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Booster Club 1

This is the first of the 'New 52' I have read...THE GOODI liked this issue. Dan Jurgens has always kept me entertained with his writing. I thought the introduction of team members as part of the story was clever. I liked the exchange between Booster Gold and the UN representative, when he first arrives. I have been a fan of Aaron Lopresti's work for years, and this is no exception. Lopresti's work is complemented greatly by Hi-Fi's coloring. I really like the group of characters selected as well...

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Supreme Snackers 0

    It appears that the Squadron Supreme have become zombies!?! The Good The artwork for this issue is very well done.  First off, the cover is gorgeous, and interiors work great for this story.  Also, the Squadron Supreme are in it (sort of) and a very surprising appearance by former Bucky and anti-SHRA hero Battlestar.   The Bad Zombies.  More zombies, and what do zombies do...they eat people.  Not only do they eat people, they (mostly Hyperion) make jokes!?!  Since when does Hyperion, in an...

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Not The Only Wall-Crawler 0

Amazing Spider-Man #30 (or #471, depends on who's keeping track) Is the start of a long run by J. Michael Stracynski(JMS for short).  In the lead off issue for JMS, Peter goes back to his old high school to find it has become a much tougher place for the kids to learn.  And after delivering a 'bully beatdown' on some kids as Spider-Man, he finds a barefoot man wall-crawling next to him.  JMS' writing is great, he sets up a lot, new characters, a new mystery, and maybe a new job.  JMS introduces ...

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Nothing Can Stop The Juggernaut! Don't believe the hype. 3

"Nothing can stop the Juggernaut!"    A phrase uttered by Cain Marko, on many an occasion.  The cover alone suggests otherwise.    I'll admit, I haven't read Amazing Spider-Man in a few months(since #600), and was afraid to jump into an issue so far removed.  I'm happy to say this wasn't a problem.  The 'Bugle Girl' page recapped recent events perfectly, allowing me to enjoy this issue, worry free.    First off, I loved the art on this issue.  The cover alone makes me want to read this issue.  I...

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Norman's Win/Win Senario 0

SOME SPOILERS  Jeff Parker's transition as the Thunderbolt's writer continues to be a smooth one.  And with Parker writing, it should be no surprise that his other stradling the line of good and evil group should appear.  Here's the skinny: Norman Osborne has a mean-on for the Agents Of Atlas for a double-cross, at the same time he knows/suspects that someone in the Thunderbolts is causing trouble.  Osborne send the T-Bolts to destroy an Atlas base in hopes of pitting the two teams against each ...

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Is Spider-Man Norman Osborns biggest threat? Nah, his hair is. 0

SPOILERS AHEAD!  In Dark Reign The List: Amazing Spider-Man, Norman Osborn decides it's time to take care of his number one problem.  After months of trying to expose Norman Osborn for what he really is, Peter Parker gets a break. Peter's Front Line colleague Norah Winters was able to get information, when she went undercover at Avengers Tower(during "American Son" ASM #594-599).   Spider-Man breaks into Oscorp after finding a secret room on some stolen blueprints.  As, Spidey is copying informa...

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Setting Up Shop 0

SOME SPOILERS  In House Of  M: Masters Of Evil, the spotlight shines on villians.  The Hood gathers a group of 'sapien' anti-social types in an effort to accomplish something they all have a problem with, winning.  The gathered villians listen to the plan, and Bushwhacker ends up dead when he objects to the Hood's leadership.  The group raids a Sentinel microchip factory, destroying two of the robots in the process.  Afterwards, the group celebrates and, Parker Robbins wonders if this could beco...

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Jungle Love - Marvel Digital Review #2 0

Classic X-Men back-up review #2 featuring Colossus.  The X-Men arrive in the Savage Land, after their encounter Magneto at his Antarctic base.  The heat, playing tricks on his mind, make Peter think he sees Anya.  Anya is a girl from back home, but he is really looking at three females from the Fall People tribe.  The women are attacked by a T-Rex, and Peter comes to their rescue.  One of them is killed by the T-Rex, and to repay him for saving them, the other two want to have a "ceremony"  with...

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Card Counting In Hell (Almost) 0

 *** Some Spoilers ***After a "cleansing" in the waters of the Jersey shore, Hercules Amadeus Cho enter hell...through a casino!?!  Apparently Pluto has a thing for riches and gold.  Athena sends them there to bring back Zues.  As they travel through the casino with their guide the fallen New Warrior Aegis.  Things get hairy when Cho is having too much "luck" counting cards at the Blackjack table.  Hera encounters the Olympus Group after throwing her daughter Hebe from a skyscraper.I haven't rea...

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I'd Like To File A Rapport - Marvel Digital Review #1 0

Classic X-Men back-up review #1, featuring Lilandra. This issue's back-up feature tells the story of Lilandra's psychic connection to Professor X.  The Princess has been acuused of treason by her brother Emperor D'Ken and is aboard a Shi'ar ship, when it is attacked.  During the battle,Lilandra's mind sees the memories of Charles Xavier, even believing herself to be him.  In the battle both her captures and rescuers perish, and regains her own mind, escaping in a shuttle and heading towards Eart...

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Down To Earth 0

*SOME SPOILERS*Planet Skaar Prologue, was just that, a set-up issue for the bigger arc.  Greg Pak has mentioned that his Hulk story is a trilogy, and I expect this may be part three.  Pak brings Skaar to Earth looking for Hulk, and his mere approach causes Bruce Banner and Jennifer Walters to "Hulk-up".  Norman Osborn, pardons the Warbound and then does his best Montgomery Burns, as he finds out about how Skaar's pressence has effected Kate Waynesboro.  I was pleasently surprised with dan Panosi...

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'Bird is back 0

 ** Some Spoilers **                New Avengers: The Reunion #1 returns Mockingbird to action in the Marvel Universe.  In Dark Reign: New Nation Bobbi tells Clint she needs some space, in this issue we start to see what she's doing.  Clint, not being one to let things go, tracks her down, with the help of Captain America.  After battling A.I.M. Agents at a Hospital, Clint finally badgers the purpose of what Mockingbird is doing out of her.  Mockingbird's mission is to find those connected to th...

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Feels like the first time... 0

Spoilers...HO!Jarvis is back, Scarlet Witch is back(how? why? (not explained, not important) The Avengers are back! I know, the series has been around for a while, but its felt different. This issue is primarily a set up issue, a gathering of heroes and at the end the threat revealed. The group appears to be Wasp (Hank Pym), Jocasta, Hercules, Scarlet Witch, USAgent, Hulk, with Cho, Stature and Vision. The world appears to be in peril(again), and Jimminy Cricket...I mean Cho and Hercules track d...

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Pleasently Suprised! 2

SPOILERS!!!As stated above, I was pleasantly surprised by this issue. Hold on to your hats, but before this issue, I had yet to read any of the previous Marvel Zombies titles. Despite the rabid reviews by critics and fans alike, I just couldn't bring myself to pick up a copy. So what compelled me this time around? Machine Man and Jocasta. I am a huge fan of obscure characters, of which this issue has plenty. Right off the bat, we are introduced to The Initiative' Florida based group The Command....

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