Invictia Western Isles Dex: Spookrow

Name: Spookrow

Invictia Western Isle Dex: #TBA

Species: Fear

Type: Ghost/Grass

Height: 122 cm (4 ft)

Weight: 20 kg (45 lbs)

Evolution: Spookrow >> (Unhappiness) >> Stalkrow

Ability: Spooky (All Flying type Pokemon switch out after one turn)

Hidden Ability: Home Field Advantage (Spookrow always get the first turn)

Egg Group: Human-Like

Stat / Value:

Hp / 55

Attack / 60

Defense / 45

Special Attack / 120

Special Defense / 144

Speed / 30

Total / 454


Appearance: Spookrow are humanoid Pokemon who are comprised of discarded clothing, hand woven cord, leaves and vines. The longer they have protected a field the more disheveled they will appear. However, while their bodies will remain dirty and rumpled, any rips that occur will be roughly stitched closed. Patches scavenged from from various sources are not an uncommon sight though people who care for their fields will leave out rags and cloths for any local Spookrow to make use of. A well-maintained specimen will also have lively foliage showing out any opening in the clothes. A Spookrow who guards an abandoned field or who is otherwise neglected by the field owner will have dying/dead foliage or thorny vines extending from any gaps or opening. These specimens are likely to become a Stalkrow as they become more useless and bitter.

Spookrow move slowly, usually with an uneven gait given their composition. Specimens possess a skeletal structure made from heavily intertwined and knotted vines, with "feet" made from roots. They also have large, dark leafy husks that grow from the top of their heads giving the appearance of a large floppy hat. Spookrow have deep set hollow "eyes" and no discernible mouth.

Ecology: Spookrow can stand in one place from several hours to an entire day without moving from one spot. What prompts them to "patrol" the area they have chosen to protect is not presently known. They do not seem to have any special awareness for when an invasive Pokemon has entered their area of protection, but once the unwelcome visitor is targeted Spookrow will not stop until they have driven the creature away. It has been noted that they are more active in patrolling after driving away the intruding Pokemon.

According to an Eversy Island myth, Spookrow was the first hay-man erected in Eversy to protect the first fields of the settlement. Others were built as the fields were expanded outward, but the original was left up as a good luck charm and was spoken of respectfully. It came to be known as Bentlee, Lord of Hay-Men. One season Bentlee disappeared from his post after the planting but before harvest time, never to be seen again. But not long after this the first Spookrow began to appear and claim fields and gardens to protect. It should be noted that once a Spookrow has chosen an area to protect it can be very hard to dissuade, often remaining even if a field is left to grow wild.


Origin: Spookrow is based off scarecrows

Name Origin: Spookrow is based off spook and scarecrow