? ༺ Beyul Rigzin Namsum, Pemakö ༻

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༕ Three Vidyadharas of the Hidden Land

Pemakö (Tib. པདྨ་བཀོད་, Wyl. pad+ma bkod) or 'Lotus Array' is perhaps the most famous of all the hidden lands (Tib. béyül, Wyl. sbas yul), which according to prophecies, are to be revealed or 'opened' by tertöns throughout the Himalayan region. It is located in southeastern Tibet, where the Brahmaputra river descends into India.

Whereas the area's status as a beyul or 'hidden valley' is more of a metaphor for it's untouched nature it does contain a true mythical gem.

This is Beyul Rigzin Nansum, where three vidyadharas of Shiva remain to pass their wisdom. It is perched high within the mountains, where air is thin. Padmasambhava assigned deities to protect the beyul. Protective forces manifest as snowstorms, mists and snow leopards along a shifting, uncertain and treatcherous path. But those who wish destruction upon Rigzin Nansum are sure become feast for snowlions within the blizzard.

It was home to a caste of warrior monks. The Shirai Ryu held the knowledge of Dragon's Pulse granted to them by vidyadharas for 777 years. They were supposed to pass this wisdom only onto great warriors, yet turned away all away in favor of keeping the secret powers of the Dragon's Pulse to themselves. Which is why Damien purged the entire monastery and took it for himself as the one true Dragon of the Valley.

Nobody denies Bonaparte.

Since that fateful night, several men and women have found their way through the mist and thus the closed beyul gained a new lease on life. Progress won over tradition, eclecticism washed away stagnation and the Shirai Ryu live again.

༕ Feature: Hidden Valley

Situated in what is effectively the eye of the storm, the valley is a steep paradise. Contrasting the lethal elements and exposure that wards off all intruders, the valley is always sunny and full of life.

Several dozen buildings are built into a curving mountain-side to accomodate folk detached from life in the monastery and under the protection of Shirai Ryu. Lush greenery and agricultural terraces are placed strategically in flat areas or layered not unlike rice paddy fields of china.

Denizens of this beyul are predominately vegetarian and coexist with all animal life in supernatural harmony due to practice of Buddhism.

Mani wheels can be found all across the valley. High or low, plain or obscured. One can find a prayer wheel in the most serene places. Furthermore, colorful prayer flags adorn most of the structures and pathways.

༕ Feature: The Monastery

It sits high above the village and is home to the sect of Shirai Ryu, or the 'Flow of The White Well'. Extensive fortifications are incorporated into it's design, though rather needlessly considering the structure houses one of the most elite fighting forces in the world.

The main temple is enveloped by high walls and supplimentary structures - barracks, training grounds, armory, warehouse, bathhouse, etc. Though the overall living luxuries are virtually non-existent and a minimalist lifestyle is enforced via essential buddhist teachings. However, the Shirai Ryu do not follow any specific buddhist or hinduist philosophy.

Despite sporting a modern firing range, no gunshots are ever heard in the valley below. The reason for this phenomenon remains a mystery even from Damien.

Instead, attributed to their eclectic nature, they perpetuate only most beneficial and effective ideas.

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  • The Blood Orchard - Decorated by vibrant prayer flags, this part of the monastery is reached through a narrow path into the mountain to a clearing where an unnaturally large and crimson colored tree sits. It's an arena where all inter-sect disputes are resolved and martial tests take place. It is said that under the tree is a small pond full of blood with a lone, white lotus floating on it's surface.
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  • Shrine of Yalung - Found all the way across the monastery, this is where some of the more esoteric rituals of the Shirai Ryu and Vidyadharas take place. The structure is in a poor state and inside many lit candles are scattered, apparently permanently lit. Here, the Mask of Yalung has it's pedestal. Some believe this is where the Dragon's Pulse is revealed to the worthy.
༕ Sect: Shirai Ryu
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The Sect and it's secrets remain hidden from the world.

All that remains from the old clan are the Shambhalan Record and the spiritual monks in contact with the Three Vidyadharas of Shiva who gave up violence for a life of study and spiritual growth. They function primarily as advisors to the Shirai Ryu.

These authentic spiritualists are why many attempt to reach Rigzin Namsum in their pilgrimage.


  • Standard CVU Rules apply.
  • This location cannot be reached by anyone without apropriate effort. Teleportation without consent will be no sold.
  • Major destruction is not allowed.

ASSET: Grumman HU-16 Albatross

- The Hog Wild -
- The Hog Wild -

Having escaped his gruesome cell Strix Pomest'ye and without access to any of his old resources, Damien managed to wander into the riverside village of Dudinka. Fortune had it that there he found this old piece of antique aerial rust that became his ticket back into the world.

Dubbed 'The Hog Wild' this post-WW2 flying boat serves as Bonaparte's current, humble base of operations and his remaining mode of transport. It features custom yet still poor pilot accomodation and it's systems are in constant need of maintenance.

Despite it's inability to stay in the air for extended periods of time compared to modern aircraft it has proven itself to be a stubborn but reliable method of transportation for the fugitive.

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Bonaparte Boons: ? Sange & Yasha ?

⚔ Lethal Weapons for a Lethal Man ⚔
⚔ Lethal Weapons for a Lethal Man ⚔

Sange (散華) refers to the scattering of flower petals during Buddhist ceremonies.


Long ago, the legendary smith Masamune Okazaki was challenged by his disciple to see who of them could make a finer blade. They both worked tirelessly and eventually the master smith forged Yawarakai-Te (柔らかい手, "Tender Hands") from his own pride and soul. The blade that cut only that which was deserving and became known as Kusanagi-no-Tsurugi ("Grass-Cutting Sword").

It's craftsmanship was said to be so divine and it's edge so sharp that it cut the fangs of time itself, preserving it forever, and any blade that acted upon it instead split in half. When the god Susano'o was still young he found this weapon in the intestines of Yamato-no-Orochi and wielded it proudly until it's unfortunate loss and subsequent reappearance.

  • Stormtouched of Susano'o - Once the Shinto god's prized possession, Ame-no-Murakumo-no-Tsurugi (天叢雲剣, "Sword of the Gathering Clouds of Heaven"), it now imparts the lingering divinity onto a worthy wielder. Granting an unimaginable and undisputable dominion o'er the sky in all it's raging splendor. No droplet of rain or relentless strand of lightning is out of their commanding grasp.
    • Great Blessing of Thunder and Lightning - In the heat of battle the katana sings with the twin powers of celestial discharge. It's blade ever oscilating to cut through any metal and able to imbue the worthy wielder with the alacrity of electricity.
  • Yin Enchantment - A benevolent blade. It's wielder must come from an evil place and utilize it's touch in a righteous crusade. Otherwise the will of Susano'o shall smite them.

Yasha (夜叉) are guardian deities. They are generally benevolent, though they're often depicted as demonlike warriors.


Long ago, the legendary smith Sengo Muramasa challenged his master to see who of them could make a finer blade. They both worked tirelessly and eventually the young smith forged Juuchi Yosamu (十千夜寒, "10,000 Cold Nights") from his own envy and soul. However, the blade cut indiscrimately when submerged into the creek where they tested their swords and so it's creator shattered the weapon over Masamune's work.

It wasn't until later that it was reforged when Susano'o needed a weapon capable of killing demons. T'was done using the scales shed by the serpent itself and became empowered by it's essence, for the demon couldn't be harmed otherwise. The god discarded the weapon in favor of Kusanagi and it was lost until it's recent rediscovery.

  • Voracity of 8 Snake Heads - The sword has the viscera of the all-eating sea serpent. It bestows upon the wielder the ability to swallow things for storage inside the vacuum of it's endless gut. However, they may only displace as much as they themselves weigh. Fortunately, the objects never seem out of arm's reach when needed.
    • Curse of Snakescale - In the remaking of the sword, the immortal scales of the mythical serpent were used as a material. Due to that the blade continuously secretes an oily, corrosive venom that not only allows it to seamlessly slice any organic substance but also induce immediate necrosis and an agonizing death.
  • Yang Enchantment - A malevolent blade. It's wielder must bear a guilty heart stemming from good intent lest the venom of Yamata-no-Orochi shall rot their body.


  • The swords are currently owned by Damien Bonaparte.
  • If you have any questions, PM any of my current alts.

Bonaparte Boons: The Panther Superchariot (W.I.P.)

“Ashes are falling
like snow in the wintertime
but snow does not burn...”

- Panthera Automobilis -
- Panthera Automobilis -


"Prowler Mode" (Standard Cruise)

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Engine:BonaTech hybrid power cell with jet turbine and Kinetic Energy Recovery System
Horsepower:1200 bhp
Top Speed:209 mph without afterburner; 0-60 mph in 2.7 seconds
Transmission:Continuosly Variable Planetary Transmission and hub mounted electric motor for highly adaptable power delivery and maneuverability
Fuel Type:Nitro-Methane
Maximum Speed:Threshold raised by 30%
Temp. At Vent:1100 °C
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Seat:Electromagnetic Lock/Ejection
Communications:Enhanced intel and recon capabilities
Telemetry:AI and remote guidance systems
Armament:Immobilizer Missiles
Payload:5gm high explosive cl-20/hmx cocrystal
Warhead:2.75 in (70 mm)
Guidance:Laser/infrared homing
Motor:Hub mounted electric
Material:Advanced synthetic fibre composite
Diameter:4 ft 7 in (1.40 m)
Brakes:26 Carbonic alloy linked to Kinetic Energy Recovery System
TCS:Advanced all terrain traction technology
Purpose:Passenger transport
Space:2 seats / large cargo
Durability:Resistant to kinetic forces exceeding 4,500 lb/sq in
Dampening:Air Brakes with regenerative energy mechanism
Material:Graphene composite
Actuator:High speed hydraulic cylinder
Stopping Distance:Reduction by 78%
Voltage:200 - 300 kv range
Delivery:Front and rear conduction rods
Purpose:Vandalism Protection

"Hunter Mode" (Combat Engagement)

Thickness:120mm at thickest point
Material:Carbon nanotube aggregate
Blast Resistance:Explosive reactive armor around cockpit
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Ammunition Gauge:25mm
Length:1.8 meters
Purpose:Anti-Tank and Surface-to-Air combat
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Ammunition Type:60mm high explosive penetrator shells
Muzzle Velocity:1,680 meters per second
Estimation:Able to penetrate 820 mm of steel armor at point blank range.
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Ammunition:Non-lethal Slam Rounds
Slam Round:Flexible plastic casing filled with 50 grams of rubber pellets
Purpose:Minimum long-term trauma & immobilization
Mounting:4 Hydraulic Arms
Range of Motion:360 lateral spin for combat maneuvering
Material:Bullet proof synthetic fibers (Graphene Composite)
Weight Supported:2.2 t
Purpose:Multipurpose grapple claw



Owing to perfectly segmented and sloped armor, The Panther boasts a heavily armored exterior easily capable of withstanding automatic fire from an assault rifle, and a grenade launcher blast, with no ill effect on its performance. Yet much more sleeker than an actual tank, it features a central single man cockpit, as opposed to the traditional 4 man tank crew accomdation. However, The Panther features room to transport two passengers, within a sealed compartment in the back. Besides it's standard powertrain the vehicle has inbuilt maneuvering thrusters that not only allow it to turn over but also strafe short distances, to avoid enemy attacks. It was also fast enough to be able to drive on walls and ceilings over short distances. Each wheel has an independent suspension and turn which gives The Panter a zero turning radius. The car could turn its wheels 90° and crab steer (drive sideways).

Uniquely, The Panther has the ability to transform, on the fly, into "Hunter Mode" which gives it the appearance akin to that of a battle tank, with a wider track, higher ground clearance, and featured various weapons including a Vulcan Minigun, 60mm Cannon, Missiles, and non-lethal riot suppressors. Enemies who were unfortunate enough to make contact with it's exterior would be knocked out by a charge of electricity. Other features include an EMP to stun hostile vehicles (itself being EMP-proof) and knock missles out of the air, a device that allows it to hack into remote system and turn them against each other, and a power winch, to pull down walls, or to allow The Prowler to act as a counter weight. In this mode, The Panther traded it's top speed for immense maneuverability: able to move sideways and diagonally indefinitely. The headlights all turned red in that mode.

The Panther's momentum can be transferred to Damien through an electromagnetic interaction between the suit and the seat, by accelerating, then ejecting, which allows him to gain speed and height to his glide, and allows for faster traversal of the entire city, and not just the streets.

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Bonaparte Boons: E.V.A. Suit

- In Action -
- In Action -

"A lightweight space suit designed to protect the Bonaparte from prolonged radiation exposure; typically donned during private-sector salvage operations."


Wearing proudly the colors of white, gray and metallic accents the suit has noticeably very little armor plating to ensure maximum mobility within a 0G enviroment. The suit's noticeable padding is instrumental in order to maintain a stable pressure for the organism by functioning as a space for atmospheric gasses.

The most armored portions of the system are the helmet, the spine-brace, the hands and the legs. The exterior pearl-white plating on these parts being fashioned out of highly absorbent being boron-carbide that also offers one-time protection for ballistic impact. Using the properties of the vacuum, the system can be simplypowered by hydrolysis of the contets held within the spine's canister; overall giving the suit a beetle-like shell.

Rudimetary medical repair and intense biometric watch is of course present in the suit, along with on-board circuitry that makes it compatible with Damien's OS.

  • Oxygen Supply - Alongside the hydrolysis canister and beneath ceramic plating runs another set of containers, each intended to store breathable gasses and able to function independently of one another. This supply allows The Bastille to operate in 0G enviroment for up to 3 hours prior to a need to resupply.
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  • Pressurized Gas Propulsion - Playing into the general themeof any satellite/orbital station: having a breathable atmosphere, the suit's main source of propulsion is based on the ejection of gas in the opposite direction to ensure thrust. These thrusters are located within the shoulders and the boots, each having it's own reserves of pressurized gases that automatically refill once entering an atmospheric enviroment.
  • MagLoc Technology - To terminate, or atleast cripple, the possibility of plummeting hopelessly throughout the vastness of cosmos the suit sports the option to adhere to the hulls/floors of ships through magnetic locking of it's soles. This of course expends some mobility for as long as this function remains active. The suit's belt offers an identical function to fasten Damien's equipment.
  • Hermetic Sealing and Visual Protection - Naturally, the entirety of the suit is hermetically sealed in order to prevent the escape of oxygen but also to keep out any potential micro-organisms. A collapsible golden visor automatically provides protection from the harmful infrared radiation from stars and other celestial bodies.

Cutting Tool


The cutting tool delivers a cohesive pulse-stream, or "bolt", of ionized gasses when fired. It is capable of firing bolts vertically and horizontally. Utilizing three blue lasers to indicate the desired cutting plane ensures impeccable accurace. On impact with the target, bolt cohesion fails frontward first, penetrating the target with a focused jet of superheated matter. This causes intense localized shear effects as well as a tunneling thermal expansion. When used upon brittle, frozen rocks riddled with faults, it can split them open in one or two shots.. Against pliable targets, however, impact will cause minimal damage and thermal expansion will not so much cut as stress the area around the impact site, sometimes requiring several consecutive hits.

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Bonaparte Boons: Lexus LFA "Ozymandias"

- The King of Kings -
- The King of Kings -

Official Overview


Lexus (Bonaparte retrofit)

ProductionDec 2010 – Dec 2012
Model years2010–2012
Org. AssemblyMotomachi, Toyota City, Japan
ClassSuper car
Body style2-door coupé
2-door roadster (concept only)
LayoutFront-mid-engine, rear mid-transaxle, rear-wheel drive
Engine4.8 L 1LR-GUE Even firing V10
Transmission6-speed automated sequential gearbox
Wheelbase2,605 mm (102.6 in)
Length4,505 mm (177.4 in)
Width1,895 mm (74.6 in)
Height1,220 mm (48.0 in)
Curb weight1,614 kg (3,559 lb)

Unofficial Specifics

--Devoted fan of the automotive industry, Damien owns an extensive collection of personal vehicles. These exemplars of performance and innovation oft find themselves under the prying fingers of their peculiar owner, none more than his prized Lexus LFA "Ozymandias". --

- Interface -
- Interface -

The Blood of Bonaparte made extensive modifications to his automobile to ensure both optimal and improved performance in his professional endeavors. Aside from using various light metamaterials to reinforce it's integrity without sacrificing any added weight almost all of the original systems have been improved or changed entirely.

One of the most important characteristics that the vehicle is able to interface with Damien's personal computer and used it's own super-computer to aid in various cybernetic endeavors besides providing seamless access networks such as Wi-Fi or older systems. Ozymandias' systems allow Damien to do everything from monitor communications to drive the car hands-free via a voice-activated autopilot. The inside of the windshield acts as an platform through which the driver interacts with the computer and commands specific portions of the vehicle.

Of course, Ozymandias' internal computer is able to interact with remote satellite networks to feed the GPS with up to date information and filter through local data to provide the driver with a plethora of shortcuts and routes.

- 0 to 1000 -
- 0 to 1000 -

Bona Boson-Tachyon Power: The entire vehicle operates independently of fossil fuels and conventional alternative methods. In actuality, there is not even a fuel tank or generator present within the vehicle. Instead the compartment in the rear of the vehicle originally housing those has been replaced with a larger version of the Bona Boson-Tachyon singularity containment unit that allows the vehicle to operate on the influx of Speed Force energies alone. Not only does this eliminate the need to refuel but also transfers the classical speedster qualities onto the vehicle and 'uberclocking' the engine. To compensate for the immense build up of heat, several metamaterial heatsinks have been placed into the vehicle and the brakes have direct air intake, yet the act of breaking from metahuman velocities almost always burns out of the drum brake system.

  • Driving Assistance - Naturally, the rigors of super-speed are beyond the realm of mortal reaction times. Thus the on-board computer not only categorizes and maintains these 'Speed Force Functions' but also artifically suppliments the driver's response with auditory clues and computer-assisted semi-automatic driving.
  • Phase Drive - The vehicle has access to the standard speedster ability of molecular oscillation. It is able to vibrate it's entirety out of synch with the frequency of matter and thus seamlessly phase through any obstacle. The driver will be taken with the vehicle only if their belt is present and secured.
  • Kinetic Winder - When in the need of a truly immediate stop a super-science device present near the engine is able to siphon off the vehicle's inertia and redirect it into a 'Jumpstart Module', allowing virtually instant take-off.

Camouflage Capabilities: Damien installed a holographic imager in Ozymandias to mask his appearance when used in public areas. The imager can also follow the crew movements and then display a 3-D laser light image on the car's tinted windows. The imager has over 100 different people on file that are selected randomly when the function activates. The car also has quick flip license plates and liquid crystal paint that changes color when exposed to certain electrical impulses. All these features enable the driver to alter the appearance of the car and its passengers at will.

  • Omniwidth Disruptor - This device allows the vehicle to deny the reception of unlisted frequencies within several feet around the vehicle to shield from radar/sonar/surveillance attempts.

The car's special headlights can emit ultraviolet and infrared light to increase visibility in low-light/foul weather and no-light conditions, respectively.

For defense, the car's modified chassis conceals smaller weapons pods of both ballistic, explosive and energetic nature. Damien designed the car so the pods could be hidden on its underside or behind special panels carefully built into it's sleek chassis. Oil sprays and missile defense systems are also present.

Naturally, the vehicle has state-of-the-art facial and motion recognition software and will not permit unlisted personel entry. The liquid crystal paint can actually be used to electrocute perps in contact with the vehicle. Furthermore, a retinal scan and hand-print scans are needed to start the car.


Bonaparte Boons: Damien's "HADO" Shōzoku

“The wind of war -
blowing across my face,
the thunder roaring wildly.”

- H. A. D. O. -
- H. A. D. O. -

“Finding himself outgunned after the events of the CIA raid, Damien has devised an entirely new means of personal protection - The Tactical H.A.D.O. (= Harness of Acute and Diverse Operation) System. It's main contributors being the retrofitted technology from the C.I.A. Vault and artifacts from The Lightning's extradimensional armory.”


The first layer is formed out of Damien's Motherbox-turned-prosthetic spreading to coat the entirety of his person, save for a visor and his scalp, in programmable matter colloquially refered to also as 'smart fabric'. This resulting endoskeleton serves as a skintight, impact-resistant foundation upon which his external modular armor adheres. Connection between the layers is achieved through the shell's innate ability to moderate the flux of inter-atomic attraction (electrostatic force) between molecular boundary layers. Despite appearing as a form of black polymer, the material has actually more in common with carbon. It's hexagonial pattern leaves it with a very smooth texture while it's odd origin endows it with exotic properties:

Durability & Insulation - Though not bulletproof, the shell is highly bullet resistant and can easily shrug off small caliber gunfire. It also has ablative capabilities that offer protection against low-level energy attacks like electricity and laser beams. The mask that veils Damien's mouth actually filters the intake of air on a microscopic level.

Muscular Synchronicity - Perhaps the most formidable feature of the shell is the psychoreactivity integrated into the material. This fact enables the shell to stretch and contract like artificial human muscle, but with multiton levels of force. The smart fabric also sports some form of 'material memory' that allows it to learn movements from sheer repetition and cooperate with Damien during their application. Hence, the shell increases the natural athletic and martial disposition of the wearer to superhuman levels.

Intramolecular Contraction - The suit can locally emit small charge of unknown energy which contracts the molecules of a nearby object or surface, essentially shrinking it (e.g. - shrinking a window so as to avoid shattering or cutting glass). Additionally, the suit's own molecules can 'choke' nearby molecules which allows Damien to adhere to walls.

Extramolecular Relaxation - Inverting the principle of his ability to contract molecules, The HADO system can emit a charge that is on the opposite end of an identical spectrum to repel itself from the ground (Possibly by isolating itself from foreign matter.) or send a charge through the ground that causes the surface to repulse every thing in the area of few feet around Damien.


- Hidden Compartments -
- Hidden Compartments -

The external armor (the secondary and tetriary layers) is a tartan consolidation of various technologies found within the air-tight premises of the CIA Vault. Being cobbled from retrofitted super-villain gadgets and fringe-science prototypes the system is currently far from an ideal design and aims primarily to broaden Damein's outlooks during a combat situation both alone and through interplay. The exoskeleton not only enforces the wearers fortitude with the resilient materials that are it's composite, but also allow him smooth operation under conditions that would otherwise force him to rely on additional equipment.. Being a homage to the classical Shinobi Shōzoku, the external armoring is not bulky and emphasizes on Damien's speed and agility.

Aside from providing increased protection from various hazards the external armor has elaborate circuitry woven into it that modulates Damien's body temperature. It's eccentric onyx vest is fashioned from an electroreactive fabric that while not the most resilient allows for acts of both deception, camouflage and even gliding after recieving an electric impulse. After his painful experience with the Hyper-Mutant breed, external armor the comes with rudimetary medical repair and biometric scanning, administering a cocktail of pain-killers into the carpal and tightening around a damaged area once detected.

Various other components can be added based on the mission at hand due to the armor working on a simple 'slot in/slot out' basis. Housed in the chin guard is a speech synthesizer which grants Damien a deep and chilling voice over his own. This also enables him to reproduce other voices, which is useful for undercover missions. Reverse engineered from the communicator on an alien crashpod, the OmLinC (Omni-Linguistic Communicator) can analyze and translate any unfamiliar language, human or alien, in a relatively short amount of time (effectivity is dependent on the current version of the CPU).

OBIE (On-Board Computer) - Because the embryotic shell can process only a limited amount of information, the HADO system is supplemented by an additional CPU that controls many of the system's functions. The CPU is present in one of the discs on Damien's hip while it's separated hard drives, up to 4 slots, are built into to his armor at various points. Damien views OBIE's computer output via a heads up display (HUD) projected onto his lenses. This output is intelligently tucked into a corner of his field of vision, but completely invisible to others. After establishing a connection, OBIE can also display its output on external monitors like those in Damien's vehicles such as The Ozymandias.

Intelligent Lenses - ...

Ceramic Plating - The polished magenta segments of the armor are designed to offer increased protection to most conventional and some unconventional forms of damage. They are fashioned out of a light boron-carbide ceramic composite that is immensely resistant to ballistic damage. However, in it is prone to fracture after a powerful hit and thus the wearer must constantly stay on their toes. It is also heat retardant, capable of endure the scorching heat of 2000°C, but it's most interesting protection is that against radiation. The ability of boron carbide to absorb neutrons without forming long-lived radionuclides makes it a relatively cheap absorbent.

Particle Shielding -The system's cybernetic systems are fully shielded against EMPs and similar phenomena due using the wearer's innate Morphogenetic Field as a medium to erect a relatively weak artificial magnetosphere (A few hundred nanoTesla.) around his person. The principle uses the natural presence of handful of positive and negative ions in each cubic centimetre of the atmosphere. By moving, the field sweeps sweep these stray ions ahead of it, causing them to bunch up into a denser region of plasma. Because of the separation of charge within this plasma, it generates its own electric field that deflects invasive high-energy particles.
Tactical Cestus - Incorporating an ancient concept into it's whole, the suit's gloves aren't actual gloves at all. They are cestus, a pair of old greco-roman battle gloves traditionally used during pankration, but adapted to modern use. In this case the cestus aren't intended to solely protect the hands but also fortify Damien's grip. The structure of the gloves is a rather intricate form of meta-fiber bandaging all the way from the fist to the forearm which acts as a 'casket' to the wearer to prevent the wrists and finger bones from breaking under heavy weight. With these cestus equipped, The Bonaparte can dig his fingers even into steel given the effort. Being infused with trace amounts of silver gives Damien an edge against supernatural beings, especially those of ghostly nature.

Web Dispensers- Built into the forementioned Tactical Cestus and reverse-engineered from the technology of a Golden Age insect-themed villain known as Dr. Arachno, this pair of dispensers serve as a more practical analogue of a standard grappling hook. Cartridges of artificial spider-silk endow the webbing with incredible tensile strength (a strand the thickness of a pen being able to bring a plane from full speed to a stop) and allow Damien not only to trap his foes but grant him increased locomotion.

Utility Compartments - Despite appearing rather lacking in terms of utilities, HADO's sleek design actually features a handful of concealed hermetical pouches chiefly incorporated into the suit's ceramic plating. These hidden containers store a myriad of miniaturized marvels such as - tracers, various gas pellets and poisons, lock-picks, a rebreather, a high-power laser, explosive gel, hypersonic grenades, stun pellets, a hypercoolant and a hyperincendiary, an adhesive, a matching collapsible dispenser that can double as a taser, a disruptor, etc.

Weaponized 3D Printer - ...


The endoskeletal layer of the system being borne out of the abominated remains of a Motherbox, the embryotic material is a type of psychoreactive programmable matter which, aside from possessing a limited ability to adjust it's intristic properties, has an innate ability to compute or atleast process information (Hence responding to Damien's mental stimuli.). This fact supplemented by additional equipment within the suit allows Damien to remotely interact with both machines and information networks within a certain range.

Holographic Interface - One of the most utilitarian features is the holographic interface, which generates flat screen holograms that moderate the suit and allow for remote communication. Aside from functioning as a mere display it can be navigated in a fashion identical to a conventional computer screen to display data either stored in his uniform's memory or obtained from external sources like websites. It can be freely molded to allow for multitasking and allows for 3D conversion of data (Topological Maps, Architectural Plans, etc.).

Hacking Tool - ...

Infonet Responder - The uniform's infonet responder present within his left gauntlet grants Damien wireless access and direct communications with a plethora of systems. Cable connection is possible through an assortment of connectors. The Bonaparte can also use this device to monitor and control any systems connected to a wireless computer: surveillance, forecast, etc.

Radio Receiver - A wide-band radio receiver enables Damien to scan and potentially tap into a broad spectrum of radio transmissions. One of the more convenient applications include analysis of radio traffic and possibly local tracking.


Satellite Hands-Free Cellphone

Mínos Mode - The uniform can generate electrical interference that renders it, and by extension Damien, invisible to security cameras by channeling a low voltage charge directly from Damien's Morphogenic Field and through the uniform.


  • Do not copy without my explicit permission.
  • Most of this is an amalgamation of preexisting comic-science or real-life tech. (Sorry.)
  • I can't really keep you from destroying it, can I?

⚡The Lightning⚡ (CVnU: Colony/Transport)

- Liberated from the hands of the extradimensional peace-keeping task force aptly known as The Speed Corps, the sentient 'Carrier'-type hauler spacecraft now flies under the banner of the Bonaparte household. In contrast to it's original strictly freighting purpose it has flourished into an extraterestrial cosmopolis. -
- Liberated from the hands of the extradimensional peace-keeping task force aptly known as The Speed Corps, the sentient 'Carrier'-type hauler spacecraft now flies under the banner of the Bonaparte household. In contrast to it's original strictly freighting purpose it has flourished into an extraterestrial cosmopolis. -

Location: Milky Way

Total Length (Open): 44.7km

Diameter (Open): 12.8km

Population: 1024+ lifeforms (excluding internal fauna)

Gross Weight: 7.11 billion metric tons

Representative: Damien Bonaparte

Known Specifications

(History; Power Source; etc.)

Prior to coming into the ownership of Damien Bonaparte or even the famous Speed Corps, The Lightning was already multiple millenia old. However, it's equivalent of a black-box, or the hippocampus, was emptied of it's contents and thus it's proper origin or creator remain forever lost. In spite of this The Lightning's large storage space hints towards a possible employ in interdimensional trading, but the vessel itself insist on being a former planet-destroyer.

The vessel is multidimensional and actually never occupies just one space and always exists in atleast two simultaneously. This is due to using an arterial hyperspace known as 'The Bleed' as it's waters and thus it always partially stays submerged in that dimension as well as that of it's choice. Through this channel that connects the multiverse The Lightning is capable of transitioning between parallel universes as easily as a yacht can cross the open seas.

As implied, The Lightning is actually very well sentient but not absolutely intelligent. It is unable to function entirely of it's own accord. Possibly due to the way it was preprogrammed it requires the instinct of a mortal pilot to aid the precise decision-making skills of it's A.I. and thus will seek out a 'partner' to form a symbiotic bond with. Through this bond, the partner is able to assume control of the vessel's functions, such as exterting dominion of it's advanced teleportation system.

  • Occultus Drive - Possibly the most daunting secret about the vessel is it's actual source of power. Currently bound to the handle 'Occultus Drive', the main engine room is yet to be found by the Bonaparte in his mappings of the ship. However, even without access to the actual technology, two things can be derived. Firstly, the alien generator produces amounts of energy unfathomable to human standards due to the sheer size of the ship and the intricacy of it's technogy. Secondly, the power source is somehow able affect it's vicinity, dilating time to achieve FTL speeds and rending space to access The Bleed.
  • Habitat Creation - The ship is able to exercise precise control of it's interior and internal systems to accomodate it's crew. It is capable of literally realigining entire sections and generate complex equipment out of it's original substance. Furthermore, it can actually generate various forms of atmosphere for it's inhabitants and even produce water or complete submerged enviroments.
  • Junction - Tied to The Bleed and existing in a state of multidimensional superposition, the vessel has inbuilt systems that are essentially a compartmented analogue of it's 'bleed drive'. Currently, The Carrier is quantum-anchored to CVnU Earth and capable of bridging two seperate locations in an area roughly the span of The Solar System with a fourth-dimensional tunnel, or 'Door' (due to the portal's rectangular shape). This means of teleportation is estranged to replication due to it's complexity and transport from the ship is performed from the Junction Room, but in order to teleport back to the Lightning one has to be recognized by it's system. Doors are capable of being moved post-creation.


(Districts; Servitrons; etc.)

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The Lightning is a functional civilization in flux, vagrants and survivors of various cultures - alien, extradimensional, chtonic etc. - find their new home aboard this marvelous vessel. As such there exist entire districts of nothing but incredibly advanced metropolitan and cosmopolitan landscape dedicated and accomodated for individual races. No district is shy of medical, educational, agricultural, distribution facilities for the comfort of the population. A common feature of these districts is a central forum where citizens can voice their thoughts directly to the carrier mind.

Due to the diversity of the populus, the inhabitants use an unknown colloquial interlac language. The same language is used by servitrons, holographic and anthropomorphic platforms that act as guides or security. Being an extension of the carrier, they have direct access to surveillance and can locate lost children or apply the same principle to locate fugitives. They are capable of harnessing their hard-light substance to project blasts of non-lethal concussive force or create rudimetary constructs.

Defensive Features



  • Subject to CVnU laws and regulations.
  • No no-sell, no major destruction w/o my explicit consent.
  • Most of what you see is collected from Warren Ellis' and Bryan Hitch's The Authority.
  • Contact: Damien Bonaparte, Felix Faraday, or any of my current alts.

- The Spirit of Murder -

✖ Memento Mori ✖
✖ Memento Mori ✖

❝The myth, the man known as The Bastille is the world's foremost intelligence operative and expert in the art of assassination. But what does that take exactly? Hitch a ride with the world's most efficient killing-machine over the course of one week and witness him burn down all the bridges seperating the natural and unnatural in a display of somewhat dubious or outright ludicrous force!

Fear not, the Bastille isn't the Boogeyman. He's the one you send to kill the f*&king Boogeyman.❞

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This thread serves as a collection for seven loosely tied stories that follow the profession of Damien Bonaparte over the course of "one week". However, this is not an entirely author-driven story and other forum members are able to contribute by posting eccentric obscure objectives (e.g. - deinfesting an orbital station from stray thought-constructs, playing a super-genius in game of chess, general slaughter ala John Wick, terminating a businessman turned living computer code or just disposing of their own unused/forgotten NPCs) that I will try my hardest to tackle in a hopefully captivating and more importantly satisfying fashion.

Also, this character doesn't have literally any feats so this is an attempt to correct this.

The plot of the Prologue and the Epilogue are already set, but that does not leave only 5 stories to fill up. If people keep proposing cool ideas I will keep delivering stories.


Prologue - ❝This service terminates at: Piccadilly Circus.❞

0.5 - ❝Who the hell is "Bob Knightfall"?❞

Chapter I - ❝...❞ by Last Guardian




Chapter V - ❝...❞ OPEN TO SUGGESTIONS!

Epilogue - ❝Olive❞

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