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Orphan's Revenge 2

Shadowplague Part One: Bad DaySynopsis: The Fell's Five is back in Fallcrest after their encounter with the gnollish bandits from the #0 issue. Just as they finish signing the warlock Tisha on as their latest recruit, the team is attacked by zombies- or are they? Something strange is definitely amiss, but before our heroes can investigate, they are arrested and taken to the Lord Warden's castle for disturbing the peace. It seems the town is not exactly overjoyed at the presence of these characte...

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Beginnings 0

Fell's (Four) FiveWritten by: John RogersDrawn by: Andrea Di VitoThis was the more solid of the two stories. It introduces the Fell's Five, a pretty standard "PC Adventurers" sort of group in a D&D game. There's the human fighter (and leader), Adric; the dwarf paladin Khal (though he doesn't do anything paladin-like here; his class is revealed in an interview with the writer). There's the elf ranger Varis and the halfling rogue, Bree. The Fell's Four are tracking some jewel thieves wh...

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