Invictia Western Isles: Twibite

Name: Twibite

Invictia Western Isles Dex: #TBA

Species: Moth-Bat Pokemon

Type: Dark/Fairy

Height: 7.62 cm (3 in)

Weight: 170.097 gm (6 oz)

Evolution: Twibite >> (lvl 22) >> Fangpire

Ability: A Small Bite (Energy stolen provides double health for Twibite)

Egg Group: Undiscovered

Stat / Value:

Hp / 25

Attack / 30

Defense / 30

Sp Attack / 50

Sp Defense / 45

Speed / 60

Total / 240


Appearance: Twibite is among the smallest known Pokemon and the lightest in weight to be discovered. Their fur is a light shade of purple and dusted with pink, with darker purple fuzz on the wings. Given their size they are often mistaken for moths, especially when in flight due to its wings which are stubby and underdeveloped. Perhaps to further enforce this misconception Twibite has a pair of feather-like appendages on its heads. These are super sensitive to moving air currents, a necessity for a Pokemon that can be blown off course by a sneeze. Twibite does have ears but they are small and less useful then those of other bat Pokemon.


Originally indigenous to only Vale-Well Island, Twibite were accidentally transported to Jagged Nail by mining exploratory teams. They can now be found on Eversy Island as well, though the Jagged Nail colony is believed have died off due to an inhospitable environment, and their inability to travel between islands.

When first born Twibite pups clings tightly to the mother's fur until they are about two weeks old. At this point they will essentially be on their own for finding food, though any Fangpire in the area will come to a their aid if one sounds distressed. Twibite feed off Gisgloss, Taillow and humans among other things not having a particular favorite host prey. Given the small amount of blood one specimen will ingest in a night they are harmless to most Pokemon and humans. One Machoke had a record number of eleven feed marks on its body at once but suffered no ill effects. Having said that-- allowing a Twibite to feed is not recommended due to the possibility of spreading disease. Also due to the small areas Twibite inhabit and the fragility of the animals themselves, they have been declared near threatened. As such transferring or trading them outside of the region is currently prohibited.


Origin: Twibite is based off bats.

Name Origin: Name is a combination of twilight (time of day) and bite