Necodexa Virus(INFO)

This virus is one that could be related to a common zombie virus but after much experimenting I have finally made something that would prove difficult to deal with. In the future I hope to use this virus on a city of the scale of New York City, but now thinking smaller seems to be a wiser choice and one that might not get me killed.

The basic outline of the virus is in the following notes.

  • The virus itself was design to be transfer using fluids from the infected to the uninfected.
  • It made the infected to lose what's is right and what is wrong but only to feed on the uninfected.
  • They go into a state when they can become aggressive when they notice someone who it not one of them.
  • This aggressive state gives the infected a boost in strength and speed.
  • When they are in this state it seems that their eyes glow bright green.
  • The aggressive state only appears when a human is infected but not a mutant.
  • There is a difference on how a mutant infected works and the human infected.
  • A mutant infected get's some sort of upgrade or downgrade in come case.
  • The Necodexa Virus seems to have an impact of the X-Gene that I did not expect, but one that would prove interesting to see play out in a large city.
  • A human infected seemed to smarter and being able to communicated with other infected but not a mutant infected.

While the virus is dangerous it does go though a life cycle in a way.

  1. When a person is infected with the virus; they started to throw up blood for ten seconds and then get a little dizzy and then the go into a coma for about 70 seconds.
  2. After the coma: the person is now total infected with the virus.
  3. If the infected is a human then they will have no change in appearance, other than the eyes.
  4. If the infected is mutant then they will change and have a more monster look. This change will depend on the powers that the mutant has.

I wonder how long before someone finds a cure for this but I have my confidence in my..twisted science.


If you want to use this virus let me know and we will get to business.

I would like to thank the following people for helping out.

@_animus_ @aphasic @nano_swarm @maverick_6