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"Curtain call."

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Real Name: Damien Bonaparte.
Titles: The Shatterer; The Frenchman; Baba Yaga; The Savant of Systema/Savate; The Techno-Shinobi; The French Thoroughbred; The Blood of Bonaparte; The Enigmatic Superspy; The Killing Connoisseur; Khan of Kathmandu; The Murder Ambassador; The Best Money Can Buy; Mister Soigné; The Eminence of Blades; The Dexterous Deadshot; The Dragon of The West; The Son of Death; Man of 3000 Deaths.

Age: Unknown.
Hair Color: Raven.
Eye Color: Sapphire Blue.
Height: ~5'11" (182 cm).
Weight: ~176 lbs (80 Kg).

Species: Homo Providens.
Gender: ♂ Male.
Alignment: Chaotic Good.

Orientation: Heterosexual (?).
Relationship Status: Undetermined.

Family: Napoleon Bonaparte (Supposed Ancestor); Baba Yaga (Distant Ancestor).
Birthplace: Unknown.

Occupation: The Deadliest Man in the Galaxy; World's Finest Assassin; Member of the Watatsumi Sanjin ((綿津見三神, "Three Watatsumi Gods").

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