Rogue Squadron

Dedicated to all those villains who gave up the security of steady pay grade raises and federal health care in public service for more lucrative (though dangerous) criminal careers. Government trained super-villains - your tax dollars at work!

List items

  • The world's deadliest assassin, Bullseye has also worked for several federal agencies: the NSA, the DEA, as well as the Commission on Superhuman Activities as a member of the Thunderbolts.

  • The deadliest member of the Weapon X project was trained for covert ops by the CIA.

  • Is he a good guy? Is he a bad guy? Is he just crazy as heck? One thing's certain, we've all got Canada's Department H to thank for it.

  • The deadly mercenary known as the Taskmaster may have gotten his start as a SHIELD agent; though with his spotty memory, who knows?

  • Though a hero by the standards of the western world, this deadly spy and former KBG agent turned her back on her home government, and is forever branded a traitor in their eyes.

  • Former CIA Agent; now uses his training for mind-control, assassinations, and criminal profit.

  • A former SHIELD operative who turned bad after undergoing a nervous breakdown. He's never quite recovered, still toeing the line between super villain and hero.

  • Ex-CIA turned mercenary, then super-villain, then religious fanatic, then cyborg.

  • On the plus side, the US Government isn't the only one cranking out villains. The KGB thought putting a serial killing mutant into their Super-Soldier program sounded like a good idea. Whoops.

  • After getting a gamma power-up, former KGB agent Emil Blonsky apparently decided the USSR couldn't push him around any more, and went off on his own.

  • The CIA outfitted this bigoted former priest with deadly weaponry which he then decided to use for his own personal vendettas and profit.

  • This mercenary foe of Daredevil's often contracts his services out to the federal government for black ops work.

  • Possibly the first, certainly one of the most notorious, of SHIELD agents to turn to super villainy after benefiting from their training in how to wield his formidable psychic talents.

  • Ex-KGB agent turned mercenary and assassin, with a taste for religious iconography.

  • Another member of Weapon X's Team X, this former paramour of Wolverine's went on to use her skills in the employ of HYDRA.

  • Good? Bad? Certainly not Ugly, this trained former SHIELD agent has ties to HYDRA as well.

  • The Anti-Professor X, this guy exterminated mutants and stole their life forces in order to undermine the very USSR he worked for!

  • SHIELD's experiments on this agent turned police officer eventually resulted in the creation of a fanatic serial killer who became one of Spider-Man's most memorable foes.

  • This unstable mutant has been in and out of Department H's hands for most of his life- sometimes working with them, but mostly working against them.

  • The government repaid the loyalty of this wounded Vietnam soldier by giving him super powers... which he then used to become a career assassin and mercenary.

  • This former SHIELD scientist is a good example of why you should always thoroughly test your chemical formulas before sampling them yourself.

  • For some reason, SHIELD thought it would be a good idea to recruit a disco skater as an agent. No great loss that he decided to go bad.

  • This super villain got a big head about being recruited to SHIELD's Super-Agents program.

  • I'm not entirely certain the US Air Force can claim responsibility for the fact that Colonel "Buzz" Baxter went off his rocker and became a super villain, but he did.

  • More of an idealistic crusader than a villain, this former SHIELD agent has nevertheless found himself at odds with several superheroes and law enforcement agencies.

  • Don't know much about this guy, but apparently he's yet another SHIELD agent gone rogue. Way to go, Nick.

  • You'd think the US would give up trying to create super soldiers by now, but no- former Marine and psychopathic nutjob Nuke is just one more in a long list of failures trying to recreate Captain America.

  • Another failed attempt to recreate Captain America, this time a former Navy SEAL.

  • Not even the FBI is innocent when it comes to training and outfitting rogue agents, though this guy toes the line between good and evil.

  • The SHIELD wetworks group, Contingency, went rogue and had to be taken down.

  • The SHIELD wetworks team, Contingency, went rogue and had to be taken down.

  • Are all villains named Shrike killers? This member of the rogue SHIELD team Contingency is one.

  • Demonstrating once more that SHIELD Psi-Ops has a bad track record for retention, Rapture took her training and went rogue.

  • I really have no idea who this guy is, except that he's a member of the former SHIELD team, Contingency.

  • Kite's not a very scary codename. Maybe that's why this guy turned on his SHIELD trainers and went rogue.

  • I'd say that throwing your lot in with Ares to destroy all the world's technology except for SHIELD's means that this guy won't be in line for any promotions. If he was still alive, that is.

  • Another in a long list of SHIELD agents gone bad, not to mention his ties to Weapon X.

  • Going rogue with his weather control powers and SHIELD training, this guy wanted revenge for a long history of federal slights towards his people.

  • Both attempts SHIELD made at creating super powered agents went horribly, horribly wrong.

  • In what appeared to be a random, last minute storyline, this SHIELD agent was revealed to be working undercover for HYDRA.


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