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The Two-Four’s Last Stand 2

***Mild Spoiler Warning***Mild Spoiler Warning***With issue six we reach the end of the road for ‘We Stand on Guard’ and the end of the line for our beloved Two-Four squade. The battle whose seeds were planted with Amber arrival is now ending and both Canada and the USA will feel its affects.THE GOOD: WSOG has consistently given us amazing art and colours, courtesy of Steve Skroce and Matt Hollingsworth, and since I’ve probably mentioned that on each issue so far I’ll sim...

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Talk about a ‘Mind Blow’! 0

Well, after that first issue it was pretty clear that the plucky members of the Two Four were not long for this world. I’ve basically been reading this the way I watch a horror movie, always wondering ‘who’s next’? I’m not trying to spoil thing too much but be prepared, things get messy (and I mean that oh so literally). THE GOOD: So for all my complaints that we weren’t getting enough action, here it is, an action packed issue. For the first time ever there&r...

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Is this the Two-Four’s last stand? Find out… next month! 2

***Actual Spoiler Warning***Actual Spoiler Warning***For the first time I’ve decided to drop down to a 3 star rating. I need to point out that I still like this book, but I really want more traction on the plot per issue. It’s an extremely quick read and that dampened my overall feeling on the issue, but remember 3 is still a decent score. It’s not a 2 or anything crazy like that.THE GOOD: As always Skroce nailes the art, Hollingsworth nails the colours, and Vaughan gives us wi...

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The Future Doesn't Look Bright For Canada's Freedom Fighters 0

***Mild Spoiler Warning***Mild Spoiler Warning***Brian K. Vaugh… wtf is wrong with you!!! Sorry, I’m still hung up on that torture scene. I’m not going to spoil it for anyone but… Damn, that was creepy.Getting into the issue itself, a pretty quick read really. As has been the case with each issue so far you’re only getting a little bit of forward motion each time. Would I like to see more? Yes. Am I satisfied with what we get here? Well, you’ll see.This iss...

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Journey Deeper Into the Great White North 2

***Mild Spoiler Warning***Mild Spoiler Warning***In the second issue of We Stand on Guard Brian K. Vaughn gives us a much needed glimpse inside the camps of both the evil American occupiers and the scrappy Canadian rebels. This was important because in the first issue we're basically thrust into this era of war without time to wonder why, so any opportunity for backstory is great.The issue starts with another stirring flashback. We learn that Tommy and Amber are both still alive and on the run f...

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Canada Vs USA: Round 1 6

THE GOOD: Well folk, the Canadiana drips off this comic like maple syrup off of bacon. Which is odd because Brian K. Vaughan isn’t even Canadian. Don’t get me wrong; Vaughan working on something that even remotely involves my home country is win-win for me, but is seems like an odd choice of subject matter. Who knows, maybe he’s the Canadian equivalent of a Japanophile.He points out in the letter column that his wife is Canadian (from my hometown actually) so I guess he’s...

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