Top ALL WHITE costumes

These are my favorite or "favourite" (for all those who have the Queen on their money) characters who wear ALL WHITE or 85%-90% of their costume is ALL WHITE.

I have included 17 characters that I am fully aware of, but if I missed one, let me know so I can add him/her to the list.

Honorable Mention to FF Spider-Man. He can be placed anywhere you would like.

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List items

  • The Marvel version of Batman with multiple personality disorder. It takes a lot of guts to wear an ALL WHITE outfit, and Moon Knight pulls it off the best.

  • The WHITE Queen. Nuff Said.

  • What a cool character team. Dagger was a character I loved as a kid, I wish they wrote more stories featuring this team, or her at least.

  • I loved Fantomex in his ALL WHITE outfit before he decided to add those black accents to it.

  • How can you not like this outfit. You know she has some roller skates on in this don't you!

  • The ALL WHITE lantern. Even though I am not a fan at all of Kyle Rayner, he does look pretty boss in his ALL WHITE lantern outfit.

  • The nemesis to Snake Eyes. Its hard to be a good ninja when you are wearing ALL WHITE but he has made a pretty good career at it.

  • Her name is misleading. She wears an all white outfit, and is pretty awesome herself.

  • Magneto has found himself on the coolest ALL RED list and now finds himself ranked highly on the ALL WHITE list. His new Uncanny X-Men outfit is all that and a bag of chips/crisps :-). I like the newly tightened helmut feature in front, to give him more of a foreboding look.

  • a self evolved geneticist with a penchant for white hats, white ties, white shirts, white masks, white gloves,...etc.

  • HIOH Silver....AWAY! I am listing Silver the horse...thats right. He was as much of the Hero as was The Lone Ranger. Iconic figure. Beautiful all white creature. Smart as a whip.

  • Some may like this outfit more than the original, I personally like the all white more. This has more pizazz, so I included this outfit as well.

  • A fan favorite. The new white costumes were a success. rarely happens.

  • I like tigers.

  • I had to include him because when he stretches out he is representing a lot of WHITE out there, and he looks.....FANTASTIC!

  • Ok, Dazzler is on here twice, but to be fair, she has two totally distinct looks. I prefer the 70's pop chic look more, with this brand new look more contemporary and military styled to fit in with her new role with S.H.I.E.L.D

  • I included Fantomex so I figure I had to include Cluster as well.

  • Technically he is probably clear, but in most comics he looks all white, especially in W&tXM.