I am Daredevil...!

I wasn't even trying to get him...! Hooray!

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Daredevil 100%
You are Daredevil. Whether you're spending your time as a crimefighter, lawyer, husband, kingpin of Hell's Kitchen, etc, there's always fun and excitement in your life.
Hal Jordan
Hal Jordan, Green Lantern. You have a lot of power and determination. Just try not to go crazy again. The Corps are just starting to get back on their feet.
You are the snappiest hero around. Your past may be a bit of a mystery but with your girl by your side and great friends, life is pretty ginchy.
Green Arrow
You are the Green Arrow. Tough, stubborn, and a great fighter. Okay so maybe you don't have superpowers like the others but you do have Black Canary by your side. Hubba hubba.