Bonaparte Boons: Damien's "HADO" Shōzoku

“The wind of war -
blowing across my face,
the thunder roaring wildly.”

- H. A. D. O. -
- H. A. D. O. -

“Finding himself outgunned after the events of the CIA raid, Damien has devised an entirely new means of personal protection - The Tactical H.A.D.O. (= Harness of Acute and Diverse Operation) System. It's main contributors being the retrofitted technology from the C.I.A. Vault and artifacts from The Lightning's extradimensional armory.”


The first layer is formed out of Damien's Motherbox-turned-prosthetic spreading to coat the entirety of his person, save for a visor and his scalp, in programmable matter colloquially refered to also as 'smart fabric'. This resulting endoskeleton serves as a skintight, impact-resistant foundation upon which his external modular armor adheres. Connection between the layers is achieved through the shell's innate ability to moderate the flux of inter-atomic attraction (electrostatic force) between molecular boundary layers. Despite appearing as a form of black polymer, the material has actually more in common with carbon. It's hexagonial pattern leaves it with a very smooth texture while it's odd origin endows it with exotic properties:

Durability & Insulation - Though not bulletproof, the shell is highly bullet resistant and can easily shrug off small caliber gunfire. It also has ablative capabilities that offer protection against low-level energy attacks like electricity and laser beams. The mask that veils Damien's mouth actually filters the intake of air on a microscopic level.

Muscular Synchronicity - Perhaps the most formidable feature of the shell is the psychoreactivity integrated into the material. This fact enables the shell to stretch and contract like artificial human muscle, but with multiton levels of force. The smart fabric also sports some form of 'material memory' that allows it to learn movements from sheer repetition and cooperate with Damien during their application. Hence, the shell increases the natural athletic and martial disposition of the wearer to superhuman levels.

Intramolecular Contraction - The suit can locally emit small charge of unknown energy which contracts the molecules of a nearby object or surface, essentially shrinking it (e.g. - shrinking a window so as to avoid shattering or cutting glass). Additionally, the suit's own molecules can 'choke' nearby molecules which allows Damien to adhere to walls.

Extramolecular Relaxation - Inverting the principle of his ability to contract molecules, The HADO system can emit a charge that is on the opposite end of an identical spectrum to repel itself from the ground (Possibly by isolating itself from foreign matter.) or send a charge through the ground that causes the surface to repulse every thing in the area of few feet around Damien.


- Hidden Compartments -
- Hidden Compartments -

The external armor (the secondary and tetriary layers) is a tartan consolidation of various technologies found within the air-tight premises of the CIA Vault. Being cobbled from retrofitted super-villain gadgets and fringe-science prototypes the system is currently far from an ideal design and aims primarily to broaden Damein's outlooks during a combat situation both alone and through interplay. The exoskeleton not only enforces the wearers fortitude with the resilient materials that are it's composite, but also allow him smooth operation under conditions that would otherwise force him to rely on additional equipment.. Being a homage to the classical Shinobi Shōzoku, the external armoring is not bulky and emphasizes on Damien's speed and agility.

Aside from providing increased protection from various hazards the external armor has elaborate circuitry woven into it that modulates Damien's body temperature. It's eccentric onyx vest is fashioned from an electroreactive fabric that while not the most resilient allows for acts of both deception, camouflage and even gliding after recieving an electric impulse. After his painful experience with the Hyper-Mutant breed, external armor the comes with rudimetary medical repair and biometric scanning, administering a cocktail of pain-killers into the carpal and tightening around a damaged area once detected.

Various other components can be added based on the mission at hand due to the armor working on a simple 'slot in/slot out' basis. Housed in the chin guard is a speech synthesizer which grants Damien a deep and chilling voice over his own. This also enables him to reproduce other voices, which is useful for undercover missions. Reverse engineered from the communicator on an alien crashpod, the OmLinC (Omni-Linguistic Communicator) can analyze and translate any unfamiliar language, human or alien, in a relatively short amount of time (effectivity is dependent on the current version of the CPU).

OBIE (On-Board Computer) - Because the embryotic shell can process only a limited amount of information, the HADO system is supplemented by an additional CPU that controls many of the system's functions. The CPU is present in one of the discs on Damien's hip while it's separated hard drives, up to 4 slots, are built into to his armor at various points. Damien views OBIE's computer output via a heads up display (HUD) projected onto his lenses. This output is intelligently tucked into a corner of his field of vision, but completely invisible to others. After establishing a connection, OBIE can also display its output on external monitors like those in Damien's vehicles such as The Ozymandias.

Intelligent Lenses - ...

Ceramic Plating - The polished magenta segments of the armor are designed to offer increased protection to most conventional and some unconventional forms of damage. They are fashioned out of a light boron-carbide ceramic composite that is immensely resistant to ballistic damage. However, in it is prone to fracture after a powerful hit and thus the wearer must constantly stay on their toes. It is also heat retardant, capable of endure the scorching heat of 2000°C, but it's most interesting protection is that against radiation. The ability of boron carbide to absorb neutrons without forming long-lived radionuclides makes it a relatively cheap absorbent.

Particle Shielding -The system's cybernetic systems are fully shielded against EMPs and similar phenomena due using the wearer's innate Morphogenetic Field as a medium to erect a relatively weak artificial magnetosphere (A few hundred nanoTesla.) around his person. The principle uses the natural presence of handful of positive and negative ions in each cubic centimetre of the atmosphere. By moving, the field sweeps sweep these stray ions ahead of it, causing them to bunch up into a denser region of plasma. Because of the separation of charge within this plasma, it generates its own electric field that deflects invasive high-energy particles.
Tactical Cestus - Incorporating an ancient concept into it's whole, the suit's gloves aren't actual gloves at all. They are cestus, a pair of old greco-roman battle gloves traditionally used during pankration, but adapted to modern use. In this case the cestus aren't intended to solely protect the hands but also fortify Damien's grip. The structure of the gloves is a rather intricate form of meta-fiber bandaging all the way from the fist to the forearm which acts as a 'casket' to the wearer to prevent the wrists and finger bones from breaking under heavy weight. With these cestus equipped, The Bonaparte can dig his fingers even into steel given the effort. Being infused with trace amounts of silver gives Damien an edge against supernatural beings, especially those of ghostly nature.

Web Dispensers- Built into the forementioned Tactical Cestus and reverse-engineered from the technology of a Golden Age insect-themed villain known as Dr. Arachno, this pair of dispensers serve as a more practical analogue of a standard grappling hook. Cartridges of artificial spider-silk endow the webbing with incredible tensile strength (a strand the thickness of a pen being able to bring a plane from full speed to a stop) and allow Damien not only to trap his foes but grant him increased locomotion.

Utility Compartments - Despite appearing rather lacking in terms of utilities, HADO's sleek design actually features a handful of concealed hermetical pouches chiefly incorporated into the suit's ceramic plating. These hidden containers store a myriad of miniaturized marvels such as - tracers, various gas pellets and poisons, lock-picks, a rebreather, a high-power laser, explosive gel, hypersonic grenades, stun pellets, a hypercoolant and a hyperincendiary, an adhesive, a matching collapsible dispenser that can double as a taser, a disruptor, etc.

Weaponized 3D Printer - ...


The endoskeletal layer of the system being borne out of the abominated remains of a Motherbox, the embryotic material is a type of psychoreactive programmable matter which, aside from possessing a limited ability to adjust it's intristic properties, has an innate ability to compute or atleast process information (Hence responding to Damien's mental stimuli.). This fact supplemented by additional equipment within the suit allows Damien to remotely interact with both machines and information networks within a certain range.

Holographic Interface - One of the most utilitarian features is the holographic interface, which generates flat screen holograms that moderate the suit and allow for remote communication. Aside from functioning as a mere display it can be navigated in a fashion identical to a conventional computer screen to display data either stored in his uniform's memory or obtained from external sources like websites. It can be freely molded to allow for multitasking and allows for 3D conversion of data (Topological Maps, Architectural Plans, etc.).

Hacking Tool - ...

Infonet Responder - The uniform's infonet responder present within his left gauntlet grants Damien wireless access and direct communications with a plethora of systems. Cable connection is possible through an assortment of connectors. The Bonaparte can also use this device to monitor and control any systems connected to a wireless computer: surveillance, forecast, etc.

Radio Receiver - A wide-band radio receiver enables Damien to scan and potentially tap into a broad spectrum of radio transmissions. One of the more convenient applications include analysis of radio traffic and possibly local tracking.


Satellite Hands-Free Cellphone

Mínos Mode - The uniform can generate electrical interference that renders it, and by extension Damien, invisible to security cameras by channeling a low voltage charge directly from Damien's Morphogenic Field and through the uniform.


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