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@shootingnova: Speaking of speed, any sources give us an idea how long the final battle of the Great Hyperspace War lasted? I'd be hard pressed to imagine it lasted a combined day or 2, let alone the pursuit to the stars (now wouldn't that be some storm trooper tier aim :maybe), but I've hardly ever come across a timeline :hmm

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@shootingnova: Yes

The size isn't really important outside remembering you're essentially playing bulls eye with a target 6 million times smaller than the stars they're racing through

So barring Sadow possessing ungodly precision to make up for the fact he needs to tag objects ever changing in position over a surface area laughably larger than all of them at speeds that, by that point in their trek, are probably able to cover the diameter of a star in minutes?

Sadow needs to make up for their speed and small size in sheer surface area the Solar Flare may cover. Which is corroborated by the fact Teta even noticed the explosion occurring at all

Scale's important, and Stars are massive. Both speeds and mass moved are going to end up hilarious as an end result. Even at average speeds I mentioned, you're still looking at minutes of time for the solar flare to finally grow enough to even have the range to tag the ships.

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@shootingnova: IIRC, I think I saw you use it in a thread with Exar Kun vs Nihilus recently.

The supplemental material's wording helps to corroborate your/my interpretation I'd figure

Sorcery/Pyrokinesis/TK are all arguable I suppose :hmm

FYI, a solar flare with average approximate parameters for mass (something like 10^12 kilograms for an average solar mass ejection IIRC) and velocity (something like 500 km/sec IIRC) of the mass being ejected trumps Nihilus' TK feat by a good margin (granted, Nihilus' feat is highly dependent on how fast he's tugging the ship much like the KE of some of the corona's mass... just Nihilus' is harder to gauge to to vaguer parameters).

And I'd argue it was far from average on account it not only had to tag ships that had already accelerated across a large stretch of solar system (so, probably similar distance to an AU given the planet appears to exist in the habitable zone), the sheer magnitude of the explosion was apparently notable and distinguishable enough for Teta to comment on it from some safe distance away.

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@shootingnova: "We spent four years fighting Mace fanboys here. You'd think that Silver's blog would put an end to it all, but it didn't."

You've been doing this for years and you still think that this hobby has some kind of universal debate structure and standards (as your second sentence would appear to imply anyway)? :hmm

Standards vary from board to board. Some structures can be argued to function better than others. Still all comes down to established precedents largely based on a community's agreed upon subjective conclusions *shrugs*

The main point is to keep your conclusions, subjective they may be, consistent in all like scenario as you can.

But that's just my 2 cents from having partaken in this stupid hobby for more than half a decade now *shrugs*

As for the blog itself?

What other powers/feats do you plan to add? Mostly been offensive powers so far, got anything for Anakin's defensive prowess?

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@shootingnova: And I was just asking for further clarification (I'm not exactly used to associating "mastery" with "power he can currently turn into joules") *shrugs*

Don't believe I called his accolades meaningless (I've called some like "unprecedented power in the Force" worthless given that's clearly hyperbolic when you remember the Ones, but never meaningless). I worry about the puzzle. How the series fits together. If how I play connect the dots ends up going in the circle, I know I'm going about putting the picture together incorrectly. This probe was purely for clarification on your exact stance and reconciliation of usage.

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@shootingnova: Never said Zonakin was a Sith Lord

Also wasn't really discussing Anakin in any other context than a Force Powers battle (TK vs TK attack kind of stuff) between Yoda or Sidious. He can wave his glow stick as well as them or better for all I care, that's not really what the accolades I'm worried about causing circular logic discuss

The ones I care about, him being the most powerful Jedi, determine how many joules he can shove into a given generic psychic/magic/does it really matter what I call the power source energy attack. And him being the most powerful Jedi in that sense, when Sidious is the most powerful Sith Lord and Yoda is his peer creates a wonderful circle in this chain, especially once he falls and he gets the generic power boost all that fall to the Dark Side receive.

So, is Anakin the most powerful Jedi in that sense? If so, Sidious can't be the most powerful Sith Lord per RotS. Is Sidious still the most powerful Sith Lord and Yoda still his peer? Anakin as of RotS can't generate as many joules as them then and the accolades need to be discussing his potential to be anything but ignored *shrugs*.

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@ordeith:You're more than welcome to actually demonstrate that, but context doesn't support you *shrugs*

@shootingnova: seems this is a universal problem with this silly hobby

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@ordeith: What's considered her prime exactly? My knowledge on TOR era stuff is limited, I was under the impression her time as the Grand Master would be her prime *shrugs*

They're in the past tense because they're known to be dead/worse than dead by Scourge from the Novel (as far as I can tell anyway. @shootingnova, being the one to play that kind of connect the dots in his Exile Respect Thread would be the one to ask for exact context)

I assume the 3rd and 4th quote were in Nova's respect thread to further accentuate just how much more powerful Revan and the Exile were than other Sith/Jedi Scourge has slain *shrugs*. Largely included them for completion's sake.

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You can have some fun with accolades I guess *shrugs*

Satele Shan and Marr are supposed to be peers.

"After my defeat, I sought an ally to make things right again. But only one in all the galaxy was my equal. We met on this world. We argued, explored... and found an understanding."

―Darth Marr (Star Wars: The Old Republic)

"As the Outlander, unravel dangerous truths about your destiny that bind you to your dark enemy and get ready to wield a powerful new weapon inspired by some of the greatest Force users in the galaxy."

―Star Wars: The Old Republic Official Website

Credit DarthAnt66

Despite the fact Scourge had met Satele Shan prior to the claim, Scourge still asserts Revan and the Exile are the Jedi's greatest heroes in the context of a conversation that revolves around strength. Same incarnation of the Exile that Nyriss was screwing with in the Revan Novel.

"For a time I worked with the greatest of your Jedi heroes: Revan and the Jedi Exile."

Source: The Old Republic

"Revan was both Jedi Master and Sith Lord. His student, the Exile, defeated the Sith triumvirate. They were your greatest heroes."

Source: The Old Republic

As the Sith Emperor’s personal executioner, the grimly fatalistic Lord Scourge has personally killed more than a hundred Jedi–and ten times as many Sith.

Source: The Old Republic: Codex Entry: Lord Scourge

As the feared "Emperor's Wrath," Scourge enforced his Master's will for more than three centuries. When a Jedi grew too powerful or a Sith too ambitious, Scourge eliminated the threat.

Source: The Old Republic Encyclopedia
Credit ShootingNova

https://youtu.be/HNto5fIGMV0 (full conversation)

https://youtu.be/HNto5fIGMV0?t=23s (quote 1)

https://youtu.be/HNto5fIGMV0?t=44s (quote 2)

https://youtu.be/HNto5fIGMV0?t=12s (confirmation he's met the council to gauge Shan)

So, while not a perfect comparison, you can certainly argue Nyriss > Marr from it *shrugs*

And now I'm bored enough to procrastinate on a board I only casually lurk for respect threads only. Night all~

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