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Name: Lance Richards

Alias: Agent 5, The Boss, Da Bawss, Old Soldier, Old Man, Jack, Fckin Patch-Adams

Age: 94

Born: San Francisco, CA

Species: human

Sex: Male

Alignment: Neutral


Lance Reed was born in San Francisco, in the year 1919. He is a veteran of the Korean War and various secret wars that US had on the Soviet Union and other communist nations. Despite being a retired soldier still does fight occasionally. Normally, though, these "missions" are more for him to practice his fighting abilities and feel young.

After the Secret Wars Lance has dreamed of a better world, an Outer Utopia.............

Powers and Skills

According to some of Lance's students, Lance has super strength. This is actually false. Lance has no powers what so ever, but he is a skilled hand to hand fighter and is adept with many weapons.


One thing that Lance is known for is his skill at Close Quarter Combat. He has been able to take out groups of elite soldiers just by using CQC.

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Other Martial Arts

While The Boss might be an expert at CQC, he is a master at other forms of martial arts. Here are some of the styles he has mastered: thang-ta, hapkido, SCARS, marine corps martial arts, savate, kung fu to'a, and nhat nam.

The Ripper

While Agent 5 is skilled at almost all forms of firearms, he normally uses the weapon he calls the Jack the Ripper. Here is some information on the Ripper:

"The Ripper. An assault pistol developed for The Boss. Uses 5.56mm x 45 ammunition. The feeder mechanism inside the drum magazine forms an "∞" shape. Weight: 1.5kg."

Lance and the Ripper
Lance and the Ripper


Lance trained himself in the sword style of Japanese samurai's during one of his missions in Japan. He often uses a two sword technique, but his decent at quite a few other styles.


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On some occasions the Boss has used a robotic exoskeleton. This suit gives him the ability to lift 50 tons and also protects his body from bullets. He also can fly off the ground for a short period of time. His suit also has two plasma tubes that serve as extra arms or turrets. He has only used this in actual battle two times.