Stuff I'm Reading

My list of comic books I'm currently making my way through, some faster than others. I mostly pick up trades or omnibuses (cause comics are damn expensive) when I can so sometimes my waits are longer to get up to date.

List items

  • Love Brian K. Vaughn have the first 3 trades read them in like 2 minutes each and eagerly anticipate the fourth.

  • Really liking this. Getting insight into characters I have only briefly been introduced to before. The writing is great and Madrox is quickly becoming one of my favourite mutants. Only problem I'm having is how irritating the Marvel crossovers are. So many, so fast are distracting and taking the focus off X-Factor itself which I'm not into. Also having difficulty tracking down the hardcovers so the going is getting tough to find these.

  • I love Chew. Interesting, awesome art and funny in a way that few of these other books are. I have the first 4 Omnivore editions and figure the fifth won't be out for a time but I can wait I like digesting this one in large quantities :D

  • At the suggestion of the CV audience I picked up the first trade of Hawkeye not knowing what to expect since i have zero experience with the character really. WOW. Writing is great and actually really funny and the art particularly by Aja is mind blowing.

  • Um reading the Alan Moore trades just finished the second one which I liked but is not one of my heavy favourites yet mostly as a result of the dated art, but it is growing on me (snickers). Also Arcane is super creepy and awesome. Looking forward to the introduction of Constantine in the third trade.

  • I wanted another comedy book to break up the superheroes and heavier stuff and wow did the Goon ever deliver. The art is super cool and the atmosphere is great. Any time a book can actually make me laugh out loud it is something special.

  • So i picked up Aquaman making it my first foray into the New 52 and i was really impressed. Say what you will about Johns but the guy is really good at revamping characters. I've never read any Aquaman story before and this made me want to for the first time ever. I'm really excited to get the second trade so I can learn why everyone loves Black Manta.

  • Have read the first 2 Omnibuses and thought it was alright. The writing isn't amazing and a lot of the characters are unlikeable but I will probably continue it eventually.

  • Picked up the first trade and enjoyed it. I like Death's story but not as much as the world building and alternate universe that is being created by Hickman. Can't wait for more info on how the US got reconstructed in this universe.

  • Alright I'm putting this here to represent all of Morrison's Batman run. I've bought the first trade and am in the middle of buying up the rest. My goal is to use this run to jumpstart me into New 52 bats so after this I will start Snyder's run and Inc. as well. So far I'm not "sold" on Damien and the weird future Damian as Batman story seemed pretty abrupt but we'll see how it turns out.

  • Grabbed up the first trade in the first week of it's release. I liked it quite a bit. Very funny overall only slight problem I had with it was that I maybe had my expectations a little high because of the hype. Still I am excited to read more (loved the evil science villains) and am glad I have finally read a Valiant title (X-O you are on deck).

  • Wow, just wow. This may have been bumped up to Saga level of excitement. Just an amazingly realized world that I am dying to learn more about. A lot happened in this first trade and I can't wait to see what comes next.

  • Picked up the first trade (and it turned out to be HUGE) and was really impressed. Finished it in one sitting, love the almost Blade Runner esque world and it seems to have a ton of potential. My only issue wasn't with the book itself but the actual spine of the trade had really bad glue and pages haven't fallen out but are extremely loose despite my carefulness. Oh well stupid publishers.

  • Have read the first hardcover deluxe edition and really enjoyed it. Biggest issue i'm having is tracking it down for a reasonable price.