The Top Spider-Girl Villains

These are the top villains in the Spider-Girl comic book series. 
Who are the meanest and baddest baddies Mayday Parker has face-off against through her career as the Spectcular Spider-Girl?

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  • Roderick Kingsley, the original Hobgoblin, is the No. 1 Spider-Girl villain. Simply put he took Norman Osborn's goblin gear and formula and perfected it and craved out a legacy of his own. The perfect villain for Mayday, he has the experience and intellect that proves his worth as Spider-Girl's arch-nemesis. He has taken down some of Spider-Girl's allies namely the New Warriors(Twice!), American Dream, paralyzing one of the Ladyhawks, and killing the Venom symbiote. Kingsley seem to be winning the gang war which he mastermind behind the scenes having already having battle Spider-Girl, the New Warriors, and American Dream but was stabbed from behind by Spider-Girl's clone, Mayhem. The Menace of the Hobgoblin is seems to be over....

  • Fabian LaMuerto is the Black Tarantula in the MC2 Universe and the Kingpin of Crime.

    He is both ally and foe to Spider-Girl which can be a dangerous combination as May questions if the Tarantula can be trusted.

    He has a infatuation with her and sees her as the perfect mate to continue his bloodline. His powers stem from mystical origins, making him near invincible, and he is the target of other crimelords who hope to take him down as Kingpin such as Canis, and the Hobgoblin.

    He is currently in a relationship with formerly ex-lover Araña, who killed his father. He has now appear to have retire from crime handing the title of Kingpin to Man Mountain Marko and leaving his criminal empire to start a family with his bride, Araña.

  • Élan DeJunae, Fury the Goblin Queen.

    She hopes to be a Queen of a New World Order, as she attempts to force Normie into taking back up his grandfather's mantle but is repeatly defeated by Mayday. She has learned May is Spider-Girl thanks to May's clone, April. Betrayed by the Cult of the Goblin she wants Mayday to suffer and to drive her, in Fury's own words, "stark raving MAD!"

    To toy with May and her family she had Connie Frederickson, who may have been Norman Osborn's daughter, to pose herself off as the daughter of Ben Reilly and murders her to distract May and manipulate April into joining her.

    With vast and intimate knowledge of May and her family she proves herself as a top tier Spider-Girl villain.

  • Carolyn Trainer, Lady Octopus, is another of May's dangerous foes. She has defeated May in battle numerous times while secretly working with the Black Tarantula to help him become the Kingpin of Crime. It's only after May's training from Elektra that she is able to defeat Lady Octopus.

  • The original Green Goblin may be dead in the MC2 Universe but his presence and hand can still be felt.

    He mold his grandson to become the Green Goblin and prompted May to become Spider-Girl. His grandson eventually found redemption but Norman Osborn's legacy never died as his Cult of the Goblin set his final revenge into motion leading to the discovery that he cloned Mayday when he kidnapped her as a baby. This clone of May, a human/symbiote hybrid, was part of his plot to achieve immortality but is foil by Mayday, April(May's clone) and Peter Parker in the end.

    With the Cult of the Goblin still at large, Osborn's legacy is still very much alive.

    Norman Osborn is the reason Peter Parker retired in the MC2 Universe. It was in their final battle that cost Peter his right leg and Osborn his life.

  • Seth was the ultimate stepping stone for May. In the toughest battle of her life May managed to land an effective blow onto Seth in time for the Avengers, the Fantastic Five and other heroes of NYC to take him down. It was Spider-Girl epic showdown with Seth that cemented and earn her the respect of the superhero community.

  • Mr. Nobody has earned the title of 'Badass' in the Mark for Death storyline.

    Hired by Canis to killed Wilson Fisk, which he does, he also captures and tortures Darkdevil. He hasn't had a major role in the books since then, and his return is long overdue.