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#1 Posted by Crytodaddykid (27 posts) - - Show Bio

If you think about it, it wasn't Thor himself performing that feat, it was Mjolnir... He threw it and it flew past Angrir and hit him as it was returning to Thor. That was all about Mjolnir's sheer density and speed.

@toratorn said:
@bowdowntodaddy said:

How is one shotting Angrir an outlier when that's the lowest showing that type of attack showed?

The attack he used to bust a hole through Angrir, is literally the same type of attack that has busted a hole through solid adamantium walls plated with vibranium. It's also busted a hole through old man phoenix force wolverine, and busted a hole through a builder which was capable of smacking thor around casually.

One-shotting Angrir is an outlier because literally no character except Thor ever punched a hole even through base Thing. Including dozens of characters stronger than Thor, as strong as Thor or nearing Thor in power. Including Thor himself, several times.

exactly. That makes it even more hilarious and laughable when so many fanboys and wankers cry and moan over mjolnir killing things.

It's an indestructible hammer with nigh limitless amounts of speed.

Claiming that Mjolnir can't decapitate a character is literally like claiming that said character is immune to physical force. Unless the object Mjolnir is trying to kill is as durable as Mjolnir itself, or more durable, the hammer is fully capable of killing and busting holes through any object or any being that is less durable than itself. That is the entire reason it has in the past, using its own travel speed, busted holes through a primary adamantium vault, phoenix force wolverines chest, angrirs chest, and a builders chest.

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#2 Posted by Crytodaddykid (27 posts) - - Show Bio

@crytodaddykid said:
@Aristeaus said:
@bowdowntodaddy said:

How exactly? The necrosword would effortlessly one shot them...

RKT has never had the necrosword. The necrosword was created from the energy of a celestial. To suggest it would effortlessly one shot 4 celestials is bollocks. People wielding the Necrosword have been defeated by others way below celestial levels.

Also, the Necrosword tends to do what it wants anyway.

Why do you keep mentioning rkt never having the necrosword? He has it in this battle, that is what matters.

You obviously are pulling shit out of your ass.

The necrosword can one shot celestials because it literally has. Knull literally effortlessly killed celestials with the necrosword. It can also effortlessly kill people like galactus.

The necrosword literally already one shot celestials... I don't know what you're complaining about here

You can't describe imaginary powers to people that have never had them. There are no feats to attribute to them. What if wolverine had the necrosword and the phoenix force? Herp derp. There is no logical discussion when that stuff happens.

Knull used All-Black to kill a celestial, but the celestial wasnt even paying attention to knull. Galactus tanked 3-4 hits from King Thor with Necrosword. Even though Thor was winning, the Necrosword left him for Galactus. This happens all the time. Introducing the necrosword into a battle is just as likely to transfer to the opponent, then it is to benefit the original user.

Knull was defeated by a random, unnamed gold armored god. Gorr was defeated by Thor. Galactus was defeated by Ego. Ego was defeated by Loki. All of these people had the necrosword.

Regular thor was able to knock out Gorr and severely injure him with lightning ( it took 4 days to heal ).

Most of the killing was off screen, and aside from the very first kill ( Knull, on the only Celestial we saw die to it ), none of them were effortless.

The Necrosword makes you stronger, but its not a multiplier. If you give it to LT, hes not all of the sudden able to "effortlessly" kill TOAA.

this is just a weapon being wielded not really a power. Wolverine has had the phoenix force before.

That isnt how the necrosword works, it doesnt randomly leave you, it never left thor for galactus what are you talking about. Galactus went up against ego when the necrosword took him over iirc.

The necrosword boosts your stats depending on how much godblood is in it... so you can't really focus only on one person wielding the necrosword and compare it to another person wielding it.

Whether the necrosword amps your physicals or not, its still capable of easily killing and overpowering pretty much every character in comics outside of abstract beings.

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#3 Posted by Crytodaddykid (27 posts) - - Show Bio

@intothevoid: @hellionvulcan

First off, lmao at this loser claiming odin went into odinsleep, when odin was fully conscious while galactus literally knocked the hell out on his ass.

So not only did you make up bullshit as you do, you actually proved my point as a pre-core breach Savage Hulk had every single bone in his body broken and he still healed from it at an "incredible rate", while post core breach Green Scar had his ribcage broken but he couldn't heal from it for several days and had his healing factor reduced to 7%? Why wasn't his healing overloaded by ZomStrange? Why wasn't it overloaded by Skaar? Why wasn't it overloaded when Immortal Hulk had his torso blown open? Why wasn't it overloaded when he was almost vaporized by Tony's laser? Why wasn't it overloaded when he was cut into dozens of pieces? Why Heli? All these questions and no way to actually answer them.

Why didnt hulk survive being impaled by redhulk? Why didnt he survive being impaled by thor in reigning? Why didnt hulk grow a new head andskull after caps shield decapitated him? Why did he need to reattach his severed head to heal? Why didnt he grow a new ribcage when zeus shattered his ribcage? Zeus didnt dislocate or break his ribcage he literally shattered it into hundreds of tiny pieces and collapsed his lungs in addition to it. Prior to this he never actually had his entire bone structure shattered, the most that happened was he got decapitated and he only survived that because he reattached the severed head quickly enough to heal otherwise he would have died without his head especially since hulk has died without a heart, when he got impaled by a trident or had a tree stump stuffed where his heart was, he wasn't able to regrow a new heart since something else was occupying the space, thus he died without a heart. If he dies without a heart he obviously dies without a head and a brain.

Zomstrange only punched holes into hulks flesh and stomach he never damaged or broke through any of hulks bones which would overload hulk and kill him and overload his healing factor.

Skaar never destroyed anyof hulks bones he only stabbed hulk with some blades which is completely different to getting impaled on a trident through the heart or getting your ribcage shattered or getting decapitated.

You're butthurt and salty over the fact that hulk failed to heal from decapitation until he reattached his severed head to his body. get the hell over it and move on.

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#4 Posted by Crytodaddykid (27 posts) - - Show Bio

@20damon said:

@imperialbuttlicker: Dismiss Supes and WW all you want but you're forgetting GL here

I'm not forgetting anyone. I'm making a point. Noone would be crazy enough to say Savage Hulk, even Worldbreaker Hulk, would put down Parallax Hal Jordan, because that would be lunacy. World Breaker Hulk isn't your standard average Hulk, it's an INSANELY powerful version of him we've only gotten to see once, but for some reason, a lot of people, most of them NON HULK FANS like to put him in battle after battle after battle, even if he has very few appearances. The appearances that he has are off the charts powerful with no low showing among them. Why so many even choose to use him in so many battle is beyond me, if you want an already immensely strong version of Hulk, use Immortal Hulk or World War Hulk imo.

But this -is- Hulk's most powerful form being discussed here, and he blows up planets like they were pebbles. Again, he is still vastly inferior to the most powerful forms that most of the JL members have achieved, but is still high above their standard versions. Thor has plenty of "versions" that would eat WBH for breakfast too, but standard Thor would get eaten for breakfast by Hulk's strongest one ever. I really don't get the salt here, but it can only be explained by that most people SEEM to just hear "Hulk" and assume it's a tiny bit more powerful version of Savage Hulk. It's not, it's his all time strongest, and we only got to see it for a couple of issues, it's that powerful.

Utter butthurt nonsense mixed with coping mechanisms and mental gymnastics.

Here's 4 versions of Hulk stronger than world breaker hulk and world warhulk, not just stronger, but MASSIVELY stronger.

1. Nul. Green scar hulk, amped and given literal skyfather magic and amped by an asgardian god of pure rage.

2. War. Green scar hulk, given celestial tech, allowing him to increase his strength at will instead of needing to get angry to get stronger. Plus celestial armor and weaponry.

3. Mindless hulk. Hulk amped by jean grey completely shutting down any trace of banner whatsoever, bringing hulk to his maximum level of rage he can possibly achieve.

4. Immortal hulk. Green scar hulk who was given some power primordial energies by an elder of the universe, then drained red hulks gamma and absorbed it, then drained sasquatchs gamma and absorbed it, and absorbed the one below all into himself, massively amping him. This hulk was flat out stated to be more powerful than people like kang and loki and mephisto due to the demon possessing this hulk being far stronger than mephisto himself.

World breaker and world war hulk come in at the number 5 spot out of the strongest hulks in existence. World war hulk isn't the strongest hulk, never was never will be. World warhulk is just the angriest hulk, and is just the strongest level hulk can possibly get to, under his own power.

In order to surpass his world breaker levels of power, as he has four times in the past to this point in 616, hulk has needed amplifications in the form of asgardian magic and technology, celestial power and technology, jean greys help, or power primordial energies combined with a multiversal energy giving him a helping hand and boosting his strength to his liking.

World breaker hulk isn't anywhere even remotely close to as powerful as immortal, mindless, Nul or War hulks. get the hell over it and stop getting all salty with your mental gymnastics.

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#5 Posted by Crytodaddykid (27 posts) - - Show Bio

@20damon said:

This Hulk literally IGNORED -two- Beta Ray Bill level characters trying to stop him, as if they were nothing and people still think team can win. The mental gymnastics applied are mind boggling.

are you delusional or just salty about what happened?

Jane "Hercules we must strike together"

Hercules "of course"

They each put one arm aroundhulk preparing to strike together, but then got shrugged off before they landed a hit. they didn't have a single scratch on them despite hulk hitting them twice consecutively, which is especially bad since hercules has literal fodder luke cage/thing/ironman level durability.

The butthurt mental gymnastics you're going through are mind boggling seeing as how Mjolnir has busted holes through phoenix force wolverine, adamantium walls, builders, and angrir and his lightning has casually knocked out indestructible hulk/green scar, Nul hulk (massively amped green scar stronger than WBH) and savage hulk.

Immortal hulk doesn't stand a chance against beta ray bill, surfer, jane thor or any other thor esque character, literally the only reason hulk can ever even put up a fight against these characters is because they go hand to hand with him and still beat his ass in that department instead of using their magical lightning or magical weapons or magical attacks

i've never seen someone so butthurt and so salty over a comic book character losing, you're literally addicted to mental gymnastics and coping mechanisms at this point hulk wankers are the icons of mental gymnastics and have been for quite some time now its just laughable

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#6 Posted by Crytodaddykid (27 posts) - - Show Bio

Stops at 1... thor can use mjolnirs travel speed to decapitate or vaporize this hulk considering mjolnir has busted a hole through a primary adamantium vault, busted a hole through phoenix force wolverines chest, busted a hole through angrir killing him (angrir was amped even aboveworld warhulk and stomped red hulk even harder than world warhulk did), and busted a hole through the strongest builder.

Thor could also elect to use lightning which, a lightning charged hammer strike knocked out Nul hulk who was green scarfurther amped by a literal skyfather being made of nothing but pure rage along with an enchanted hammer. Nul is >>> world breaker so that would work for an easy knockout or kill.

Or he could just use lighting he's summoned against people like mikaboshi and celestials which would outright vaporize world breaker hulk. The godblast is also an option for thor vaporizing every molecule of worldbreaker hulk. and we know hulk can't survive decapitation or being vaporized not even in his world breaker form.

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#7 Posted by Crytodaddykid (27 posts) - - Show Bio

@intothevoid: @ouroborik

Yes that's the scene i am talking about. WBH and RSH clash in mid air which results in a nearby planet exploding, a Moon cracking and billions of beings dying including 3 characters who used to give trouble to and even beat up guys like Savage Hulk, Thor and Surfer. There is a theory floating around by some people that Hulk died but there isn't any actual evidence for it in the comics, like there literally doesn't exist a scan that shows you Hulk or RSH dying. It is possible that they did die but we will never really know for sure, what we do know is that IF they did die they died because they literally killed each other with powerful attacks, not because a planet exploding, them clashing and causing an explosion is what destroyed the planet in the first place, not the other way around, it's not the planet that first exploded then the planets explosion killed them. Planets don't just randomly explode out of nowhere, in fact planets don't explode at all, the explosion itself came from their clash and broke the planet.

It's laughable how when immortal hulk gets possessed by an omnipotent entity the one below all his fanboy wankers try claiming nothing happened and ignore that context and pretend the feats are all hulks.

Once again, same is going on here.

WBH and RSh fought yes, but clashing in mid air didn't cause a planet to explode,if that happened, it would have been shown on panel and would have clearly shown them colliding, releasing a shockwave and busting the planet.

What happened in reality was, hulk wished to "fight, die, and fight again".

The wish is what busted the planet and killed all inhabitants on it including world breaker hulk and red she hulk. That is the entire reason everyone got vaporized including the planet itself yet later on everyone was brought back to life along with the planet in order for them to fight again after dying. the entire scenario is useless as far as feats

However that being said, World breaker hulk isn't any stronger or tougher than world war hulk. It's important to keep in mind that world breaker and world war hulk are the same exact hulk with the same exact amount of anger, world breaker hulk is just world war hulk who stops holding back. So we already know world breaker hulks strength, striking and healing and durability is exactly the same as world war hulks... his durability wasn't too impressive especially to piercing attacks, but his striking and healing factor were reasonably impressive, but obviously nowhere close to take anyone here. superman is massively above sentry especially an unstable sentry so superman alone would pretty much wreck wwh/wbh especially since he actually has combat speed unlike sentry.

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#8 Posted by Crytodaddykid (27 posts) - - Show Bio

@jay_z94 said:

@christianrapper: You think Normal Superman would kill WBH before he can think and also rip him apart?

Do you know that this guy tanks planet-busting attacks like they're nothing, while Superman himself has never busted a planet?

Show one single scan of world breaker hulk "tanking a planet busting attack" let alone tanking one "like its nothing"

The guy literally got instantly vaporized as soon as the planet started exploding. What kind of nonsensical fantasies are you spreading here...? World breaker hulk is a "casual planet buster who smiles off planet busting punches" yet not one of the massive fanboy wankers putting forth this claim can ever show a single scan of world breaker hulk casually busting a planet or smiling off a planet busting punch. Nice.

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#9 Posted by Crytodaddykid (27 posts) - - Show Bio

@kevd4wg said:
@kidolio said:

Can Thor just stay in space and keep throwing mijolnr at Hulk till he wins?

  1. That's Super OOC for Thor
  2. pretty sure Hulk has leaped into orbit before
  3. Gamma bursts
  4. Between healing and durability, hammer throws aren't gonna put down Hulk

This is such laughable wank.

Anytime thor, any thor, has been in a dire situation, Mjolnir uses its travel speed to kill their opponent or get them out of the situation.

Mjolnirs travel speed was used to kill the strongest builder ever made which was capable of smacking thor around. Mjolnir busted a hole through the builder.

When Jane was in a dire spot, about to be killed. Mjolnir busted through a solid primary adamantium/vibranium core wall...

When thor was fighting Nul and Angrir (who was amped to above even world war hulk levels considering how badly he stomped red hulk), Mjolnir bust a hole through angrir killing him...

and last but not least, Mjolnir, using nothing but its own travel speed, busted a hole through old man phoenix force wolverine, temporarily incapacitating him.

All thor has to do is "aim for the head", and use Mjolnirs travel speed. It's game over when Mjolnir decapitates World breakerhulk.

World breaker hulk is getting decapitated by Mjolnir in this match, unless you can provide evidence of World breaker hulk being anywhere even remotely comparable to primary adamantium, phoenix force wolverines chest and bone structure, angrir, or a builder.

Oh wait, even if you somehow magically tried arguing World breaker hulk is as durable as primary adamantium or angrir or phoenix force wolverines chest... you still wouldn't be able to prove jackshit because Mjolnir already busted holes clean through those things using nothing but its very own travel speed.

This idea that World breaker hulk cannot be harmed by an indestructible object no matter how fast that indestructible object strikes him is just outright laughable.

I mean you are literally claiming subtly that world breaker hulk can't be decapitated or harmed or killed no matter how hard he is hit?

Maybe you can explain your thought process to us. How fast does Mjolnir need to blitz world breaker hulk in order to decapitate him?

We know Mjolnir is more than capable of blowing holes through WBh's entire bone structure because Mjolnir has literally already blown holes through adamantium vibranium walls, a builder, angrir, and phoenix force wolverine.

Gamma bursts aren't gonna do jack to thor/superman level beings. They aint gonna do much to supergirl or wonderwoman either.

@xlr87t3: Thor won’t be godblasting anyone nor will Hulk even feel his Mjolnir strikes. Thor’s absolute >best< striking feat cracked a planet below him when he was hitting Gorr, but that was causing his muscles to literally tear themselves.

WBH clashed with Betty so hard they vaporised a planet and cracked a nearby moon and had no noticeable injury whatsoever.... Add to the fact that Thor has NEVER came close to putting Hulk down with Mjolnir strikes even whilst bloodlusted and going for the kill.

Thor is a gnat to WBH.

Nonsense bullshit, thors muscles weren't "tearing themselves from striking", nonsensical bullshit, his muscles were tearing because the necrosword was eating away at them.

A WEAKENEd thor with his muscles literally being eaten away by the necrosword, was able to literally SHATTEr entire earth sized planets with the mere shockwaves of his blows.

Using mental gymnastics to claim that the planets busted were "small" just because your'e all salty and butthurt over it doesnt work. Anytime a planet is busted in comics we can either assume it is much larger than earth, much smaller than earth, or earth sized.

Planets being busted in comics are the writer telling us and showing us and marvel showingus the character is a planet buster.

Claiming the planet being busted was smaller than earth is equally as valid as claiming the planet being busted was larger than earth.

so you arent doing your argument any favors by being all butthurt over people like thor and beta ray bill being certified planet busters, because using your own logic the planets they busted were millions of times larger and more dense than earth.

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#10 Posted by Crytodaddykid (27 posts) - - Show Bio

With Jarnborn? Thing loses an arm lol

Without Jarnborn? A lot more even, but still... Thor wins.

also there is the fact that a casual lightning bolt from thor knocked out savagehulk.

the residual energies of a lightning storm knocked out indestructible hulk/green scar reverting him back to bruce banner in the process, despite hulk wearing a suit durable enough to protect him from absolute zero temperatures.

then there is the massive lightning charged hammer attack thor used to knock nul out, but i guess that wouldn't necessarily be applicable here since he doesnt have the hammer. but if he actually summoned lightning like that on the thing, he would get straight up vaporized considering that lightning knocked out a version of hulk amped by a literal skyfather being made out of nothing but pure rage.

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