Characters I like and why

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  • He is my all time favorite hero!Its really hard to describe how I feel about this guy because there's really no words to describe it . He is truly a MAN Without Fear and he is an example of no matter what happens to you,you can always overcome it,fall down 7 times stand 8 times.Justice Is Blind!!

  • The Robin that everybody loves to hate but I love him.This guy means a hell of alot to me for personal reasons, but he is the man I would call to get stuff done.He is ruthless, dangerous, and his dark sense of humor is a killer.He will do anything necessary to get the job done.Long Live Jason Todd!!!

  • When I think of Barry Allen I think of a Living Legend, a walking champion of justice and Law & Order.When the greatest evil came to the DC Universe the GREATEST hero had to return.Let there be Lightning!!

  • This guy is so underrated its not even funny but that being said. Blade is a straight nightmare to the undead and any supernatural creature that threatens the world.Blade deserves much more then what Marvel gives him.He is the ultimate bad boy,he's the Daywalker!!

  • Helena Bertinelli is my favorite heroine,She is beautiful, dangerous and intelligent.I love the violent religious aspect of her character,as well as her ties to the Italian mob,it makes her very intriguing.

  • Future Trunks is so damn cool what else is there to say about him?He's just awsome!!

  • Nagato,what a complex character he is.He is my favorite character from Naruto he is powerful and dosen't mind destroying anything in his path to achieve his goal of bringing peace to the world, and thats whats interesting about him, he thinks he's justified to do anything he wants.His powers are cool and so is he.We are Pain!! We are God!!

  • Michael Lane has quickly become one of my favorite characters in comics, not only does he look cool and bad ass, but I like the background of his character.I love the fact that he confronts his inner demons and strives to better himself.He is a servant of God,he is Azrael Angel of Death!!

  • Another religious bad ass,Patience has the heart of a Lion and she can kill with the best of them.She will never say die and she will never rest until all things evil come to past.She is the Champion of the Church,she is the Magdalena!!

  • When I was in High School this was the guy I wanted to be like.he is freaking cool, when I read The Return of Superman I was hooked on this dude.He's the best teenage hero in the DC universe.Justice My Way!!

  • My favorite Avenger.Hawkeye is a hot tempered bad ass and he takes no crap from anyone.He also brings a tough swagger to the Avengers.

  • He is the most unpredictable hero in the Marvel universe.He can be extremely violent and he has no problem breaking bones to clean up the street.This guy does not play around.He is one of my all time favorites.He is a former mercenary turned hero.He is Moon Knight!!

  • He is by far the most interesting member of the X-Men.He is smooth,charming,tricky and flashy.Gambit is the absolute definition of cool and he is an all around laddies man.I can't find anything not to like about him.The name is Gambit MON AMI Remember it!!

  • Honor Loyalty and Courage.This guy has the whole package,not only is he one of Daredevil's closet allies but he has now become one of the most interesting characters Marvel has.His ability to create chi is very cool and he has the best hand to hand fighting skills in the Marvel universe.He is the Immortal Ironfist!!

  • I like this guy alot,its a shame DC ruined two of the great things I liked about him.The first thing was that he beat his drug addiction.The second thing was his relationship with his daughter,which I really enjoyed.But I will continue my support for Roy Harper as a loyal fan.

  • One of the most bad ass anti- heroes ever.

  • She's awsome.