The Junior Justice League

Superman gets a dream that Earth is under attack and he and the other Justice League members are unaware because they are on the either side of the universe on a mission. The Teen Titans try saving the Earth but fail due their lack of experience (even though most people know they will be able to handle it but since it’s Superman’s nightmare, I had to make it seem that The Teen Titans failed cause in reality, Superman doesn’t really believe that they are strong enough to save the day.)

 After experiencing that terrible nightmare, Superman orders Supergirl to create a team exactly like JLA but a little younger yet more experienced than the Teen Titans. Which means it has to have a Krypotonian Leader (Supergirl), a detective (Nightwing), an Amazonian (Donna Troy), a Speedster (Wally West) an Atlantean (Tempest) and a Martian (Miss Martian).

 Teenagers rebel but adults have to do what they are told as they’ve seen the ‘real world’ and known the consequences. So will these heroes who rebelled against their mentors when they were teenagers and tried to be different from them or what they thought be better than them be able to do the opposite as adults? Will they be able to be exactly like the JLA?

Oh and here’s what the JLA team consists of if you haven’t figured it out yet:
1)Superman (Kryptonian Leader)

2)Wonder Woman (The Amazon)

3)Batman (The Detective)

4)Flash (Barry Allen) (The Speedster)

5)Aquaman (The Atlantean)

6)Martian Manhunter (The Martian) 

NOTE: I suck at Grammar.

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