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25 Awesome Lesbians

Twenty-Five of my favorite lesbians and bisexual women in superhero comics. The characters cover the full range of heroes, anti-heroes, villains, and supporting cast.

I might go back and expand the list to fifty at some point in the future, as I left some characters off. So for now, honorary nods to Shrinking Violet, Lightning Lass, Andy Jones, Xavin, Black Cat, Syonide and quite a few others.

Listed (roughly) in order.

List items

  • The original New Mutants title was one of the first comics I read, and Shan is one of my all time favorite characters. Both her power and her "power signature" were really unique at the time. Bringing her out of the closet in the 1990s was just the icing on the cake!

  • Created back in the 1980s when the comic code prohibition against LGBTQIA characters was still in effect, Maggie (along with male contemporaries Northstar and Extrano) was as "out" as one could possibly be, even getting a girlfriend named Toby Raynes. Originally created as a supporting character for Superman, Maggie was later shifted over to the Bat-verse/Gotham, first as a cast member in Gotham Central and more recently as a potential love interest for Batwoman in Detective Comics.

  • One of the most bad ass characters around, Scandal is the daughter of immortal caveman Vandal Savage. She was dating Knockout at the time of the other's death, and is currently involved with Liana Kerzner. She has a healing factor, and wields her Lamentation Blades with deadly skill.

  • Easily the most prominent LGBTQIA character in superhero comics, Kate is currently headlining Detective Comics, DC's flagship title. (Ex-girlfriend Question II has the back-up/co-feature.)

  • Butt-kicking bisexual Amazon and girlfriend of Thunder. Former member of Batman's black ops team, the Outsiders.

  • The most recently created character on the list, Alkyone's a new villain in the Wonder Woman title. She appeared to die recently, but as any comic fan will tell you, you can't keep a good villain down.

  • Current girlfriend of Scandal, Liana's a hopelessly optimistic stripper who's dating a supervillain. There's just something really endearing about her.

  • A former Gotham City police officer, Renee picked up the legacy of her friend Vic Sage after he passed away from lung cancer, becoming the second Question. She's the ex-girlfriend of Batwoman, and also had a long term relationship with Darla Hernandez. Currently she has the co-feature/back-up in DC's flagship title, Detective Comics.

  • Former member of Batman's Black ops team, the Outsiders, and girlfriend of Grace. Annisa finished med school (keeping her promise to her father, Jefferson Pierce/Black Lightning) before deciding to get involved in superheroics. Her younger sister Jennifer is a member of the Justice Society of America.

  • Best friend of Selina Kyle. Holly briefly donned Selina's costume, becoming the second Catwoman. She was implicated in a murder, and forced to go on the run (breaking up with girlfriend Karon first). She received Amazon training, so its possible she'll put on a costume again one day.

  • Former member of the Female Furies of Apokalypse. Later, Kay came to Earth seeking freedom. She was first romantically involved with Superboy, then with Scandal. Knockout was killed along with the rest of the New Gods in the lead up to Final Crisis.

  • Native American weather manipulator. Sarah's a cast member in Gen-13 (Wildstorm), where's she's been variously portrayed as either lesbian or bisexual, depending on which reboot number you're reading.

  • Daughter of Felix Faust. She was the girlfriend of the second Syonide. Sadly, neither character was around all that long. Hopefully they'll get resurrected someday.

  • A speedster! Blitzen is from the Milestone universe, which is supposed to be integrated into the DCU soon. I'm looking forward to seeing more of her (and girlfriend Donner).

  • Martyr's been pretty prominent in Marvel's cosmic books recently, where she kicks all kinds of butt. She's the girlfriend of Moondragon, daughter of Mar-Vell, and sister of Genis-Vell and Hulkling.

  • Precognitive X-villain. Irene had a life long affair with Mystique.

  • A character from Milestone, Donner's the superstrong girlfriend of Blitzen. I vastly preferred her original "butch" look (as seen in the Milestone books) to the look she had in her recent JL appearance.

  • Former member of the Avengers and Infinity Watch. Heather came out later in life when she had a brief flirtation with Marlo Jones. Later she hooked up with Phyla-Vell/Martyr.

  • Minor X-character. Silly name, cool visual. Roxy had a crush on new student "Fox", who turned out to be a shapeshifted Mystique.

  • Bisexual wife of Hulk sidekick Rick Jones. Marlo had a brief flirtation with Moondragon before Heather broke it off and encouraged Marlo to reconcile with her husband.

  • One of the most famous X-villains. Raven had a lifelong on-again, off-again affair with fellow mutant Destiny.

  • Bisexual former member of the JLoA. Hopefully, Sigrid will, err, get her skin back and return to action soon.

  • Girlfriend of Holly Robinson/Catwoman II. She's been MIA since they broke up.

  • Teenage lesbian from Marvel's Runaways.