Invictica Western Isles Dex: Shiprock

Notes: This is part of a collaborative project with ImpurestCheese. The format here is mirrored from her Invicia Dex entries, so format credit to her.

Name: Shiprock

Invictia Western Isles Dex: #TBA

Species: Rock Mollusk

Type: Water/Ground

Height: 182.88 cm (6 ft)

Weight: 164.2 kg (362 lbs)

Evolution: Shiprock >> (lvl 32) >> K'wrecken

Ability: Tsunami (Shiprock's Water-type attacks do 1.5 additional damage when the weather is Rain.

Hidden Ability: Hull Breach (Shiprock automatically does 10% normal damage when entering the battle if the defending Pokemon has an ability or has used a move to raise defense. This effect happens regardless of opposing type.

Egg Group: Water 3/Monster

Stat / Value

Hp / 60

Attack / 72

Defense / 90

Special Attack / 30

Special Defense / 25

Speed / 55

Total / 332


Appearance: Shiprock is a large cephalopod Pokemon mostly encased in an organic rock-like shell. The shell itself has upraised bumps and long protrusions that while blunted are hard enough to pierce through the underside of most ships. The color of the shell is a grayish-green to blend in with the ocean bed. This is left over camouflage from when it was much smaller and susceptible to predators such as Gyarados and Sharpedo

Shiprock has an asymmetrical body with nine tentacles surrounding a cruel mouth ringed with fangs. These tentacles can be rolled up into its shell when it is resting or feeling threatened by other members of its species. Shiprock has large, orange ringed black eyes that allow it to see clearly through dark water and are said to glow in the moonlight. They can swim by corkscrewing its tentacles or can crawl easily along the sea floor. When attacking or fleeing it moves by jetting water out with specialized sphincter muscles. Some of the scientific community believe Shiprock may be one of the species to prove an ancestral link between Omastar and Tentacruel, a long debated and tenuous theory at present.

Ecology: Shiprock spawn and spend their first years in the waters between Large Half Island and Barrier Island. As they mature they will become increasingly territorial and aggressive, up to and including attacking and cannibalizing smaller spawn mates. The need for food and space eventually will press them into migrating down the straights between Diamond Spur and Eversy Island. Unfortunately this bring them into conflict with human sea traffic. Mid-large ships are viewed as threats and are attacked swiftly, though most casualties occur from drowning or injuries caused by being slammed in to. Surviving uninjured humans can usually swim away while Shiprock crushes and rips the ship remains apart.

Shiprock are opportunistic hunters and prey on Sharpedo, Wailmer, weaker members of their species and, ironically, old or sickened Gyarados and Sharpedo. Fortunately their territorial areas have yet to intersect with those of Lapras and steps are being proposed to keep them from encroaching into Lapras territory as the species is slowly being brought back from extinction.


Origin: Shiprock is based off giant squid and ship ruining coral reefs.

Name Origin: Shiprock's name is a combination of shipwreck and rock