Ivictia Western Isles Dex: K'wrecken

Name: K’wrecken

Invictia Western Isles Dex: #TBA

Species: Wreckage Pokemon

Type: Water/Dark

Height: 365.76 cm (12 ft)

Weight: 31.7515 kg (700 lbs)

Evolution: Shiprock >> (lvl 32) >> K’wrecken

Ability: Water Compaction

Ability: Mould Breaker

Fee Group: Water 3

Stat / Value

HP / 120

Att / 90

Def / 70

Sp Att / 45

Sp Def / 38

Speed / 55

Total / 418


Appearance: When Shiprock evolves it outgrows its adolescent shell, discarding the nearly unbreakable armor to become part of the sea bed. It will soon seek out a replacement shell, though less for its protection and more for camouflage. This new “shell” is often a previously sunken sea vessel which are fairly easy to find in areas where Shiprock are active. It has thick, dark skin mottled with splotches of green. Its asymmetrical prime tentacle splits into two and and nearly double in length, the ends becoming flat and wide. These appendages form muscular "mitt" that are designed for grabbing and capturing prey even more efficiently than before.

Unfortunately K’wrecken’s increased mass makes unnecessary movement difficult and most of it’s energy is reserved for the whip-crack tentacle grabs. K’wrecken is slow swimmer and does not normally travel, but it has been witnessed swimming short distances, possibly searching for new hunting grounds or to spawn. Though on a darker note, it has been theorized this may be a tact to attract Shiprock as cannibalistic behavior does carry over with evolution. This could suggest learned behavior and possibly even intelligence.

Ecology: Originally K’wrecken indigenous to the frigid waters surrounding Hailpeak. After evolving and shedding their shells they would dig a depression around themselves, and cover up in mud and rocks to await delicious Lapras or Dewgong. The freezing water slowed the metabolisms of K’wrecken and Shiprock and kept their spawning in check. However, when the species was reduced and relocated to bring the Lapras numbers back up the population unexpectedly exploded, leading the the aggressive and cannibalistic behavior that the species is known and dreaded for today.

Lore: Stories have long been on record about rotting ships decorated in bones, coral and other sea detritus. These were merely considered the tall tales of bored or drunken sailors. Recently a K'wrecken was witnessed swimming much higher then normally noted for the species, and the ship it inhabited had breached the surf, appearing to float despite its obvious state of disrepair. Other Invictia myths are under review for other clues they may hold about local fauna.


Origin: K'wrecken is based off giant squid, sunken ships and stories about abandoned ships.

Name Origin: K'wrecken is a combination of kraken and wreck