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 The Bald Baddie
 The Bald Baddie
To the public, he is Patrick Back; an outstanding citizen who is the CEO of the multimillion corporation, Back Multinational. But when there are no witnesses around, Patrick will incorporate sinister schemes under the alias, DaggerKlutz. While he has unorthodox qualities as a villain, DaggerKlutz proves to be more than a threat than originally suspected with the combination of his advance technology, high intelligence, vast wealth, and the affection of the public. Even though he tends to seem ridiculous at times, DaggerKlutz is not a villain to underestimate.  
DaggerKlutz had one final scheme where he absorbed a massive amount of energy and dissolved into pure energy, supposedly allowing him to be an all powerful but discrete force of time and space. He is gone but the memories of his sinister actions remain. Patrick Back will always be remembered for his unusual schemes, bold attitude, and shiny bald head.