Bonaparte Boons: Lexus LFA "Ozymandias"

- The King of Kings -
- The King of Kings -

Official Overview


Lexus (Bonaparte retrofit)

ProductionDec 2010 – Dec 2012
Model years2010–2012
Org. AssemblyMotomachi, Toyota City, Japan
ClassSuper car
Body style2-door coupé
2-door roadster (concept only)
LayoutFront-mid-engine, rear mid-transaxle, rear-wheel drive
Engine4.8 L 1LR-GUE Even firing V10
Transmission6-speed automated sequential gearbox
Wheelbase2,605 mm (102.6 in)
Length4,505 mm (177.4 in)
Width1,895 mm (74.6 in)
Height1,220 mm (48.0 in)
Curb weight1,614 kg (3,559 lb)

Unofficial Specifics

--Devoted fan of the automotive industry, Damien owns an extensive collection of personal vehicles. These exemplars of performance and innovation oft find themselves under the prying fingers of their peculiar owner, none more than his prized Lexus LFA "Ozymandias". --

- Interface -
- Interface -

The Blood of Bonaparte made extensive modifications to his automobile to ensure both optimal and improved performance in his professional endeavors. Aside from using various light metamaterials to reinforce it's integrity without sacrificing any added weight almost all of the original systems have been improved or changed entirely.

One of the most important characteristics that the vehicle is able to interface with Damien's personal computer and used it's own super-computer to aid in various cybernetic endeavors besides providing seamless access networks such as Wi-Fi or older systems. Ozymandias' systems allow Damien to do everything from monitor communications to drive the car hands-free via a voice-activated autopilot. The inside of the windshield acts as an platform through which the driver interacts with the computer and commands specific portions of the vehicle.

Of course, Ozymandias' internal computer is able to interact with remote satellite networks to feed the GPS with up to date information and filter through local data to provide the driver with a plethora of shortcuts and routes.

- 0 to 1000 -
- 0 to 1000 -

Bona Boson-Tachyon Power: The entire vehicle operates independently of fossil fuels and conventional alternative methods. In actuality, there is not even a fuel tank or generator present within the vehicle. Instead the compartment in the rear of the vehicle originally housing those has been replaced with a larger version of the Bona Boson-Tachyon singularity containment unit that allows the vehicle to operate on the influx of Speed Force energies alone. Not only does this eliminate the need to refuel but also transfers the classical speedster qualities onto the vehicle and 'uberclocking' the engine. To compensate for the immense build up of heat, several metamaterial heatsinks have been placed into the vehicle and the brakes have direct air intake, yet the act of breaking from metahuman velocities almost always burns out of the drum brake system.

  • Driving Assistance - Naturally, the rigors of super-speed are beyond the realm of mortal reaction times. Thus the on-board computer not only categorizes and maintains these 'Speed Force Functions' but also artifically suppliments the driver's response with auditory clues and computer-assisted semi-automatic driving.
  • Phase Drive - The vehicle has access to the standard speedster ability of molecular oscillation. It is able to vibrate it's entirety out of synch with the frequency of matter and thus seamlessly phase through any obstacle. The driver will be taken with the vehicle only if their belt is present and secured.
  • Kinetic Winder - When in the need of a truly immediate stop a super-science device present near the engine is able to siphon off the vehicle's inertia and redirect it into a 'Jumpstart Module', allowing virtually instant take-off.

Camouflage Capabilities: Damien installed a holographic imager in Ozymandias to mask his appearance when used in public areas. The imager can also follow the crew movements and then display a 3-D laser light image on the car's tinted windows. The imager has over 100 different people on file that are selected randomly when the function activates. The car also has quick flip license plates and liquid crystal paint that changes color when exposed to certain electrical impulses. All these features enable the driver to alter the appearance of the car and its passengers at will.

  • Omniwidth Disruptor - This device allows the vehicle to deny the reception of unlisted frequencies within several feet around the vehicle to shield from radar/sonar/surveillance attempts.

The car's special headlights can emit ultraviolet and infrared light to increase visibility in low-light/foul weather and no-light conditions, respectively.

For defense, the car's modified chassis conceals smaller weapons pods of both ballistic, explosive and energetic nature. Damien designed the car so the pods could be hidden on its underside or behind special panels carefully built into it's sleek chassis. Oil sprays and missile defense systems are also present.

Naturally, the vehicle has state-of-the-art facial and motion recognition software and will not permit unlisted personel entry. The liquid crystal paint can actually be used to electrocute perps in contact with the vehicle. Furthermore, a retinal scan and hand-print scans are needed to start the car.