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⚔ Lethal Weapons for a Lethal Man ⚔
⚔ Lethal Weapons for a Lethal Man ⚔

Sange (散華) refers to the scattering of flower petals during Buddhist ceremonies.


Long ago, the legendary smith Masamune Okazaki was challenged by his disciple to see who of them could make a finer blade. They both worked tirelessly and eventually the master smith forged Yawarakai-Te (柔らかい手, "Tender Hands") from his own pride and soul. The blade that cut only that which was deserving and became known as Kusanagi-no-Tsurugi ("Grass-Cutting Sword").

It's craftsmanship was said to be so divine and it's edge so sharp that it cut the fangs of time itself, preserving it forever, and any blade that acted upon it instead split in half. When the god Susano'o was still young he found this weapon in the intestines of Yamato-no-Orochi and wielded it proudly until it's unfortunate loss and subsequent reappearance.

  • Stormtouched of Susano'o - Once the Shinto god's prized possession, Ame-no-Murakumo-no-Tsurugi (天叢雲剣, "Sword of the Gathering Clouds of Heaven"), it now imparts the lingering divinity onto a worthy wielder. Granting an unimaginable and undisputable dominion o'er the sky in all it's raging splendor. No droplet of rain or relentless strand of lightning is out of their commanding grasp.
    • Great Blessing of Thunder and Lightning - In the heat of battle the katana sings with the twin powers of celestial discharge. It's blade ever oscilating to cut through any metal and able to imbue the worthy wielder with the alacrity of electricity.
  • Yin Enchantment - A benevolent blade. It's wielder must come from an evil place and utilize it's touch in a righteous crusade. Otherwise the will of Susano'o shall smite them.

Yasha (夜叉) are guardian deities. They are generally benevolent, though they're often depicted as demonlike warriors.


Long ago, the legendary smith Sengo Muramasa challenged his master to see who of them could make a finer blade. They both worked tirelessly and eventually the young smith forged Juuchi Yosamu (十千夜寒, "10,000 Cold Nights") from his own envy and soul. However, the blade cut indiscrimately when submerged into the creek where they tested their swords and so it's creator shattered the weapon over Masamune's work.

It wasn't until later that it was reforged when Susano'o needed a weapon capable of killing demons. T'was done using the scales shed by the serpent itself and became empowered by it's essence, for the demon couldn't be harmed otherwise. The god discarded the weapon in favor of Kusanagi and it was lost until it's recent rediscovery.

  • Voracity of 8 Snake Heads - The sword has the viscera of the all-eating sea serpent. It bestows upon the wielder the ability to swallow things for storage inside the vacuum of it's endless gut. However, they may only displace as much as they themselves weigh. Fortunately, the objects never seem out of arm's reach when needed.
    • Curse of Snakescale - In the remaking of the sword, the immortal scales of the mythical serpent were used as a material. Due to that the blade continuously secretes an oily, corrosive venom that not only allows it to seamlessly slice any organic substance but also induce immediate necrosis and an agonizing death.
  • Yang Enchantment - A malevolent blade. It's wielder must bear a guilty heart stemming from good intent lest the venom of Yamata-no-Orochi shall rot their body.


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