Travel Journal vol. 4 - "La Trempe" (WIP)


Day 14

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Entry 1: "It's been six days since we've departed from Kathmandu. The feeble path that was once under my feet is now all but gone and I am left wandering in the vast emptiness of Nepal. Under circumstances more hospitable, I would have believed this excursion a great hike but the blizzard that sweeped over the area just yesterday completely destroyed what was left of my sense of direction. Furthermore, now seperated from the sherpa, I must unfortunately assume the poor man either succumbed to the malicious weather or let cowardice guide his step. In any case I must consider my future employs more wisely."

Entry 2: "Judging based off of the sherpa's frequent celestial inquiries, it appears all my remaining hopes of finding the temple now lie in the Cassiopea constellation.

The aftermath of the blizzard significantly and relentlessly tests my mobility, not to mention the effectivity of my suit."

Day 15

Entry 1: "Since the day before I cannot shake the feeling that I am being watched. It is an uncanny feeling, as if the eye's of the whole world are pinned on my back but my surroundings are in fact barren and lifeless. My instincts force me to remain wary anyhow.

Also, it appears I am running low on rations. Perhaps I will manage to find a critter or two in the rockface ahead."

Day 16

Entry 1: "My suspicions proved true. I am being watched, by voracious animals as the remains of my sherpa reveal. I've already salvaged most of his gear, but the question remains. How did he get so far ahead? 'Tis almost as if he possessed supernatural celerity, or not, considering the state of his cadaver. They must be waiting for an apt opportunity to attack, one I will gladly provide."

Entry 2: "Ration problem solved.

I have been dealt a flesh wound by the predators after launching a surprise attack from below the snow, compromising my attire on the left forearm. However, I remain convinced it was a worth-while trade as I came to witness an actual pack of leopards attempting to tackle their prey. Both highly fascinating and highly bizzare, leopards should not behave in such fashion."


Day 19

Entry 1: "Bones. I am approaching the end of Cassiopea's tail and in proportion with my progress, the sighting of scattered bones increases in frequency. The most unsettling thing about this phenomenon is the fact that it's not just animal bones. Untouched human skeletons make up most of the litter, skulls seem to adorn the floors of this cavernous tunnel that stands in my way."

Entry 2: "I believe I have reached the end of my path... It's so surreal. Not the structure itself, but the landscape. As I am writing this entry, I am standing outside the tunnel's exit. It connects into a snowless valley where at the exact center stands the temple. However, all of the land around it, up to the mountains, appears to be maintained. From up here, where the trail of bones ends, my eyes notice a sense of organization or purpose in the area's layout. Every stone and little vegation is positioned to aggrandize the temple's significance, as if it was some exotic breed of an English landscape garden.

The temple appears to be just decades old, meant to expand and improve as needed. At it's very top sit's a bell tower which does not appear to see much use. There is not a single soul outside. I must reach the inner sanctum."


Day 153

Entry 1: "At last, I've finally mastered the leopard blow. No longer will I spend countless nights in study of the guardian snow leopards that once sought to open my intestines for a quick snack. No longer will I have to lay daily beating on the trunk of the Immortal Willow. The Leopard Style is mine and with it sweet moments of respite.

Entry 2: "Food is scarce here, we all eat together in front of the monk. Three times a day, a poisoned meal to strenghten further strengthen us and culI the weak. The strongest concentration always in the evening. Unfortunately, I anticipate that the monk will once again change the poison soon, I must prepare myself for nauseous nights.

Day 154

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Entry 1: "It's been months since I've meet the Voiceless Monk and his existence still baffles me to this day. Sitting motionlessly in the temple's centre like a boulder, the older students tell me the first three men who found him built the temple around him without any orders or gestures given.

Personally, I wasn't certain that the master is actually alive until I experienced him myself. Not only does he never move but he never talks, yet preaches volumes to us. Maybe he is a psychic or something truly divine, but his presence itself nourishes one's understanding.

Well, the understanding of those he deems worthy of his tutelage. For I've been explained that not all are able to locate this temple, as the bones outside signify. The area is shielded from the outside world somehow. Perhaps, once again, the Voiceless Monk is at blame."

Entry 2: "I'm beginning to feel the fruits of this most unusual training. When I first entered the sanctum, the monk would not even acknowledge me. I waited days for his word, slept at his feet even as the furor buit up inside of me. I leashed out then, just to realize that I was in the wrong. I have stormed in demaning his wisdom without any sensible claim, I sought to harvest him as another resource just as I did with The Circus, or The Ronin before.

Knowledge is a precious resource one cannot harvest, but accept. Words are lies I used to further myself in the world without any sense of reciprocation. Words were my affliction. I sacrificed my voice just like the Voiceless Monk.

Living without a voice is frustrating indeed, but the benefits of this doctorine are something truly spectacular. It is as if my brain rewired itself to develop another 'language' to replace my voice, a language based on the only thing aviable to me - movements and gestures, the body language.

The Voiceless Monk taught me to anticipate anything, to read my opponent's body as an open book where noticing a subtle sign meant to reveal a new page. He taught me to react before my opponent knew how to act."

"Only the body speaks the truth."


Day 684

Entry 1: "I am already coming to master this new ability of mine. First, my mind learned to know it's vessel and reach out to every nerve in my growing body, but recently my meditation begot an apperture in my mind's eye. The bottomless entirety of my mind now pours out into my surroundings to reach out to the humble furnishings of my room.

It sounds entirely insane. As if something out of Asimov's novels. But the blade dancing around me without a hand to lead it must be evident of my spritual growth. I think my intense physical training and spiritual self-exporation have laid foundation to weak psychic abilities like this exemplified telekinesis.

These new cantrips will be of great use during the graduation."

"I must survive."


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Random Facts

  • Descendant of Napoleon Bonaparte.
  • Age remains unknown, but it is assumed he's in his early thirties.
  • His name translates to "To tame the best parts.", which is appropriate since his genepool contains beneficial amounts of African, Aboriginee, Native American and Scandinavian information.
  • Suffers from permanent Tinnitus in left ear due to torture.
  • Ambidextrous, however bullet damage suffered to his left shoulder requires constant stretching of the arm in order to maintain it's painless functionality.
  • Prefered drink is any expensive brand of well-aged brandy, but will occasionally turn to tequila.
  • Favourite cuisine is Mediterranian and/or French.
  • Considered one of the best spies in the business, even though he works for himself.
  • Said to shadow-run atleast one small European country.
  • Collects cars, but often drives his custom wine-red Maserati GranTurismo.
  • Excessively educated and trained during his upbringing in order to become an adequate heir to the Bonaparte legacy. Due to this intense stimulation during his childhood he does not only possesses unprecedented levels of mental acuity - being a polymath, an excellent strategist, a polyglot and connoisseur of culture and fine arts - but also boasts impressive athletic conditioning that well outclasses even professional athletes.
  • Considered a "Martial Arts Picasso" as much like the famous painter, his fighting style could be considered a convertion of Pablo's art into physical form. His combination of French savate and northern Shaolin kung-fu is very vivid and obscure, often incorporating the use of odd strinking angles and improvised weaponry.
  • Unlike most polymaths Damien does not focus on scientific pursuit, only expanding his knowledge as needed, and rather focuses on practical fields like geography, history and engineering but also pseudo-science such as mentalism and illusionism. Without his implants, Damien is still an adept hypnostist.
  • Extensively worked to ensure he does not have a cybernetic imprint and his implants prevent him from acquiring one.
  • His designer suits are as much a stylish garment as they are a body armor.
  • Hypnotically preprogrammed to resist Telepathic Dominance by enhancing the reception of Tinnitus to disabling levels.
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