Bonaparte Boons: The Panther Superchariot (W.I.P.)

“Ashes are falling
like snow in the wintertime
but snow does not burn...”

- Panthera Automobilis -
- Panthera Automobilis -


"Prowler Mode" (Standard Cruise)

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Engine:BonaTech hybrid power cell with jet turbine and Kinetic Energy Recovery System
Horsepower:1200 bhp
Top Speed:209 mph without afterburner; 0-60 mph in 2.7 seconds
Transmission:Continuosly Variable Planetary Transmission and hub mounted electric motor for highly adaptable power delivery and maneuverability
Fuel Type:Nitro-Methane
Maximum Speed:Threshold raised by 30%
Temp. At Vent:1100 °C
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Seat:Electromagnetic Lock/Ejection
Communications:Enhanced intel and recon capabilities
Telemetry:AI and remote guidance systems
Armament:Immobilizer Missiles
Payload:5gm high explosive cl-20/hmx cocrystal
Warhead:2.75 in (70 mm)
Guidance:Laser/infrared homing
Motor:Hub mounted electric
Material:Advanced synthetic fibre composite
Diameter:4 ft 7 in (1.40 m)
Brakes:26 Carbonic alloy linked to Kinetic Energy Recovery System
TCS:Advanced all terrain traction technology
Purpose:Passenger transport
Space:2 seats / large cargo
Durability:Resistant to kinetic forces exceeding 4,500 lb/sq in
Dampening:Air Brakes with regenerative energy mechanism
Material:Graphene composite
Actuator:High speed hydraulic cylinder
Stopping Distance:Reduction by 78%
Voltage:200 - 300 kv range
Delivery:Front and rear conduction rods
Purpose:Vandalism Protection

"Hunter Mode" (Combat Engagement)

Thickness:120mm at thickest point
Material:Carbon nanotube aggregate
Blast Resistance:Explosive reactive armor around cockpit
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Ammunition Gauge:25mm
Length:1.8 meters
Purpose:Anti-Tank and Surface-to-Air combat
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Ammunition Type:60mm high explosive penetrator shells
Muzzle Velocity:1,680 meters per second
Estimation:Able to penetrate 820 mm of steel armor at point blank range.
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Ammunition:Non-lethal Slam Rounds
Slam Round:Flexible plastic casing filled with 50 grams of rubber pellets
Purpose:Minimum long-term trauma & immobilization
Mounting:4 Hydraulic Arms
Range of Motion:360 lateral spin for combat maneuvering
Material:Bullet proof synthetic fibers (Graphene Composite)
Weight Supported:2.2 t
Purpose:Multipurpose grapple claw



Owing to perfectly segmented and sloped armor, The Panther boasts a heavily armored exterior easily capable of withstanding automatic fire from an assault rifle, and a grenade launcher blast, with no ill effect on its performance. Yet much more sleeker than an actual tank, it features a central single man cockpit, as opposed to the traditional 4 man tank crew accomdation. However, The Panther features room to transport two passengers, within a sealed compartment in the back. Besides it's standard powertrain the vehicle has inbuilt maneuvering thrusters that not only allow it to turn over but also strafe short distances, to avoid enemy attacks. It was also fast enough to be able to drive on walls and ceilings over short distances. Each wheel has an independent suspension and turn which gives The Panter a zero turning radius. The car could turn its wheels 90° and crab steer (drive sideways).

Uniquely, The Panther has the ability to transform, on the fly, into "Hunter Mode" which gives it the appearance akin to that of a battle tank, with a wider track, higher ground clearance, and featured various weapons including a Vulcan Minigun, 60mm Cannon, Missiles, and non-lethal riot suppressors. Enemies who were unfortunate enough to make contact with it's exterior would be knocked out by a charge of electricity. Other features include an EMP to stun hostile vehicles (itself being EMP-proof) and knock missles out of the air, a device that allows it to hack into remote system and turn them against each other, and a power winch, to pull down walls, or to allow The Prowler to act as a counter weight. In this mode, The Panther traded it's top speed for immense maneuverability: able to move sideways and diagonally indefinitely. The headlights all turned red in that mode.

The Panther's momentum can be transferred to Damien through an electromagnetic interaction between the suit and the seat, by accelerating, then ejecting, which allows him to gain speed and height to his glide, and allows for faster traversal of the entire city, and not just the streets.

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