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A New Set of Clothes 2

Watching this movie is like wearing a new set of clothes. At first it feels a little uncomfortable but soon you release that it feels just fine, you just needed to try it out for a while. That's how I felt with the new casting of voices. Especially John Di Maggio's role of Joker. At first it was strange to me but as the movie progressed I found myself enjoying this new Joker voice. I thought Maggio's interpretation was very well done, I actually thought that the voice made Joker sound older (whi...

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My Thoughts 1

I will admit that I have not read many comics in my lifetime. I've never had the opportunity to read the stories this movie is based off of. But in a way that doesn't matter, I think this movie had a smooth enough plot so even I could understand.  The Bad As everyone I was disappointed at William Baldwin's voice of Batman. Everyone else had a good voice actor who fit them but Baldwin wasn't really the one to be Batman.  I also felt Lex Luthor's design was lacking. It was an alright look but I wo...

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