Invictia Western Isles Dex" Stalkrow

Name: Stalkrow

Invictia Western Isle Dex: #TBA

Species: Bitter

Type: Dark/Ghost

Height: 167.64 cm (5.5 ft)

Weight: 28 kg Approx (60 lbs)

Evolution: Spookrow >> (Unhappiness) >> Stalkrow


Egg Group: Human

Stat Value:

HP / 100

Att / 78

Def / 60

Sp Att / 150

Sp Def / 125

Speed / 59

Total / 572

Appearance: Upon evolution Stalkrow become taller with longer limbs, and joints that are knotted and overgrown. Their fibrous skeletal structure becomes dark and twisted with decay, presenting an unsettling and gangly form. What fabric portions that remain from its pre-evolution hang from the skeleton in rotted tatters. This contributes to a disgusting stench of mildew and rot that surrounds this Pokemon. The leaves growing from its head continue to grow out and become glued together with a sap-like residue, causing them to droop down and form a deep hood around Stalkrow's head. Growing from under this Pokemon's clothes and presumably entwining its entire structure is an otherwise unknown toxic species of thorny vine. Contact with this plant results in a severe painful rash. Unlike its pre-evolution Stalkrow is able to move with swift and eerie silence, even slipping silently through dead leaves without making a sound. How it achieves this is not known.

Ecology: This Pokemon is found around abandoned gardens and fields, or the areas where fields were once sown. These places are are permeated with an atmosphere of depression and bitterness, and are generally avoided by people and Pokemon instinctively. People who have traversed these areas reports feelings of paranoia and possible hallucinations, seeing a dark form that slips in and out of shadows as it slowly closes the distance between it and the viewer. These feelings stop soon after leaving the area of influence, though nightmares may occur for days afterword.

Any plants or crops planted deliberately in a Stalkrow's are will grow deformed and twisted. Any fruit grown will be underdeveloped and have a bitter flavor. People who have purchased areas inhabited by Stalkrow report feelings of being watched wherever they are as long as they hold ownership of the property. People who legally own the property may freely walk about but trespassers may not be so fortunate as people have been known to disappear around Stalkrow areas, and the shredded remains of Pokemon have been found at the edges of the area.


Ivictia Western Isles Dex: K'wrecken

Name: K’wrecken

Invictia Western Isles Dex: #TBA

Species: Wreckage Pokemon

Type: Water/Dark

Height: 365.76 cm (12 ft)

Weight: 31.7515 kg (700 lbs)

Evolution: Shiprock >> (lvl 32) >> K’wrecken

Ability: Water Compaction

Ability: Mould Breaker

Fee Group: Water 3

Stat / Value

HP / 120

Att / 90

Def / 70

Sp Att / 45

Sp Def / 38

Speed / 55

Total / 418


Appearance: When Shiprock evolves it outgrows its adolescent shell, discarding the nearly unbreakable armor to become part of the sea bed. It will soon seek out a replacement shell, though less for its protection and more for camouflage. This new “shell” is often a previously sunken sea vessel which are fairly easy to find in areas where Shiprock are active. It has thick, dark skin mottled with splotches of green. Its asymmetrical prime tentacle splits into two and and nearly double in length, the ends becoming flat and wide. These appendages form muscular "mitt" that are designed for grabbing and capturing prey even more efficiently than before.

Unfortunately K’wrecken’s increased mass makes unnecessary movement difficult and most of it’s energy is reserved for the whip-crack tentacle grabs. K’wrecken is slow swimmer and does not normally travel, but it has been witnessed swimming short distances, possibly searching for new hunting grounds or to spawn. Though on a darker note, it has been theorized this may be a tact to attract Shiprock as cannibalistic behavior does carry over with evolution. This could suggest learned behavior and possibly even intelligence.

Ecology: Originally K’wrecken indigenous to the frigid waters surrounding Hailpeak. After evolving and shedding their shells they would dig a depression around themselves, and cover up in mud and rocks to await delicious Lapras or Dewgong. The freezing water slowed the metabolisms of K’wrecken and Shiprock and kept their spawning in check. However, when the species was reduced and relocated to bring the Lapras numbers back up the population unexpectedly exploded, leading the the aggressive and cannibalistic behavior that the species is known and dreaded for today.

Lore: Stories have long been on record about rotting ships decorated in bones, coral and other sea detritus. These were merely considered the tall tales of bored or drunken sailors. Recently a K'wrecken was witnessed swimming much higher then normally noted for the species, and the ship it inhabited had breached the surf, appearing to float despite its obvious state of disrepair. Other Invictia myths are under review for other clues they may hold about local fauna.


Origin: K'wrecken is based off giant squid, sunken ships and stories about abandoned ships.

Name Origin: K'wrecken is a combination of kraken and wreck


Invictia Western Isles: Twibite

Name: Twibite

Invictia Western Isles Dex: #TBA

Species: Moth-Bat Pokemon

Type: Dark/Fairy

Height: 7.62 cm (3 in)

Weight: 170.097 gm (6 oz)

Evolution: Twibite >> (lvl 22) >> Fangpire

Ability: A Small Bite (Energy stolen provides double health for Twibite)

Egg Group: Undiscovered

Stat / Value:

Hp / 25

Attack / 30

Defense / 30

Sp Attack / 50

Sp Defense / 45

Speed / 60

Total / 240


Appearance: Twibite is among the smallest known Pokemon and the lightest in weight to be discovered. Their fur is a light shade of purple and dusted with pink, with darker purple fuzz on the wings. Given their size they are often mistaken for moths, especially when in flight due to its wings which are stubby and underdeveloped. Perhaps to further enforce this misconception Twibite has a pair of feather-like appendages on its heads. These are super sensitive to moving air currents, a necessity for a Pokemon that can be blown off course by a sneeze. Twibite does have ears but they are small and less useful then those of other bat Pokemon.


Originally indigenous to only Vale-Well Island, Twibite were accidentally transported to Jagged Nail by mining exploratory teams. They can now be found on Eversy Island as well, though the Jagged Nail colony is believed have died off due to an inhospitable environment, and their inability to travel between islands.

When first born Twibite pups clings tightly to the mother's fur until they are about two weeks old. At this point they will essentially be on their own for finding food, though any Fangpire in the area will come to a their aid if one sounds distressed. Twibite feed off Gisgloss, Taillow and humans among other things not having a particular favorite host prey. Given the small amount of blood one specimen will ingest in a night they are harmless to most Pokemon and humans. One Machoke had a record number of eleven feed marks on its body at once but suffered no ill effects. Having said that-- allowing a Twibite to feed is not recommended due to the possibility of spreading disease. Also due to the small areas Twibite inhabit and the fragility of the animals themselves, they have been declared near threatened. As such transferring or trading them outside of the region is currently prohibited.


Origin: Twibite is based off bats.

Name Origin: Name is a combination of twilight (time of day) and bite


Invictia Western Isles Dex: Spookrow

Name: Spookrow

Invictia Western Isle Dex: #TBA

Species: Fear

Type: Ghost/Grass

Height: 122 cm (4 ft)

Weight: 20 kg (45 lbs)

Evolution: Spookrow >> (Unhappiness) >> Stalkrow

Ability: Spooky (All Flying type Pokemon switch out after one turn)

Hidden Ability: Home Field Advantage (Spookrow always get the first turn)

Egg Group: Human-Like

Stat / Value:

Hp / 55

Attack / 60

Defense / 45

Special Attack / 120

Special Defense / 144

Speed / 30

Total / 454


Appearance: Spookrow are humanoid Pokemon who are comprised of discarded clothing, hand woven cord, leaves and vines. The longer they have protected a field the more disheveled they will appear. However, while their bodies will remain dirty and rumpled, any rips that occur will be roughly stitched closed. Patches scavenged from from various sources are not an uncommon sight though people who care for their fields will leave out rags and cloths for any local Spookrow to make use of. A well-maintained specimen will also have lively foliage showing out any opening in the clothes. A Spookrow who guards an abandoned field or who is otherwise neglected by the field owner will have dying/dead foliage or thorny vines extending from any gaps or opening. These specimens are likely to become a Stalkrow as they become more useless and bitter.

Spookrow move slowly, usually with an uneven gait given their composition. Specimens possess a skeletal structure made from heavily intertwined and knotted vines, with "feet" made from roots. They also have large, dark leafy husks that grow from the top of their heads giving the appearance of a large floppy hat. Spookrow have deep set hollow "eyes" and no discernible mouth.

Ecology: Spookrow can stand in one place from several hours to an entire day without moving from one spot. What prompts them to "patrol" the area they have chosen to protect is not presently known. They do not seem to have any special awareness for when an invasive Pokemon has entered their area of protection, but once the unwelcome visitor is targeted Spookrow will not stop until they have driven the creature away. It has been noted that they are more active in patrolling after driving away the intruding Pokemon.

According to an Eversy Island myth, Spookrow was the first hay-man erected in Eversy to protect the first fields of the settlement. Others were built as the fields were expanded outward, but the original was left up as a good luck charm and was spoken of respectfully. It came to be known as Bentlee, Lord of Hay-Men. One season Bentlee disappeared from his post after the planting but before harvest time, never to be seen again. But not long after this the first Spookrow began to appear and claim fields and gardens to protect. It should be noted that once a Spookrow has chosen an area to protect it can be very hard to dissuade, often remaining even if a field is left to grow wild.


Origin: Spookrow is based off scarecrows

Name Origin: Spookrow is based off spook and scarecrow


Invictica Western Isles Dex: Shiprock

Notes: This is part of a collaborative project with ImpurestCheese. The format here is mirrored from her Invicia Dex entries, so format credit to her.

Name: Shiprock

Invictia Western Isles Dex: #TBA

Species: Rock Mollusk

Type: Water/Ground

Height: 182.88 cm (6 ft)

Weight: 164.2 kg (362 lbs)

Evolution: Shiprock >> (lvl 32) >> K'wrecken

Ability: Tsunami (Shiprock's Water-type attacks do 1.5 additional damage when the weather is Rain.

Hidden Ability: Hull Breach (Shiprock automatically does 10% normal damage when entering the battle if the defending Pokemon has an ability or has used a move to raise defense. This effect happens regardless of opposing type.

Egg Group: Water 3/Monster

Stat / Value

Hp / 60

Attack / 72

Defense / 90

Special Attack / 30

Special Defense / 25

Speed / 55

Total / 332


Appearance: Shiprock is a large cephalopod Pokemon mostly encased in an organic rock-like shell. The shell itself has upraised bumps and long protrusions that while blunted are hard enough to pierce through the underside of most ships. The color of the shell is a grayish-green to blend in with the ocean bed. This is left over camouflage from when it was much smaller and susceptible to predators such as Gyarados and Sharpedo

Shiprock has an asymmetrical body with nine tentacles surrounding a cruel mouth ringed with fangs. These tentacles can be rolled up into its shell when it is resting or feeling threatened by other members of its species. Shiprock has large, orange ringed black eyes that allow it to see clearly through dark water and are said to glow in the moonlight. They can swim by corkscrewing its tentacles or can crawl easily along the sea floor. When attacking or fleeing it moves by jetting water out with specialized sphincter muscles. Some of the scientific community believe Shiprock may be one of the species to prove an ancestral link between Omastar and Tentacruel, a long debated and tenuous theory at present.

Ecology: Shiprock spawn and spend their first years in the waters between Large Half Island and Barrier Island. As they mature they will become increasingly territorial and aggressive, up to and including attacking and cannibalizing smaller spawn mates. The need for food and space eventually will press them into migrating down the straights between Diamond Spur and Eversy Island. Unfortunately this bring them into conflict with human sea traffic. Mid-large ships are viewed as threats and are attacked swiftly, though most casualties occur from drowning or injuries caused by being slammed in to. Surviving uninjured humans can usually swim away while Shiprock crushes and rips the ship remains apart.

Shiprock are opportunistic hunters and prey on Sharpedo, Wailmer, weaker members of their species and, ironically, old or sickened Gyarados and Sharpedo. Fortunately their territorial areas have yet to intersect with those of Lapras and steps are being proposed to keep them from encroaching into Lapras territory as the species is slowly being brought back from extinction.


Origin: Shiprock is based off giant squid and ship ruining coral reefs.

Name Origin: Shiprock's name is a combination of shipwreck and rock


Sharpshot Story Chart

Sharpshot's career can be hard to follow since he spans multiple universes and to make things more confusing there are multiple versions of the character, some of which have interacted. This is my feeble attempt to map out Sharpshot across the multiverse.

Also it should be noted that the narrative jumps around a lot, so a totally linear story is never going to happen. This is as close as it's going to come though. Also there is much more to Doomhound, Psycho and Hawker, but those are some other appearances to chronicle another day.

Corrupted:The Brain:---Sharpshot:Doomhound: Fear Incarnate
A tale from Corrupted #1

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War of the Worlds#1 - #2 - #3#5 - #6 - #7 - #8
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Gah! Studios Presents:

The Superboy Prime talk show #2

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Injustice Universe

Injustice: Sharpshot

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Hawker vs Sharpshot

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Elseworld (Universe ???)
Sharpshot: Forever Evil
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Sharpshot vs Predator

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Corrupted #6. First appearance of Kid Thunder

/* Sharpshot #3. Possible split between Doomhound: Death Incarnate #5 and some future issue due to plot contrivance.

Sharpshot #11. Appearance of the second version of Kid Thunder

Sharpshot/Doomhound: Bloody War #2. First appearance of Hawker in the Psycho-verse


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