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"Me? Criminal? Never!"

Name: Unknown!

Age: 30? 40? 10? WOWZERS, also Unknown!

Gender: Gender fluid.

Hehe, wow, as if. Male.

Height: 6'1"

Weight: 186 lbs.

Hair Color: None. Formerly Green... Formerly black.

Eye Color: Clear, opaque

Identity: Public, but then again, if his unknown name is public information... Eh.

Ethnicity: White.


In Grimm City (which may or may not formerly be known as Gothic City except for a hazy, lawsuit-worthy copy from the CVUniverse), Curve woke up from the dead. After being deceased for months, and kept in Grimm's finest cemetery, he dug himself out of his own grave with a chunk of green arrow in his skull and an entirely new look on the world that he had once sought to bring to ashes. And in a sense, he still does want that.

But now, he has a whole new way of reaching it.

Curve is going to be a superhero.


He is going to be the worst superhero ever.

And after blowing all his cash on a fancy suit, enough guns to make the Pentagon look meek, and an absolutely strange new power that allows him to almost never die, he's ready to go save the world.

Or burn it.

Or save it...



The strange new power that Curve has been given is, in his own words, a rejection from the heavens and hells of the world. Curve cannot die, but in a sense, he can die. Temporarily. But upon death, his body goes through a sort of metamorphic change in which all of his wounds heal. This process is not applicable in any other way, death is the only thing that will cause it to do so. If he's severely injured, he'll keep his severe injuries. If is knocked unconscious, he's knocked unconscious.

If he's amputated, he remains amputated.

But as soon as he dies, he's back.

And almost fully healed.