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My name is Carl Polzel, and I am a comic fan of 31 years and counting. I have been married for nearly 20 years now and have 3 children. I work as a lead cashier at New Seasons Market. My comic book life started when as a child with the Masters of the Universe action figures(early 80s) came with mini-comics(which I still have today). Still, not really aware of comic books in general(and primarily a toy kid) my next encounter was the magazine sized adaptation of the Muppets Take Manhattan. My next foray with comic books came when my dad purchased a house, and left by the previous owners left a handful of beat-up Sgt. Rock comics and a copy of Captain America #237. The final thing that cemented my comic book future was during the summer of '89 when I trade the Pro Wrestling game of the original Nintendo Entertainment System for about 30 comics that included most of the 'Mutant Massacre' story, the takeover of Avengers Mansion by the fourth Masters of Evil, the West coast Avengers battle with Master Pandemonium, the introduction of Super-Patriot(later known as U.S.Agent) in Captain America and most of the x-titles 'Inferno' storyline. I was officially hooked. I obviously like comic books, but also Heroclix, music, movies. I have been interested in working with comic books in some compacity for quite some time. I have many ideas and like to write. I am also a decent artist, but would probably not be able to handle a monthly schedule for a comic. I have done designs for a store, created images for coloring contests, and also worked on an animation project for a New Jersey Devils commercial(inking & layouts). Myspace page