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TLDR: New bug reporting and feedback form:

We realize that we haven't been as attentive as we need to be to this bug reporting forum. The fact of the matter is, our engineers don't much time to sift through this forum and respond to all of you in a timely manner.

So, to fix this and give you all the support you need, we're setting up a new bug reporting and feedback process.

We now have a dedicated team for responding to support requests and managing feedback and a new hub for doing that here:

From now on please submit your bug reports and feedback to the forms on that site and someone will follow up with you directly. All the feedback and reports will be gathered there and passed along to the engineers.

This bug reporting forum will not be regularly monitored, when you do submit a bug report please still follow the bug reporting best practices on the stickied post here:

We appreciate your patience with us and we really think this new process will better suit your needs.