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This is my top "18" favorite "All Red" (as in 85% or more of their costume is red).

This is not a favorite character list, just who has the most red and who pulls it off the best/coolest.

If you see there is a character that qualifies and is cool, I will add them to the list :)

List items

  • I guess I was inspired to create this list because I have been reading a lot of DD comics lately. The RED DEVIL himself gets this top spot for total commitment to the crimson hue, especially since he cannot appreciate himself...being blind and all. Its all because the little horns on top.

  • This character always freaked me out, and even Carnage doesn't really have a "choice" in his costume, it is red, it is awesome, it is worth 2nd place.

  • The first female to join the list and this was a hard choice over other characters, but I think Elektra's costume is so recognizable, it is all red, and all awesome.

  • Flash started out in the number 2 spot but dropped to 4 after I thought of Carnage and Electra. His costume is by choice, so that makes a difference, and he probably is one of the "flashiest" to wear all red (almost all red)

  • Everyone knows I am a huge Cyclops fan, so this was a great way for me to sneak my good buddy Scott Summers into the list. He TOTALLY qualifies, as he IS all red, and his name is Eric the RED! Unfortunately, his outfit is not universally recognized so this is as high as I feel I can rank him legitimately.

  • Red-Hulk. Nuff said.

  • The lovely Jean Grey. She starts of a fury of 5 females in a row! Well Jean technically is not "all red" but her outfit she wore as Marvel Girl with X-Factor, that sweet all red outfit with the yellow X on the front was so awesome, and then her most memorable costume as Dark Phoenix is so awesome she deserves this 7th spot. Plus she has the gorgeous red hair. Jean Grey is so well loved that I doubt people will have an issue with her on this list in this spot. Plus, she was married to Cyclops!

  • Her name starts with Scarlet, she chooses the all red outfit so she gets a nod over the other females on the list, and she has that cool headband thing that makes her so universally recognizable.

  • I just got into JLD and just became aware of this character.

  • Red Hair, cool little red tattoos on her face, cool all red outfit, oh, and she is Cyclops' daughter, even better! I initially had her ranked 9 but I moved her up one as I was writing this list. I almost put her above Scarlet Witch, but I just couldn't do it.

  • well, she doesn't wear a lot, but what she does wear is all red, and is very recognizable.

  • I don't know much about Red-SheHulk, but because the Red-Hulk is on this list, i feel I had to include her. I mean, her name starts with red, and she IS all red, but she chooses to wear a lot of black so she drops down in ranking.

  • the ol' stupid merc with the mouth.

  • This is my obvious DC pick. They are always glowing red with rage. I like the look.

  • and as if by "MAGIC" Shazam is now on this list. He was incarnated through the FANBOY ACTIVATION spell. Even though I did NOT originally include him on this list, he is a very popular character with the majority of his costume being red. He has basically the same costume as FLASH, but with a much bigger gold lightning bolt on his chest, and gold power bands on his wrist/forearms, and bigger gold belt/sash around his waist. His white half cape puts him above Magneto as I feel Shazam utilizes more red better.

  • So Magneto was NOT originally on this list either, but the fans love him despite all his purpleness. I started with Mags above Shazam because of totally awesome RED helmut, but that huge a$$ purple cape just weighs him down on the list. To go with his purple boots, purple arm bands and underwear, and purple whatever that thing is around his neck/chest, this is as high as MAGNETO can go on my list of "all red" costumes.

  • A Russian armor wearing villian. Cool name. not very well known so he is low on the list.

  • A vampire that set her sites on mutants from X-Factor volume 1 issue 54. Her name is Crimson, she wears all red, but she just isn't that popular, so she rounds out the last spot.