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The Redemption King
The Redemption King

Damon FordGeneral Stats
Age:Twenty-Five Y/O
Weight:196 Ibs

Thus, He was Born

Work in Prog.

Mutant Attributes

Impenetrable Skin
Impenetrable Skin

Among Mutant and X-Gene possessors alike, Damon Ford himself bears the mighty genes comparable to those of superhuman, Hero and Villian alike. The Debonair's control over both his Mind and Body is, simply put, over-extraordinary. One of many servants towards the Raysh Al Shaytan's cause, Damon fought amongst the League of Shadows; due to his servitude with the now eradicated League, the Son of Shadows carries attributes only the committed possess: Control over All. Coupled with the standard superhuman attributes (Speed, Strength, Endurance,) one of Ford's mores Surreal abilities includes the strengthened bone and muscle tissues that compact of his structural physique. Due to these utmost rare gifts, Damon possesses skin tougher than diamond itself. Because of this, Physical Attacks like blunt force, piercing thrusts, or gunfire proves to not harm the Debonair as they all seem to bounce off of in retaliation. Though his durability does reach to a certain extent, Damon's skin can most-impressively withstand forces like speeding cars and explosives.

Balanced with his supreme durability lays Damon's great endurance. Normally, a standard humans muscle tissues produce fatigue toxins forcing them to slow or stop, and while Damon's tissues produce fatigue toxins, they produce very less than that of a normal human. Due to this, he is able to go days on end of physical activity without a single sweat. It is only until he reaches into a feral state of mind Damon's endurance begins to deteriorate. Alongside his strengthened muscle and bone tissue, Ford's physical strength can reach to an extent of flipping an entire car over. Lastly, Ford's speed and agility compare beyond that of an Olympic Gold Medal Athlete. Gifted with a complex string of genes and tissue the Master of the Mesozoic can perform movements like no other. Agility was brought upon him during his time in the League though it soon evolved further as his Mutant gifts took play.

Master Manipulator

As though “profiling” may be perceived as simply observing a target’s outer-appearance - e.g. (hair, skin, eye - color), physical impairments, clothing - the talent proves to be much more complex than just what the human eye can render. A rather exceptional profiler understands that it isn’t just the how that is important, but also the why. Himself, whilst dipping his fingers into the world of flamboyancy and entrepreneurship, Damon has learned and mastered the art in which stretches to the extent of knowing what type of cologne a man wears just by the way he walks, and the clothing he wears. This all correlates with the fact that Ford is able to take three things into account when profiling: the current and usual psychological state the target is in (confident, shy, anxious), the way a target moves and talks (a stutter, a subtle or severe limp), and why they are doing a specific thing (or at a specific place) in a certain moment: present, past, or even future. This ability itself allows Damon to prepare for future events, or in the event of an altercation, predict attacks just by how someone’s footing is placed or which way their hips move along with torso.

Master Profiler
Master Profiler

Damon possesses the talent to essentially peer into someone’s mind, just by staying within shouting range. He gets into the way they think, their motives, hobbies, their past and long-term goals. In the span of a simple greeting, Damon can understand why a person speaks, moves, or walks the way they do. For example, someone who is anxious. Usually more than not, an anxious person may find themselves acting more sporadic than usual. Whether they are unusually shy, or physically uncomfortable (rapidly tapping a finger or foot, fidgeting with an object comfortable enough to be held, a stutter, or even a hint of fear when approached.) Whether someone who is more angry than anxious acts more, outwards. They act either two ways, dismissive, which then leads to an explosive outrage (time varies depending on the person.) Each emotion, Ford has encountered. And countered through trial and error.

Becoming a skilled profiler was but only the first step in Ford’s journey becoming a psychological master. Though not last, the following step towards Ford’s goal became achieving the ability to concentrate and control any conversation he found himself in, or in other words: Social Manipulation. Whether one is an extrovert or introvert, angry or frightened, Ford adjusts his own attitude towards the person. Either coming out positive or negative, each of Ford’s words are meticulously planned in order to achieve a certain goal. More times than not, there is never only one option. Though depending on the situation at hand, Ford usually exploits the option that guarantee’s total success, whatever the goal may have been. This, along with Social Profiling itself proves Ford an exceptional Observer, Con Artist, and Interrogator.