? ༺ Beyul Rigzin Namsum, Pemakö ༻

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༕ Three Vidyadharas of the Hidden Land

Pemakö (Tib. པདྨ་བཀོད་, Wyl. pad+ma bkod) or 'Lotus Array' is perhaps the most famous of all the hidden lands (Tib. béyül, Wyl. sbas yul), which according to prophecies, are to be revealed or 'opened' by tertöns throughout the Himalayan region. It is located in southeastern Tibet, where the Brahmaputra river descends into India.

Whereas the area's status as a beyul or 'hidden valley' is more of a metaphor for it's untouched nature it does contain a true mythical gem.

This is Beyul Rigzin Nansum, where three vidyadharas of Shiva remain to pass their wisdom. It is perched high within the mountains, where air is thin. Padmasambhava assigned deities to protect the beyul. Protective forces manifest as snowstorms, mists and snow leopards along a shifting, uncertain and treatcherous path. But those who wish destruction upon Rigzin Nansum are sure become feast for snowlions within the blizzard.

It was home to a caste of warrior monks. The Shirai Ryu held the knowledge of Dragon's Pulse granted to them by vidyadharas for 777 years. They were supposed to pass this wisdom only onto great warriors, yet turned away all away in favor of keeping the secret powers of the Dragon's Pulse to themselves. Which is why Damien purged the entire monastery and took it for himself as the one true Dragon of the Valley.

Nobody denies Bonaparte.

Since that fateful night, several men and women have found their way through the mist and thus the closed beyul gained a new lease on life. Progress won over tradition, eclecticism washed away stagnation and the Shirai Ryu live again.

༕ Feature: Hidden Valley

Situated in what is effectively the eye of the storm, the valley is a steep paradise. Contrasting the lethal elements and exposure that wards off all intruders, the valley is always sunny and full of life.

Several dozen buildings are built into a curving mountain-side to accomodate folk detached from life in the monastery and under the protection of Shirai Ryu. Lush greenery and agricultural terraces are placed strategically in flat areas or layered not unlike rice paddy fields of china.

Denizens of this beyul are predominately vegetarian and coexist with all animal life in supernatural harmony due to practice of Buddhism.

Mani wheels can be found all across the valley. High or low, plain or obscured. One can find a prayer wheel in the most serene places. Furthermore, colorful prayer flags adorn most of the structures and pathways.

༕ Feature: The Monastery

It sits high above the village and is home to the sect of Shirai Ryu, or the 'Flow of The White Well'. Extensive fortifications are incorporated into it's design, though rather needlessly considering the structure houses one of the most elite fighting forces in the world.

The main temple is enveloped by high walls and supplimentary structures - barracks, training grounds, armory, warehouse, bathhouse, etc. Though the overall living luxuries are virtually non-existent and a minimalist lifestyle is enforced via essential buddhist teachings. However, the Shirai Ryu do not follow any specific buddhist or hinduist philosophy.

Despite sporting a modern firing range, no gunshots are ever heard in the valley below. The reason for this phenomenon remains a mystery even from Damien.

Instead, attributed to their eclectic nature, they perpetuate only most beneficial and effective ideas.

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  • The Blood Orchard - Decorated by vibrant prayer flags, this part of the monastery is reached through a narrow path into the mountain to a clearing where an unnaturally large and crimson colored tree sits. It's an arena where all inter-sect disputes are resolved and martial tests take place. It is said that under the tree is a small pond full of blood with a lone, white lotus floating on it's surface.
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  • Shrine of Yalung - Found all the way across the monastery, this is where some of the more esoteric rituals of the Shirai Ryu and Vidyadharas take place. The structure is in a poor state and inside many lit candles are scattered, apparently permanently lit. Here, the Mask of Yalung has it's pedestal. Some believe this is where the Dragon's Pulse is revealed to the worthy.
༕ Sect: Shirai Ryu
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The Sect and it's secrets remain hidden from the world.

All that remains from the old clan are the Shambhalan Record and the spiritual monks in contact with the Three Vidyadharas of Shiva who gave up violence for a life of study and spiritual growth. They function primarily as advisors to the Shirai Ryu.

These authentic spiritualists are why many attempt to reach Rigzin Namsum in their pilgrimage.


  • Standard CVU Rules apply.
  • This location cannot be reached by anyone without apropriate effort. Teleportation without consent will be no sold.
  • Major destruction is not allowed.