Favourite Batman Villains

With Villains Month Upon us (and as a test about whether Firefox is the only browser to allow me to post lists) I decided to list up and showcase my favourite rogues gallery. UNFINISHED!! Top 5 finished!!

List items

  • Sorry to be obvious here. He's just been one of the best written and prolific villain on the scene for awhile now. I hope more writers do to other villains (even outside of Batman) what has been done to The Clown Prince.

    Favourite Appearances: The Killing Joke, Arkham Asylum: A Serious House on Serious Earth and Batman: Arkham Asylum (game series love Mark Hamill Joker).

  • Just one of the most enjoyable villains to read. When he shows up you know immediately you are in for a treat. Also love his incredible arrogance and smugness.

    Favourite Appearances: Hush, The Long Halloween (he was such a dweeb!) Batman Forever (love me some Jim Carey) and Batman: Arkham Asylum games (god it was fun tracking down all his riddles and then busting his smarta$$).

  • While I have unfortunately not read a lot of this character I have loved my various run ins with him through other media. What really makes Victor (and Harvey to a certain extent) stand out is their tragic villain backstories. The New 52 has stripped Mr. Freeze of this important feature making him in my opinion less interesting. I loved that his entire motivation was desperation to save the love of his life.

    Favourite Appearances: Batman TAS (just incredible), Batman Beyond (when Terry meets Freeze was great), Batman: Arkham City (best Boss battle in the game incredibly intelligent design) and Batman: The Dark Knight 23.2 (I realize I just said I prefer old Freeze compared to New 52 Freeze, but this comic was really interesting despite the changes to the character).

  • The more I think about Harvey Dent the more I realize I love him :D Just a great unpredictable character with an interesting gimmick (his coin flipping duality) and his fascinating past as an upholder of the law.

    Favourite Appearances: THE LONG HALLOWEEN (Dent focused but really good and keeps you guessing wondering if The Face will appear), Arkham Asylum (oh man the examination of Two-Face's psyche was great plus the little redemptive bit at the end was fantastic), and I realize this is pretty fresh but I enjoyed Batman and Robin 23.1 (one of my favourite one-shots to come out of villain's month, it just GETS Two-Face especially his need to follow the coin's decision even if that means cleaning up the streets of Gotham).

  • Jonathon Crane is one scary mofo! I mean he has been written so many different ways but when he is at the top of his game he is definitely among the creepiest of Batty's rogues.

    Favourite Appearances: Batman: Arkham Asylum (this game had an incredible portion of time devoted to dealing with Bruce under the effects of Crane's fear toxin and the effect was MAGIC, super creepy and well designed), The Long Halloween (what a silly goof in this one), Green Lantern: Blackest Night/Brightest Day (omg how perfect was the yellow ring for freaky old Crane?) and Batman Begins (a more subtle Scarecrow certainly more realistic and easily dispatched but still good overall).


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Maxie Zeus...I actually thought he was just thrown into the cartoon for the hell of it, is he still around?

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@bierschneeman: i'm using him from Arkham Asylum. Featured in that very briefly. Not too special really.

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Very good list indeed, I am currently putting together a Top 100 heroes & villains list. I am very curious if you would actually like to follow the link and vote.