Cup cakes and cookies

I recently made a batch of cupcakes and cookies(yes I'm not compeletly evil) but no one wants them, obviously I can't eat them all.

Any one wants some? (Careful one of them might be poisonous)


What's going on?

I noticed that there are many things going wrong around the world. Say for example video games, people are rebooting series that makes fans go crazy and berserk then there are comics, were people also reboot and entire universe and kill off major characters to make room for newer things which are outright stupid and ridiculous.

Let's not forget the revolutions and the civil war that was in Libya.

Thing's aren't as good as they seem.

Is this a sign of the apocalypse or something?


Ben 10-Generator Rex sequel

Cartoon Network stated that there is going to be a sequel for this awesome crossover.

And Rex is going to be visiting Ben's Universe, will Alpha return? There are no EVOs in Ben's world.

Will there be a new villain?

What're your thoughts?


Asura vs Broly

This is a battle between two Titans

Asura the God of Wrath vs Broly the king of the Super Saiyens

Who wins? Sound off in the comments.