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This has been a son of a b!t@h to get done FYI, I have almost completed it so many times when the site takes me to its freeking Facebook page! ahhhhhhhhhhh

I just adjusted All New XMen from number 2 to number 1.

Just adjusted again to add in all the Justice league books for the tie ins with Trinity War

List items

  • I love the art in this book, more of what I am more "drawn" too (PUN). I love seeing the original X-Men, especially Jean and young Cyke. I like the vibe of this book as well. A good starter for any new fan.

  • I love this book because Cyclops is my favorite X-Man, Leader, Superhero, etc. I love how the art is quirky and off-beat, somewhat like this group and their powers.

  • I have always liked Thor, but now I LOVE Thor. The art is my favorite of all my pulls, the story/battle is fantastic...EPIC even. I mean, 3 Thors, how do you lose? And someone must now put Gorr the God Slayer on some sort of list as supreme Bada$$, with 3 Thors still coming up short.

  • Man, with 3 episodes, I am loving the art and the flow of the book, but Man, Thanos really needs some serious psychiatric help, some meds or something. This is one twisted dude.

  • The all girl cast is throwing me off some, but the tempo and the feel is good, and the art is well done.

  • The art, the story, its all good!

  • I like this book very much. It is fun, I love the drama, I am always ready for the next issue.

  • I like this series most for Batman. I am a HUGE Batman fan, and I think the story, the art, it just screams Batman at his best for me.

  • He is literally "off the chain!"

  • Jim Lee is why I pick up this book. I love Superman, Batman, Green Lantern individually, and to see this team is fun. They even made Aquaman look and be cool, so that is really saying something.

  • I just got this for the tie ins for Trinity War.

  • i get this now for the Trinity War tie ins.

  • I wish this had a better cover, but the story and the art is improving, and I love Superman, so I am sticking with this book for now.

  • I love Sinestro and Hal, so I have loved this series. The direction has changed in the last two books with a new writer, so lets see if I continue to Pull this book.

  • I get this for the tie ins.

  • Why do I get this book. I really don't like the art, all the people look weird to me, too....simple, and fat! I like Cap, Thor, and I am liking to watch Havok (my little brother) have his time in the lime-light. I could stop this book at any time. I get this and really don't read it, I just thumb through it and get the jist of the story.

  • I love how Bishop looks. I have always thought him underutilized and then villianized. I love the art in this book, and I love Psylocke and Fantomex, so I am going to keep getting this book.

  • This book started as a serious intrigue, but is loosing steam. The art is getting annoying, the team is not really gelling to me, I don't know, it seems forced. (PUN)

  • this is my schadenfreude, my guilty pleasure. the art in this is shart, but the story is good, and Legion is developing well. I do like him. He is written well. but did i say the art was sh!t? it is.

  • This is actually power girl and huntress book "the world finest". I started this the same week with Nightwing. I like it so far. pretty simple but fun.

  • I just started this book last week (7/7/13) and enjoyed it. I will give it a few issues to see if I keep it.

  • I had to add this because @theincrediblesuperhulk8642 convinced to get all issues (1-10), so now I have them all and will be pulling this until further notice.

  • WHY do I get this book, boredom I guess. I really don't like wolverine, I think he is too hyped up. I don't think he is leadership material. the art and story is getting worse, I may drop this soon, I don't know.

  • I could drop this book like a bad habit any time. I loved it when it was 1 - 35 or so, and then it just started going down hill, when Cyclops, Emma, and that team left. The art is crap, the team is crap, the relationships are crap. I still get it though, guess i am a completionist. Damn completionism!!!!!

  • I get this, I don't know why, I hate it.

  • I love this character but not really thrilled about this current Waid version.