again... Stakes are high as usual, characters will die, things will change. An amazing book.

    Numbering over 100 issues now, I always say if I had to drop all my comics because I couldn't afford them anymore, I'd still be reading this one, Daredevil, and Criminal/Incognito... and likely some others too..! This series is so much fun, especially if you know your fairy tales and fables... there are characters and stories that come in and out and some that will really surprise you in their clever usage in this world. It is an extremely fun book, with constant twists and turns.

  • Sadly, because of Roberson's complaints about DC, this one is being cancelled...

    Show your love and pick this book while it still exists!

    Lots of fun, and Roberson is becoming into one of my favorite writers. At first glance, I thought I'd only read a couple issues of this and be done with it, but I'm still picking it up every month and loving the characters. As much as I like Mike Allred's Madman, I really enjoy when he illustrates even more. This is another great pairing for him. Roberson also writes the two Cinderella mini-series for Fables, also really fun.

  • Yum.

  • I'm NOT behind on this one! Fraction continues an excellent run on the character! I'll be sad to see him leave later this year... Especially with Greg Land coming in for the art... yuck.

    (previous comments below)

    Matt Fraction continues a strong run on Iron Man, and shows how important personal connections are between characters and their writers. Some of the issues that simply deal with Tony's alcoholism and have little to no action whatsoever are the best. Also features some of the scariest moments of Fear Itself - Paris turned to stone by Grey Gargoyle... and then he smashes them. All of Paris. Holy jeezuz. The aftermath of Fear Itself is going to be difficult for Tony to survive and his enemies are not going to let him take a break at all... the first issue back looks like he might be on the brink of facing some of his worst demons ever...

  • The first issue of the newest arc was scrumptious as per usual. Since this arc just ended, I'll likely be reading the whole thing back-to-back-back! Excite!

    (previous comments below)

    Finally got to read Avaritia II. Really great stuff. This is the first of the Cass books that I'm reading individually as they come out (more or less), and I do know I'll have to go back and read the whole arc, but it is great to read each as they come along too. At the very least to see where Matt Fraction is at any given moment. There is a some fun self-referential material in there (or is it?), and the way it is written and delivered is really smart and timed really well for someone who attempts to discern the meaning of what they are reading. Casanova is a dense book, but very rewarding and totally fun. It is a book you would benefit from re-reading, if for nothing else but to enjoy it all over again.

    I call it "acid-trip-time-travel-espionage." It is a really unique book in this sense. I had trouble grasping the first storyline in just one issue, but when I read them all together (and while more awake), it clicked much better, and hooked me solid. The latest storyline is looking like it could be the best yet. The art is beautiful, and story really fun and engaging. It's like Back to the Future meets James Bond meets Hunter S. Thompson meets the 60s. Or something. And Casanova Quinn looks like Mick Jagger... c'mon Mick as a spy..? It's gotta be great!

    It is a bit difficult to follow at times, but I would say the current story arc is the most accessible. If you want to start with either of the previous two stories, I would read each of the issues back-to-back, otherwise you may be a little lost. But just go with it, it is rewarding.

  • This series has been one of the most consistnently excellent comics currently on the shelves. It's simply expertly written, drawn, and paced... Great, great read.

    As a relative newcomer to all things DC (except Batman), I came in with little to no knowledge of Swamp Thing, just a feeling that I wanted a series that was little more supernatural and on the brink of horror than what was currently in my comic selections... And I have been blown away by the quality of this book. Probably one the all-around best-produced series on the shelves. The writing is superb, the art so clean, expressive, and just plain sexy/scary. Believe the hype.

  • This one got a little shaky during the Otherworld storyline... the wheels came off a little, but it was still better than many books on shelf. I'm gonna dock it a couple spaces to highlight other books for now and before I catch up with recent events...

    more to come.

    Issue #18 was the best single issue of a comic in 2010. Period. Dark Angel Saga was one of the best story arcs of a comic in 2010. Period. Buy this book. Period.

    Whoa. Probably the best X-book on the shelves. Also is the most well-written version of every one of these characters currently in production. Psylocke is at her most intelligent, badass, and endearing. Angel/Archangel is at his most heartbreaking, challenging, and powerful. Deadpool is at his most hilarious AND intelligent form. Even Wolverine is likable again in this book! (I am one of the many suffering from Wolverine ennui) He is more of a leader, more of a badass, more of a character you actually CARE about than I have read in a long time.

    The biggest star is probably Phantomex, however. Having not read Grant Morrison's New X-Men I have read little to nothing with the character, but he is easily my favorite "mutant" right now. Unpredictable, funny, rude and charming all at once. He is a real star.

    In addition to all this awesome you also get Deathlok, Apocalypse's new Horsemen, Age of Apocalypse, Lady Deathstrike, Dark Beast... so on and on.

    I bought the first volume for my rarely-comic-reading friend. He loved it and numbers Phantomex among his favorite comic characters now. And I haven't even talked about the astounding quality of the art. Jerome Opeña, Esad Ribic, Mark Brooks... the book is beautiful. There are few books where I could guarantee your money is well spent. This is one of them.

  • * NEW READERS WELCOME!! Now is your chance to jump into the story with issue #21! *

    * SUPPORT THIS BOOK!! THIS is the Avengers book you should be reading! *

    This one is selling well and consistently, but could always use more followers.

    It's dragged a little bit here and there, but mainly due to a influx of characters and lack of specific focus on any one. With back to back stories introducing the new students, a visit from the Runaways, and then the young X-Men, it was beginning to feel a little crowded. Once AvX is over, I'd be glad to see more conflict coming from within than without so we see our young characters back in the spotlight. This is not to say I haven't enjoyed the book, but it just got a little bulky recently. I am really enjoying X-23's involvement currently and her perspectives regarding the whole AvX fight.

    (previous comments below)

    Issue #21 saw the start of a new story line and a new home for the Avengers Academy, so now is the time to jump into the best Avengers book currently on the shelves. Avengers Academy is consistently the most character-driven, engaging team book currently available from Marvel. These young powered individuals were chosen for the Academy program, not because they were the most promising new heroes, but rather they were the most at-risk to become villains or go rogue. What results isn't just your typical heroes-in-training story, nor are they simply a rebellious gang of teens – rather, they are some of the most fully-formed, three-dimensional, and complex representations of young adults in comics. Not to mention, they are new characters with blank slates and wide-open futures. These characters can be good or evil, live or die in any given issue... And they are being guided by some of the most complex Avengers: Hank Pym, Tigra, Quicksilver, Speedball, Justice, and now Hawkeye. A must read.

    Even though I have this at the top among my "endorsement" section, Avengers Academy would be in my top 5 or so regardless. It is a great book, with a creative team that really cares about it's characters and how the fans are enjoying it.

  • I'm loving this Miles kid. This is Bendis's best book since his time on Daredevil. Sara Pichelli's art is excellent and is one of the most real-feeling versions of New York City I have ever seen in a comic book. I am not a guy who reads any Ultimate books, preferring to stick with the 616, but Miles Morales's tale is a lot of fun and expertly delivered. I picked it up on a whim, but after buying four issues, it looks like I'm in this one for the long haul.

  • I'm behind on this one too, but I trust in the Brubaker.

    (previous comments below)

    Honestly, I miss the flavor of the Steve Epting/Butch Guice art-styled book... Steve McNiven is a talented guy, but the other guys held that nostalgic kinda look so well... I haven't been enjoying this quite as much as the Epting/Guice drawn books, but if I trust any writer it is Brubaker. The story is still strong, I just think that retro-gritty-look goes so well with Brubaker's writing, where as McNiven's art is more bright and shiny, big action-set-pieces... which Bru can write, it just feels more fun to me with the heavier lines and shadows of other artists...

  • The Tanarus storyline resolved with a fun conclusion, be interesting to see where it goes from here. I may be getting a little tired of Thor at the moment though, and may put this one down at some point. It's not because of the storytelling, more because I just can't relate to him as much. (Same reason I was never a Superman fan)

    (previous comments below)

    There's been a change up in this book... and it may be off-putting at first glance, but read the first issue of the new arc... you'll like it. That is all I will say. Pick the newest issue even if you didn't like the Silver Surfer opener.

  • Y'know I never thought I'd be reading a Hulk book...? Was never that into the character, but with Avengers Earth's Mightiest Heroes, and the relative fun of the Incredible Hulk film, I started checking out some stuff. Okay, really it was Jeff Parker and Gabriel Hardman that had me pick this one up. I dropped when Hardman left, but keep picking up for certain storylines. Hulk of Arabia was great fun and made good use of Machine Man and Arabian Knight. I dropped again for a little bit, then picked up the Haunted Hulk and Mayan Rule issues out of interest. There's something about Red Hulk that intrigues me... even if I think the initial idea was a little silly. Fun book!

    (previous comments below)

    I'm not a big Hulk fan in general, and thought the idea of multiple Hulks was a little silly...

    However, Thunderbolt Ross as the Red Hulk is proving to be pretty interesting.

    I jumped on this as a big fan of Gabriel Hardman and Jeff Parker, the team on the former Agents of Atlas books. I still wasn't crazy for the character and tended to only buy issues where Hardman was on pencils (Zircher is plenty talented - my budget was just slim).

    However, I was really interested in the "Hulk of Arabia" storyline, and it has been quite fun so far. Co-starring Machine Man and Arabian Knight, it has allowed me to read some more characters I've never gotten to before in a setting that isn't used too much in the superhero books currently. I don't know that I'll be reading after this arc, but I am enjoying this one a lot!

  • I'm behind on this on big time.. :/

    ...luckily the gritty look continues in this book... but since most stories so far are flashbacks, it doesn't have the immediacy and drama it did before the splitting of the books. I have faith in the Bru, however, and am still following for the time being... and now that I know where he is going with his plans, I will be following to that series for sure...!

  • Great fun, with a colorful cast of character, and one that feels different than any other X-book. I often forget to mention it when listing my X-books because it has such a unique feel and exists outside of so much of the Schism and AvX goings-on... which is great for its narrative thrust!

    (previous comments below)

    Just started. Another .1 success!

    Enjoying it a lot so far. Peter David really knows how to write characters with individual voices and personalities. This is a team book where it really feels like every character matters and that David has genuine affection for each and every one.

  • Although the bi-weekly shipping was a lil rough on my wallet what with Mavel books doing the same, but the Unwritten proved to be the better of those pulling double duty. The side stories and main tale were at times harrowing, shocking, and quite entertaining. A strong book to be sure.

    (previous comments below)

    My relationship with this book is kind of funny. I never think I feel like reading it, but whenever I do, I feel quite rewarded. I really don't know what that means, but I am consistently enjoying this book, and right now it is really starting to come together and the bigger picture is coming into focus.

    Another book I didn't think I would be reading beyond the first couple issues, but those Vertigo books have something magical to them. I wasn't a fan of Mike Carey's run on X-Men with Bachalo drawing, but this book changes my opinion of him completely. Very engaging and fun story. It keeps getting better and better.

  • **NEW TO ME!**

    Really fun stuff! The character is completely new to me, but enjoying it quite a bit thus far!

  • I AM in love with Starling. She's great. And the others have been fun to read too. Dinah/Black Canary is a fun leader to read as you get the feeling she isn't always confident of her own abilities, but with her friends Barbara/Batgirl and Starling, she gets the encouragement she needs. Throw in wild cards Katana and Poison Ivy, and there's a nice little boiling pot in the works to keep the action going.

    (previous comments below)

    My first foray into DC team books. Good fun so far. Was unsure after the 1st, but the 2nd was more enticing.

    Plus I think I am in love with Starling.

  • * NEW *

    The team behind 100 Bullets at it again: Brian Azzarello and Eduardo Risso are the perfect match of word and picture, complimenting each other's work expertly. This time they are in a future/sci-fi landscape with funky lingo, space jockeys, child stars, credits, drugs, and conspiracies. It may take you an issue or two to get in the groove of their wacky slang, but it's written consistently so you get into the vibe quickly enough.

    Great fun. Mature readers only.

  • Reading since Gage took over, I've been reading this series, and it has been pretty fun. I've never been the biggest Rogue fan, but where she is now and how he's been writing her has been interesting. Also happy to see some of the other members of the Jean Grey School's teaching staff.


    This book is just plain fun. Only read 1st 2 issues so far. Nice to Joe Mad back drawing a book, and his dynamic, expressive style fits the story very nicely. I hate that the book comes in the plastic bags (sooo environmentally unfriendly), but I would never fault the comic for a business decision like that. It's nice to have the added value of the digital code, but it is the only time I read digital comics. I'm old-fashioned like that. I like the idea of including it for download, much the same way albums do the same, but I feel like there is a more ecologically friendly way to present this without the poly-bags. I'll have to write an article on that.

  • **NEW TO ME!**

    Never read Jonah Hex or much of any kind of Western comic. So this is another "I'm lacking this in my diet" venture. Pretty cool so far. I like the idea of Amadeus Arkham being involved too. I liked the El Diablo story in the second issue and am interested to see where that goes.

    I don't know if I'll be on this one for the long haul, but it adds a nice bit of diversity to my palette.

    Although AMC's "Hell on Wheels" is even better than this book, and right now I am turning to All-Star Western when I need my fix between episodes..! Dunno if that is healthy for the series and my money in the long-run, but it works for now.

  • This one has dropped off considerably as of late. Not because the writing is not still solid, it's just that I'm not digging this time-jumping storyline. I think I've seen similar things to it before, and feel the only real purpose is to get the current Thunderbolts to face the original ones... and so far it just feels like I'm waiting for that arc to be over. Parker is a strong writer, and will pull it off I think, so I'm sticking with it. At least to make sure it doesn't get cancelled.

    I love Ghost. I hope he never leaves this book. He is such a unique voice in superhero comics, always fun... and loved his bit in Invincible Iron Man during Siege... whoo.. showed he still has teeth when it comes to corporations and Tony Stark. Moonstone and Songbird are amazing characters. The new additions to the team are fun, particularly Satana's obsession with Man-Thing and her mad cackle... Mr. Hyde and Troll are really enjoyable characters too.

    I think Jeff Parker is doing a strong job, however I feel like the current time-traveling story is a little gimmicky. He writes the characters well, and the direction this storyline is heading is exciting. His current line up is a fun group, and continues to evolve the original Thunderbolts to new areas. Songbird, Mach V, Fixer, and Moonstone continue to grow and change. Luke Cage is a great fit to be managing the prison and new team, up there with Hawkeye with knowing a thing or two about reforming.

  • * NEW TO ME! *

    First issue was great!

  • * NEW TO ME *

    Picks up where Betrayal on the Planet of the Apes left off! Woo!

  • * NEW TO ME! *

    First issue was pretty good. I wasn't as pulled in as I was with Fatale #1, but I'll give this one a chance. Gotta catch up and I'll let you know.

  • * NEW TO ME! *


    Read the first issue, and found it to be really good! Can't wait to catch up on the rest!

  • Pretty good so far.. A little crowded, but action-packed and entertaining like an event should be.

  • * NEW TO ME *

    (Current Marjorie Liu run)

  • Fury: My War Gone By

    Excellent first issue!

  • * NEW TO ME! *


    Only read the preview thus far, but loved it, and am looking forward to reading this one!

  • Where o where has this little book gone, where o where could it beeee...?

    more to come.

    Leonardo Da Vinci, Sir Issac Newton, Nikola Tesla, Nostradamus, Howard Stark, Nathanial Richards... = S.H.I.E.L.D. 'Nuff Said.

    Okay, well maybe a little more. It is a really good book that I am enjoying the most of any of Hickman's work. More than Secret Warriors, way more than FF. Leonardo Da Vinci is a member of S.H.I.E.L.D. He's got his hand-made wings, he time travels, and there are tons of other amazing things throughout the series. Read it. It is a lot of fun. Part spy story, part League of Extraordinary Gentlemen, part Fantastic Four, part Last Action Hero, part Steampunk, part... ah, just read it.

  • Entertaining, but a mixed bag. Aaron's story was good, there are some fun fights, but then there are moments that are quite out of character such as Black Widow downing Magik and turning around and saying "Who's next?" ...that's not Black Widow's style. Highly out of character.

  • * ON THE ROCKS *

    Oi. Well, this is actually better than Avengers right now. The Iron Fist involvement in AvX has me excited, but I may be projecting hopes onto this one.


    Ugh. I have never wanted to rip a comic in half so much as I did this one after reading Bendis' two-part Noh-Varr/Protector story.

    He wrote him well in an earlier issue where he was facing off with a possessed Iron Man suit, which made me really happy... and then apparently forgot how to write him in this two-parter. I thought Noh-Varr was a rebel and didn't care that much what the Kree thought about him..?

    But most offensive was that this whole story either contradicted or re-tread on Remender's fun Suicide Mission to Hala storyline... that one very nicely wrapped up, but then Bendis decides, no they go back and virtually have to do the same thing... it was seriously IDIOTIC.

    I can't wait to drop this one.