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reality:a new begining 0

Madripoor is done!The new leader of the pack did it,without even breaking a sweat.With Daken being a king,his employee and public figure Tyger Tiger now acts under his command.Some loose ends to be dealt with and the Horizon is open for the Emperor.       Story so far  Erasing every step Wolverine made and being recently in touch with (supposedly) his sister(X-23),Daken butchered his way through the last obstacle and now holds Madripoor tightly inside his hand and once being dressed as a hero,br...

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I know you know me but can you stop me? 0

After a brief introduction of Daken's future and Rob Williams's first contribution to the characters history,it's about time to see a part of Akki's real face.Wolvie's son is going to L.A.,not for fame but fortune is a goal for sure.      Story so far With all of Madripoor at hand,an account full of cash and Logan looking the other way,Hollywood's now his new playground.Having found something that deals with his healing factor,boosting his frenzy.A bloody rampage broke in and around Los Angeles,...

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Madripoor has a new boss 0

Last issue left me with big expectations and a bit sceptic,now that the plan was revealed,I have to say Iam hungry for more!!  Story so far Daken is unleashed!!He brought down the crime syndicates without braking a sweat,if he can turn the tide in "crime land"so easy,I wonder what can he do when he's mad?Logans demonic son managed to do what nobody ever succeed or ever tried,turn every gang against each other,erased every bit of electronic documentation and wraped his hands around Madripoors mob...

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the reign of kings 2

Chapter 2 in Daken's empire and atlast we can see were his action are pointing at,Wolvies dark son has finally shown his intent on how to tease dady!   Stroy so farBeing let off by previous issues insaficient plot,pieces are finally starting to fall in place,leading to a clearer view.Daken is not  for the ultimate knowledge nor for power,he simply wants it ALL!After a sort introduction with Madripoors underworld it becomes obvious that he craves for what is hidden and believed to be a myth:the u...

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Best there is?You sure? 0

Wolverine The best there is:the latest and verry promising title in Wolvies history.With this new third issue I have to ask my self: is this the best there is?  The truth OK!I admit it,he's at the top in my list of favourite characters but I can't understand where Charlie Huston is trying to put Logan in this arc.Although,some moments hold an amaunt of interest due to wolvies side  we all like(snikt and slash!!!aka feral side),in that third offering though I can't pin point if the writter shows ...

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the rise of the empire 2

Two years have past since Dakens last meeting with the f.f.'s and now Wolverine's dark son is back insde baxter building,four's home base,again entering from the back door. Plot The story centers in Dakens scheme,trying to achieve a sacred and dangerous artifact:Logans blood!Based on two distractions,Daken mades it to baxter building"disguised as a friend,Although I was expecting more action,the issue was just about Dakens re-apearance as a living person in fantastic four's mind thus living me w...

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