Invictia Western Isles Dex" Stalkrow

Name: Stalkrow

Invictia Western Isle Dex: #TBA

Species: Bitter

Type: Dark/Ghost

Height: 167.64 cm (5.5 ft)

Weight: 28 kg Approx (60 lbs)

Evolution: Spookrow >> (Unhappiness) >> Stalkrow


Egg Group: Human

Stat Value:

HP / 100

Att / 78

Def / 60

Sp Att / 150

Sp Def / 125

Speed / 59

Total / 572

Appearance: Upon evolution Stalkrow become taller with longer limbs, and joints that are knotted and overgrown. Their fibrous skeletal structure becomes dark and twisted with decay, presenting an unsettling and gangly form. What fabric portions that remain from its pre-evolution hang from the skeleton in rotted tatters. This contributes to a disgusting stench of mildew and rot that surrounds this Pokemon. The leaves growing from its head continue to grow out and become glued together with a sap-like residue, causing them to droop down and form a deep hood around Stalkrow's head. Growing from under this Pokemon's clothes and presumably entwining its entire structure is an otherwise unknown toxic species of thorny vine. Contact with this plant results in a severe painful rash. Unlike its pre-evolution Stalkrow is able to move with swift and eerie silence, even slipping silently through dead leaves without making a sound. How it achieves this is not known.

Ecology: This Pokemon is found around abandoned gardens and fields, or the areas where fields were once sown. These places are are permeated with an atmosphere of depression and bitterness, and are generally avoided by people and Pokemon instinctively. People who have traversed these areas reports feelings of paranoia and possible hallucinations, seeing a dark form that slips in and out of shadows as it slowly closes the distance between it and the viewer. These feelings stop soon after leaving the area of influence, though nightmares may occur for days afterword.

Any plants or crops planted deliberately in a Stalkrow's are will grow deformed and twisted. Any fruit grown will be underdeveloped and have a bitter flavor. People who have purchased areas inhabited by Stalkrow report feelings of being watched wherever they are as long as they hold ownership of the property. People who legally own the property may freely walk about but trespassers may not be so fortunate as people have been known to disappear around Stalkrow areas, and the shredded remains of Pokemon have been found at the edges of the area.



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Creepiest Invictian Pokemon so far, seriously cool stuff and nice to see another dezin of the Western Isles appear