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COVER ART: 4/5 This is a great cover artistically. I love the classic feel of the longing look between the two characters (Beast and Jean Grey) with a golden age styled advertisement of "Jean Grey and the BEAST?" It is very demure and the characters seem very charming. There is a great element of drama as well with Cyclops in the background reaching out to try and stop the kiss. The only reason I mark this a 4/5 is because it is Beast about to kiss Jean Grey and being a huge Cyclops fan, that ju...

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UNANNY X-MEN #009 Cyclops VS. Uncle Tom 15

COVER ART: 4/5 I love the solo image of Dazzler with her new S.H.I.E.L.D. uniform and toting an oversized automatic weapon, and her upper torso seemingly on fire or glowing from her mutant power, with a dark backdrop emblazoned with the S.H.I.E.L.D. crest. It is a simple yet effective image by CHRIS BACHALO and TIM TOWNSEND. The black background really makes Dazzler 'pop' in her white uniform. Overall, not too impressive like the Trinity War covers, but no real mistakes either.STORY ART: 4/5 I ...

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COVER ART: 2/5 I love great covers and this just doesn't really do it for me. LEINIL YU & GHO made HULK look so old! The water looks murky like a lake or swamp versus the ocean. The blue hands are accurate, but I think this is just too simple of a main version cover to pass as A game. I like YU and I have liked his last cover, very highly detailed, this is just the opposite. Give or take it, the issue is still very good.STORY ART: 4/5 With 4 issues into the series, I expect some consistency ...

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INDESTRUCTIBLE HULK #3: Hulk VS. Quintronic Man and Hulk's first mission for S.H.I.E.L.D. 1

COVER ART: 4.5/5 I am still getting used to seeing HULK wearing armor. I understand it, I get it, I just think it looks silly; however, LEINIL YU does a fantastic job drawing a highly detailed fight pose between HULK and Quintronic Man. I love all the little details on both characters and great use of color.STORY ART: 4/5 Do I LUUUUVVV LEINIL YU's art, well, I don't know. It isn't bad. It is a lot better than a lot of other art out there right now, but I don't think I will be putting him in my t...

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CONSTANTINE #5 Stealing the POWER of SHAZAM! Trinity War TIE-IN to Justice League Dark #22 8

COVER ART: 3.5/5 As far as covers go, this is better than most but not worthy of greatness. I have a problem when the cover artist does not draw feet when they should, and instead fill the void with cheap smoke or rocks. EDDY BARROWS, EBER FERREIRA & BRAD ANDERSON are responsible for this cover. I can overlook an artist who is overworked and trying to the cover done, but when a team of artists collaborate on a cover, they need to bring their best work, and that means drawing the FEET!STORY ...

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JUSTICE LEAGUE DARK #22: TRINITY WAR Chapter 3 HOUSE OF CARDS (who's agenda will prevail in the end?) 6

COVER ART: 5/5 IVAN REIS, JOE PRADO & ROD REIS are the credits for this weeks (7/21/13) cover and they do not disappoint. I love big covers with lots of action, big events, and good color & this is it.STORY ART: 5/5 Most of the time I hate cross over stories; as the artists are typically always different, and to me that always compromises the flow of the story; unless, the art gets better. That is the case with this issue. Going from Justice League, to Justice League of America, to now t...

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BATMAN/SUPERMAN #2 doubletime 11

COVER ART: 5/5 Even though this cover is not as iconic as issue #1, it is still an incredibly beautiful piece of art by JAE LEE and JUNE CHUNG. I love how Jae Lee illustrates the young country Clark with his short sleeves and boots with his high-water dungarees. He is really able to differentiate the two different timeline characters, with the current versions being more polished and "posh" while the younger versions are more impetuous and raw. This is a masterful execution of pencil and color.S...

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COVER ART: 3.5/5 ALEX MALEEV provides us with an image that is NOT Batman for once. This is an incredibly cool cover, the art is not super great but it is gritty and real and I like it. Commissioner Gordon looks like he means business and I like the idea of him shooting towards the reader.STORY ART: 3.5/5 AlEX MALEEV takes over the pencil duties of this issue and with colorist DAVE McGRAIG, they tell a magnificently gritty, surreal story through their creative process. Initially, I think the ar...

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SUPERMAN #22 H.I.V.E. MENTALITY Don't go mental over this issue, it's not that big of a deal. 3

COVER ART: 5/5 The only real outstanding part of this issue is the cover by KENNETH ROCAFORT. I love the highly detailed and correct proportions of a very intricate pose. I love the eery look by the Hive Queen and the gooey details from Superman's arm. Great cover, one of the best of this series.STORY ART: 2/5 This issue's art is less than stellar. It is not so much the pencils by EDDY BARROWS, DANIEL HDR, GERALDO BORGES, it is more of the heavy ink work and foggy color work. It is just not a c...

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This series has become quite this topic of controversy and this issue has already shown the variety of support and hate for this character and issue. I get my comics fairly quickly, as in, on Wednesdays, but by the time I started writing this issue early on Thursday, there have already been over 5 reviews, of either 4 and 5 star, or 1 and 2 star. This is showing that whatever the creative team of this book is trying to accomplish with the character and the story, they are getting a ton of press ...

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COVER ART: 1/5 Horrible. I hate it. What is dead Sentry doing back there, a cheerleading move? Why does everyone look so fat and puffy? Why is the ground cracking under foot like these four have been "stomping the yard". I can't believe it took 2 professional artists to make this horrible cover, JOHN CASSADAY & LAURA MARTIN, I'm talkin' about you! Oh, and the colorist doesn't get off that easy. Whenever there is a baddie in town, just throw some FIRE in the background, "so we don't have to ...

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WOLVERINE & the X-MEN #33 The Hellfire Saga Part 3 - A NEW BLACK QUEEN is introduced - but for how long? 8

So if anyone actually knows me, they know I am not really a big fan of Wolverine, so to my chagrin, this is the first page of this issue. I just do so enjoy seeing Wolverine getting himself filled with bullets, just so he can heal and repeat the process! That is just one reason why I have rated this issue a 5/5.COVER ART: 5/5 NICK BRADSHAW & MORRY HOLLOWELL drew such an intricately detailed cover, I was just blown away. Seriously, beautiful. I sat and looked at this cover for probably 5 seri...

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INDESTRUCTIBLE HULK #2 A Super-Hero Pi$$ing Contest 11

COVER ART: 3/5 Now this issue LEINIL YU took some shortcuts on developing the cover. As an artist myself, I can see how Mr. Yu phoned it in on this cover. The image of Hulk is a classic frontal pose with one hand. You draw the head and the hand, then fill in the rest with lumpy muscles. I am sure Mr. Yu has drawn this same exact pose probably 1000 times or more, and I have seen it 1000 times or more. The image of Iron Man is the same. Front facing flying pose with one leg lower and one hand reac...

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INDESTRUCTIBLE HULK #1: Thanks to @TheAcidSkull and @TheIncridibleSuperHulk8642 for MAKING me check out this issue! 20

COVER ART: 5/5 What I love this about this cover is EVERYTHING! The pencil job by LEINIL YU is very good but I really love the color job by SUNNY GHO! STORY ARC: 5/5 I would not have even looked at this issue were it not for @theacidskull, @theincrediblesuperhulk8642, and even @johnkmccubbin91 who is a big MARK WAID fan. Up to this point, I have been LESS than impressed with Mark Waid's work. This issue has possibly changed my viewpoint of Mr. Waid. My whole issue with the Hulk up to this point...

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COVER ART: 1/5 well BLACK FROG did not bring his A game on this cover. The image of Namor holding both Cyclops and Captain America up by their throats is very topical to this issue but very poorly executed. Frog just decided he didn't want to draw the feet on anyone so they just fade into the background.STORY ARC: 5/5 JAMES ASMUS takes the reins on the writing duties for this annual issue. This issue is a race against the clock. Cyclops and Steve Rogers and Blastaar battle a raged and extremely...

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INDESTRUCTIBLE HULK Blind Rage: Part 2 My first Hulk comic in over 15 years! 17

COVER ART: 3/5 My initial impulse was to rate this cover by PAOLO RIVERA a 2, or even a 1.5, but upon further inspection of this cover I had to give it the "neither good nor neither bad" rating of 3 stars. What I do like about this cover is how DD holds his cane weapons in such a way that he covers both Hulk's eyes and Bruce Banners eyes. It is very relative to not only the story but also to his partner of this issue Daredevil who is blind. I also do like the way DD is drawn and colored for thi...

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THOR GOD OF THUNDER: GODBOMB PART FOUR (2 Hammers are better than 1!) 7

COVER ART: 5/5 Cover "artist" ESAD RIBIC and colorist IVE SVORCINA keep giving us top tier covers with each issue. The striations in the muscles of Thor as well in Gorr the God Butcher is beautiful. The way Esad was able to draw such a dynamic struggle and all this movement in a stationary image is real talent. The way Thor's leg is wrapped around Gorr's and how he has his arm torqued back with Gorr's weird leg hand struggling to push against Thor's leg makes me almost feel the tension and torqu...

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ALL NEW X-MEN #014 - teamwork,action,comedy...BMB is bringing his "A game" on this issue 4

COVER ART: 5/5 The artistic team of STUART IMMONEN (pencils), WADE VON GRAWBADGER (inks), & MARTE GRACIA (colors) blow me away with this issues cover. The quality is just superb. I love the intricate background detail, making some of the shapes look like they are rusting, and the very gaelic designs are soothing to the eye. Jean Grey's far off look is very well done, showing she is under the influence of Mastermind. I love the detail in Masterminds neckerchief and suit vest. The colors and ...

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Green Lantern Corps #22: Fatal Wounds 12

COVER ART: 4/5 This is a beautifully done cover. For Green Lantern or Green Lantern Corps covers, this is one of the best so far this year. I love the detail of Star Sapphire in John's right arm-band. Even the the cover concept is simple enough, the execution via ink and color are majestic.STORY ARC: 2/5 VAN JENSEN has a challenging job of creating a compelling story within the boundaries of these characters and not repeat any of the great stories written before him. That being said, here is a...

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THANOS RISING #4 - Thanos has the top of my favorite list! 19

COVER ART: 5/5What can I say about this cover other than beautiful. SIMON BIANCHI who pencils and especially (I rarely shout out the colorist, or in this case, the inwasherist) RICCARDO PIERUCCINI provide us with such a beautiful cover, that it is actually hard to admire considering the image is of such an evil despicable person Thanos. The detail is phenomenal. This is definitely the best cover this week by far (7/7/13).STORY ART: 5/5SIMON BIANCHI, RICCARDO PIERUCCINI, & IVE SVORCINA (color...

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Cable and X-Force #11 4

COVER ART: 3.5/5SALVADOR LARROCA & colorist FRANK D'ARMATA produce a fun and expression filled cover to this weeks (7/14/13) issue of Cable and X-Force. I love the look on Domino's face most of all. Unfortunately, the cool convertible winds up being a busted up Ambulance.STORY ARC: 3.5/5 When you are a writer by the name of Hopeless, you better always bring you A game, or your name will be used extensively in silly puns about the story being so "hopeless"...etc. Dennis Hopeless doesn't brin...

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Uncanny X-Force #8 Lucky number Weapon XIII 3

COVER ART: 2/5 KRIS ANKA provides us the main variant cover for this issue. What I like about it is the use of lighting. It is obviously computer generated but the light emitting from Psylocke's Psy-Knife, illuminating both her and Cluster's face is really beautifully done. I doubt that Kris Anka had anything to do with that part though. What I don't like is that Psylocke looks too much like a young Mexican Man versus the sexy English/Asian ninja we are used to seeing. Nothing against young or o...

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Justice League of America #6 Trinity War: Part 2 of 6 6

COVER ART: 4.5/5IVAN REIS, ROD REIS, & JOE PRADD produce the main variant of this issue, and in line with any major event, the cover is FULL: full of color, full of action, full of characters. It is definitely a standout cover for DC this week (7/14/13)STORY ARC: 3/5Geoff Johns is a great writer, and great writers slow a story down in the same way a tsunami draws the water calmly away from the shore prior to unleashing it's true power back onto the beach and to those unaware. "Questions. S...

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Uncanny X-Men #8 - Coming home to find youv'e been "beDAZZLED" 5

COVER ART: 4.5/5CHRIS BACHALO does everything almost perfect in this cover! He created this great energy and buzz with this cover. We know Magneto had semi-betrayed the X-Men in the first few issues so is this going to be the "clash of the titans" between Scott and Eric that this cover is representing? Well, no, not at all, and that is why it loses a half star. Chris pulled a little bit of a switcharoo on us fans, but ultimately I am okay with it as the story was very well done and the cover it...

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Astonishing X-Men #64 - colder, colder, colder...frozen 3

COVER ART: 4/5Phil Noto actually does a really fine job on this cover, and it is truly relevant to the story! Mystique looks phenomenal and Phil creates this great "cold" feeling. I love the icicle detail from Wolverine's nose! I would have give ol' Phil a 5/5 but he did not draw any feet. Everything after the cover goes downhill though for me.STORY ARC: 2/5MARJORIE LIU has this fantastic concept. Take an Omega leveled Mutant that has untapped potential, and unleash him on the world. We know fr...

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X-Men Legion #13: Hope and Glory Part 1 - Lets HOPE this become more GLORIOUS 6

COVER ART: 4/5 Mark Del Mundo creates the most unique and creative covers. It is too bad he isn't the main artist for the series. The symbolism of Legion sitting in the middle of a Russian doll toy, each representing a unique power set and personality within his own mind...just genius. I have picked up this series from issue #1 and this issue (#13) has provided us the best cover so far of the series.STORY ARC: 1.5/5 Simon Spurrier seems to be running out of steam as we are heading into our "teen...

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Superior Spider-Man 13 No Escape Part 3: The Slayer & The Slain 20

COVER ART: 3.5/5CAMUNGOLI/DELGADO team does an fine job on this cover. What I like the most is the little claw details on Superior Spider-Man's hands. His outfit, much like his current disposition, is much darker. The Lizard is drawn superbly as well. The symbolism of Spider-Man & the Lizard going back-to-back is expertly done. This isn't the best cover of this week (7/7/13) but there is a lot of symbolism here and that gives this book some extra points.STORY ARC: 5/5DAN SLOTT & CHRISTOS...

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Superman Unchained #2 - Introduction to WRAITH 5

COVER ART: 5/5JIM LEE does another fantastic job providing this weeks (07/07/13) best, or at least top 3 covers in comic land. The detail is just phenomenal and there is great patriotism with Superman holding the tattered flag. STORY ARC: 5/5SCOTT SNYDER brings the heat onto SUPERMAN in this 2nd issue of Superman Unchained. There are 4 main developments going on in this issue. 1) The immanent escape and plans of LEX LUTHOR.2) The true plans of the Techno-Terrorist group ASCENSION.3) The develop...

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Justice League 22 - Trinity War PART 1 - Strap on your boots boys, this is WAR!..and there will be casualties! 10

Cover Art: 3.5/5 These big epic adventures typically start with a double cover, such as this has with the artist Ivan Reis trying to create this epic battle scene by including EVERY single character in the story line within the frame. This works sometimes, like when Jim Lee relaunched X-Men back in the early 90's, but Ivan Reis is no Jim Lee. Even without the major event, this issue's (22) cover is still not my favorite in the series. The best covers are still 4,2,3,1, all drawn by Jim Lee. With...

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Nightwing: Showtime - THE SHOW MUST GO ON!!! 5

Cover Art: 3.5/5 Brett Booth, Norm Rapmund, & Andrew Dalhouse created a good cover for this issue (22). I have yet to read a Nightwing book, because, to be honest, it is Robin, who cares right?...well, I guess he is cool now, so when I saw this cover, I decided to give his book a shot. Is it the BEST cover that I have seen this week (07/07/13) or have purchased this week? No, but it was good enough to buy this book for the first time so I guess it did it's job.Story Arc: 5/5As this is my fi...

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I BEAT DAREDEVIL - more like Waid & Rodriguez are destroying Daredevil 24

Cover Art: 1/5Samnee & Rodrigue fall well below par when executing this cover. I don't know what happened here lately with comics with less than stellar art (Daredevil & Hawkeye for example) but this just seems lazy, or it should belong in a newspaper cartoon section. Story Line: 1/5Mark Waid is trying to work in some very difficult messages into this book that I feel are anti-climactic. If you do ANY research, you will know that 1/3 men in the U.S. will develop cancer, and that 1/4 wom...

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Power Girl + Huntress = A WIN...with the new series"LOSSES"! 5

Cover Art: 3.5/5This cover by Robson Rocha is not going to make someone jump out of their seat and pick this book up over other well drawn covers that were released this week (07/07/13); however, it is very well drawn. The images of Power Girl and Huntress in these futuristic handcuffs is an opposite of what actually occurs within the pages of the story. That being said, THIS is the first issue I have decided to pick up of this series so I guess the cover did enough of a job to tickle my intere...

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Green Lantern #22 - Training Day 3

Cover Art: 4/5Billy Tan does a good job on the cover art with this weeks (6/30/13) installment of Green Lantern #22. The image very much correlates to the actual story, which is sometimes rare nowadays (see Superman # 21 if you need a prime example of covers not correlating to the story). The imagery is simple enough to understand, with Larfleeze and his Orange Constructs bearing down on Hal Jordon, who is protecting his brand new crop of Green Lanterns who cower behind him. I collect my comics ...

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Justice League 21 Shazam conclusion - not magical 4

Cover: 4.5/5Gary Frank does a GREAT JOB on this cover, drawing us in with the anticipation of a battle extraordinaire. I can almost feel Black Atoms headlock! I would buy this just based on the cover, no back story needed, unfortunately, that's about all I liked from this book.Story art: 3/5What can I say, I am not totally a Gary Frank fan. I am a big "art" guy, and I tend to go through a book quickly at first, just looking at the art, not reading the story, to see if1. The art does a good job t...

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"OOH OOH OOH its Magik!" Uncanny X-Men issue 7 4

Cover Art: 5/5 Frazer Irving does a spot on job capturing the essence and the feel of Magik in her "Limbo" look. This to me is not about proper proportions, or facial expressions, this to me is a true piece of art in itself. This image creates emotion, has depth, meaning. I love it.Story Art: 5/5 I have come to appreciate why Irving was chosen to represent the X-Men while in Limbo, and through this ethereal adventure they are currently on. The first two pages create this calming fee...

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All New X-Men "LUCKY" 13 - Youre a winner if you read this book! 1

Cover art: 3/5 This is my 2nd favorite book I pull so I will be a little more judgmental when in comes to favorites. There are feet though! I gave Immonen a whole extra point from 2 to 3 for drawing in the feet. The cover depicts the original 4 of 5 X-Men sans Angel surrounded by Hydra. The color is good, the art angle is great, but compared to the cover of issue 3 or 4, which are AWESOME, this cover falls into the sub-awesome category, not only for this series but for all the other awesome cove...

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Superman #21, Hector Hammond isn't the only one with a "big head"...Lobdell - do better 8

Cover art: 1/5 Not only do I not get Superman, I get an ugly huge head poorly drawn, uh, I hate that I have to have it in my collection. The cover does not correlate to the story other than Hammond is in it, with a huge a$$ head, but he does not ever wear the Superman outfit. The whole cover is just "phoned in" and I don't want to waste any more time on it. It is just bad.Story Art: 2/5 Story: 2/5 Kenneth Rocafort just didn't do it for me in this issue other than these 2 images....

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Batman "aint got time for that" The Dark Knight #21 2

Cover Art: 2.5/5 Ethan Van Sciver doesn't do a horrible job on this cover, but it is sub-par to the many awesome covers that have come out this week (6/23/13) and it is not representative of how great an ending to this story arc with the Mad Hatter really is. The best cover, by-the-way, of this series is issue #10. All my comics are digital now, and when I go to my Batman:The Dark Knight folder, that cover always jumps out at me. I digress, okay cover, good detail, NO FEET once again (...

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Alien + Athlete = Awesome 3

Cover Art: 4.999/5Jae Lee does an absolutley FANTASTIC job creating a memorable cover that I personally will remember for years to come. I believe comics are all about transporting one from the real to the fantasy, and the Cover Art is the shiny doorway into this world. This cover was one of the best done this week, this month, and maybe this year! I have rated the cover 4.999 out of 5 because, if you have read any of my other reviews, I refuse to grant a full 5/5 if the artist does not draw the...

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X-Force? IDK, Girl Interupted maybe 1

Cover art: 1.5/5With all the technology available, and all the competition to have a newcomer or a collector continue to want to pick up a book, the cover is essential shiny paint job that should create awe and desire to know what the heck is on the inside of this book! I get none of that from this cover. A boring Fantomex family photo, with limited detail and no background. Put it next to a highly colorful, detailed, and fun cover like Wolverine & TXM #32, this cover looses every time. The ...

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