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who's gonna pay the price?

Since the dawn of meta-humans and the twists and turns upon universes and super teams and the various impacts actions had in a super heroes life,it's almost usual for the good guys to sin and have a second chance.Xaviers hidden agendas,Cyclops's deadly decisions,Magneto's dark past,Black widows traitorous actions,Bucky's murderous run as a spy,Odin's late revelations just to name a few.
How many times a villain had his back door kicked or ate his words due to his crimes,didn't he deserved a second chance?
Why always the good guy gets free with just a notion,a friendly tap on shoulder and a good advise?
What about the"justice"all of them crave since day one?
It is said:everone will take what he deserves.
Is it luck or profit that a heroe never pays the price for his actions?

p.s.:can't wait for Daken's armaggedon towards Bucky Barnes,it's time to see the captain america wannabe hammered,beaten,bruised and bleeding to death!!
(It will never happen but I hope)


confusion at its best!

Since I got here in vine one thing that I always found pleasant was the extensive charectarezation of a hero/villain.
From past to present,arc to crossover,grundge to fight and origin to creation I've spent much of my leasure checking entire profiles and backrounds.
Although,checking one characters powers and personality is a bliss I can't understand how a person or a character generally can be an others friend or foe,
It's  true that more than often a contribution between heroes/vilains,sometimes for help others for a trap,but the question is:
How can somebody be somones friend and at the sametime an enemy?
In what matter friend and foes are edit,how can they be defined and how can they be edited friends and foes simultaneously?
Am I the only one confused with that?


Wolverine:father what if,almost a total downer

It's been a couple of weeks since I bought the comic and it rather left me a bit disappointed.
And speaking of dissapointement ,let me just try to address some of the main factors of disatisfaction towards the title:
On one hand you had Bucky Burns(aka winter soldier)dead which erases the entire captain america story afterwards,then Logan choosing the life of a hermit along his son(Daken baptised as John,worst choice of a name ever!!!!),erasing all the weapon x and alpha team ops. On the other hand you had sabretooths guest apearance just to be killed almost instantly by wolverine with the muramasa, then years passed like seconds and you have John turned into somekind of a psycopathinc "new kind"of Daken, who slaughters an entire tibetian monastery and then becomes from a thug the head of Yakuza just like that!!! On top of that--apart from the fact that Logan rejects Xaviers--the most anticipated match up of the book turns out to be the sortest of  battles eveeeer!!!!
Is it me or we all were waiting for something better than a speculated mess of ifs and buts?Am I the only one who expected something a lot better than that or that was the most possible outcome in that scenario?


does anybody knows?

Hi dudes of the comic vine universe! 
there's a question I've been dying to ask since I got here.
Most of the time I've been googling around for specific release dates about the comic books I like and all I got was false rumors and irrelevant previews from wannabe comic experts in various sites(such ign.com).
So what I wannt to ask is:does anybody knows a page or a section here in vine where I can find the exact release dates and not just boring,empty and stupid essay/previews?


when the soul goes to hell,where the "hell" is the body???

Starting with the 3 new arcs in wolvies family and including his possessed passing in all the titles of the "wolverine goes to hell' crossover,I've begun feeling a bit disoriented with hellverine.
First it was clear that the demon is going to murder most of Logans friends and comrades then he makes moves against x-23,trying to dominate her mind and body to do his biding and on the other hand you have his contact with Daken which seems to be due to somekind of arrengement between the characters.
Most of the time it looks like the demon-behind satans back-is trying to create a scheme for his sake and then you have him right in the spot starting a rampage.
what I really don't understand at firstplace is if the demons works for his own agenda(as stated in dark wolverines last issue he has to do something with the past)
or if he trully follows some order.  To sum it up has anyone find out what is the demons basic purpose and if so apart from the right red hand group and satan is there a third party on the block?
help please!!!!!


Wolverine goes to hell and the family follows....

After the return of the mutant messiah,the disband of Osborns avengers and the sacred revelations between x-men ranks,the Howlet family is on the brink of a new,possibly cruel,future.Shortly after Wolverines fall in the depths of hell(Daken willing),Logans possessed body doomed his clowned daughter in exchange for a friends soul,soon after the demon faced Daken,who suprisingly sacrificed his self for an other person(mystique) and as it seems he is cast down too.
Now inside the bowels of hell,surounded by minions of old enemies,some old comrades,beloved friends and lord Satan himself,will they be saved?
wil the three of them regroup,unite and save their souls or will they risk and loose everything just for the sake of old hatred or suppresed feelings?
Do they still have a chance to be cleansed or relieved?
Atleast do they deserve to be saved?
what do ya think bub...?


Family's future

With Daken out in the open in search for muramassas maker,------(dark wolverine still running and Daken:dark wolverine o the way)
Wolverine on the way to hells left hand path but with clear past,-----(wolverine origins ended,the road to hell on the future,x-force and curse of the mutants on the run) 
X-23 out of the x-force team for first time without a target or a mission but for once with plenty of choices to make.-----(cut-out of the x-force and her own book soon to come) 
The curse of the mutants in the horizon,what else Wolvies family can do?
Everyone with a price to pay for his action or inaction during the past months.
With a vengfull hate blooming  between father and son,can this family for one last time clear clear its present and walk into a new 
future of pure certainty in earth 616?
What do you think the future holds fo the Howlet family ?


Daken and Romulus back to back against wolverine?

Reckoning part 2 is already out in the stores suprising us with the twists and turns in the story line.
Once  again Daken turns his back on wolverine  by teaming up with Romulus.
How can that be?Is it for real or is that another scheme from Wolverine and his son to trikle down their Tormentor?


bring Jesse back

Back in April 1995 a cursed was cust among the comic shop and a spawn was placed on the stands,named "the Preacher".
Born from the fiendish mind of Garth Ennis, the helish pen of the britishman Steve Dillon
(man why did you stop working in w.origins?you were addictive dude!)
and spread into the public by Vertigo till october 2000 for five doomed years.
One of the most controversial,horrific and extravagant comic books ever,filled extensively with graphic violence
but always leting a sense of freedom,rightousness and justice.Hailed by many critics and fans around the world,however,
being hit by censorship and a lot of critisim,both the publishers and the artists had decided to it end suprisingly after a five year run.
So let me set thing straight...
How many Jesses fans are left out ther?
How many of you still waiting for Cassidy to come back with his caustic houmor to eat some bastards alive or see Tulip out of control bursting bullets an braking some nouses?
Are you with me?
what do you think?


Daken in the X-force????????

it is rumoured in ign,marvel.com and some blogs in the internet that probably after wolverine origins 50(the grand finale of reckoning and the entire volume),Daken probably will co-exist with his dear dady in the x-force volume along with his sister(mother or what ever!!!!).
Will it be a good idea to bring in the team the weapon xi?or it is another bluff to draw readers attention?
what do you think?