My Daredevil Team

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  • He's my all time favorite comic character and i've always wanted to see him lead his own team.I got to see him do that somewhat with the Marvel Knights but I wanted him to go outside his box a little, so I put together a team of my own I would like to see him lead.I honestly think he can be a great leader,a leader without fear

  • A long time friend of Daredevil and one of his most trusted allies,if anybody on earth is a martial artist its this man,with his indestructible fists of iron and his extremely large amount of wealth, Ironfist is of great importance to this team

  • Another one of my all time favorites not only is she a hot super spy but she is as deadly as she is beautiful.I think a partnership between her and Daredevil can be pretty interesting and with all the training she's had with Shield,Hydra,Taskmaster, she's a pretty damn good addition to the team not mention she's got pretty useful super powers with her phermones and venom blast abilities,plus she's got a charming personality!!!

  • This guy packs alot of heat he's a weapon a soldier and an american bad ass he's a miltary base in a suit of armor.And when this team is ready for war its gonna be good to have a War Machine on your side.NEXT TIME BABY!!!!

  • It never hurts to have a psychic on your team and while Scott Summers is running around with Emma Frost these days we get to see a resurrected Jean Grey donating her extraordinary telepacthic abllites to the team and she's single, hehe

  • He's the ROCKSTAR of the Marvel Universe, Johnny Storm brings attitude swagger and coolness to the team.He is also a great hero in his own right and his powers are awsome.I think he'll make some interesting moments for the team on duty or off duty this guys's a star

  • Having another lawyer around isn't such a bad idea.Jennifer Walters is sexy, smart, and sensationally strong,I would highly recommend not to piss her off.She also knows how to have fun and enjoy life while kicking butt

  • Daredevil's greatest partner and love interest!