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Real Name: Arthur Mark

Gender: Male

Aliases: Cutting Edge, Heavy Metal, The Futurist, Metal Warrior, Tin Man, Robo Guy, Clank

Alignment: Neutral Good

Identity: Openly Public

History: Secret

Status: Alive

Home World: Earth

Base of Operations: W.A.R.P. Laboratories

Species: Human

Age: 32

Orientation: Bisexual

Marital Status: Single

Relatives: Nathan Mark (father, alive) Dinah Mark (mother, alive)

Height: (outside of suit) 6'0, (inside of suit) 6'3

Weight: (outside of suit) 190 lb, (inside of suit) 250 lb

Eye Color: Black

Hair Color: Black

Education: Massachusetts Institute of Technology, PhD

Occupation: Futurist, entrepreneur (current)

Current Armor in Use: Mark XLV (2.0)

Moral Code

Arthur will normally refrain from engaging in truly aggressive behavior, however, he does have the tendency to act with great offensive and defensive measures when he feels that he is being attacked. In a battle he will often use attacks that could permanently injure or kill his opponents afterwards. He isn't afraid in the slightest to kill his enemies and will feel very little remorse while doing so, but he will only do it when it appears to be justified.


Arthur was a very special boy. No, he wasn't tall, strong or extremely attractive. The thing that made him such a special boy was his incredible intellect. He didn't start talking until he was five years old and he couldn't learn to read until he was seven. But the area that he reigned in was his creativity and to natural ability to create things. As a young child he would sit down and build structures that were complex for his age. He would do this with nothing more than the scraps that he would find lying around his house.

While his parents initially thought he would have great difficulty in life due to him being a late bloomer in certain areas, they began to appreciate his abilities after seeing particular one. They encouraged him to practice this activity more often. His father even let him use the resources that were in his garage so that Arthur could build even better things with a widened scope . By the time that he was in high school, he would on a regular basis create devices that he would give to his parents as gifts. They felt that he could have as genuine future doing this.

When he was fourteen years old, he had entered in the school science fair. He planned on entering his invention which was his homemade jetpack. The judges were quite skeptical at first. They doubted that it would work and were not sure if such a machine should be allowed due to it possibly being a hazard. He however was able to convince them that his device was fully functional and was allowed to continue his presentation. He strapped himself on and began to hover for a few moments much to judges amazement. But soon it began to malfunction and the ended up flying into a wall. He was expelled soon after, however, one of the college scouts who had been at the science fair to notice of what had happened. Arthur was soon given an offer to go to MIT and took the offer instantly.

While there, he would try to improve the technology that he had in any way possible. His main focus was trying to expand his jetpack's capabilities and fix any of the flaws that the previous design had. He developed the technology more and began to develop additional abilities for jetpack. He later turned the pack into a set of boots with jet propulsion technology as a way to have more control. But when the flight patterns weren't stable, he decided to add the same technology to the arms so that it could have proportional force being disturbed throughout the body. He later built in a helmet in order to protect the user's face from any debris in the air as well as the friction of the air current. All that was left was find a clean energy source that could sustain the suit for long periods of time.

He spent several years trying to find an element that was suitable, and after all of his searching he finally found it. He was discovered isotope that was buried beneath the Earth's surface that would serve as the perfect energy source. He named it ultrillium. He was able use the ultrillium as a base formula for the suit's final energy source that would sustain the suit. When the "prime matrix" was finally complete, he installed it into the suit. He made his achievement public and was later celebrated for his success. He was filled with great pride after his work had finished, but that feeling wouldn't last long. The university that he was working at the time was eventually attacked by a terrorist organization that had wanted the technology. His only option was to put on the suit on fend off the attack.

He was able to defeat the group of men who wanted the technology, but they left several dead bodies behind. He knew from that day on that he would need to prevent future threats like these ones. After he graduated, he began to heavily invest in the grant money in the various projects that he had in order to fund the accusation of numerous materials that he needed in order to create more armors. After he got his company off the ground he became quite popular in the industry for both his mechanical innovations but his mechanical ones as well. He later went so far as to obtain the CEO position at W.A.R.P Laboratories where continues to design more advanced armors as well as his other technological developments.


Superhuman Strength: The Cutting Edge armors allows the user to at least 50 tons. It can do so for only a limited amount of time however, typical an hour.

Superhuman Durability: Being made out of alloys of the most durable metals in the world, each suit is able to withstand attacks of a minimum 20,000 newtons of force. It would take at least 35,000 newtons of force in order to do any serious damage to the structural integrity of the armor.

Flight: Because the advance propulsion technology in the suit, the user is able to travel at speeds for faster than the sound barrier. The suit is able to fly as fast as mach 50.

Repulsive Blasts: The armors are able to give out repulsive blasts that unleash a deviating stream of energy. The are powerful enough to destroy a elements like steel and iron within a matter of seconds. The longer the blast is charged, the more powerful it will be when it is released.

Explosives & Rapid Fire: For the cases when the suit needs to give more concentrated attacks. It is able to fire small missiles, bullets and many other projectiles that can neutralizes a great variety of enemies that attack. They can do a wide range amount of damage against many types of opponents.

Lasers: The suit has wrist mounted lasers for precise cutting.

Nano Technology: Some suits are constructed with thousands on nano bots that shape themselves based on the suits needs. They can reform them selves and create different patterns in order to adapt to the environment that the suit is in. They can take the shape of dozens of different tools for different matters. They even have storage capsules that allow them to repair themselves when damaged.

Hologram: The suit can project a hologram of any image that can be conceived. Their maximum distance of projection is 30 feet.

Helmet Interface: the helmet has advanced software that give a database of information as well as constant status report of the suit. The suit is able to see anywhere on the electromagnetic spectrum and locate objects over two miles away. It also allows the wearer to analyze sets of data and a become aware of vast information in it's environment.

M.A.T: The suit also has a personal A.I. known as M.A.T (Mobile Automated Tactician) who can offer great assistance to the user. It can offer advice in the midst of combat as well as take necessary action when the user finds themself in a difficult situation.

Actively Used Armors

Mark X: A standard armor with the basic features, operating systems and abilities of any suit.

Mark XIII: A stealth suit that while not as physically opposing as most suits, is able to get past the most sensitive of security measures much more easily. It has the ability to turn invisible, although this does drain its energy. It also has advanced spacial awareness which alerts you to more specific threats in your immediate environment.

Mark XXIII: A suit that was designed for under one water missions. It is installed with any oxygen tank that lasts for 8 hours and is made of a denser metal to take the pressure of the ocean while 12 miles down in the ocean.

Mark XXVII: A tactical armor that has been retrofitted to be more durable than most. It uses more explosives and smaller weapons like bullets than most suits. It also has much more storage than other armors.

Mark XXX: An suit that is designed to survive the harsh climate of arctic regions. It is able to give of a laser that can burn at a heat level of 4,500 degrees Celsius. It is installed with an internal heater and can operate in weather condition of -800 degrees Celsius.

Mark XXXVI/The Power Buster: A hulking armor was designed to battle the most physically powerful enemies on the face of the Earth. It is able create shock waves by pounding its fist together at supersonic speeds, has the ability to run at 400 miles per hour, project beams of energy the equivalent of multiple atomic bombs going off and is able and is able to give punches that are over 150,000 tons of force.

Mark XLV/Astro Armor (2.0): An astro suit that was designed to go to the farthest depths of space. It is able to fly at faster then light speeds, lift over 70,000 tons, absorb various cosmic rays and withstand temperatures as high as 10,000 degrees Kevin and or as low as -5,000 Celsius.

Mark L/Nex-Gen: The most powerful armor to date, the mark XL or "Next Gen" suit was created to be one of the most powerful and versatile pieces of technology ever created. It is designed with nano technology which allow the suit to shape and reform itself in any way that user sees fit. Some of the shapes that it can take are projectiles, shields, guns, hammers and several others. It is able to lift over 80,000 tons and is extremely durable due to interlocking pieces that are formed when the suit conjoins. It also has the ability to repair itself overtime.

Mark LI: The new suit based off of the old Mark X suit with a new set of revised capabilities. The suit has the ability to absorbed both thermal and nuclear energy as a way of replenishing the power of the suits power and enhancing physical capabilities. It also runs on a new form of the isotope that has been bonded with new elements such as plutonium in order to give repulsive blasts new effects.


Genius Level Intellect: Arthur has an extraordinary intellect (having once scored a 270 on an IQ test). Viewed by his peers as being the Leonardo Da Vinci of the modern world, his mental capabilities are able to amaze the world's most brilliant scientists and engineers. His mind has often been thought of as a sea of possibility that can generate any idea. He is able to understand advanced concepts and solve complex problems through his own innovative way of thinking, vastly beyond that of the average person. Whenever he is faced with some sort of road block, he comes up with new ways to resolve issue that no one had ever thought of. His level of creativity and resourcefulness has made him revered in the technological and scientific community as one of the world's greatest minds.

Expert Engineer: Arthur is one of the most advanced engineers on the planet. He can think of practicality any device for any situation and make it a reality. He is well known for his advancement in all forms of mechanics as well as technology that many people use on a regular basis. He has been shown to resourceful enough to create a device out of nearly anything that he can find. He even has a PhD in both mechanical and electrical engineering. While he does not have PhDs in them, he is also an expert in holography, thermodynamics, robotics, aerospace engineering and several other fields.

Master Programmer: Arthur has developed futuristic software that is far more capable than most of its kind. he has gone so far as to create software with human-level self awareness. This artificial intelligence has even been able to think the same way that any sapient being would be capable of doing. His hacking prowess is so great that he can hack into virtually any computer system and reprogram its coding.

Skilled Physicist: Arthur is very adept in the field of physics. While not a master of any branches, he has a excellent understanding of several fields including: aerodynamics, nuclear physics, experimental physics and several others. He was even able to go so far as to use his knowledge of nuclear physics to discover a new element and apply it to his own technology.

Skilled/Adaptive Strategist: Arthur is very skilled at coming up plans on the spot and reacting to knew threats when faced with them. He is resourceful to the extent where he is able to change his strategy in nearly any situation in order to give him a chance at victory. He is an expert at beating enemies that he has no real business challenging.


Attraction: Arthur is very often found in situations in-where he fall victim to his superficial attraction to someone. While not easily manipulated, his judgement can be impaired by people he is attracted to which makes it easier for others to convince him to make unwise decisions.

Phobia: Arthur's fear of several different things results in him becoming erratic and doing things on impulse.

Arrogance: Arthur's enormous ego often results in him underestimating the abilities of others and overestimating the ability of himself. He also ends up in many unfavorable positions because of arrogant behavior (may suffer from malignant narcissistic personality disorder).